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Victoria and Vicinity: Liirhi to moderate 
wlnd», generally fair, not much change In 

tempei at Ul e. 

Lower Mainland: Light to moderate 
wlndi. g«neratly Hilr, not much ehange In 


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VOL, CVII., NO, 242 



Parliament to Immediately 
ilpte Up Consideration of 
Naval Programme— Detailed 
information From the Ad- 




Handier'. Son Inatantly Killed Through 
an Accident 

GRAND. FORKS. B. C, Sept. 28.— 
Walter Cooper, 17 years old. son of D. 
Cooper, a rancher, wa* irtitsnUy killed^ 
in an accident with a gun. on ..8a ti 
artemoon wmte out *hootlng a "W 
miles north of the city. Floyd, his 
brother. 10 years old, was with hltn at 
the time, but was unable to give a 
rational explanation of the ^occurence. 

The gun was lying open beside the 
body when found after the accident.- and 
it is believed that the weapon exploded 
on being opened. The body was brought 
to Grand Forks, where an inquest will 
be held today. 


Konalgnenr Brashest X*aves Montreal 

on Visit to Canadian 



Rational Spirit Found Proud- 
cBt t Strongest and Lnftiest 

Vancouver Navy League Seeks 
to Make Egeria of Practical 
Value in Turning Out Local 
Sailor Lade 





MONTKKAL, Que., Sept. 23.-— Mon- 
slgneur Paul Bruche«l, Archbishop of 

l e n s 

Montreal, le f t tma morning fo r 

trip through the Canadian west. His 

grace will visit Monslgneur Langevui 

in St. Boniface and will also call upon 

■yionslgneur C E. Matthleu. Bishop of 


Public and Government As- 
sistance Is to Be Urged 
Towards Meeting $12,000 

OTTAWA, Sept. 23.— Thursday, 
November 14, will probably be 
selected for the opening of the 
session of parliament. It Is ex- 
T 0M - ' Vi m : W ' Mimve wi athv gf 
th* naval P&fat will :M made 
early in the session and that im- 
portant' legislation, including the 
new Baa* Act* will be brought 
down soon after the opening. 
The various departments of the 
government are already working 
on the estimates. V 


Honor Him 
$t Board of Trade Banquet 
Held Last Evening—An Im- 
pressive Speech 


University Professor leaves Mot* Beg- 
ging to »• Excused for Causing 


Annual Maintenance Charges 

LONDON, Ont., Sept. 18.— Dr. T.' S. 

incKie, professor of anatomy at the 

,.rti,.»i H ohonl of the Western XJnlver- 

Transportation, Systems of 
Highways, Settlement and 
Development of Manufac- 
tur o s to Bo Doalth W i th 

Edmonton Laborer* Strike for Increase 
of I*lve Cents an Hour 

EDMONTON, Alta.. Sept. 23.— De- 
manding an increase in wages of five 
cents an lidur, some two hundred la- 
borers employed by the city, went on 
strike this morning. The city engineer's 
aid telfiihone department* are affected 
by the strike. ?' In the city engineer** 
department about 150 men have quit 
Work. Th**e were employed lh digging 
sewer trenches, and others in general 
manual labor". Twenty-five men, em- 
ployed by the • telephone department in 
outdoor, construction work on wire 'and 
cable lnstalatlons. also have gone on 

At the present time the city pays 
thirty cents an hour to laborers. This 
has satisfied the men apparently until 
last Saturday, when an agitation arose 
for higher wages. At that time the 
foreman succeeded in persuading the 
men to stay at work. This morning, 
however, large numbers quit work with 
the announcement that unless they 

r would 

S, S, Princess Alice With the 
^RpJflrParty Aboard Escorted 

Into Harbor by Fleet of 





p ai d 


Governor-General Surprised at 
Development of Northern 
Port— Many Indian tribes 
Represented at Reception 


Expression in Victory of Sep- 
tember 21 1 1911 

Sept. 23— A mag- 
tendered the Rt. 

x nUlcent banquet was 
Hon. It U Borden at th* Windsor hotel 
last Saturday night by lh* Conserva- 
tives of Montreal, the occasion being 
i.fte anniversary et the defeat of the 
L,aurler government, and U was also in 
the nature of a welcome home to Mr. 
Borden. Over 700 gentlemen dined, and 
listened to some striking utterances by 
Mr. Borden. 

.Mr Borden said in part; "This is thi 
nrst occasion on which I have had the 
opportunity of delivering an address to 
ttn assembly like this since' We assumed 
power nearly a year ago. I would also 
Alike to present here once more my 
thanks to my fellow citizens Of this 
great historic province of Quebec, Lib- 
erals a n u Conservatives, for the splen- 
did welcome which was extended to me 
all the way from Bimouskl until we 
reached the city of Montreal, and. In- 
deed, until we reched the city of Ot- 
tawa. 1 think it Is a good thing in 
public life that men who are endeav- 
o-ing ta do ■ duty in one party or 
another anouid hive recognition Uke 
this from men irrespective dfeiPty. and 
I am glad to say, that not only In 
these days, but 'When I wa* leading an 
„,. position. I have had here in the pro- 
vince of Quebec, I have had »h many 
parts of Canada, -a warm welcome, from 
not only hhose assoolated with the 
party 1 lead, but from those who were, 
for the time being at least, 
party with which I was not in 

Victory of a Feopl* 
"We must not forget that the Vic- 
tory of a year ago, which was a victory, 
not of a political party, but of. the peo- 
ple of Cunada, was only a repetition of 
that great victory of 1891 When Sir 
John A. Macdonald made that appeal t*. 
" the people of Canada, Which was not 
made in vain, and the memory of which 
came as an Inspiration to us in 1911. 
when we had to fight on the same prin- 

••The union of the English and French 
bere tonight is -etkly. after an, an em- 
blem of that larger sphere of co-opera- 
,,,„, and unity and sympathy which 
must always characterize the work of 
lhe French race and the English race 
i n Canada in conserving and developing- 
and preserving the great heritage which 
our ancestors have handed* down. 

•When we came into power there 

Tv,- r( . some good i i'i.. ads o f . aura ftmvnK 
Liberal party who were inclined to 

Annual rair Postponed 
EDMONTON, Alta.. Sept. 28.— The an- 
nual fair of the Fort Saskatchewan 
Agricultural Association which was to 
have been held on September 11, has 
beer, dettnltely postponed until Tuesday. 
October 18. 

Sir Thomas Skinner Says De- 
partmental Store Will Be 
Erected in Victoria at- an 
Early Date .. 

with a 


on the gov- 

Bay that we could not carry 
ernment for six months. The: 
tended thi time since or we have taken 
tllf . ubertj "i doing so. I would like 
to point out to you that we had from 
the previous government a* a legacy a 
K ood iumiiv dimeuli questions. I am 
noi going to enter into these question 
but let me- say that 


we dealt 
, them according to what d 

to us t., be right w • .red to do- 

our duty In nils reward, and I venture 
to say that whnti **er criticism - 
passed upon us at the tn 'ment 
those most loud in their crttioism will 
have to admit that what we did was in 
u, the interests of the country as a 
whole and In the interests of those spe- 
cial questions, and the measures that 
w « proposed Will receive a fair and rea- 
sonable measure of credit when they 
eomo w be considered In the years to 

, nm". ' '■ ■• 

-we had a certain legacy left us In 
"the transcontinental railway. We wont 
to a man who bad greal experience in 
Canada In railway matters, a man of 
wealth ana posttion beyond anything 
tuat we could do >"> &f». " ml a9ked 


The Hudson's Bay Company pro- 
poses, at a V*ry-*UlljW«Wlir ' to com- 
mence operations upon its store here, 
and promises to make it a model, Just 
as its Calgary store is to be the model 
of Its stores in Canada. This Is the 
message which Sir Thomas Skinner, 
the chairman of the board of gdvern- 
ors of the Hudson's Bay Company, has 
for the people of Victoria. Sir Thomas 
arrived at the Empress hotel last 
night, and, in conversation with a Col- 
onist representative, said, when asked 
as to his company's 2lntenttons in re* 
gard to Victoria: 

"We are very busy Just now In 
completing our great building In Gfrl- 
gary. Both we and/the city of Cal- 
gary have outgrown our present 
builJlng. and we have found It neces- 
sary to erect a building there which 
will meet the demands, not only of the 
present, but of the future also. We 
are building a very large and a very 
up-to-date structure, which we believe 
will meet the situation. It Will be as 
like one of the Harrod stores In Eng- 
land as possible, with conditions vat- 
led to meet Canadian requirements. 
It will be the modal for all our stores 
Tor Western. Canada, Including the 
Vancouver and Victoria stores. Our 
next work will be to rebuild our store 
in Vancouver. We "have bought land 
at the rear of our present store, and 
J u Bt as soon 1 « wv» , cume tu th e n ec e s- 
sary arrangements with the city in 
regard to building regulations, the 
work will. be commenced, and when 
the rear section Is opened, we will 
move~-tnto it and demolish our present 
building. We expect to open our Cal- 
gary Store In March. Then we will 
commence operations <m the new Van- 
couver store, and, soon after that, we 
intend to commence work on the site 
which we have purchased in Victoria. 

An Important Site , 

"We have bought a very Important 


VANCOUYEB^ B. C« Sept,??.— Steps 
were taken tonight at the annual meet- 
ing of the Vancouver brahch of the 
Navy t,eague to raise fund* sufficient 
to place the training ship Egeria on a 
financial basis. At the end of the meet- 
ing the annual election of officer* took 
place, the result being as follows: Pres- 
ident, Captain T. W. 'Julian; vice-pres- 
ident, Mr. jr. Konald; secretary, A. St. 
John Mild way; treasurer, Mr. A. Brook- 

with the object of inaugurating an 
immediate plan of action, a commutes 
was selected to wait upon the member* 
of the Dominion and provincial govern- 
ment*, and also upon the elty council, 
to make request for fund* with which 
toprdperly *t up the v«*»*l. The bal- 
ance sheet as read showed that M.B13 
has been collected by donatloha. but 
that this la by no mean*.! eufflcient 
Note* of certain gentlemen, amounting 
to S3.500, released the vowel, but these 
notes, let course^ are still to be paid. 
•A'he expenditure* to date have been 
sis.T»i7j». Thar* in in the ban* »t*i. 
Nearly Il.OOO in *ttb*crlnttonB which 
have been jr«|W,!»^,Wl; : W been 
paid. _ 

Captain JuHen 
Itichard AlcBrule, ree 
regarding the suggestion 
trnraeht bear ■nan . p'f , the^OT«p«. of 
the coat of the proposed edjdoatldn to 
be inaugurated oh the fcgarlla. The 
premier, in hi* letter. *ild tnat while 
personally in sympathy with the 
league'* aims, the government doe* not 
at the preaent tima aee It* way clear 
to' take up the subject of *eaman*htp. . 
"The utilisation of the Bgerla a* a 
training ship,! fhOWever," continued the 
C«att*ne4 «m Page 4. Col. 

sity here, wa* found dead in one of the 
buildings this morning; by tne Janitor. 
He was lying on the floor, and one of 
the gas Jets was whle open. He had 
aleo shot himself. - 

On a note found under the tfoor was 
written: "Do not open this door until 
some one else Is with you; the ga* la 
on; turn It off Immediately and excu** 
me for causing all thl* trouble." 

Dr. Dickie came here from Belfast, 
Ireland, a month ago. No c*uae for the 
suicide is Known. 

not work for the city. 


Number of Victims Since 1896 
Is 204— -Movement Started 
to Found National Aviators' 

TORONTO. Ont.. Sept. 23 —Toronto 
accorded a magnificent welcome to 
Right Hon. R. L. Borden at the ban- 
quet given by the board of trade In 
hta honor at the new Mutual street 
JBna tonight. The great stadium 
was filled by the largest audience ever 
gathered together in Toronto. . So 
great was the public desire to Join In 
ytbe greetings to the premier that 
thousands of persona vainly sought 
admission to the hail. Devotion to 
the empire and to British Institutions 
was the dominant -note of all the 
speeches. On behalf of the people of 
Quebec, Hon. I* P. Pelletler brought a 
message of loyalty. 

Mr. Borden, of course, could not 
make any definite announcement of 
the naval defence policy which heu»lU 
propose to parliament, but he left in 
the minds of his hearers the feeling 
that when that policy is promulgated 
Canadians would have no reason to be 
ashamed of their country's self-lm> 
posed share of the burden of the em- 
pire. . 

The chair was occupied by M*. G. T. 

Somers. president of the board of 

trade. He congratulated Mr. Borden 

.dence and dignity 

hs with the 

Successful Architect 
WINNIPEG, Man., Sept 23.— The com- 
mittee of the- Manitoba legislature^.**-- 
pointed to deal with the new parliament 
buildings, met today. Leonard Stokes, 
president of the R. I. B. A., made hta 
final recommendation, and of , the five 
sets of plans selected in the •preliminary 
those of F. W. Simon, of Liverpool, 
England, were chosen. 


it was a northern B. C; welcome 
to thei r ru y al ' I 


European Comment on Panama 
Canal. Progress is Very 
Friendly— Will Revolutionize 
Routes of Commerce 

LONDON, Sept 2*.— The death pf H. 
D. J. Antley b| jthe.fall of hi* aeroplane 

ment from Wi 


Belgian Socialists Plan a Par- 
alysis of Industries in an 
Attempt to Secure Universal 

at Belfast has given an Impetus to the 
movement to found a National Aviator*' 
League. Aatley. was the twentieth 
British airman to lose his life 

A similar^ league has been founded In 
the United State* to control aviation 
and dl*courage or forblt fancy flying 
involving dangerous risks. The move- 
ment ha* the strong support ^ of the 
leading aviation authorities. 

Aatley. who met disinter while exe- 
cuting too Sharp a turn, wore' no safety 
helmet He received terrlble^njurles to 
the head. He was the heir of a million- 
aire and a descendant of Cromwell. t 

Many of the epecUtors of the accl- 
deht are of the opinion that Astley 
sacrificed his Wftlft*: brave attempt to 
avoid colliding with the crowd. He was 
seen waving his hand to the people on 
the track to move away and was doing 
his utmost to avoid them. With more 
space he might have lessened the shock 
of the fall. _\ _^ 

Iks. pdlitics^ 

English PrasB Think Contest Lies Be- 
tween Mr. Boosevelt and Mr. 

• : i/ ' T ■ ' Wilson ... , , i... !, . , ' , . , 

500,000 WORKERS 


Whitney, premier of 
l Mr. Borden's health 
joquent speech, paying a tribute 
to the primo minister's masterly con- 
duct of public affairs since his a«*ea> 
slon to office and to the manner in 
which he had impressed Great Britain 
with the importance of Canada's place 
in the empire. ; ^ : Lt:j 

U:iity of Empire „,..• 

Mr. Borden was given a magnificent 
Continued on Page 16, Col. S. 


Torpnto Police Commissioners 
Begin Investigation of Con- 
duct of Inspector in a Notable 


Continued <>n vw 1 1, Col 


"lr»! S«BKlon. 

l«_Re«rti>ii OP«n» in No Ttaininur 

,„ s< amanehlp. i'"'" 
Borden Prlr I ,; 

s B»4«lnialt Coun< n Holdi 

< (Bdltorial. 

:, commit i( e B i' oi M» ■ 

k News »( th<- City, 

7 — s»»n or the City 

g _CanB<ilan Ru*by Meetim 

!((_Vtctoriai Bhow tn Open 

H — Rvmelon Open* in N.'vi'iu 

1J — R»Ql KhIhI.. AdvU. 

1»— Real Eetale Ailvli 

14_Further Tangle In CoW lOStiOTJ 

IB— Marin* 

lt yi T Biiiitt Brndl in ExpUni 

17 Addition*! M»rine. 

U fitetory of Mtn'iiR In Province 

1»— Hickman-Tye Adrl 
20 — c;ia»elnert Ad via 
»1 — Cla»«IS«d Afivl» 
;3— ClMf»««<> A- •»« 

j j tittek Karketn and Flnai 

t«~Hlp#W«r'« Advw 

. iai News 

that < ' site In' Victoria, and we have every 

tentipn of utilizing it just as soon as 
we can. You must realize that condi- 
tions in Victoria have changed greatly 
of recent ytar-s. There was a time 
when this city was the headquarters 
for the supplies sent to all our posts 
on this coast, but the growth of the 
Mainland has been such that the bulk 
of our business has been transferred 
to the Mainland. But while this is 
the caso, we feel that it would be 
very unwise to leave Victoria, «ml (hut 
is WhX we have shown our faith in 
your city as We have done In the I'lir- 
c ha iur new site. Our objecl 

now I* inlshed out 

work In Calgary ahdmade i gocd -i in 

OH our new bullflirfgin VSpCOUVer, 10, 

nt a very early date, commence 

on our nev In this hlty, it will 

modelled upon our Calgar More, 

this, i mean tint (l 

will he the latest thing I" saore imll.l- 

ings on the Ajnerican continent We 

itmort confldehee In the 

future ot the new Victoria, and belief 

.. c inn i1 'i ttei than. Just as 

, „•,, ar <. able to fid no, extend 
potations to the theatre of that 
which used to he nur headquarters, 
i which, we believe, will, in the 
near future, he a very important ren- 
t re ,,f population, a centre which will 
hive jfront purchasing powers ^and 
which Will prove profitable to us." 
Not Koldlng l»*nde 
Questioned as to the policy of the 
company In regard to its land holdings 
upon the island, and especially in the 
KsqUirnalt dlfltrlet. Sir Thomas **f^ 
lontuiued on !'••« *. Col. fc. 

BIUJSSET^. Sept. 23.— A great sen- 
eral strike la projected by the Socialists 
of Belgium in support of the universal 
suffrage amendment, to the constitution. 
Hostilities against the government, 
which has resolutely set its face against 
the desired legislation, will begin in 
November. Half a million workers, it 
is calculated, will be Involved In tho 
strike which H is prov nail, last 

six weeks at a cost to their funds, esti- 
mated at ten million dollars. The rail- 
ways, the postal and telephone services, 
mlneB, docks, factories and workshops 
of all kinds are to be involved In what 
its promoters contend will be- a blood- 
less campaign. Women seem as earnest 
as the men in the p.'opftgands which 
reaches throughout Belgium. Promises 
,,r B ub f lti:ili< !>i 1 support | 

been received, and *rrang*ments h 
been made I ' the same. 

LONrmN, Kept. 23. — The English 
newspapers are watcinng the united 
States presidential election campaign 
with much interest. 

A i R rge maj of the London 

journals do not consider that Preeldehi 

I:, It has any hope of getting back, and 

the consensus of opinion is that the 

fight will i>" between Colonel Roosevelt 

and Mr. Woodrow Wilson. 


Victorians Preparing a Royal 
Welcome for Royal Visitors 
Fine Electrical Display— The 


thu they 


Mr*. i.elgii, Belensed on Z.lcentpe, 

Jall-Brealclng — Trench Police 

Warn Suffragette* 

im'iu.iw 8fpt 23. ■— T'hoenix Parti 
was the scent yesterday of a disorderly 
suffragette meetins v tetter was rend 

from Mrs. Mary Leigh, who recently 

wns released from Mountjoy prison on 

account of lll*health, declaring that 

unless Miss dlladys Evana, now serv- 
ing a sentence of five years for an at- 
tempt to hum a theatre, whs liberated 
within a few days, she would lead a 
march on the prison to effecl her n 
lease The issue, she added, would he 
decided only by victory or death. 


Death of Dramatist 
PARW, Sept. 23.— beon Oandellot. the 
dramatist, died at his home here yes- 

\ || torts ti aipeadj eomnv m Ing 
pul ,.n her iioiiday garb in hmi a 
th( , tuning vtsil of the foy'aj governoi 

, nil, the ImUe of OonUAUight, t'" 1 

Due i pf Oonnaughi and the Rrtneeaa 

Pati li Is of l !oimaught 

Although 1 in . daps have yfl to 

before the royal party will reach 

in,, capital of British Columbia, there 

m- evidences On every hniul thai the 

decorations will surpass anything of th« 

sort in the history of the elty. Many 

business buildings have their decbre- 
tions well under whv now; others will 
follow suit today or tomorrow, am! 
there Is every Indication that by Fri- 
day noon, Victoria will be a city trans- 
formed. Every ugly spot will be hidden 
away and all made beautiful for trts 
rereptlon of the royal visitors. The red. 
white and blue, the primal colors of tbs 
t«»tla«*4 «a !■■»• ». C*l. «. 

I'iiRiiNT'i. Ont., Sept. 23.— Some in- 
teresting evidence was given "today at 
the opening session' of the com- 
missioners' inquiry Into the conduct 
of Inspector of Detectives Walter Dun- 
can, In connection with the Farmers. 
Bank case. At the inquiry le Tore Sir 
William Meredltl.. Duncan hid ftWOMa 
that no unauthorized person 1 
. . ■ to the pa,.. • i ii thl 
Hi v , ral witiie. -. a testified 

i,.,,' handled the papt i 

Several of Duncan's associates on the 

force testitied that his reputation for 

,s not good and that lie had 

accused them of giving odt news which 

he himself had divulged. Two Wit" 

neggei swore that .1. P. ilaverson, a 
World reporter who wns exceptional!! 

frlendlv with Dun. an, bad given th m 

to understand that he had committed 

an , I would nun pel wiry to help th« 


Stewart Lyon, managing editor nt 
The Qlobe, te.mitied that he had been 
showh certain Farrrn rs* Barll p ipt i 
i, v Duncan. Mr Lyon declined to 
divulge imblh'ly the name of the p. I 

son who suggested fhat he sb d 

the papert, but Informed the eommis- 
j It, tiers privately. 

Magistrate Denison remai lt< » "I'b-it 
makes one more non-oftlcia) pel 

W hO had aCCeSS tO the )• '•!"■■ 

j. P. ilaverson whs ashed why 

be had told several people he ha-tl 

muted perjury on InspectOl Duncan's 

behalf. "1 <Hu ' int SMV tBat Wh;,t ' 
said was that one might go the letrgtn 
of commltlng per.iury for the police and 
still get no thanks for it." said Ilaver- 
son. _ 

Others Who Saw Papers 

A. M. Hobberlln and W. H. Hunter 
told of visiting Inspector Duncan and 
looking over the Farmers' Bank papers, 
being left alone part of the time. This 
after Magistrate Denison had 

the Pan- 
ada Canal will be opened next year has 
been the signal for fresh discussion of 
»ll the broad possibilities of the un- 

So far as the question of toll* la- 
concerned, there seems to be a growing 
disposition to think Europe has been 
precipitate In 'charging Americans with. 
bid faith or with taking an -unfair ad- 
vantage. _ 

Kverywhere effusive compliments are 
written and spoken In the light of, the 
tremendous display of engineering skill 
on the Isthmus. Pictorial papers hero 
and in Tarls 1 and Berlin give sketches 
of the chief objects of Interest along 
the route and In the construction work. 
Long special articles deal with the "re- 
volution the canal is to bring about in 
an international way." One able writer 
thinks" that "Panama will necessitate a 
greater modification of the established 
systems of foreign commerce than were 
necessitated by the Suez." and adds that 
"it is as if nature had suddenly de- 
cided to alter the course of her trade 

Another, declaring In a London 
weekly that the canal Is the "crowning 
achievement of American force and 
enterprise," makes the statement that 
the best minds of the British EmoJre 
are concentrating upon the commercial 
revolution which "is Imminent "In order 
that. Irrespective of the willingness of 
\mericans to arbitrate concerning tolls, 
we may use the new waterway to the 
full and may begin to use It the day it. 
is opened." 

wa* eSSenc- 

and whil*^fr**P«« w " hono 
by being oho^n as the scene of the oc-, 

c*slon.,the host* of the day were in 
addition to the people of this port, every 
resident of the northern part of the 
province from Haaelton to Queen Char- 
lotte city. Every settlement In the 
north was represented. There never has 
been an event in the north which has 
been sufficiently attractive to draw 
numbers equal in quantity or quality to 
those who have thronged Prince Rupert 
streets today. 

Robert Deb Powell headed a delega- 
tion of Hazelton's cltisens who came to, 
offer their royal highnesses the hos- 
pitality of the inland city, but while 
the royal party will make the trip in- 
land tomorrow over the G. T. P. It is 
not likefy Hazel ton will be visited ow- 
ing to the length of time it would re- 
quire to travel over the wagon road in- 
tervening between Hazelton and the 
end of the steel. 

The mining town of Stewart on the 

Portland canal, practically closed up 

shop and came over to help Prince Ru- 

tnaks a lasting impression, and 


Acting Profession in Tavor of a Day of 
Rest in London, Bng. 

LONDON. Sept. 23. — The much-de bat- 
ed question of the opening of the the- 
atres on Sundays has resulted In two 
plebiscites being taken, one among the 
actors and netivssea on the legitimate 
stage, and the other among music hall 
artists. ■ 

of the former 2800 favored the Sab- 
bath as a day of rest, and only 12R 
. for Sunday playinp. A majorltv of 
1687 of music hall artists favored no 
playloK OP Sundays, the vote being 2266 

i,,r and ,; V8 against 

pert maKQ a 
Essington waS not behind bond In the 
exuberance its citizens displayed. Rev. 
Father Hogan of Masset, on the Queen 
Charlotte islands, was present with a 
strong representation of his parishion- 
ers, as was also Rev. Father McCullagh 
of the Naas. 

Prince Rupert had an opportunity of 
displaying some of the best brand of 
her weather notwithstanding the 
equinoctial season, and thje royal party 
were driven around in motor cars and 
expressed delight at the fine wide 
streets, w:th their permanently located 
grades, the water system hewed out of 
the solid rocks, and numerous improve- 
ments, many of which have not yet 
been introduced to some of the older 
citizens of the east. 

Surprised at Development 
The members of the royal party had 
not prepared themselves for the state 
of development which Prince Rupert 
has attained, was manifest in the pub- 
lic utterance of his royal highness, and 
his comment on what he had seen about 


He expressed the wish that the com- 
pletion of the new G. T. P. transcon- 
tinental railway should be an accom- 
plished fact during his term of office. 

Every steam or gasoline craft in 
Prince Rupert and on the coast for 
miles north and south was in line to 
mpet the steamer Princess Alice bear- 
ing the royal party at u o'clock this 
morning. The government fisheries 
protective cruisers Falcon and William 
Jolllffe, the former bearing a reception 
committee of prominent citizens, and 
the Jolllffe the massed Indian bands, 
headed the flotilla of smaller boats 
which wns under the direction" of Capt. 
Bablngton. There were fifty vessels in 
the mosquito fleet as the C. P. R, liner 
slowly passed in between a double lino 
of boats, all their whistles screamed a 
welcome, while a salute boomed out 
from the Prince Rupert Marine Works 
wharf, under the personal direction of 
Mayor *.'•* M. Newton, the shot? being 
Bred from an old muzzle loading cannon 
brought over to Prince Rupert from 
Mctlukatla for the occasion. It was 
originally brought to this coast from 
pari of the armament of the Hudson's 
Pay fort, and although it had not been 
fired for years it performed the unac- 
customed duty with all honor to Itself 


the amateur gunners who rammed 
Cnnttnued on !*■«• *■ Q"\. 5. 


Centum** m Page u. CoL u 

Fifty Years Ago Today 

(From The Colonist of Sept, 

24, 1SB2.) 

.r encouragement. w-»*V I 

k „ kuetralfa— M«Ssr* A. .1 Main A To. deilgn plsclns * »hlp on the ' »•«■ >. : 
for M.'.n" «e Au..r.'s. and have ..ready booksd abo«, . 1«« name.. The r. ts. 

,„,„,„ „,,, he .be,,,. r-«^. ••r^^„'^ WC,bm ' 

Aunt rat lans DSld to reach here. 

These ratei ni" the «ame »• the ~ . -— ...*■„»,.„ 

A British "Road Contractor T.kelh FY#n,h yeave-- *«f*fW 
morning e.Hy It ws. ..certain.* th.t Chart*. Op£nh* of «Jjg» ^ 
Oppenhetmer and Moherly, the part, who contr.cted w It h the W'gg* ȣ*** 
Hrlil.h Columbia «n ron.truet th. wa*on ro.d Mrs I* ""• «U» to W ^,J55! 
„„„, to cariboo, had .b.qu.tul.ted for WMhtaf»n « , »J w " r , n*^*V 
m*. or th* «b.*ntee »re n«t st«ted but tsar are •»»»>«'« ' "-it .V sbWt^UM* 
, ..Id that he bt*ls.<l . loan ef* trtnn ,M . f. v * r ^!" , * mm W ^ i 
.go most of waleh .mount h. IS thsught to have token with Him, __ 

_. — ..._.. —w — «» tha jury on th. hstatrr 

prote.t by 

r.u' M of th. «Mth »f Jss»«» weestor, «'"••« i'-^SLrt ZSSi 

shier, • beought in>y a majerltr afjMJ"'- "2T tal,-H * * *iT 

Into the 

favor of a finding ot •"•HI*} atorftr" «**«•« th. prWener. 


I u j IWWP»— |»H*W 


•• .■■■ : ",,— - , 



, •, 


Tuesday, September 24, 1912 

part Watch 



O wonder' the possessor of a good 
watch is careful into whose hands he 
leaves it for repairs when it Jails to do 
its work property. ' ■ .' ■' ; . f-i 

Many a good watch is left in bad hands and 
is spoiled by incompetent or careless repairing. 

If your watch is running irregularly — not 
beating 60 to the minute — bring it to our store, 
where-4t will be placed in competent hands for 
prompt attention. 



While Umpires Differ on Man- 
oeuvres War Office and Pub- 
lic Call for Flying Cruisers 
and Scouts . 

K. C, will act at Vancouver, and Mr. 
A. L). Taylor, K. C, will appear at the 
assizes at Kamloopa and ' 'Untun. The 
only other event to bt held Is at Nel- 
son, late next raontfe The assi/.cs 
l.Te and la Vancouver open on Sep- 
ber 80. 


MONTR! \l 

Oainbllng In Enst 

Que , Sept. 23. — Twenty 
u er< .-. . n ited today bj 


Successors to Challoner & Mitchell 
Corner of Broad and View Street* 

Phone 675 



Ej H 1 HI J 

Improved Acreage 

.14 ACRES — Eight under cultivation, within five minutes 
of station oh the. Saanteh- suburban. ' High and sightly With 
splendid soil .and drainage. All wire fencing. . ■. r 1 

Improvements worth $5000, include new. modern eight- 
roomed bungalow with cement basement, hot and cold water, 
bathroom and septic' r»nk.- Three horses, stables, buggy. 
shed, outbuildings in good condition, incubators and brood- 
house With accommodation for 1500 fowls. Water supply is 
ample and good. About 4 1-2 miles- from city. 

LOXDON, Sept 23.— No decision has 
been given by the umpires who watched 
the nil'utary v manoeuvres in East Anglla. 

tiding which aide hud the advantage 

at the termination of operations is that 
the manoeuvres were intended merely 
for the purpose of training. Since the 
sham light lias concluded there has 
been a great controversy on the value 
of aeroplanes during times of war. 

While the operations were in pro- 
gress (Jrlerson, who command- 
ed 12,000 troops, made up of artillery, 
cavalry and infantry, was continually 
checked in his movements by the vigil- 
ance of the overhead scouts. While 
.traveling at night the defenders could 
hear the throb of the engines of flying 
machines. The noise prevented any «ur- 
niise on the part of the flying aerO- 
p.ano corps. 

Orallame White and S. !•'. Cody are 
now busily engaged In perfecting a tyi>e 

111 f-nglnt- Whtlll ivlll I... -h.nlntl.ty ""IIP- 

spector O'Keefe In a raid on an allei 
gambling bouse at i \\.-..; Lagauene- 

tleie street, in tii very heart of China- 
town. M"m ti rests might have been 
made had not the chauffeur of the 
taxicah, in which Inspector O'Keefe and 
four of his men drove from the city 
hall avenue station to Chinatown, pulled 
up at the wrong door when lie turned 
Into the Street with the raiders. The 
Chinese population of Montreal is about 
three thousand and it ^as said yester- 
day by a Chinaman, who is in a post- 
tlon to kMW,w&5&&3* trflnt to as- 
sist the police in stamping out gamb- 
ling and other, abuses in •Chinatown, 
that Cully 300 Chinamen live off the 
gambling - resorts in Montreal. 

One-third oaan, balanco over thxae years. 

.' fl . l : l l ?i. 1 -. ji'iji't" ! ,'. 1 ' . . v ;.- 

H" fr rn ...i: 1 " it if,±' r \i'fi'.^:.\- ' ■ 

jitt Yates Street 

Phone 471 


Xne opinion of experts on the use of 
aeroplanes in warfare, based on the ex- 
perience of the recent manoeuvres, is 
that the biplane ts invaluable as a 
military unit, provided the atmosphere 
is favorable, but useless otherwise. 

1 Great ^ritein is to have an air fleet 
.as a result of recent 'manoeuvres in 
"East Anglia. The war office authorities 
are so impressed with, the necessity 
that a great fleet of war planes will 
be organized; immediately. ,lt ...will com- 
prise two types or. machines, one armed 
with quick-firing guns, and the other 
will be designed for scouting. 

Just as artillery clears the way for 
infantry these giant aeroplanes will 
seek to sweep, from the airmail oppos- 
ing air craft, lenM to. prepare a clear 
passage for the swift scouts which will 
be sent into the sky in squadrons. 

Expulsion Is Penalty 
PARIS, Sept. 28. — The French police 
have warned Mrs. Emmeline Pankharst 
and her daughter Christabel, 'who are 
here, that if any disturbance occurs 
while Mr. Asuuith, the British prime 
minister, is passing through the city, 
the two suffragette leaders ^vill be ex- 
pelled from France. 


Five Bids Submitted— Engi- 
neers of Sir John Jackson, 
Ltd,, Will Arrive Today to 
Inspect Scene of Work 


Herschel Island Unmistakably 
on Canadian Side of Parallel 
Dividing Alaska. and Yukon 
—Planting the Ust Post 



— — — - 


Cor. Fort and Douglas. 


More Than a Mere Hair Brush 

Is this 'latest production of the famous house of Kent, Kngland. Itrlstlcs 
oTwhatebone, it stimulates and refreshes. Relieves the most stubborn 
headaches. Price 93XO and 81.25. 

We are prompt, we are careful and u»e only the best in our work. 

Snow Disposal 

MONTREAL, Qua. Sept. 23.~The 
problem of disposing of snow, whitH 
has perplexed, the city father* mor* 
and more as the growth of the city 
made it necessary for the removal of 
the dumps to a greater distance from 
the centre of the city,' has, it is 
thought, finally been solved, the 
plan as proposed ' to the city council 
.today and accepted by It calls for the 
enlargement of the openings in trunk 
sewers* so that ' the-' snow may he 
dumped < ipt« them-, v Should I this 
scheme, which will be much in the na- 
ture of an experiment this Winter, be 
successful, it will mean a great saving 
to the city, for In years when, the 
snowfall is considerable, npvyards of 
$150,000 Is spent on the removal of 
snow from the streets 00 which' the 
street railways run. ■. ^ . >■• 

.... Prisoner Assaults Sheriff 

I CHICAGO, III., Sept, SS.-Jacob Foy 
Guthrie, known as «n educated burg- 
lar apd forger, who is charged with 
having stolen $'250,000 vjforth of valu- 
ables from the hemes . of society "peo- 
ple, was arraigned for trial today; bnt 
when he confronted the Judge he 
threw a cuspidore at a deputy -..gherifC-, 
His case was continued. • 

■ p 

FOR I.rxCHEON,- - / : ■ vV; ; , " ■ ' ■ .; v-.^V"' 

There is nothing half so goocl as a bottle of 


mi cm 

five C ourts of Assize Are Can- 
celled Owing to There Being- 
No Cases for Trial— Crown 

Purely brewed, of nutritious malt and hops, 
• in a pl.mi possessing every scientific device 
for the production of a pure, licilthfnl bev- 

ii imparts new energy arid strength aiid 
a flavOX thai is delightfully real. 

Order ,1 case from your dealer, and at 
club or hotel insist upon LEMP'S. 


Wholesale Agents 
Victoria, Vancouver and Nelson, B. C. 

VANCOUVER, B. G, Sept M;->-Mr. 
Frederick 'Lambert, of Ottawa, and a 
party of nine assistant survejors ar- 
rived tn the city yesterday after a six 
months'- stay in Alaska, where they 
were engaged in the survey of the 
boundary line front Frith river .to the 
Arctic ocean. The boundary has now 
been virtually established all along the 
H9t£ meridian from Mount Ellas to 
the Arctic, Mr. X J*. Craig, of Ot^tg- 
\va, , who has been in charge of the 
Canadian survey, will arrive here In 
a few weeks. 

Operations this season were confined 
to work on a 150-mile stretch between 
the Porcupine river and the north end 
of, the continent. The determination 
of the last few miles ' conclusively 
proved that Herehel Island, the ren- 
dezvous of America* whalers, is about 
forty 'miles due east of the meridian 
line as it trends towards 'the north 
pole, and is therefore British terri- 
tory. Observations taken by mariners 
had in a general way established the 
same fact, and for several years past 
members of the Royal Northwest 
Mounted Police; have occupredf the 
island and collected dutt*«- froftf- the 
seafaring people who visit that local- 
ity to hunt whales and trade with the 

No formal ceremony attended the 
planting of the last boundary monu- 
ment. The pillar occupies a position 
twenty-'ejrte feet above the ocean, 
which, while dotted with floating l<je 
in the summer months, was quite 
navigable. Careful measurements by 
members of the party showed that.the 
tides along the coast rise and fall only, 
seven inches. No indications of gold 
or. other metals were discovered along 
the last'se'ction of the boundary. 

Mr. Lambert said he knew nothing 
about the new Pacific harbor which 
was said to have been found by the 
party under Mr. Ogilvie, 

Bun Over toy Motor Truck 
''WINNIPEG.' Man., Hept. 88.— Samuel 
McDowell, the aged father of Sergeant 
Jim McDowall, of the city pollen foi 
was run over today, sustaining fatal In- 
juries, hy motor truck No. 10".. driven by 
his son, Samuel McDowell, jr. He was 
riding' beside ills son on the truck when 
the machine skidded, throwing him 
violently to the ground. Hefore he could 
rise, the left hind wheel had passed over 
his body. 

Already five firms have submitted 
tenders for the construction of. the. 
breakwater, which is to extend 2,500 
t In a southwesterly direction from # 

works to be built here,.** equip Vic- 
toria tb handle the anticipated larg* 
whipping development whlcn, will 'fol- 
low the opening of the Panama.' canal; 

Today Messrs. Q. Hall Boor; of Lon- 
don. England, and Albert Brocks, 'Mont- 
real, representatives. of Sir John Jack- 
son. Ltd.. of Edinburgh, will reach Vic- 
toria to Iook nf the site and* complete 
Investigation* on whlc to I ase a ten- 
der for th« work. The twi engineers 
spent yes.erdny with Mr. J. C. Won- 
fold, rest lent n glneer of the public 
works depa • iii-nt, going ov<m the plans 
and speel.1 rn'oi.s. and will visit the 
scene of the breakwater today. 

Sir John Jackson. when returning 
from South America a year ago, visited 
Victoria, accompanlod by Mr. Brooks, 
and during his -itay here the 
harbor engineer vis'. • <! the scene of the 
harbor improvements. His company, 
which has a controlling interest In 
three large steam freighter^, each of 
7,000 ton*- register,- has plant ..valued M.V 
nearly half a million dollars In, Eng- 
land and at the Cape. The firm has 
built some of the largest of the world's 
harbor works, among the big contracts 
carried through being the last section 
of the Manchester Ship canal, the Dover 
breakwaters and . harbor. Admiralty 
decks at Key ham. Devonport. and: Si- 
mons Bay. South Africa., and lnipror*-j 
monts at Singapore, In addition to many 
ether large works. 

Among the other linns, which will 
tender. |or the contract are Norton Grif- 
fiths & Co., Ltd., Hanc-y Miller of To-, 
ronto. Pearsons, and others. Tenters 
are' to be received at Ottawa until Oc- 
tober 15, and it Is anticipated that the 
^iucelslfroi Wddsirf-win ** known >oon 

* . . jrA i'l "» f. *'f. **.''»' , 

,r My>iW ffn» i 1 U 11 



There is Just as much distinction in our Hat Department as In our 
Suit and Coat Sections and with the completion of our fall stock we offer 
you none but the' World's best make's; a few of which are as follows:. 

after that time.. _..._ 

Mr. Roger Miller pif the Toronto con- 
tracting firm, left for home last night 
after spending several: days . 1n an -ex- 
amination of the site of • the breakwater. 
He arrived here on Thursdays Mr. Mil- 
ler was greatly impressed with the ouv 
lcok at thla port' 

Sawmill workers Drown 

_ ' M.—A 

■ 93.00 

• 93.OO 


steamer with ISO' sawmill 
aboard was rammed, by a tUgboat r on \tb* 
Dvina river, 'near •Xrc*aigkrtoda3t:'.T^> 
steamer sank in ten minutes. , Most of 
the passengers jumped into, the water, 
and 96 of them swam ashore. Twenty 
are known to have. been drowned, while 
the others are among the missing. It 
will be impossible ^toiascartatln the com- 
piete list of casualties until , tomorrow. ' 

Colllerler.- Death Toll . , 

HARRISBURG, Pa., Sept, 33.— There 
were 615 mine workers killed In the 
hard coal mines of Pennsylvania in 1M1. 
according to the. annual report issued by 
James E. Roderick, chief of the state 
bureau of mines. The anthracite pro- 
duction ran up to 90,917.176 tons, the 
highest ' ever known in the hard coal 


Scott's Tamonv Stiff Rats, priced from . s 

Henry Heath's Silk Hats at 

Henry Heath's Soft and Stiff Hats, in all shades, from 13.50 to 
Henry Heath's forties' Biding Hats at' . ......:..........-..... 

Austrian VelOUCS,. In, greens, Blacks, browns and greys, at ....... 

Christy's Stiff Hats, -in .'p'lack/a^d.'. brown, at 

Christy's Soft Hats, in all. shades, at .from 

Tress' Soft and Stiff Hats, from • ■ • 

Moblason's Stiff and 80ft Hats, In all shades, 13.00 and 93.50 

Tewnsnd's Soft and Stiff Hats, In all shades, $3.00 and $3.50 

Vowaend's Wool and Tweed Hata at 91.50 

John B. Stetson's Soft and stiff Hats at $4.00 and 95.OO 

John B. stetson's Cowboy Hats at 97.50 

Mallory's Soft -and Stiff Hats, in all colors, at frpm .......... .98.OO 

Cai»w=«paTe~witT not permit or ffetaning our splendid srock 6TTSSpi,'"iaf- ' 
fice to say that any cap you may fancy is here. 

W. & '.J- WILSdsl 

Men's ClotMng Centre. . 1221 Oovernment St. and Trounca Ave. 

mi* "'. "■'" '.:.!i.O.. 



In Smart Styles 

t Pumps, with hand-turned sole, square edge, Cuban heel 

brilliant ornament on vamp ; : .' 

Women's Patent Hid Colonial Pumps, with hand-turned sole, celluloid 

covered- Cuban heel, square edge and beautiful cut steel ornament on 

■ .vamp. ■ ;.,.?,■ 

"Women's Three-Strap Glosse Kid Slippers, wUh, handTturnod sole and 

military h«i. # . . * ^ , v;; 

Women's Patent Colt ' or Vici Kid low Heel Pump, with square edge, 

hand-turned sole, has large "flat bow on vamp: 
Women's Sato "saipperB in numerous patterns. 

Hsall Orders Hecelve Strict Attention. 


jlsVJyt S Jyt'' Broad walk Skuffers for Children. 
Kanan * 1Wk'3$?%<. " . Wlcbert & Gardiner. N. T. 

Pemberton Building, 421 Fort Street 

Captain Fullarton Tells of Suc- 
cesses Won by His Cadets- 
Delighted With Reception in 

While the development going on in 
the province and the increase in the 
population of the citlfs would be follow- 
ed, people might tiiink, by an increasi 
in the rhimbi on th< 

community, the facta us revealed in 
the statistics of the cases, which are 
:.i,n al il"' various fall as- 
size districts prove tluv£ tlie reverse Is 
the case. 

There never has been loss crime in 
the province, thanks to the excellent 
policing of the cities by the nV" Blpal 
authorities and of the resT of the coun- 
try by the very efnclettl fo'rpQ which 
acts under thi leadership of Superinten- 
dent Campbell, anQ In ctosq touch with 
(he alt" ll - 

Of ten courts of assize I1x"'l h month 
" ■■• 'ii'-'i, aa there 
■ to be tri' 'i al those places. 
, , noelh 'i were ftxi d to be beld 

at .v. 1 ok< . viTimii, Qrei a 

wood and 1 " • \t all of thi 
tres thi ' 1 [)gs were t.. be for civil 
criminal i aaee, but lb the atjs* 

rgi to be disposed of 

and tin civil '"• s being 1 ery tew it 
was dedded by thi totney^genei • 
thai 1 wnu]<i be unnecessary expense 
to iold court 

A 1 \ incou ''. ' Ich always has the 
heavipst csiendnr. there are only 
twenty-four eases awaiting trial, ••• n ■ 1 
the majority ni" these are Cor oompa&- 

Hlively lluht Offences, At Clinton lliere 

is one murder case f, n the list, and at 
vi, tui in iiiete is a barge of attempted 
murder to be disposed of and a couple 
of niinoi- eases, 

Festerday Attorney -General Bowser 

decided upon the gentlemen who will 
represent the crown at thp approarh- 
inR sittings. Mr. Harold H. Uoh#rts<>n 
will be the protiecuting counsel *t. r l|e 
Victoria assUes, Mr. A. H. MoNibAll,,!, 

Toronto Rotalns Office* 

OTTAWA. Sept -1 — According to 
Mr. <;. ME. Murray, secretary of the 
Canadian Manufacturers' Association, 
who arrived In Ottawa this morning to 
uire for the big convention, -which 
opens tomorrow, the resolution pro- 
posing changing the head office of the 
association from Toronto to Ottawa, 
which was to have been put before ihe 
convention. will be withdrawn, .10 I 
little will be said about It at ■'>>' 

Ottawa Valley Crop 
OTTAWA, Sept. 2\\. — Continued heavy 
rains arc having a disastrous effect on 
the oat, potato and other crops through- 
out the Ottawa valley. A large per- 
centege of the oat crop will be a total 

HifnuiKiiiii Movement! 

i,n Km. 1 ,..,' aaeaptoia, 

PI 11,11 ; II.MiKoriti.'fKl. (ilanRow, N » t n*lw| u,i n. 
— !n|inn. 
II v 1.1 IV \. S S . Sept, 23 — An 

,..*,,,. t.i'.ii 1 \\n 91 Jobns; ^tepbno, 

N >■ « Vnik 

NEW ITORK, ' I '• ' • I ' 

,:ain»>. Havre! KroOnland. Antwerp; 
.\p.iik,' Qenoa; Minnehaha, London) itpriin, 

llicmmi # 

BOSTON, Maine, Bepl M .-Arrived! 
Canopic, itpnno. 

hi AMi'iw. Sept, c^ -Arrived! r«m- 

crnnln, New V'>rk; (irnrnplnn. Montreal, 

MVBRPOOty, Bepl 18 Arrived! Hun 
garlsn, Montreal, 

PLYMOUTH, Hept 2t.- -AJTlved! Kron 
I'rinr. Wllhelm, New Vork. 

i-hhistiania. Bept M arrived: Oidat 

I I . .N>«' Yntk. 

IIREMBN, Sept 5S. — Arrived. Sroaiei 
Kurfutm, X»w Vork. 

HAVRE, Seal tt. — Arrlvadi Ronrhnmbenu, 

Nim York. 

TltlKSTr",. Sept. 2t. — Arrived: CarpatHiS, 
New Vork 

rtROWHF.VD. Sept. OS. — Sl«nalled ; Ionian, 

MAMI'imo, «ept. U— Sailed: Tlherne 

VANCOUVER, B. ('., Hept. 23. — "I be- 
lieve tho recent gathering of cadet 
corps at the Toronto exhibition from 
all parts of the Empire will 
have a splendid effei 1 

an imperial point of view, Nothing 
could have exceeded the hospitality^ ind 
courtesy shown us ever sin< e wc In- 
vaded Canadai and the boys w.u go 
hail; BJled With happy memories of 
Canada and their Canadian cousins." 

The speaker was. Captain J. Q. Kul- 
;,.t,,n pi Dunedln, New Zealand, who'i's 
in chai 1 of if Nii « Zealand 
now in the city. The ooys will remain 
11 1 e urn ll 11, tober 2. 

••it would be a iim liuM.;.' he 
tinned, "if such B»tb&r4n . 

1 every three years In sun, dii'- 

frrenl Dominion each tfme, Sucfh a 

would do much 10 make tho 
■ i.ii, 1 1 al i"0'i urns of the 1 pi bei ■ 

t< r knowW Naturally W< are (3 

1 en (iu>> 1- ' into. 'I'ln' 

Brit •• e heard of the platl was on 

1, wtu n we 1 an LnviMllon 

were alw invited to k<> on t.. Ring Mini 
.Is hut we were 11. ,1 abl/ i" 

, , nt the latter offer much as we would 

liked tn have done so. We reached Vic- 
toria on August 31, and Toronto five 
days later Nothing could have been 
more frlendlj than our reception. Our 
comparatively poor showing In the 
looting -competition was due 10 the 
facl t ha t 1 1 was under aervli condi- 
tions instead or at a bullseye as we an- 

"Wc won th'- Tnnr cups civ-n Die 
hest team nt drill work, for tin '•" I ll ■<]> 

!• nhiic,., rnr experience in rifle eger- 
c.mcs and for the besl marcbingi in 
ti.ese four competitions we made 07 out 
of ion points. Australia was second 
■vi til !>0 polntn. In the ph>t.lcal ex*i- 
CoutUiwrd en !'•«• *. C»l. 7. 


|ip||&ves'-this week, but 


1 Has come and is going rapidly. 

V^k Acre Lots From $375 

Terms exceptional. One-fourtli c;\<h, balance 6, 12, 
,18 and 24 rtiontiis. 

Motor cars at disposal of intending imrc.hasers. 
Call and obtain illustrated booklet. 

Stuart, Campbell, Craddock & Co. 

Temple Bldg., 521 Fori St. 

Phone 3860 


New elgh.t-room semi-bungalow, south of Oak Ray avenue and 
near Foul Bay ros'd. Full slat cemented basement, washtubs, piped for 
furnace, two fireplaces, panelled dlningroom, built-in imfi't cabinets 

and tlited grate in parlor big pass pantry and all other modern con- 


PHONE 14-5 


521 FORT ST. 

To Oak Bay Residents 

purlng the balanO< or septeni] are allowing a discount of 5 par 

' on all ca~h orders or two tons or more. Xo c\'r a charge for •de- 
livery. No discount on Nut Coal. 


618 Tates St., ana Esquimau Kd. 

Whones 313 and 13S. 



\Ve prter a few tons at reasonable prices while they last, per lt/D 
IbS., $1.00 per 50 I hs. and 35o per Hi lbs. 

.SYLVESTER FEED CO. «" «• 709 Yates SL 

.mmmmmmmmmmBm—mHV^mmmmmmmmmmm ■■ i ■■■■in ii iiiiihih ^^^^^^.j,.,,.^.,,,,. 

Tuesday, September 24, 191? 


Our Part in Victoria's 

Wc shall be happy to sec patrons and 
friends, both city and country, at our 
stand in the Industrial Building, down at 
the Fair Grounds, where we are display- 
ing one or two "Buck" Ranges and Heat- 
ers and samples of fine Builders' Hard- 
ware, Fencing, etc. 


Make your headquarters^ at ;<WcMT u ^fcitj; 
what accommodation lies in our power. 




707 PORT S*(*exrre** 

si SMI 

Several Committees Appointed 
— An Important Letter From 
Hon, Thos, Taylor Regarding 
Maintenance Work 


i A continuous jconveniencc for every house- 

A Gas Range means ease and precision in 
cooking and baking. 

„ An Automatic Water Heater- means inex- 
^v;hau6Hbl«4iot waiter at tht turn of the faucet. ■■*•■ 


See 0ie 


ictoria Gas Company, Limited 

652 Yates Street. 

After the 

Tou may find our DYSPEPSIA TABLETS 
of interest They restore normal dices* 
Hon In a remarkable way and tone,up the 
whole' digestive system. Made tin our own 
laboratory, we guarantee that each ln- 
^peaiehi is' »*|*eetty pure and thoroughly 
efficient. You should have a package 
handy anyhow. 50c, 

. #f;P h one 2479 


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•tor*. Leave your 

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613 Pandora Av. 


Wilson rireproof Boiling Coon and Shatter*. Btcoi Sash. 
Kalanieined Clad JPtreproof Doors, 

.,;« Phone* 271 and 27 2 

61-! Pandora Avenue 

In order to conveniently transact 
the preliminary business of the. r of- 
fice, the recently elected aldermanlc 
board of the municipality of Esquimalt 
necessary to divide their ini- 
tngj Into two sessions, the 
WM tnTh© Soldiers and 
Sailors' Homo at noon yesterday, and 
the other taking place In the Lampson 
street school in the evening; In view 
of the fact -that the newly incorporated 
council has no by-laws to operate un- 
der as yet, there was little real busi- 
ness to be done, but as a result of the 
double session arrangements were 
made which will enable the council to 
settle down In real earnest at their 
next meeting to tackle the problems 
of the municipality. 

When Reeve Lugrln took the chair 
at the noon day meeting there was a 
full attendance of the board. The 
first thing to be done was the reading 
of the report of the Incorporation 
committee. This done, and approved. 
It was at once decided to discharge 
the members of the committee. The 


Southwest Corner View and Quadra — One of the best corner 
properties in town, 120' feet on Quadra by 60 feet on View. 
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Southeast Corner Oak Bay Avenue and Amphion— Splendid 
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; s , .,.,.$10,500 


Xn. 3. Built 1910. 40 x 9, 2 cabins, 20 h.p, Buffalo engine, 
191 1 model, folding mast, sails, copper fastened, electric 
light plant, very complete. 


Real Estate and Yacht and Ship Sale Brokers 
733 Fort Street, Ground Floor. Phone 2690 

Notice to Victoria 

The management of the HOTEL RITZ begs to draw at- 
tention to the many comforts which the hotel affords to those 
desiring permanent residence coupled with EXCLUSIVE 
surroundings. Special rates are given by the month or longer. 

Steam heat obtainable all the year round. Phone and hot 
and cold water in every room. Private bathroom if desired. 


Fort Street, Next to Corner of Douglas 

Phone 3750 

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o e u ne ll th e n unanim o u s ly p as se d a 
vote of thanks to the committee for 
their services. The question of ap- 
pointing a clerk or secretary was then 
taken up, and while at this session it 
was found impossible to come to a de- 
cision, at the .night session a resolu- 
tion was adopted agreeing to advertise 
the post, the salary being fixed at $100 
per month. 

Question of Voiles 

Another matter that called for im- 
mediate attention of the council was 
that of policing the district,, At pre- 
sent the police, department, consisting 
of one officer, is controlled by the pro- 
vincial authorities. Now, however, 
that the district has become Incorpor- 
ated as a municipality, the province is 
no longer responsible for this work, al- 
though, as was explained by the reeve, 
It has been decided by the nrovlnsrtl 
authorities to continue the present ot - 
fleer lp his duty, until such time at 
the council is prepared to shoulder the 
responsibility' by appointing someone 
in his place. The urgent need of hav- ■ 
mg an •officer appointed at once was 
pressed upon the council, by the reeve 
and Colonel Peters, but for sonie time 
the issue was raised as to whether the 
situation would not require the ser- 
vice* of a mounted policeman. It was 
pointed out that unless the officer wis 
mounted and able to move from one 
point to another quickly, two would be \ 
required, and even at that it was sug- 
gested that the services of the mount- | 
ed officer would be ..superior -to that of 
two men cat foot Ultimately It was 
agreed to adopt the suggestion of Col. 
Peters and advertise for en officer. 
the qualifications Including that of be- 
ing a good horseman. 

Bond Malutenance 

' Perhaps the feature of the meeting 
was a letter read by the reeve from 
the Hon. Thomas Taylor regarding 
the unexpended balance of the appro- 
priation for Esquimalt district ' The 
amount, the letter stated, approxi- 
mates J2000, and the road superintend- 
ent has been advised to make expendi- 
tures In accordance with the original 
instructions. "As regards the govern- 
ment intention respecting main maris 
through the municipality," proceeded 
th* letter. "I have to advise that the 
policy of the department at the prevent 
time is to maintain one of the main 
roads In each municipality, and until 
the policy of the government Is 
changed in this respect, the depart- 
ment will look after the maintenance 
of the main road in your district. In 
regard to your further in*quiry, ' Mr. 
Reeve Lugrin, I heg to advise you that 
preparations are now well in hand to- 
wards covering this road from the cl'y 
limits to a distance of one quarter of 
a mile with Tarvia. It is expected 
that the expert who has this work In 
hand will reach here in a few days, 
and Immediately on his arrival the 
work will be commenced." 

At the evening session the question 
of the policing of the district came up 
again, when it was suggested that It 
would be. advisable for a member of 
the council to interview the attorney- 
general on the situation with a view 
to making a suitable arrangement for 
the appointment of a municipally con- 
trolled officer. On the suggestion of 
Councillor McAdavn, this matter was 
left In the hands of Reeve Lugrln. 

Cnmmlt.teen Named 

The appointment of departmental 
and other committees was then taken 
up. Councillors McAdam, Rre and 
Matthews were appointed to th" fin- 
ance committee; Messrs. McArlam and 
Andrews to the committee for the pro- 
vision of temporary accommodation. 

in addition to these committees, the 
reeve was deputed to Interview the 
government regarding the road works 
shed on Stanley avenue, it being the 
desire of the council thai it b.i left fOf 
municipal usage rather than removed 
by tllS government Another matter 
referred to the chair was that of con- 
ferring with the reeves of Oak Bay 

and Saanich fnunl [polities regarding 

the framing of by-laws and other reg- 
ulations and formalities. 

The council decided to hold their 
regular monthly meetings on Tuesdays 
at 8 o'clock. 

is that the electrical display will sur- 
paas anything ever seen In British Co- 
lumbia before. Kvcry electrical expert 

in lli< city, end many brought over 
Ironi the mainland for the purpose of 
assisting, are working night and day to 
; i. ,;.!.■ a spectacU which will convert 

victoria into a fail land by night 
the public buildings wi:i be Illuminated, 
t.'ie parliament buildings (whose instal- 
lation is to be mad. permanent *° as 
to be used on other occasion); the fed- 
» ml government hulldlngs Including the 
'postofflce and the customs house; the 
Old Customs; the Empress »nd 
most of the other hotels; whilst every 
one of tbe arches, which are in course 
of erection «it various points through- 
out the city, will be made attractive 
by night with the aid of electricity, so 
that their beauty shall be as apparent 
by night as when illuminated by the 

At Government House 

tJovornment'~*tWM Big Vgen com- 
pletely overhauled . for the reception of 
the royal party. Every room, which will 
be occupied by the viceregal suite, has 
been redecorated and refurnished, 
whilst the dinlngroom has been con- 
verted into an even more imposing 
chamber than it was before. The 
grounds, which never looked more beau- 
tiful than they do now, have been given 
the careful supervision of the garden- 
ers, and will. present a spectacle which 
will undoubtedly appeal to the artistic 
taste of the Princess Patricia. New 
gates are being placed in position and 
will be", completed tomorrow. At these 
the police and military sentries will 
be stationed and a close guard will be 
kept upon the grounds during the royal 

Their Royal Highnesses and Princess 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd., 1008-10 Government Street 


Continued from Page 1. 

national and Kmplre, flag, are. quite 
properly, the basic principles of the 
decorations. Theee colors will be seen 
everywhere, and It Is already a certainty 
that there will be a demand for every 
piece of bunting In tlw city, or within 
reach, In order to meet the publlg de- 
mand for the red, white and blue. 
Tb* metrical Display 
Another thing that Is already certain 

Patricia, with their' ladles-In-waltlng 
and two of the aides de camp, will be 
located at Government House, the lat- 
ter two being probably Captain Buller 
and Captain B ulkcly . Col. H. JCL Lo w t her. 
the governor-general's military secre- 
tary, and Captain Long, A.D.C., with 
other members of the party, will occupy 
rooms at the Empress. . 

Dress Begnlatlons . 
There I* always a certain amount of 
anxiety on such an occasion as to the 
proper thing to do in the matter of 
dress. On this point it Is understood 
that the rule will be that afternoon 
dress, that is frock coats and silk hats, 
win be derigeur for gentlemen at both 
the .civic reception on Friday end the 
garden party at Government House on 
Tuesday, though, in the latter case, If 
the weather }s at all like an ordinary 
October day in Victoria, some latitude 

win be^siioiiMd. as 'tp'ffim.:' ' 

For the ladles, afternoon dress will 
be required at both the civic reception 
and the garden party. For the reception 
in the parliament buildings on the 
Monday evening, full dregs, without 
trains or feathers, is the regulation for 
the ladies, and evening dress for the 
men. The admission to the garden party 
will be confined to those ' ladies and gen- 
tieraen whose names have been regis- 
tered at Government House, but the re- 
ception at the I,-, parliament buildings 
will, be a public one, the only requisite 
being evening clothes and of two visit- 
ing cards for each person, one of which 
will hare to be handed In at the door 
of the legislative chamber and the other 
given to the aide de camp in watting, 
who wilt pass it along to the military 
secretary, who will read out the names 
as each person passes 'the dais' upon 
which *betr Royal Highnesses will re- 
ceive'. " ' ., 
The Public Exception 

Arrangements are being perfected for 
the public reception which is to be held 
in the legislative chamber at the par- 
liament buildings on the evening of 
Monday next 

. Gentlemen and ladies who desire the 
honor of a presentation to His Royal 
Highness must appear In evening dress, 
and it will be necessary for each to 
provide themselves with two cards' to 
be handed to the aide de camp at the 
door of the legislative chamber. 

The public office of the mines depart- 
ment will be utilised as a cloak room 
for gentlemen and the executive cham- 
ber on the first floor wilt be fitted up 
for the use of ladles. Entrance to the 
building will be through the western 
door on the ground floor or through the 
| door at the end opposite the printing 

Refreshments will be served in the 
drill hall, the use of which has been 
granted by the militia department. A 
covered way is being built across from 
the back of the buildings to the hall. 
It will be reached by the stairway down 
from the corridor at the back of the 
speaker's end of the chamber, and will 
run from the temporary flooring, which 
is being laid in the new library block 
across the lawn to the rear door Into 
the drill hall. 

The grounds about the extensions to 
the buildings are being tidied up and 
the building material which Is lying 
about Is being stored out of sight until 
iftei the departtiri <»f the royal guests. 

The laying; of the cornerstone of the 
provincial library takes place on Satur- 
day forenoon at 11 o'clock, the arrange- 
ments for this having all been com- 
pleted some days ago by tae minister 
of public works, his deputy and the ar- 
chitect for the buildings, RtT. !•'. M. Uat- 


Friday, September 37. 

Their Royal Highnesses arrive nt the 
C.P.R. wharf .it 5 p.m. and will Weill 
to iiu troni of the parliament buildings 
where the civic iddl '• : Of W*lC0.Itte- 
will be read bj Ins Worship Mayor 
Beckwlfh, and the Duke of Oon- 
naught will reply. 

Hide to Government House, via Belle- 
ville, Government. Vales and Vancou- 
ver streets and Rockland avenue. 
Saturday, September 38. 

11 a.m. — The Puke of t'onnaught will 
lay the cornerstone of the provincial 
library, an addition to the parliament 

11.30 a.m. — His Royal Highness will 
lay the foundation stone of the new 
Seamen's Institute nt the corner of Su- 
perior and Kingston streets. 

2.30 p.m. — Their Royal Highnesses 
end Prince** Patricia will drive in state 
to the exhibition grounds. 

4 p.m. — Demonstration by tbe British 
Columbia units of the St. Johns An. 

Our Mantle Department 
A Remarkable Exposition 

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g.elay and disappointment are frequently the Mtof the wo- 
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hulance' Association 

Sunday. SaDtenVber 39. 

Thrir rtnym gighnc8fc«t and party 

will attend divine servlrp nl tho f'athc- 
■ lial at 11 a. in. 

Monday. Septomber 30 

Morning — A visit to the dockyard and 
coasl liMtt.rlos and the Songhecs re- 
sprve at 

Afternoon -Divided between recep- 
tions to the Daughters of the Empire 
and the Canadian Club of Brattle and 
other visitors. 

7.30 p.m. — Official dinner at Govern- 
ment House. 

9 p.m. — Reception at the parliament 

Tutadar, Ootobsr 1. 

!;,*• io. — ln*p ec tloii or school chll- 
Arssi a* Central school. 

I to t p.m.— 0».rden party at Govem- 
mVftt House. 


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Tuesday, September 24, 1912 

%ht Satis (Itolxmtel. 

The ColonlBt Printing and Publlehlng 

Company, Limited Mobility. 

ItU-Mll Street, victoria, B, C. 

j. s. a. MAT,- 

Subscript hm lt.ilf-. Payable in Advance 
Delivered l>\ Currier 

van ( bm ra pkb month 

V. nrlv *6 0ft 


Quarterly 1C,,J 

Bnbseriptloa Hm,'» by Mali 

Canada and Great Britain 

Vearty *»"° 

Half-yearly - c0 

Quarterly 126 

United States of America 

yearly * n -°o 

Half-yearly 8.00 

do so. At present wo shall not add any- 
thing to the expression of the wish 
that the att may oast all pre- 

vious records In the shade. 


Quarterly , . . 



Tuesday, September 24, 1$12 

»i ai rt swas w^M^^iSBi e M^ Li*S^ V^i »iae«i n iiiie i ;mw>nn . e j un i 


The altogether unfounded criticism 
Of Mr. Borden on the naval question 
should receive a quietus after his 
speech at the Montreal banquet. ,He has 
Intimated in as plain language as .pos- 
sible that his government did not wish 
to hold a session until January, but 
that, as a result of his visit to England, 
an earlier meeting of parliament has 
become necessary. He will appeal at 
once for effective aid in the matter of 
Empire defence, and in this attitude he 
will have the support of all loyal Can- 
adians. There will also be a general 
■reeling n t satisfaction' at the ejand he 

We are informed that certain land- 
owners, whose property Is so sli 
that they cannot reasonably hope that 
It will for many years to come be other 
than farm land, are asking prices for 
It that no one would be Justified In 
paying, unless lie wanted a small plot, 
say, an acre or two, for residential pur- 
poses. We have no right, of course, to 
dictate to any man what he should ask 
tot his land, but it may not be amiss 
if we point out a few consideration* 
which seem to us to determine land 

it V'Tn i - j ii -Tur Hffi'-i ' » ii ^it r . ^i -n-r"r'^uUn- « L ' ii c- i in i. n ii Tt r'-r irr>- i f Mi. -* jf r M> ■■■*«aheM-»«*->-«f wmh 

values. The value of land for farming 
depends upon what can be produced 
from It with ordinaryAsklll. When ths 
land is to be used only for residential 
purposes, with perhaps a small sur-» 
rounding area for a garden or orna- 
mental grounds, then the question of 
value Is very largely In the mind of 
the purchaser. It does not follow that 
because one man is willing to pa" «•?'- 
eral thousand dollars for a home-site 
that every other home-site of similar 
area is worth the same amount. Yet 
many people who hold iivge tracts of 
land seem to entertain tin? dea. We 
mention this because we have been told 
of persons, owning land more than a 

,i hop< !«•», I'vn admitting 

that the latb r power eontlnui t ffi M 

-.oiled with Italy, B»1 thi political 

situation In the Balkans Is of BttCb a 
nature that there would be practically 
no possibility of isolating a war be- 
Ben these two powers. Th* despatches 
suggest that Greece and Servla would 
be likely to. side with Bulgaria, and 
Turkey is none to., sure of tbi loyalty 
of Mucedon: tly the Influence 

of Great Britain, Rusda ano" - Su " 
win e; but if Czar 

ivniiiiand has resolved to precipe 
a crisis, it will he next to impossible 
to prevent him from doing BO, and the 
result may be that other powers will 
be involved. The Baikarts have been a 
hot-ocd of strife for more than twenty 


The revival of the Gilbert and Sul- 
livan operas is proving a great success. 
Victorians have not in a long tim* been 
as enthusiastic over any entertainments 
as they were over those of last week. 
We have been told that the reason why 
so much musical comedy has been put 
on of late years is because the public 
wants it; We suspect that real rea- 
son is that there has been no one ca- 
pable of producing anything better. 
futillc taste cannot always be Judged 
rrom the character of the entertain- 
ments which receive liberal patronage. 
t'toplo want amusement and take what 

leave »ai children a heritage of good 

health, Happily, there has i>. i a a 

rked change during bh« last quarter 

of a century in this I Much 

remains to be done before anything like 
ideal conditions have been reached; but 
It is satisfactory to know that the seed 
which such men as Dr. Evans have 1" ■ " 
sowing has not fallen wholly upon bar- 
ren ground, • 


It was a happy thought on the part 
of the Canadian Club of Seattle to time 
Its visit to Victoria so that it will 
take place during the visit of their 
Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess 
of Connaught. It is also a graceful act 
on the part of the organizations, which 
wm a e obtnpany the cmb, to ggk that 
they might be allowed to g pay their re- 
spects to the Duke. We- think s we do 
our prospective visitors no injustice 
when we- suggest that they have beep 
inspired to thls\ course not only by A 
desire tb do honor" to the " Governor* 
General of Canada, but also by a wish 
to show their feeling towards the House 
of Which His Royal Highness Is so dis- 
tinguished a member. Queen Victoria 
and her descendants have always held a 
very warm place In the hearts of the 
people of the United States, who have 
seen exhibited In them a high appreci- 
ation of the principles of constitutional 
government and an admirable example 
of all that is best In citizenship. The 

it necessary to gl_ve our present chief 
of police brief si" -mictions on 

fhls matter pending u 

ouneil. Tluy were shortly as 


i. That tin- motor SO* was firstly and 
lastly for the protection of t 
against reckless and inconsiderate mo- 
torists, an. I the special and unusual 
powers given to the police are given to 
facilitate the conviction of such reck- 
less and Inconsiderate persons and such 
persons only. 

2. That he, the chief, must see to it 
that he only en such men as 

could he trusted not to abuse the 
eeptlonal powers given to them by the 
act, 1. p., he should be careful not to 
employ any person. of an unscrupulous 
or vindictive disposition. 

8, That in future we wanted the men 
clearly to understand that what they 
were on duijp^puFnot to secure e*§$ 
vlctipns for the. purpose of making a 

mantclniil Tevenjifc^tttUtt dg ttejr btfl 

to arrest end convict persons who were 
driving to the danger of the public so 
that the public safety might be pro- 

These were the only ■"special" in- 
structions that I have so far given. For 
the rest it is too foolish to Suppose that 
I am "respecter of persons." 

I would suggest that the councils of 
all our local municipalities might well 
meet to discuss how best to regulate 
motor traffic with Justice to all parties, 
and to frame suggestions with a view 
to amend the act, where necessary. 



nil PBJNCBSS ai.h B 

Wlrcl.-KM ill-Mia (<<•!< If.-.-l 

' K. II. 

il,, Duke ,,! I'liriuaught. Govt 

on heal I 
on tin 
Prince Rupert al to ■« m. Ef. 

I lovernor-Qeneral expressed him- 
self as delighted with the trip north, 
and referred in most enthusiastic 
terms to the C. P. H. steane 
which be made the voyage north. 
Good 1 throughout. 


Letter rrom Mr. Roberts. 
Sir, — Heaven forbid that I should 
•hold Mr. Andrews as a "cheap person- 
ality"; but he us-es a species of •'cheap 

w it " ab ft r ap i e r to silence otbers. Why 
get excited If the same "cheap wit" 
acts as a "boomerang" ? I am pleased 
to hear of the Infusion of courtesy Into 
the pupils; but Is not example more 
powerful than teaching? 

I assure you, sir, there Is no "bitter- 
ness" on my part In this controversy, 
and with this take my leave of same, 
thus giving Mr. A. a chance for a last 
word. So that he can "live hippy ever 


(This correspondence must cease so 
far as ths columns of Th,e Colonist are 
concerned. — Editor Colonist.) " 


Continued from. Page h 

latter, "Is a matter that might well be 
urougnt before the Dominion govern- 
ment, which is charged with the care of 
naval affairs. If the league desires to 
press this . matter on . the Dominion I 
Will be very ; glad to co-operate as far 
as possible.'*— — ,<■« ■-,/> •,■-' 

Captain Julian then read a letter 
which h* bad sent to Sir Richard Mc- 
Brtde, in reply, and which stated that 
'.t'he latter had only replied to one of 
«he two. questions asked, the other ques- 
tion being a s to whether the Egeria 
Could be put on the same basts as 'a 
' technical training school add whether 
the education department would look 
favorably' On School boards being called 
upon, to pay their quota, at the same 
rate it costs to teach a lad in the public 
school.' ' :" 

' Scope of Training 

During .the discussion of the matter. 
Captain Jui^^butHned £b£, proposed 
scope of the training on the Egeria. 
saying that every boy Would be taught 
to know the Whole coast of British Co- 
lumbia, the Ashing banks and all the 
rudiments of good seamanship. The ves- 
sel would be constantly on the move, 
here today, tn Victoria tomorrow, Ns»-. ; 
aimo the next day, pO»stbly passing 
from there to ?*ew Westminster; there- 
by teaching the lads how to navigate 
tb* ship in all soriw of WSgths>, bur- 
r en t and conditions. '* 

"It, cannot be done wrthoqjt money, 
however," said Captain Julian. "We pro- 
,prtae to <io a good and useful work*, 
for we would take the boys, give them 
an academic as well as a seaman's edu- 
cation, and would turn them out with a 
certificate, entitling them to act as sec- 
ond officers on any ship that sails at 
sea. The training is not necessarily 
military; It is a training In seamanship. 
On this, basis we intend to ask the pub- 
lic and government for money. It will 
take $8,000 'to properly fit up the ship. 
The running expenses would then be 
*i2,000 annually 

the city park. This evening the royal 

ilzed a concert in aid of I 
hospital. In addition to the civic offi- 
cials among them who have materially 
aided in making the royal visit a auc- 
cess were H. S. Clements. M. P. for 
Comox-*Atlin, Wm. Manson, M. P. P.. 
'^derman Clayton, who had much to 
'■'do witti'^'ine ' Canadian Club luWJBWWT 
and Mrs. W. Burrett and Mrs. M. W*' 
Neill who arranged for the concert to- 
n »« ht ' ■ . .. •- ', ; ,/ ', ;'•''■ 



Continued from Page 1. 

that while it was true that in the paBt 
the Hudson's Bay Company had been 
accused of holding Its lands, to the 
detriment of growing communities, 
that day had passed, If it ever existed. 
"The company is now in the bands of 
modern anfi progressive people, whose 
policy is to aid in the development of 
every section of the couptry 
has property, believing, #>ajt i{ can best 
aopurn added value for its lands by 

One of the good features of this year 
of unprecedented travel to Victoria has 
been the remarkable amount of public- 
ity which British Columbia, and Van- 
couver Island in particular, have receiv- 
ed. Important among these advertise- 
ments wa« .the message given to the 
people of Ottawa by Mi. i'red Cook, an 
oi thl Capital, upon his re- 
turn to Ottawa. Jle laid stress upon 
the fact that "the Empress hotel has 
: two wings added, with further ex- 
tensions still to come, while addition.* 
are being made to the beautiful pro- 
vincial buildings al Victoria! which will 
not detract from the architectural 
beauty but will give much needed 

Mr. Cook lgid stress upon the prob- 
lem of pure water which Is puzzling ev- 

ery city in Canada today, and 
ly Ottawa/and emphasized the fact that 
the city of Victoria is spending; $1, 500,- 
000 to bring its water from Sooke Lake, 
a distance -pi ■',:** miles. Then he wont 
on tb emphasize that which Strikes ev- 
ery visitor from tbe east, namely the. 
good reads in and out of town. On 
that point he said: 

"Ottawa boasts of her clean streets 
and good pavements, but she can put 
nothing over the western cities. Indeed,' 
many of them set tbe pace for munici- 
pal enterprise. Victoria In proportion 
to its population has, I suppose, a 
greater extent of asphalt pavements 
than any other city in Canada. 

"Speaking about good roads remind* 
me that British Columbia is the pioneer 
In the construction of its link of the 
transcontinental vehicular highway. Sir 
Kt c harfl M c B ri dc, w ith w h o m M» » Fr 4 pp 

has taken In the matter of a perman- 
ent policy. It is onljjr rjfeht that when 
this course Is decide* Up'on that Can- 
should -have a voice-In the councils 
pt Imperial defence,. We 'are glad to 
sots from what be said that- the right 
' eousness ' of this 'iplean?! 1 '" 
cognized by the Brttl^ 

piitf'.ofcce' ra*' 

if would seem that it' Is only, a ques- 
tion of working pift.;]how.' such an im- 
perial coptncil may|ijf? 

We heartily 
in tfts hope ;i *fcs^' 
gramme is brought 

Wtval pro- 

hundred mllos from Victoria, who seem 
to think they can <expect to sell It for 
such prices as are readily paid for sim- 
ilar areas within a half hour's ride of 
this city. Such people say that If they 
cannot .Bell it at such prices now. they 
wilt do so by and bye; but such an idea 

'Is fallacious, and In the meantime those 
Who set t^^gre retarding the pro- 
gress of the country, and really stand- 
ing hi ; tbelV o^ lifltb*- l*na Values 
increase aa population In the vicinity 
increases, and those who lose sight of 

"this fact may miss a golden oppor- 
,_-. tunity. They may find, when it is too 

standpoint It is far toi 
subjeet,too vital'- to 'the ■ Jfl^^;|ir.ett-bl8- 
^*ag;' of the ' oountlry^ atV;'ter^|v^ :: b6 ; "i§(£ 
proached with feelings other than those 
of what are the most practt^il methods 
to be employed by Canada J^3&S : inter-' 
ests of herself and the empire to 
she belongs. It is a matter of Cons 
erable regret that a aectton|bf thO-Iitb}- 
eral press of the country should have 
already attacked Mr. Bordi 
— when he was still waltin 
mation from the Admiralty 
immediately upon his return 

It will be discussed" from 

a ^Igte. that they have driven people away 

from them, 

, /It is a mistake in many ways for 
land-owners to lock up great tracts in 
the expectation that by and bye they 
can got enormous prices for their hold- 

* lug*,. They had far better endeavor to 
make it more valuable by selling in 
part' at least. An area of a thousand 
acres, and we have been told of one 

^a ;;slohg.. way from any town, which is 

llng^b>ld At upwards of $600 an apre, 

may,' If It remains unsold, depreciate 

the value of every tract nearby, and 

don announce what was vroMM^Mblti y In the Ibng run have to be disposed of 

dobe. The prime minister ^B^SM& 
the correct attitude. The ^gramme 
Will In tile first place be p resen ted to 
parliament after It has been decided' 
Upon by the cabinet No exception can 
be taken to this course, unless by tbe 
most bigoted and unfair of Mr. Borden's 

In dealing with the defeat , of red-. 
procity, which was. .the ocoas^jj of the 
banquet held in Montreal, the 


minister mado a strong point when he 
showed, that it was not only a Cana- 
dian, "but ah empire-wide Victory. The 
national .spirit ..turn bean developing at 
a faster rate than many of us think. 
The people are teaming mora and more 
every day to realize the responsibilities 
which their sroWtj||ip greatness have 
entailed. We ImjHpWud .MgmMA ■$$£ 
they are ready to s h B wd Sl r.t lic-- burden, 
and In this connection it should .be 
noted that their faith in the adminis- 
tration of Mr. Borden and his col- 
leagues has grown lmmeasureably 
strong during the past twelve months. 
The prime ""'"'-*"r' run', rtffi';'' ; 'si' 
that when he Urlngs down his 
policy it will moot with a chorus of 
commendation from one end of the Do- 
minion to the other and that hi; will 
have no dlfllcult trrying his plans 

to a successful issue. Opponents there 
will be undoubtedly, but they will /Snly 
be numbered among his hidebound poli- 
tical adversaries, for all Canadians who 
have the future of their country at 
heart cannot hut concur in a policy 
which we are sure will be based on the 
exigencies Of th* naval situation, and 
|j] .Tidition will be commensurate with 
the self-respecting attitude which a coun- 
try of this ma,.: and Import;- 
within the circle of self-governing do- 
minions, should assume, it Is safe to 
predict thai n programme win, 
be a fitting corollary to the decision 
of Canada to maintain her fiscal auton- 
omy within the empire, which, &a Mr. 

Borden himSOlt ' M ,i, agog it. was a vic- 
tory in whicii .mi ill splrli 
round Its Strongest, loftiest and proud- 
est expression." 

Is oilered. Tnat is not because they 
like It. As of musical comedy, so of 
"problem" plays. People went to see 
them because they were widely adver- 
tised and written up in the^ press 
agents- best style But no one liked 
them, except a few callow youths, who 
were under the notion that they were 
seeing what life is like. But all really 
sane people dispised them, because they 
anew they were as false to\ truth as tbe 
figures of the comic opera g trie were In 
many cases to nature. 

What the public really wants In the 
way of entertainment i> something that 
is clean, Wholesome and not too in- 
tense. We suppose there is no use In 
expecting the advent of another sue 1. 
combination as W. S. Gilbert end Ar- 
thur Sullivan, but we live in hope that 
the years will bring forth something 
that will be in the same class. 

people of Victoria are very glad that 
their neighbors have decided to take 
the forthcoming opportunity to testify 

their goodwill. 


Tbe latest report In regard to the 
crops on the Prairies continue to be 

highly gratifying, 
ord year. 

It looks like a rec- 

Calgary baa a by-law declaring that 
each Individual loaf of bread must be 
wrapped In paper before it leaves the 
bakers' premises. Some of our local 
bakers follow that rule. They all, ought 


for Very much less than it would com 
mand now. All land on Vancouver Is- 
land, even If it Is beautiful waterfront, 
is not worth a thousand dollars an acre, 
but we have heard of people, who act 
as If they thought so. We repeat that 
we have no right to say to any man 
that he should sell his land at any 
price, but we are . persuaded that the 
values that are being placed upon some' 
of the remoter areas Is altogether «K 
reasonable; will check the development 
of the* country, and ; in the end mean 
loss to the owners. 


rS . ';,. ,, „ , t ',,,!». ,, 

According to European telegrams, 
Turkey and Bulgaria are ott^ttio eve Of 
hostilities. ' 3^. h& Itfsh' %| base W 
several previous oces^lom, .bg| an o 
rupture has i||ljP|Wa|&'' befn prevented, 
chiefly through the influence of the 
,t powers, AVluthiT or not they 
will bo able to do so on this occasloh 
remains to be Seen. Czar yerdlpand, ,of 
Bulgaria, is a monarch, whoSe energy 
la tt tm are at ine nrtu oiaBs. 

The Toronto World thinks the inves- 
tigation of Hudson's Bay as a route 
for commerce is wei| worth. v wh|le, and 
this is one of the reasons it gives for 
thinking so. 

, Certainly the advantages that will 
come from the successful opening of 
the Hudson Bay route are well worth 
the expenditure necessary to give it. a 
proper' trial. It is now assured : that 
land In the Peace River district and 
even In the more northerly latitude is 
capable of yielding profitable crops of 
superior quality. That settlers Will 
push their wjay In increasing numbers 
Into that region is Certain, and for 
them the opening up of Hudson Bay 
navigation, and of the adjacent territory 
would be a matter of supreme im|fort- 

an f e - ' $., . £ if 8 .' 

' in this conneetiob it may be well to 
mention an interesting geographical 
fact, if Fort Vermillion b* taken as 
on the eastern limit of the Peace River 
district and '.- *« circle be , dr»i#n ! upon 
the map with that point as a centre 
Jtnd , v th<s distance to the ncarestv^polnt 
on Hudson Bay as a radius, /the' clr- 
aumference will be awa>' out in the Pa- 
cific Ocean beyond Vancouver Island 
hnd the Queen Charlotte group; It will 
also cross the State of Washington, 
'tgjmh of Hcattle. Therefore -the Peace 
River district is all very much nearer 
the ever open waters of the Pacific 

fIi ii m i m i m i n i ■»— ej— i»»i> iwse>iii | iiii w 'e''ii / fiiwipMieeew^elS«»eie^e»e»ewyiiie w ii hi— — w 

In the matter of street decorations, 
we hope there will be no holding back. 
While the city as «ueh has certain du- 
ties resting upon It In this regard, pri- 
vate citizens have theirs also. It would 
be regrettable if there should be any 
shortcoming in this regard. 

We talk a great deal of the amount 
of money Canada gets from the United 
Kingdom, and it Is a great deal cer- 
tainly; but, the deposits In the Canadian 
i ianks total ? 1 .01 2,604.00, that Is more 
than a billion, and. very little of this 
vast smn belongs to the ao-ceAied o*pir 
tenet class. 

It will be remembered that at one 
time It was thought that the opening 
- of the session would be delayed until 
after the beginning of the hew year, and 
It was expsetsd that, In f&f meatitlmo 
the west would be favored' bjr visit* 
from Several of the ministers. The fori* 
mer not being the ; «Ue. we supii-ose the 
chances of ministerial visits are nat- 
urally ieasf than thsy were. 

jL.j'ijj^ . . - . I ' - • if ' " 1 T"" * TT" > ~ 


The annual fair of the British Colum- 
bia Agricultural Socl tj «iii i" 
today at thi ■ Ition grounds, i >ui 
information i I the showing of 

iiibits is exceptionally rood, and that 

the programme tor the week will bo 
very Interesting. The m 
devoted a gre* i di B Mm ■ and 

energy to the work of securing a good 
display, and It i.s now for the people 
to do their share. 

We bespeak a very liberal patron 
After the exhibition has been opened 
It will be iM,n5lhle to speak Of II ►> 
some detail and we hope to bo able to 

was erected into a principal- 
ity at the close of the Russo-Turkish 
war in 1878. The first prince was Alex- 
ander of Battenburg, who after a some- 
what troubled reign of eight years ab- 
dicated. His place was given to Prince 
Ferdinand, of Coburg, who has proved 
himself an excellent and progressive ad- 
ministrator, on October 5, 1908, Fer- 
dinand declared his principality a king- 
dom and proclaimed himself Czar- He 
is In his fifty- third year, and is 
ally considered t" be a man of bold 
ambitions and courage in keeping with 
them. Bulgaria is nominally under the 
suzerainty of Turkey. At least it was 
so declared to be by the Treaty of ]■■ 
lin, but the action ..: Ferdinand has 
completely nullified that arrangement. 

Bulgaria has an a square 

miles and a population a- Httle uni 
five millions of whom T) n Ihree- 

iHtiiM ,i>. members i>i I i Oreek churoh, 
• if i Undi i by la;' tl 

tttUde tfc« latter WOUld tak< la 

event of a war with Turkey me 
little uncertain. T:i 'male i" 

ion betw' 
are Uabla to niiiitai y training m 
i u I,,. : . tandia army i« 

leMs than (10,000 m< n. 

i rkey In Europe, has an area of 
some tjti.tiuil square mlh .;. 
000,000 inhabitano Ita landing arm y 
is more numerous than the wi ill 
able fores >>r Bulgaria Turkey could 

without any great difficulty put half a 
million well trnlnpd ond well armed men 

in the iieid. no.! i.a'r b large reserve 
lert to draw upon. 

on the feci uf thin ii woaid appear 
ua it Bulgaria's chance .igainat Turkey 

- n than it is t 
son Bay. The sam 

rS of Hud- 
thing holds good 

of thi' country north of the Peace River. 
The natural outlet of oil this great 
on Is by way of the i'acific Coaat. 
This is not intended as an argument 
against the Hudson's Bay route, and is 
.oily to r mind out eastern friends that 
the geography of Canada is well worth 
a little closer consideration than it 
usually receives In the discussion of 
transportation questions. 


lo. W. A. Evans, of Chicago, sp< 
lug at the meeting of the Canadian 
Public Health Association, held recently 
in. Toronto, sa 

IN tiring Of deaths from pn - 

ventible diseases. They used to think 

li Ii deaths resulted from a Bp* 
Intel Of God, and that man was 

i in m. Now they 

i ino ,.; lonedi either 

an Individual, .uounity. or * 

v. .1' hoi i I inn 11 

. , .. - ing for better 

I ,. ilghi i.s breaking, i AA 

political pro ' thrown into 

"• dsmand- 


r ., ., if prObli mis that 

, ,- .,. :, t ,. aatii m.ii u i [fare 

lutlon will resull In 

Moan cffM Q( 

ii i: | the im:.w politics, many 

..i, with os in expressing 
thai it win soon dominate; ti" 
i : ; i to, the scienci of killing 
, , . ,i ,>,. attentl mr atates- 

,,nii exhausted the monej of the 
taxpayers, We have, until vsry re- 
been ready to expend miuioiiB 
to in ourselves to kill other people; 
bui we have hesitated at thi my lays 
necessary to preserve our own lives aAd 

Mr. Theodore Roosevelt says -hi 
favors the recall of presidents. That's 
what his candidature signified. He 
wishes the people to recall him to the 
White House, ^^^.^.j;.^;^^;;^ 
gallant colonel receiving a recall to pri- 
vate life before his presidential term 
was tip! Xanguag^ fails to .express 
what we think he would feel, and im- 
agination stands aghast at contemplat- 
ing how he would act , 

We have received a very attractive 
pamphlet entitled "Korty-Aere Farms." 
As It Is purely a business advertlse- 
: shall not go into particulars, 

disposing of them on such terms eva 
will build up .the.coramunfttfisijd so 
add to the value of the unsold lands. 
That is our policy in Esquimau, and 
we intend to live-up to it.At all tlmaa, 
when conditions seem to favor that 
policy. We will not be coerced, but 
our lands are on sale on fair terms to 
apyone who desires to purchase them 
for real development purposes. It Is. 
not our purpose* however, to lend our- 
selves to any speculative undertaking.", 
| Sir Thorns* w«l be to the city for sv 

Cin WlUlglrfEAL 

I-nrther Legal Action ,"'»fttt-»* fMsVhitfc: 
the ye^sy^ase: 

The recent decision ot Chief. Justice 
Hunter,, ^hereby he ruled that the city, 
; hivlbg Miven ^ Mr. 'William Healey notice 
tjiat it would expropriate the 84S acres 
owned Sy him >at Sooke ■TU#B$ cannot 
riow tae: a lM qusmtilr|Of land, will 

he appeaisa -fym**; *>r fte ■«»»» 5 v» 
couhcii last night deciding to so % 
'struct Mr. F. A. M^ifr^id; who is act- 
ing 'for' the city;.' V v"I; ; 'i #.'-• *:M 

, This aectswrf wlai arrived at follow- 
ing the adoption of Jthb report of the 
special council- commlttOe- to which the 
Offer of Mr. Healey of lOO acres alobg 
the waterfront at a price of liS.OOO was 
referred to the effect ftbat the offer he 
refused. Mr. McDiarmid pointed Out 
that to' 'take the whole land; on the 
valuation put thereon by Mr. Healey 
would involifs a very Marge sum, and It 
would be better to appeal the decision 
of the .chief Justice. 

I Watbrlgommlsstoner Raymur stated 
tiie off 6f was good until last Monday 
evening but when, the council on that 
night instead of accepting the offer re- 
ferred it to a committee, Mr. Davie. Mr, 
Healey's solicitor, withdrew it and pro- 
ceeded with the hearing before the chief 


Alderman Cuthbert suggested that it 
would be wise to secure the opinion of 
Mr. R. T. Elliott, K. C„ and Mr. E. V. 
Bodweil, . K. C.. on the point of the ad- 
visability of further legal action, but 
the decision to appeal was made. 


Main Struoture Will Shortly Be Ready 

for Occupation- — Most Complete 

Institution of Kind 


but we arc wholly in sympathy with 
the idea that farms of small area are 
what British Columbia needs. The day 
is rapidly passliiK when a farmer can 
hope to till a large area satisfactorily 
unless he has capital at his command. 
A forty-acre farm of average British 
Columbia agricultural land Is quite big 
enough. That means 25,000 farms in a 
million acres, and would give us several 
•hundreds of thousands of farms In 
British Columbia lust think of what 
that would mean! 

At the end of the meeting the exec- 
utive committee made arrangements for 
a celebration on Trafalgar Day. details 
to be worked out later. 



Continued from VaKf 1- 


Oak Bay Matters 
ti,. r ■■ baa been i oorrsspoiBd- 
, m ... lately In the Victoria evening i"»- 
, ,.,■ in ,, ictli U ! the ""'>' I 00 "' 

tion raised is «* to whether a certain 
mful applli-iuit for the position 
of , hi. i 61 police al Oak Bay or myself 

i 8 telling Mi" truth in B very mi- 

portan.1 private conversation. 

The matter Is probably of no Interest 

to any bul odrsi iVi as whatever 

i may hav« eifprWsei bn that oc- 
ion were expressed to a total 
ti ingSr and not to anyone In a posi- 
tion to carry them out. 

The public, however. 1s possibly ln- 

i teres ted to know if the instructions to 

j [he acting Oak Bay police contained 
I any OrdeT from me or any other person 
1 in authority to "exercise discretion" in 
.' the arresl <>r spesdewp "as there are « 
| fori of Inlluential people In Oak Hay." 
The Oak Hay police nave no such in- 

As, however, the act fladllng with tiic 
Bfieed of motor oafs Is a most unusual 
7,niv-Tn— ir r f a.— g tf -rr-?rac<4es4ly- l oo v ot t it 
to the poller to be sole Judgns of 
Whether the speed is In exce»s of the 
statutory provisions or not I did deem 

the black charges home. The royal 
party acknowledged the salute from the 
bridge of the steamer. 

\t the Wharf there was another guard 
of honor composed of the Karl • Grey 
rifles under Captain Stork, and the vet- 

13, jjndei Cai tain Cameron, to both 
of whom his royal highness spoke. 
Unique Civic Address 

•r n o elV] '' "' ns of 

cariboo skin, the lettering being eb 
on with Ore, The address weighed o 

nv . .lids. Ahoth«r addfeiS 

w .,.- ii.d by I, Halbii'U Webster 

on behalf of the Overseas Club. Uttls 
miss Kewton presented bouqueta to th« 

dUCheaa and prh »S Numbers of hi- 

. ,i people were presented to their royal 

hlgbnessea Incjudlna n number of tn 

■ M chiefs. The Indians h»d e,,,,. • 
! ,bie trouble ond expense 1n the 
,,,, of the royal visitors, in .id- 

dltton tO there helnj: tfl brnsn 

• ,,]«, from Bkldegata ''"r 1 Simpson, 
KIncoIith, \i\ Lake-Kal Zap. Wet- 
lakatls and KilUatla. the tribes | i 

erected in are., ,,c great artistic merit 

as well as Showing a considerable cash 

outlay Another arch of equal Itlgenu* 
ity was erected by tbe Tslmpseaws. 
\ drive around the city followed, 

after which a luncheon was given by 
pn Canadian Club, Bishop Duverfiet 
presiding. In the afternoon his IiIkIi- 
ness in'd the final BtOnfl in the Acropolis 

reservoir, and assisted by City Engi- 
neer Met;. Ma sun. turped on the llrst 
Mow of water. 

Later he dedicated the name plato at 
the new wing of the hospital, and Prin- 
cess Patricia planted a maple tree at 

The main building at the Coquitlam 
Retreat for the mentally affected, Is ex- 
pected to he ready for the reception of 
patients in about a month. Hon. Dr. 
Young was over to the Retreat at the 
week-end In order to receive H. R. II. 
the governor-general, who paid a visit 
to the building on Saturday afternoon. 
The provincial secretary is the respon- 
sible minister for this institution. 
Earlier in the week the minister of 
public Works visited Coquitlam to In- 
spect the new building which will 
shortly he handed over to the province. 

Dr. Young returned to the city yes- 
terday and stated to a Colonist repre- 
sentative that the new structure, con- 
stituting the main body of the build- 
ings which have been planned for the 
outdoor treatment of the mentally af- 
la designed to accommodate bn- 
.n six and seven hundred patients. 
There remains much to do yet before 
entire scheme of hospital buildings 
Is complete and the farm colony in full 

Tbe/eesUlta of the open-ntr treatment, 
which is being Inaugurated In this pro- 

li,'. young says, hnve surpassed 

all expectations, and it is certain that 
ohder it the percentage of cures win be 

Very Wirge. Dr. Doherty. who Is the 

superintendent of the institution, is an 

enthuslnstls bellevor In the schem" 

,i i by tbe government and fore- 
sees an Immense amount of good from 
tb" modem methods of treatment of 
ihental diseases, which a,re now In vogue 
In Ilrllls;, Columbia. 

and I spent a pleasant hour In Victoria, 
Bald his government hoped to have tbe 
road to Banff, a distance of 666 miles 
from Vancouver, completed within two, 
years.™ THe provincial "gbverfittVebit"" nae~~ 
already built a Marine Drivo at Van- 
couver, extending for over !<j^ mflaa; 
along tbe sea shore around Point Grey, 
and the Malahat. Drive out \ot, Victoria 
for thirty .miles, which bnoe t«f.velled 
will never be* forgotten by the visitor. 
It is a climb OA the side of a mountain, 
Often the road being 300 feet or more 
above Saanich Inlet This Is the kind 
of enterprise the West is manifesting, 
and it mlgbt net be.ainiss if old On-^, 
tario were to" take a leaf out of the 
book Of the neW West and get busy 
. in the matter of improved highways. 
auoh a thing as A; toll road is unknown 
In Western Canada, and would not be 
tolerated for a single day." 

One of the features of the Canadian : 
trade .commissioner service since the 
appointment of Hon. O. B. Foster as 
minister to charge Of the Department 
of Trade and Commerce, is the practi- 
cal way in which the trade commission- 
ers "in various parts of the world arc 
keeping their minds centred upon sug- 
gestions Which are likely to benefit 
Canadian trade, both domestically and 
from an export point of view- An In- 
stance of this is found in a recent re- 
port by Mr. J. M. Mussen, the trade 
cbmmlsisoner of Deeds, who says that at 
tentlon is being drawn in the press to 
the merits of an invention, which it is 
asserted, will revolutionize the fishing 
industry by superseding ice as a pre- 
servative. The use of ice, it is stated, 
has two principal drawbacks. First, 
Is! the scientific fact that it does not 
arrest the process of putrefaction, for 
immediately anything which has been 
preserved in ice is exposed to the air 
it goes bad at a much quicker rate than 
under normal circumstances. Secondly, 
it is very costly. The ice bill of a 
Grimsby trawler reaches £6 a week, or 
£50 for a normal trip of ten weeks- 
Moreover, it is stated that as much as 
25 per cent of a trawler's load is found 
tb be useless on reaching port under 
present conditions, and occasionally the 
whole catch has to be thrown away. 
It is claimed for the new method, which 
has been christened the "Hemming" sys- 
tem, that it overcomes these drawbacks. 
Briefly, the system adopted, is to 
(force all air out of tjhe fish. This is 
done by placing the fish in. a tank and 
pumping in carbonic gas at a pressure 
of 60 pounds to the square inch — four 
tlmes the ordinary atmospheric pres- 
sure. Tho cost is estimated at about 
eighth of the cost of ice, and It Is 
stated that the action of the gas re-1 
tards putrefaction, and will keep fish or 
other food fresh and wholesome when 
every preservative method now In use 
would fall. Demonstrations have been 
carried out in London in the presence 
of a number of influential persons in- 1 
terested in the fishing industry in Bng-j 
land and abroad. A Scotch salmon, 
which ha,s been sealed in a cylinder and 
subjected to the process for some 
weeks, Was cooked and partaken of by 
those presont. It tasted as fresh as 
though it had Just been taken from its 
native waters. But the aoverest t«Bt of 
the method was provided by some plaice, 
and codling, which had been purchaeed 
in London after having been out of the 
water and on Ice for ten weeks before | 
treated by the "Hemming" system. No} 
method in general use at present could 
have kept these Ash fresh, but it is 
stated that they proved perfectly 
WhOleeOme, It is considered that the' 
general adoption of the method would 
be followed by a cheapening of the price; 
of fish. In particular, the expectation 
is held out that it will open up the 
salmon rivers of British Columbia In 
such a way that fresh salmon from that! 
province, should, In future, be available 
in much larger quantities for oonsump- 

Bullt on Solid X,lnes 

WINXU'Ki;. Ainu.. Sept. 23.— Right 
lion. \\ alter laing was t ho gupst 61 
the city council at a luncheon here to- 
day, in Hie course of an address Mr. 
Diong declared thai Knglancl was not 
decadent but would undertake the de- 
fence of tiic empire unaided, though 
she would welcome the aid of the col- 
onies were it offered. lie said also 

that he had been much Impressed by 
his visit through the prairie provinces 
and was convinced that Canada was 
hullt on solid lines and was sure to 
prosper. Mr. Long and party left In 
the evening for a couple of days' shoot- 
ing at ths farm ot Senator Kirchhoffer 
at Brandon, 

lull ill vri'wtti jt>i '«■•*!". 



Continual from Pea* *• 

ctses competition we had a elose run 
with the famous Mount Bt. Louis ca- 
dets or Montreal. It took the JUdfJ* 
three days to decide ond we won by I 

one point. 

"We were also in the tUg-of*war( 
finals and Australia won out. 

•The English team made a disap- 
pointing showing. They seemed to bo 
after the shooting prizes, but Nova 
Scotia beat them out even at that Nova, 
Scotia made 1*7 points, England ll«, 
Brrtleh Columbia 1M and MW ■■aland 




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.More discussion relative to the con- 
wlildi the Olty council ID April 
last decided should be entered into with 
Mr, Thomas H. -Mawse*, the landscape 
architect, but which was never for- 
mally approved and signed by the 
was had yesterday afternoon, when a 
special meeting of the park* committee 
was held wit* Mr. Mawson. who has 
Just arrival on the coast from the old 
country. Mayor Beckwitli. while ex- 
pressing his desire that the city, were 
It in a position to do so,*. should engage 
Mr. Mawion, declared that as matters 
stand In a financial way he did not 
think the city would be Justified Mi en- 
tering into the contract or binding a 
future council to any course of action. 

Despite objections raised also by Al- 
dermen Baker and Dil worth, the com- 
mittee decided to recommend to the 
council that a contract be prepared and 
entered into on the same lidos as that 
recommended by the council in April 
last, that is, that Mr. Mawson he en- 
Raged at a remuneration of $5,000 to 
prepare plans o? 5 comprehensive 
scheme of park beauttftcation, such 
scheme to cover the city's parks and 
open spaces within the city limits as 
well as Mount Douglas park. 

It will be remembered that the coun- 
cil last April passed a resolution 
authorising the contract. Later when 
the contract as drafted by the city soil-' 
cltor was produced some' of the alder- 
men objected to the terms thereof, «a~ 
pecialiy objecting to the payment of 
S5.000 for work which, it was claimed, 
was not worth 'that amount. The con- 
tract wga tabled and the mayor in- 
structed not to sign It. After the sub. 
sequent action of the council in decid- 
ing not to proceed With the signing of 
the contract, a communication was sent 
to Mr. Mawson notifying him to that 
effect but enclosing a copy of the con- 
tract as first drafted by the city soli- 
citor. Mr. Mawson stated yesterday 
that the contract came to htm, but no 
letter to the effect that the city 'would 
not proceed with -thr contract. He 
Signed the contract and returned It. 
When Aldermen Cuthbert retygped from, 
his eastern trip sad ascertained whit 
the council, had done he resigned his of- 
fice of chairman of the parks commit* 
tec as a protest against the council's' 
action. The matter has been debated 
in council several times but nothing 
further, wis done until recently, when 
two communications were received 
from Mr. Mawson complaining of the 
city's action; As Mr. Mawson 
about to arrive Hi the city It wsi 
elded to. discuss the matter with him 
and yesterday's Meeting was arranged. 

M:. Mawson H... . 

Mr. Mawson 'and his. son,, who is as- 
sociated with him lb his work, were 
S't ;' Cite'' ' mestinjl,, "' r ,,Mn . .Mawson ', dilated 
upon the great benefit which a properly 
executed scheme of park improvement 
would be to the city., a scheme which 
could be spread nut over a number of 
years and carried on with a deflnite^ob- 
ject in view. Following notification by 
the City clerk of the council's intention 
to engage. him he had made certain ar- 
rangements which, unless carried out, 
would seriously affect his year's opera- 
tions. From that standpoint alone he 
believed he has a certain claim against 
the city as the great amount of work 
he has underwit or in contemplation 
ttiade It dlfflctiH for him to now change 
&k* programme. Ho did hot seek im-" 
mediate payment for his services but 
would be content to wait for six months 
ft year, or even two years, but he 
strongly urged the committee that now 
is the time to initiate a proper scheme. 

A Merman Cutlibert stated that his 
Solo reason in *o urgently pressing for 
the engagement i>r Mr. Mawson was to 
have a. proper scheme prepared toy^giaT" 
expert, a scheme which when completed 
w.iiild make the Victoria park system 
the nneft of any city on tlic continent. 
To complete the plans will take lit" 
Mnwsnn until next May and until then 
■the city would not be called upon to 
pay anything except for the necessary 
survey of the park lands. 

Mayor Beckwlth stated th«t" Mr. 
Mawson was laboring under a mlsap- 
prehrnsj/>n as to the rlty's position. 
The press, too, had not understood the 
matter and had placed the council in a 
wrong light. BJarly In the year when 
certain striM lr,;pi v.i:.i«i:s were being 
discussed the su.ii-'t ,if iraU-ays 1n 
Mount Dougias i;ark were suggested 
and it was thought that <C the provin- 
cial government would assist. the 
Mount Douglas improvement should be 
eafried through. His (the mayor's) 
idea at. first was thai Mr. Thomson of 
Bfeattle, who was engaged to carry out 
large work st the Btratheftna park. 

might be secured. Then Mr |£a« 

arrived and • ■»«!• neri that a« he hail n 
large wotlt it Vuncouver hi would tin- 

tlie j>l.«n for Victoria for $f>,00n. 
The mayor had I6en Inform -I Mr. Maw- 

■oc that if tin 'it decided t" do am 
thing he wo i tl bi nottflsd. Then the 
parks eomml! u < took the matl »r up 
an<i recommended to this council \n 
Miiwsfini engafenieni end tiie council 
i ided to fin so, hui tiie mayor de« 

elared, ll was ini«leri«tood (lie council 
should have an opportunity of looking 
over the contract, thai fac' bavin* 
been made clear by sortie of the alder- 
men at the meetloR st Which the Oon- 
trad wa* authorised. The contract was 

prepared ao<i submitted to the council 
unit laid over until all the aldermen de- 
siring it could look over the terms 
thereof Later It w«« decided that the 
. nntrsct should not he (rone on wMh 
That \vn« In .June, nml on the nth of 

thai month the city clerk wrote Mr. 

Mawson at his business address a( New 
York stntlnir that the council had .le- 
clded not to carry on the contract, hut 
encldsing him a copy of the contract 
as drawn \y t the solicitor "for the in- 

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fotm»ll«B H «f Up '#*$**> "'-tn's «•"• 
muntCwtMft VrM«*s^^tlt^»«»lng with 
the intention m« action ot the cbuncll. 

s^i ii si' '■* "' A iii " ' Ss^jfrsyi-ir^arrff .'": 
■- -4lsWW»'-eJBKw. ,.,__.^I3rW(se«!|pss. .._ 

Alderman Cuthbert pointed out that 
whatever the "Intentions" of some of 
the cduneil the fact remained that the 
council authorized the 'signing of the 
contract and no step had legally been 
tsken Since then to reconsider that ac- 
tion. " The instructions of the council 
tiiat the contract be prepared and 
suited, bore no strings. They were ex- 
plicit. The council's decision not to 
proceed with the contract had been 
taken at a meeting at which four mem- 
bers of the parks committee had hcen 
absent, otherwise such action would not 
have been taken. 

UdermSn Okell held that as no pi 
steps bad been taken to cancel the 
council's first action in approving of the 
engagement and ordering the contract 
to he prepared, siihsertuent action on the 
part of the council had been wholly out 
of order. 

mayor claimed it was a moat un- 
fortunate thing Hint wli> n the oouncil 
had pass.,1 the resolution ordering the 
pftrat!6n or the contract, a resolu- 
tion to which there were strings, that 
Clerk should have liotifiejl Mr. 
Mawson of the city's intention to en- 
Kage him. 

Mi Mawson pointed out that, the con- 
tin.t wai drawn up by the city and 
when it arrived be signed it. He had 
never seen the clerk s communication 
i with the contract Stating that I 
,.,,,,cil hsd decided not tO JtO ahead 
With the matter. 

Mdermsn cuthbert pointed out that 
,, ir nil that the mayor Bald were 

corr.-et toe r»M fetsa'lHed lhai recently 

the whole matter was referjff I back tfl 

the parka cemfplttei to djscues.' with 
mi Mawson the draVlng op of a new 

contract. The olty annually sp^ndi .1 
lerue amount on park Improvement and 
that amount might lust as well be 
spent under a comprehensive scheme. 
He moved that Mr. Mawson be engaged 

to prepare s plan of park he» niinen tlon 

along the lines of the resolution passed 
in the' first Instance by the council, for 
a remuneration of }5,000, 

Alderman Stewart seconded this mo- 
tion, pointing out that. In his opinion. 
the best thins; to do was to have h 

proper plan. The city this ■■■■»r would 
he called upon to expend no money ex- 
cept for surveys, most of which, he un- 
derstood, have already been made. 

The motion was carried, Alderman 
Qktll and Cuthbert yoUng for it, while 

H * 

IWW*^«WSi»jw«v.»- , if- ■ 

'■■-.' '^WMttfi«fM*iW'r«i 


Wanted from owners, listings on this business thoroughfare, between Douglas 

street and Washington avenue. 


510 Central Building- 

Phone 3219 

Mlonnen Baker and T>iJworth 9 
;i«Hiust it. The mayor was not present 
When the vote tvaSa tok"n. This action 
win he submitted to the eotificfl in the 
shape of a report when the full vote 
of the council will determine whal • 
tlon shall be taken 

During the discussion Mr. Mawson 
su Omitted plans of work which he has 

been n rfj ou t f ir Vancou- 

mt at Stanley park, thl IdeO belnfl to 
Spread the work over a number of yet 

a trying " ,l until the 

1, (a cotnpiei 


Mra ii'aj.t 1 Rogers, accompanied i>y 
her daughter, l expt ted liontt from 
Bn gland ne*l month. 

M I-*-. M.u \ S Midcvs..!, 1 atui nsd 
r\ summer \-.i.aiioii spent at .Skaguny 

and northern ports bast week, sh • «r&a 

accompanied I'.v her mother, who ims 
been ^isitlnR Vancu.oer frlend.s COl 
some tln>o. 

Mrs. MiH'inivri'. Hultoti street, baa 
gone to ttampstead England, for a bIx- 
months' visit she was accompanied by 

her rlatiglitcr, Miss Winnie, who will en- 
ter n ladles' hoarding school in that 

Miss rtnhy Sylvester his returned 
home after nn exti tided 'islt to her sis- 
ter, Mrs Lome (' Campbell In Moot 
real, ami to p ri*;ftds in New York. Chi- 
cago and i'lttsburfc' 

Mr. Fred H. l-'el herstonhauKh of the 
well known patent attorneys of Toronto, 
»**t the JBmprcae with his wife, 

Mrs. J. II. Miiler. ECSqUlrb&lt, has re- 
turned from a Visit to KaraloopS, where 
she was the gUSSi of Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. 


Mr. V, ''. l-'lett of riamliion. Ont., Is 
a gueel a.t the Empress, 
Mr \\ e n sptMBue ot Winnipeg, 

has arri\ ed »t thl I SmpfeSS, 

Mr tl bird Nelson ol 1, on. Ion, Kim.. 
attd his fun, are guests n> the Kmpress, 

Mr .1. C. Priestley of London, trig., 
has returned tO the Kmpress after a 
PSSful iiuntlng trip. 

Mr. W Nort Ii wood ,.f ilttaws. :t well- 

known coJhtractor, ahd his brother, Mr 

\\ \nr!iiwiHiii of Winnipeg, are at 
1 impress 

Mr. A. T. tlreenwood of Kotolon Knc, 
arrived at Hie Kmpress on Sunday, 

Mr l> Oftrdiner of Montreal. Is in 
the cit} on a Joislness trip, He Is at 
1 11 • jCiftpreSa. 

Mr. and Mrs E W 
real, arrived at the 
,la y 

Mr. .lames Cronln, of Spokane, for- 
merly manasrr of the Sti Kugene mine. 
Kast KOotertA-y, came ovr T from Vim 
roiivcr hy yesterday Mfternoon's C. V. rt. 
steamer, and is al the Empress hotel. 

In. and Mrs. Alfred K. Barlow, of 
ilontreAl, and Mr*. Mbxam, of i>etroi.. 
left for Seattle yesterday afternoon. 
i\moHg other places of Interest they 
>isite,i during their visit to Victoria, 
was Mr Vt^(\ H I'emberton's heautiful 
U'liden at Mount JOy. Foul Ray road, 
where t lie great variety anil beauty of 
the 1 low era surprised and delighted 

r.ariMiu, or MOnl 
Kmpreis on Moft- 

Mv II Mortimer- l.amb, secretary of 

Canadian Mining institute, after 

hSVlng Client Sunday :vlfh t.'apt. Clive 
Philllppa Wollev hi gOtaanoS, went over 

to Vancouver by last tttght'a steamer, 
to fa thence via Nelson ami the crow's 
Nest railway to Prank, south weal Ai- 

berta, where the district members of 

tin- institute h.n ( Krr&ttjf&d '■'' hold ;l 


AmotiK the Canadtart visitors who 
have recently registered their nstnea ;it 
the office! of the Canadian nigh Com- 

mlastont London, have hren the 

Misoe- \j .. ami Catherine Bethune, 
V'ancouvel .\iu« nuth Baker. Calgafy; 

Mr an, I \lrs W. F. Butcher. Winnlpet;; 

Mr. 1. c i-' Calder, Saskatoon; Mr. x. 
1 < ilder, Winnipeg) \fr. and Mrs. <?. 

II. Clare, Saskatoon. Mr. ami Mrs. M. 

\ Clark, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. .t C 
I>av. \"ancouver; Mr and Mrs. J. R. 
Imurr Beglna; Mr. H. T. 0»vlne, Mi- 
ll B llevlne. Vnnrmiver: Lieut. KlnCb. 
Edmonton; Mr. E. B. Flndlay. AVlnnlpep. 
Mr K K. CJoodwln. Winnipeg! Mr. aBd 
Mrs. Harrison, Kdmonton; Mr. fold 
Harvey, Mr. Owen Harvey, v*nconvg; 
Mrs \V S. Hawkshaw. Phllllwack; MS-. 
A. C, Haslehurst. Calgary; Miss Edna 
Landers. Winnipeg, Mr, W, C, Dets<»h, 
New Westminster. Mr. and Mrs. Fragile 
Lovtck, Vancouver. Isnhel £. Msclnna*. 
\"sticouver; Mr. Krnest (1. Myers, SSS- 
katoon; Mr. Fred .1 Ncy, Winnipeg; 3Cr. 
Tyrll K. Owen. Victoria: Mrs. ltObdrt 
Kesve, Lethbrldgc; Mr. and 


Vancouver; Mr. 

d Mrs M. a. 

^^^^w ^pBaw, IP* , ,- 4W e. 


T uesday, September 24, 1912 


, i — — """ • ';" , '' ■'. 



Seek where you will, you cannot procure better acreage 
than we have to offer within the ^two-mile to ten-mile circles. 


almost daily i& subdivisions. Well, the majority of the acre- 
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Oak Bay Permit— A building permit 
was Issued jrMterd&y fry Uie Oak Bay 
oritlps i.j Mi ii. Hope for the erec- 
tion on Newport avenue of a six-room 
house at a oost of $2, IOC 

Consider New School — A meeting of 
the board of school trustees for Oak 
Bay will be held on Thursday evening 
next at the muntcipal hall at 8 o'clock. 
The Increasing nods of the district for 
educational facilities foreshadow the 
establishment at no distant date of «<> 
additional school, and this the trustees 
have already under consideration. 

Prof. Lewis Here — 'Among other dis- 
tinguished visitors to Victoria for fair 
week Prof. O. I, l,ewls, the chief of the 
horticultural branch of Corvallis col- 
lege, Oregon, arrived , yesterday. The 
professor, with the assUtance ot tir. 
P. E. French of the horticultural branch 
of the provincial department of agricul- 
ture, will Judge the fruit and vege- 
tables at the fair. 

Many letter*— Large numbers of let- 
ters of appreciation are pouring to the 
secretary of the citizens' committee, 
from prominent San Franciscans con- 
nected with the visit here of the Flying 
Legion. All of them have .something 
to say of the future of this city, and 
many of them emphasize the fact that 
an annual regatta will do much to pop- 
ularize the Pacific coast in general, and 
Victoria in particular. 

Brigade Summoned — A lighted pipe 
left in the pocket of a coat hanging in 
the premises of the Island City Shoe 
Company. 864 Yates street, started a 
small blaze on Sunday afternoon at 
2.25 o'clock, which required the attention 
o f t h e fire d e p a r tme nt . — Uttlp l inmflgr 







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net price list. ' 



*S0n sip, 
to sire. 
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blood oorpueolae are increased in number-end the 
nerves in turn are well fed. The arteries are > filled 
with good rioh blood. That is why nervous debility, 
irritability, fainting spalls, disappear and are over- 
come by thia alterative extract of medioina roots 
put up by Dr. Pierce without the use of alcohol. 
Ask your neighbor. Meny hava been cured of 
.erofulou. conditions, ulcers, "fever-sorea," white •we»in|s^ et c. .*>T *•>"»« 
& PiW- Discovery. Just the rrff*h«l and vital..! ■« I £»io J^d fo* 
««*».ive tissue waste, in oonVaiesotnc* fawn fevers orfor "»ft-down, *<••*•. 
&$£** people. Stick to this safe .£ «» ne ^«! d ^ "J '^^ N«K 

was done. ICarly Sunday mornine; smoke 
Issuing from the smoke house at the B. 
C. Market, corner of Government and 
Johnson streets gave the department a 

Hospital at Ganges — The Bunshlna 
Guild of the ladles of Salt Spring Ib- 
land are engaged In raising funds for 
the erection of a hospital at Gange"- 
There are three doctors on -the island, 
and the benefit. In the case of accidents, 
of being able to secure accommodation 
and proper treatment on the spot will 
be very great to all the residents on the 
Island. The Sunshine Guild have al- 
ready some $-100 collected, and to this 
will he added the proceeds of the^re- 
freahment tent at the late agricultural 
show, which was well patronised. 

§11 Bight Again— Mr. F. E. Black thall, 
of Campheilton. Nl B-. who arrived .at 
the Empress yesterday afternoon, states 
that that town has almeat completely 
recovered from the effect* of the tire 
of two moritha ago. . While it wa» true 
that the town lost many of * it«' people, 
quite a number coming west as far as 
British Columbia, their places have been 
taken by others, who have settled down 
for good. The lumber business is pros- 
perous; the town 4* busy and growing 
again. The only drawback this summer 
has been the weather, which baa been 
too wet , 

■nattering Hottoee— Very flattering 
notices have appeared in The Jf n * 
donderry Sentinel and The Belfast 
Weekly Northern Whig o« the litera- 
ture published by the Vancouver Island 
Development League, especially those 
entitled. "Victoria, the Liverpool of the 
Pacific," "Vancouver Island, the Farm* 
ere' Hoin*\" and the recently issued 
book on the sport to be Obtained here. 
The comroenija show .how carefully 
everything in connection With this prov- 
ince is read in the United I»p#«em, 
where Just now ao many people a|e 
feeling it t Meam&f'',lQ \W&h&'^ l &!' 
home for themeelves and the|f.3^ttii|lle8. 

X**gu* «no.uiriss— Besides enquiries 
from a gardener in Ifctfordshlre ot 
good experience quite a number of let- 
ters eaine in yesterday to the Island 
Development League from -all over the 
Dominion, from as far east *J» Montreal. 
the majority /mentioning : pqultry , •*«! 
small farming as their object *» writing. 
A Calgary inaU; Wishes to open a hard- 
Ware store in some live town o»- -the 
Island and will invest several thousand 
dollars. A Buffalo man, an experi- 
enced dairyman and poultry keeper, but 
without much capital., wishes to know 
his prospects here. Other letters come 
in from Fyzabad in Ourlh, and from an 
officer In the British merchant service 
who desires the .command of a steam- 
ship on this coast. 

A Typic al ' B gWr-^TUH foll ow in g 
passages, from a letter written to the 
Vancouver Island Development League 
from a London suourb, explains the 
motive Impelling so many people in 
.England to take the drastic step of 
emigrating after years of work at home, 
husband is a Joinery manufacturer 
with first class certificates of the City 
Guilds. He is a good bookkeeper in his 
spare time. Trade has been Very bad 
this last ten years, so many builders 
have gone bankrupt, involving us In 
heavy losses that have quite swallowed 
up all our capital. As wo have two lit- 
tle girls we are naturally anxious not 
to give up our present life here unless 
we can be sure of poing to the right 
place, but we want to livi- and save a 
little and to give the children a chance 
to do better: I have had a lot of busi- 
ness experience but cannot do any- 
thing here on account of my husband's 
iosctl position." 
B. C. At Ottawa, — The Department of 
..^riculture have receiver! .reports from 
lit exhibitioner of the, prov- 
ince of the suceasB achieved by this 
province si the Ottawa show. Mr. " 
StseClure' Johnson writes Hint unfor- 
no arrangements had besn> 
Is for the awarding of n gold medal 
i,, thi bi i ■ - hibit, bui th*l i dlplom i 
si i n glyen to British Columbia tor 
best arrangeo n"'i most nr- 
Ibii it. the show. The 
Ottawa press unite '■» most ap- 
preciative praise of this province and 
the i ithlbli i; had pui forwarfl »« typi- 
cal ,,r its products and natural re- 
B0U1 Ottawa tVee Proaa no- 
la'n especially itip finf collection of 
I photographs of its scenery ntwi big 
I game. The Cltleen ri>m»rk«, "Wben one 

B a block of wood cut from n Poug- 

las pine twenfj (lye f"et from tho 
ground which measures B8x84 Inches in 
diameter nn,i weighs three tons, it. gives 
,,n!y n slight Mos of the magnitude of 
tills almost unexplored province. Judg- 
ing from the products which are f <lls- 
played In the *xhl'blt, one Is led to be- 
jleve that the province Is only in its 

Telagraph Compuny Will Move — The 
local branch of the Western Union 1 
graph company has secured new quar- 
ters in the Central block, and will spend 
close to $2,00(1 in fitting up its new of- 
fices In a thoroughly up-to-date manner. 

Building Permits — Permits were Is- 
sued yesterday by the building inspector 
to Mr. A. Webster for a dwelleing to be 
erected on Fifth street, to cost $1800; to 
•Mrs. F. and J. Beckel, alterations to 
dwelling on Pandora avenue, $1200 to 
.Mrs. B. M. Christie, additions to dwell- 
ing on Seavlew street, $300; to Mr. A. 
Uonason, garage on Dallas road, $226; to 
Mr. W. A. Robertson, additions to dwell- 
ing on Bay street, $600. 

Coming in October — Re*v. Dr. Chown, 
general superintendent of the Methodist 
church for Western Canada left Winni- 
peg last night for Toronto, where he 
will spend several days on general 
church business. Early in October he 
will - leave tor the Pacific^ coas t to jMtto M|ii 
up his residence. where he will combine 
the duties of the prlnclpalshtp of the 
college with the work of general super- 

Quebec's Premier— Hir Lomer Gouln, 
the premier of Quebec, and Lady Gouin 
will be In Victoria towards the end of 
the week, and will probably remain for 
participation in the festivities in con- 
nection with the royal visit. They are 
accompanied by Hon. Jules Decarle, the 
provincial secretary of Quebec, and 
Madame Decarle, and Mr. Amos," the pri- 
vate secretary of the premier. Though 
differing strongly In politics. Sir Lomer 
and Sir Richard McBride are close per- 
sonal friends. 

annual Festival — The annual fruit 
and flower festival at the Pemberton 
chanel. Provincial Royal Jubilee hospital 


\\ e carry the famous well 
known Pen-Angle brand ot 
Cashmere Hose, and mark 
them at our quick selling 

-h prices. 
Pen-Angle all wool seamless 

hose. Special 35c, or 3 

pair for S 1 - 00 

Pen-Angle all wool, supei i r 

quality, at ... . . ... • • • -5 oc 

Every pair guaranteed. 

~^ m 

G. A. Richardson 

Victoria House, 636 Yates St 

Agents for Bui 

This Week 

Is the time to secure a lot in the beautiful 


Irvine Place 

One of the most selected spots in Victoria 
for a 

, i n i p ti nm t vm m un t r4ff wm H * i m n *> . E'' «^ « |i M itw ,-' UM *n w»i. 

W^^ T irf iiwwrw i i*<«^- 

on Sunday proved quite the successful 
event anticipated. There was a vary 
large attendance. The organist and 
choir from the cathedral rendered full 
choral evensong, and the bishop gave an 
address. Mrs. Pemberton was 'present 
and expressed herself as much pleased 
with the proceedings. The offerings of 
fruit and flowers were very numerous. 
These were afterwards distributed 
among the patients. The two societies," 
the Daughters of Pity and the Woman's) 
Auxiliary are doing (excellent work for 
the hospital, and this was demonstrated 
by the success of tbe festival on Sun- 

,. Stored Concert— The first of a series 
of sacred concerts was given at the 
Victoria theatre on Sunday, and the 
programme wad much appreciated by a 
largo audience. Mrs. J. Philo's rendering 
ot "Ave Maria" was loudly encored, as 
was also the violin: solo, by Professor J.- 
Fhllo: nocturne (Chopin). Mr,' J. H. 
UUman rendered "Crossing' the : Bar." 
Tho singing of the Patch brothers was 
on« of the features of the occasion. Mr. 
Carr interpreted "The Dream of Para- 
dise" in a very efficient way. The 
boys' band, under the direction of Mr. 
Plowrlght rendered three selections With 
great enthusiasm, A practical turn was 
given to the meeting in the 1 address by 
the Rev. Sidney Llndridge, in which he 
spoke of the great need for some organ- 
isation in the city which would have 
the same social aims as the associations 
which are organized by the various 
churches for their members. Arrange- 
ments! are under way to secure ah or- 
chestra for the concert next Sunday, and 
Madame Burnett has been engaged to 

Cadet Officers' ; *iat»— Although the 
Imperial Cadets who have been visiting 
Vancouver, were unable to come to Vios. 
tor ia. several of the officers of the 
English, Scotch and Irish corps came 
oyer on Sunday as guests of Lieut. R. V, 
Harvey, of the Untverstiy School cadets. 
He came from the mainland on Sunday 
by the steamer Princess Charlotte, ac- 
companied by Colonel J. B. de la Poer 
Bcresford, 1st cadet battalion, the 
Queen's team commandant, Capt. P. W. 
I.. Edwards, the King's Royal Rifle 
Corps, Capt. W. B. J. Raid, 3rd battalion, 
Seaforth Highlanders, and Cadet Grif- 
fiths, from 'Edinburgh. They were met 
at the Union Club by. Col. Wadmore, 
D. O. C, Ueut-Col. J. A. Hall, com» 
mandlng the 88th Victoria. Fusiliers, and 
Capt. Iiongstaff. Col. Hall took the vis- 
iting officers on a motor trip to Elk 
Lake and vicinity and thence to the 
University school for afternoon tea. 
They were entertained at dinner at the 
Union Club, and left by the midnight 
steamer for Vancouver, leaving that city 
yesterday morning by special train with 
their cadets en route homeward. They 
will sail on October 2. The Australia 
and New Zealand cadets will remain in 
Vancouver until the sailing -of the 
R. M. S. Zealandla, which leaves for 
Auckland and Sydney on October 2. 


Meteorological Ofrirp, Victoria, B. C, at 
S p.m., September -'3rd. 1912. 
The barometer remains hlffh over this 
province and fine weather continues over 
the Pacific *lopo and moderate winds along 
lASt, The weather la now fine 1 In the 
prairie, provinces and sharp frosts are 
general at nlRht. A light snowfall has 
irred In Western Aliierta. 



Victoria ot 

ii'pr 4" 

Kamloops &0 

llnikf'rvlllo 8* 

Prince Rupert . II 

Calgary, Alta 33 

Winnipeg, Man ■»« 


San I Si ">4 62 


Hi| est s< 

il Si 

A\ I riiu, II 

HriKhi sunshine, E h"iir.i and (I minutes. 


A WATCH is a delicate piece 
of machinery. It calls fat 
less attention than ..!fflfc 
machinery, but must be cleaned 
and oiled occiifidnally to keep 
perfect time. / 

With proper care a^Wiltham 
Watch will keep perfect time 
for a Ufetime. It will pay yoyt 

■ . Our :.w*tehinalsefisju;»r* . experts. ' 
. After a watch has gone through 
their . hands, it will r«n as. well 
as Jfjlt Just came frot«t the f aj^. 
tor*, pur prtcos wUl. meet, with , 
your approval. 



Surrounded by magnificent homes, grand 
view, close to Mt. Tolmie, Normal school, 
churches, etc., and the price for 

Quarter Acre Tracts 

Is within reach of all, and on terms of 
— io per cent cash— to pur cent quarterly 

Every lot is level, cleared, no rocks, good 
garden soiUanji ttaprice is only 





The Jeweler 
915 Government St. 

And up, on above terms, but the prices on 
a^^wn^ld^lotSrWiU bfrvraised yen* shortly. 
If you 4^rit!t6 fcatke «t&rat|tage of this ^ offer, 

_ _ — 




639 Fort 

= Limited 


Phone 2445 

Before "Fixing Up" For 

Electric Fixtures 


Ths salsctloa : ^m 


The Assigns will 
The prle*s Will 



Enquire about; 

Price $10 
(Its efficiency Is marvelous) 

T. L. Boyden 

lit Cormorant St., Next Fire Hall 
PHONE 916 


Clean Out fcle 



1211-13 Douglas Street, Victoria, B. C. 
The Diamond Merchants Established 1862 






Is Daintily Served At 

The Tea Kettle 

Kiss Wooldridffs 

111S DouaTlaa St.. Opp. Victoria 

Uplands and 

Five Acres, nicely treed, 
good for residential subdi- 
vision. Price $12,000. Easy 



Member of the Victoria Real 

Estate Exchange 
Boom B15 Central Bids;. Tel. 3»«1 

A Public 

Thursday. September 26 
being Citizens' Day at the 
Fair, will be a Public Holi- 



Just $400 Cash— Balance 
Like Rent 

The man who is looking lor .1 com . permanent home, that 
will serve prcsmt needs, provide every comfort and yet make 
him a profit when he wants to sell, has it. right here in this 
BpaciOUS 1 robfrt bungalow. Concrete foundation, living 
room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath, all modern. In very 
derivable locality on rot 41x208, with beautiful oak shade trees, 
high ;md dry. Nothing to touch it now on market. Look 
gharp if yon' want it. Our price now, only $2,750, on above 

Bungalow Construction Co., Ltd. 

7j8 Fort Street, Opposite KiiJcTiarri's 

To Builders and 

Before ordering material 
for Interior Finishing, ex- 

Am-I-Wud Panelling 

In Plain and Hardwood 


Samples and Prices on 



1 105 Wharf St. Phone 1164 


Phone 3137 

j<*u>*: . - , 'h ii» r i «' » ■ ■» 11 1 1 i tiM i l s d , 11 v ■ i i i t ai r > i iw, i )ww »»**M*»»s»^^ 



Is moderate 

Our workmanship is 


Our fit is perfect. 


1432 GoTernm«iit St*-^ 



Tueerfay. Kept'^r-rr v ^. I9ltf 

victoria daily colonist 


Ladies' Coats 

Wednesday at $15.00 


A most pleasing array of Fall's Newest Style Coats in 
Chinchillas, novelty patterned tweeds, etc., among which 
are shown the diagonal and herring-bone striped effects. 
They are made in loose or semi-fitting styles, with the 
turn-back cuff and large collar of selfor plain cloth mater- 
ials. There are only 28 of these, so come early for yo i lT 
choice on Wednesday at .vvrrr^^rrrrrry*'. ..$15.00 


Only seven of these, in fine French broadcloths and Chin- 

chilas, cut in semi or loose-fitting styles, three-quarter or 

- all satin lined. Some have the large velvet collars and 

cyffs, others are perfectly plain tailored effects. Re g^ 

lar values up to $35.00. Wednesday at $15.00 

See Our Window Display of These 


McCall's Patterns. 

649 Yates' Street. 


Fixed Salary — Th<- salary ot Mr. 
George Jay, as police in... f(W tttfl 

>uk hh.v oaunicipsllty has !"•• m rlxefl si 

}MM> [,,-r 1 llll. 

I«»iUug- Jkngaiin* — rThe boyx who at- 
tended the Y MCA. ramps this sum- 
mer at UoldstriMin are now engaged in 
biinifiinf out 3. thirty-six page mat;i 

niuliilng original contribution* 
dealing with the .Initios and amuse- 
uiriits enjoyed throughout the time 
■pant there. 

Chief Will Keport — At a meeting of 
the Oak Bay council last evening a latter 
was read from Mr. H. H. Jones In refer- 
ence to his arrest in August In connec- 
tion with a summons which bore a date 
a month anterior to the date on which it 
should have been served. Pending an 
action against the magistrate who sign- 
ed the warrant, he stated that he would 
compromise the matter for $100. The 

chief of police win instructed to report 
on the matter. 

Daurhtere of Pity— The Daughters of 
Pity are again conducting a tea room In 
the women's building at the provincial 
fair. They will welcome all contribu- 
; tions of cajte, cold meat, material for 
sandwiches, fancy bread, red and White 
flowers and Home-made candles, all of 
which should be sent to Clay's confec- 
tionery, Fort street, at any time before 
ll a. m. on each day of the present 

Invited South— The .Victoria Citizens' 
commute^ h*§ jreeeivvd an invitation to 
i attend' (he Veii^ktf banquet of the Plying 
Legion at San tfjfiaheisco on October it. 
A meeting, of the committee will be 
held in the board or trade rooms this 

Cruelty to Animals — G. H. Brett waa 
charged In the city police court yes- 
terday with driving a team ot horses 
Unfit for work. The case was remanded 

until I'niiurrow. 

Good Progress — The reeve of Oak Bay 

Ust niKlit congratulated the engineer 
.iinl his ili-jjartment 0D tht completion 

by the i antral tor of a portion of the 

• Ai-r two days before contract date, 

.mil elicited a statement from bin) that, 

*-; I \ . - 1 1 favoralili weutliiT. it wag hf>]>-.! 

that the whole work of eonatrucUon 

ui'uid be fiiiiHlieri before the Uth of 
.November, the date specified in the con- 

II, l. L. 

Eugineoro to Meet — The dlstriol 
glneers of the provincial department of 
public works wlU meet In this city on 
October S for the purpose of talking 
over the work of the past season and 
plans for next year. At this meeting the 
programme for the next convention of ;'#MI 

ib s V ow * a up er lM e n go aU w Ml I s ae a ( t ». 

elder cd. General organisation matter* 
connected with the outside work of the 
department will be disoussed. 

RepUoa of Old Port— At a meeting of 
(he Devonion Society held yesterday tt 
was decided to proceed at once with the 
work of Improving the burnt area at the 
corner of Fort and Government streets 
for the period Of the royal visit and 
that the scheme to be followed will be 
the erection of a replica of old Fort 
Csmosun, with stockade, etc. The De- 
vonians are to be assisted by the mayor 
and other citizens in this laudable , en- 
deavor, and would be glad to receive 
donations of flowers and shrubbery. 

Pitt Blver Bridge— In his address at 
the opening of the Coqultlam Agricul- 
tural Society's tenth annual fair on Sat- 
urday. Hon. Thomaa T»vlor. minister of 

On Wrong Bid* \V. A. King wag lined 
five dollars in the city police court yes- 
terday for driving on the wrong side 
of the road at the corner of Yates 
und Douglas streets and refusing to 
obey tl» ions of Constable I n 

Began to go to the proper side. 

Probe Charges — The Investigation by 
the police commissioners Into charges 
brought against Detectives Mann and 
Secret, members of the plain clothes 
force and known as the "morality 
squad," was proceeded with yesterday 
afternoon and ttdjourned until this 
morning. The hearing is In camera. 

Trespass on School around* — A com- 
plaint from the provincial superintend' 
ent of education to the effect that the 
Westholme Lumber company, contract- 
ors on the Sooke Lake waterworks pro- 
ject, are trespassing upon school grounds 
at Goldstream, was made to the city 

uncil last night and was referred to 
water commissioner. It Is alleged 
that the company has dug a wide trench 
through the property, and because of 
blasting operations the pupils on one 
occasion had to leave the school. 

late Mr. Wllson-Bmlth— Many Vic- 
torians will regret to learn of the death 
of Mr. Richard Wilson-Smith, proprietor 
of The Chronicle, the banking, insurance 
and finance Journal, which took* place 
last week at Ste. Agathe. The late Mr. 
Wilson-Smith had filled a prominent 
place in the business and public life 
of Montreal, but his great ability on 
financial and other matters accorded 
him a wider field and he was well known 
from coast to coast. In addition to be- 
ing- mayor of Montreal, he was from 
time to time president or director of 
many large corporations both in and out 
of Montreal. 

of tha 

Ohaags In — B o w e l I n v ia w 

New Columbia Hornless 
Arrives in Victoria 

The greatest value ever offered in a Hornless 
Graphophone has arrived in Victoria — the new 
"Eclipse" model, complete with all the new fea- 
tures and capable of playing the largest and finest 
records yet, 

me t iiwt>ai« S i i Saa eiis»s»eaai»sss»^»sBssEsSB»»glipsa*sss)isj>issaBsa>sa'«i^^ 

Selling for Only $20 

This great machine has caused a furore tit the 
East, and has awakened even greater interest in 
"Columbia" models. It marks the Vejy ape^c of 
graphophone building. A few years ago such a 
machine at such a price would have been out of 
the question. The new model 4s constructed 
along the same lines as the most expensive grafo^- 
nolas. and gives wonderful fesulite. * 

. The "Eclipse" will ie introduced here on 
special terms of $5 down and $5 a month. Orders 
should he made early tn make sure of securing a 


Usually 50c, but A (\„ 


For Tuesday shoppers we've picked 'out a. line of excellent 
quality Japanese Silk, in all colors, which regularly retails at 
50c per, yardrlajiii it'i a bargain at that price. Come today 

and get a few yards at 40c 

''T\' .'■ v.'- ' , .»>■ 

1601-3 Gover*. 

merit St. Cor. of 
Cormorant .-•' 

■ Kh ii n ur ii m iipi h i m m l 1 1 1 

mimmummmn Mil 1 ' * 

— — 


Most men must wear I|o6ts, and the man 
* who spends his io6tWear»rioney^t this old- 
established store must get satisfaction. We 
im&i on it. New Baots^forfalL Wear, in 

* ''d'''^iea^|. v 'i i |vtf#Jp / |^-so 


Cor. Government 



l's Lunch 



Receives mb.* tbsn ordinary »"£«<*£ ^rf^i^io«* 
triumph of the culinary art and IT'S AS OOOT> Afl^T tOOK* 
Everything *t the "Bellevue," -from $*<*»«£ ***♦ $g*S& 

ments to the last morsel one eats, is high class in the strictest 
sonse of the word, yet the prices are surprisingly moderate. 
Lunch from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

724 Yates St., Just Above Douglas 

Oak Bay Home 

$750 Handles This 

Klesrant six-room house, concrete foundation, furnace, recep- 
tion hall, living and dining rooms panelled and burlapped. open 
fireplace, built-in seats, pass pantry, large veranda. Lot is 
60x135, beautifully laid out and fenced, with driveway. 



l( V " PHONE 3246 «==» 030 VIEW ST. ^ -^ 

afternoon at 413^ o'clock to consider the 
Invitation. The respanM of" the com- 
mittee 'frill doubtless be affected by the 
fact that- the vlcetregal visit here will 
not ^Qon^luos'imtll" October 1; an<) by tbe - 
fact that some of the numbers will find 
it Igaposst^Jo >%(*€ «Wsy^!n time; but 
it' lis cer|"sV*(PSt,'one of^njorV members 
of the committee will be In attendance. 

Toroe Xnoreased— At the meeting of 
the Oak Bay council last evening, the' 
chief of police, made a report on the 
accident to a man arrested at the Wil- 
lows.-. He also v suggested that ■ ' be be 
given, pgwef. to -do away with \tia *fe« 
«MS# TJtt$"*W-i *t-,«" r *»«n'.v«n»bloy«d 
sna; appoint one of tbem as a regular 
constable, making three regulars: with 
this force, he said, he could work the 
district efficiently. This suggestion was 
adopted by tbs,wunril mA Special Con- 
stable .KlrbfgWI^l W B t j^ftlpiy-r-W- gg-' 
pointed full constable on three months' 

Colonial Institute— Before leaving 
Victoria for England l*s*>wesk Mr. J. 
II. Boose, the secretary of the Royal 
Colonial Institute, appoints* kr. T. CuV- 
wen R*4« tr^,.S>l)^lg,te secretary for 
the institute for Victoria and Vancou- 
ver Island in co-operation with Hon. 
V. VU Eberts, ttt||MM|iry of the Royal 
coicnfs*: ins^liiMl n£lbt»' Jistri^t ai- 
retdjpifr. • Cnmil WlA f m» '♦fcured 
msnyihsw^faS** and'wlll be glad to 
hear . fro^ t ,i%j|r*<*fi|j|rs whd may , deslVO 

munloatS WMs'Wni.feither at floi a<»v- 
ernment street, or at the Jamas Bay 
hotei.v -■ .. ' . "•;"'. 

, t sn rtlsg of Osttls-^Aoiong the many 
topics that were touched upon by the 
cojmMl « Kwulm^t sl-the. U»lttal meet- 
inM^ste^ li* iha* of WmkblU* 
proclivities .of ^e cattle on the,; golf 
^Hff • ^S##^ PW»»«, »l*oes; in ttts 
vicinity of ^^fayWoiht 'Most of ths 
members took excsptlon to #liat has 
been allowed to develop into a practice, 
but how to ge^- oirer. the difficulty wsa 
a problem which tbjsy. could not at tbe 
moment fate owing t° ^he fact that 
they have no by-laws. It was suggested, 
however," tnaf the cattle should Be herd- 
ed together on the rtudsohs Bay prop- 
erty, at least until such time as thSt 
concern saw tit to object, i 

Behind the 

mm the bTjsIvss and in every 
ana cranny oi Jones' 

Grocery Store thern ;tn' 
X i.oil tliltips Hiat 1Se want 

, ( , B ee "ii the tsAles. of 
Noriii ward residents, N0I 
,,,,!,• because it will mean 
mors business in ti>>- prss« 
ent, fun because " wl11 
mean « constanl stream «»r 

regular salisftfd custom- 
ers. Wi- want nothing bUl 
Satisfied customers and 
onr iT-ovisions and Servloe 
enaure thai wo shall have 


Corner Oeok a»4 Worth Varfe Sta. 
rhome 718. 

In the 
Spring of '98 

\\ '•■. like many others, were anx- 
ious to get some good gold from 
i Klondike, s<> W« put In a big 
sin. k of Klondike Picks and Sold 
lots of them, mil In taking an in- 

ventorj a few day* ago «■,- un* 
covered a few tucked awny In a. 
corner, pbeoa pi ika are light, but 

vr\ Strong, and BhoUld he Jusl 
the 1 1 1 1 ii << around the garden, 
clearing up stumps and roots. 
These were priced at one dollar 
each, hut to clear we will let 
i besa 

Handy Picks Oo for BOc Each. 

R. A. Brown & Co. 

Tel. 3718. I** »*«gl»S gt. 

A dozen steps from Yates. 

Street Naming— \ delegation of the 
residemu tn Pandora street attended 
the m.itlrg of the Oak Bay council 
Ijst rush; to present s petition that 
Pandora street and Oak Bay avenue 
might receive one name from- water to 
wat»r, and s'.K?grsted the name "Broad- 
way." Mr. \Y. Ci H ..iima stated that a 
s'nifle. name would • thiinct-.the yalu-e of 
property, and Mr. McDonald presented 
the petition, which was signed by nearly 
;u: the owners between Government and 
Chambers streets. The reeve said thai lie 
ff'it « «:tn us objection to f he proposed 
nair.e. in as much as It did away with 
one of 'hi oldest historical names in 
tie city. 

Random Shooting— Reckless shooting 
al ducka atjd other feathered prey from 
Victoria harbor w-as a subject that came 
before the notice of the muntclpal coun- 
cil of Esquimau at Its meeting last 
night. It was claimed by the reeve Mint 
many narrow escapes had bepn rec"i 
ed as a result of this practice, and 
naturally he thought Ulat it should be 
put a stop tn. < toloni i it. lin- 

ed thai on one occasion he BSW sSvergl 
'Individuals Indulging In this pastime tq 
tbe danger "f several persons on the 
Esquimau shore line, and with a view 
to giving- the sportsmen an object lesson 
at their game, in- seised his gun .-iiul pro- 
reprleil t n skim ii few bullets in their 

vicinitv Realizing the danger of the 
business whep thus thrust upon them- 
selves, the men in the boal gave up the 
-pursuit of dutlks *s altogether icm r I 
.ii'M fnr peaceful cltijrns ami for the re 
malnder of tnal -lay the waters Were 


Knights of Columbus — On Sunda 
sxempliflcatlon of tha th reea was 

given by the Knights of Oolurobua <>r 
this city, who also entertained memhara 
from other parts of British Columbia 
,,,,i ii,,. i ■ ; 1 1 - 1 r i i • states. The members 
apd candidates mel ai the Strathcona 
in, ii-i ai B SO ii. in. and paraded to the 
cathedral, where ■ aolemn muss was 
held. After the service tha procession 

reformed and paaaed from the cathedral 
to the A. f). T". W. hall. Vuli-s Street, 
where the <]pgri»ps were- conferred, At 
1 : :i the New Westininstyr Kniglits put 
on the first degree. Victoria followed 
with the second at I :.10 p. m.. wMl? 
3, M. Boyle, district deputy of Tacnnui, 
put on the third degree at 4 p. m. In the 
evening a banquet was held at View 
street hall, opposite the bishop's palace. 
There were numerous toasts, proposed 
by .T. Hart, the toaslmaster" and (Irand 
KOight of the lodge. 

public works, announced that the bridge 
over the Pitt river would be commenced 
In the near future, all the plans for rt 
being now complete. The minister con- 
gratulated ths"socisty hesrttty on the 
success of the fair and the splendid dis- 
play of farm exhibits which were tn 

Pleaded Guilty — Harry Punbar, who 
was arrested in Seattle on s warrant 
end charged with stealing $28 from the 
till Of the Balmoral hotel, pleaded 
guilty to the charge in the police court 
yesterday and was remanded until to- 
day for sentence. Dunbar, who wis mar- 
ried -two weeks ago, said he hsd besn 
with some horse racing people and had 
gone to the track In a motor. He had, 
been drinking and did not remember 
taking the mosey, in fact, 'lis recalled 
nothing prior to waking up" on the 
et^ptr pound to "Seattle. 

Changed Bis Mlnfl— Mrs. A. EL Ids- 
ton was brought Into tbe police court 
yesterday morning because of a charge 
made that she had stolen $50 from John 
Connor, a race track follower, on Satur- 
day. She was given In charge to Detec- 
tive Heather by Connor and he identified 
her then. Yesterday morning he refused 
to proceed With the cbsrge, stating ha 
couldn't swear that *he wsa the wo- 
man, who stole bis. money, he" being in- 
ebriated gt the time of the theft. Con- 
nor, who said bo "came here wtth the 
horses," was given twenty-four hours 
to leave the city and the woman was 
also instructed to leave. 

Bat Zssnsd Report— The Geological 
Survey of Canada has Issued s report on 
tbe geology and, ore deposits of the 
Phoenix area of the Boundary district. 
This IS written by J54r. Q- 1C. ftRby, wbo 
made the geological survey of the area, 
assisted by Mr. C. W. Drysdale and Mr. 
W. H. Boyd* In l»0g, 1909 sn« l»Mi 
Following a history and bibliography, of 
the district, the Writer goes very fully 
into the geology end the ore deposits of 
the territory covered by the report, gives 
extensive notes on the mineralogy and 
a detailed description of the mines in 
ths area. Accompanying the report are 
several illustrations of Phoenix and the 
neighborhood and topographical ■ and 
geological maps. 

Heavy Crops— Dr. Ws E. HoWe. writ- 
ing from Toronto, eays: "I have just 
come hers from Victoria and It rtigy.. 
Interest you to hear that there is a 
heavy crop In Alberta, by the side of 
the railway. We passed through Sask- 
atchewan In the dark, but there Is the 
greatest confidence in the position of 
both provinces. The recent heavy rains 
are not likely to damage Alberta crops, 
hut people* arc anxious about cast 
Saskatchewan Hnd Manitoba. People 
working on the streets In Winnipeg get 
only %'4 a day, not $3 as In Victoria, 
and trainmen get $61 a month here as 
against $nn. A financier here told int 
\'i torta was soon going to have a land 
boom. The trip here across the Lakes 
from Fort William was delightful and 
can be cordially recommended." 

Roadmakers' Convention — The report 
of the convention of provincial road 
stffferinteiulcnts, which was held in this 
city ai the clQfi o, the session of the 

laturt, has been issued in neat form 
from tli presses of the Kind's Printer, 
and Is heini; distributed With the com- 
pliments of Mr. W. W. Foster, the 
deputy minister of public works, who 
wsa tin- chairman of the convention. 
The little book contains the text of the 
various papers which were read, and the 
(fist of the discussion upon them. TRe 

is are ill Of great interest ;ind will 
iienr perusal by those who are not con- 
nected with the work of making and 

ervihg the highways of the pro- 
vince, as well as Hte men who are 
spending their Mine in keeping up the 

tvenitsi of travel. 
Children of th« Empire — The regent 

nf tin- Coronattdh Chapter pf Children of 
the Bmpjre has received an Intimation 
ii,, i Hia Royal Highness tbe Duke of 
Connaught has graclouslj consented to 
allow tna presentation of membership 
curds to tha ohildren or the chapter, on 

II anion of th^ reception nf the 

children of the public schools, which '" 
to take place on the grounds of the 
Central school at I I no n. m. on Tne«- 
,lav next. The members are all pupils 
In the public schools to the number of 
?.niV tt has heen arranged that a boy 
to he selecirrl from ea<-h school will 
come up to the reviewing point and re- 
CSiVa the packet of cards fnr the school 
he repreiients. This will ohvlnte any 
confusion o r delay. Her Royal Highnesa 
the Duchess of Connaught and the Prin- 
cess Patricia are both members of the 
Imperial order. 

fact that the actlcm Instituted by Mr. 
Barnum, the hypnotist, against 'Mayor 
Beckwlth and Chief of Police Langley, 
for damages for alleged false arrest and 
wrongful Imprisonment,' iplTl be tried on 
October 3, and 'as Mr. F. A. McDiarmld 
and Mr. Copeman, who represented the 
mayor and chief respectively in filing 
the defence to Mr. Barnum's claims, are 
Sow associated in practice, tbe city bo- 
llcitor will be Instructed to represent 
Chief of Ppllce Langley. while Mr. Mo- 
Dlarmid will sot for tbe mayor. The 
lines of defence in each case are widely 
different, and Mr. MeDiarmid pointed 
out to the city council last evening that 
it would be better to have some one out- 
side hia office conduct one of the cases. 

Resume Investigation — The sewers 
investigation will be resumed, this even- 
ing at the city hall, when it is' expected 
that the last of the witnesses to be 
examined will be got through With and 
the end of the inquiry reached. Tbe 
witnesses summoned for tonight will 
include former superintendent of con- 
struction, Mr. Harry Worswick, - and 
Messrs. J. Xlxon, Herrlndcn and Owens. 

Refuse Claim— The city will refuse to 
meet the claim of Mr. Angus Smith, 
former city engineer, who. demands 
$4100 as compensation for alleged dam- 
age to bis property* on Suffolk street. 
because of street work instituted by 
the city. This work, the city will claim. 
,was commenced by Mr. Smith While he 
w*S engineer, and a*/ mistakes in 
grades is attributable to btmselfcas* . 

Entertainment Committee— The sug- 
gestion mads by Mr. Randolph Stuart, 
honorary secretary of a public meeting ' 
recently held at the board of trade 
rooms, at which a resolution was passed 
approving of the formation of a per- 
manent- committee to'. be known as the 
victoria citizens' committee, to co-op- 
erate with the city for the purpose of 
receiving and entertaining distinguished 
visitors and take Ittto consideration wsys 
and means of carrying out the suggested 
scheme pf a Victoria wee*; that the tlty 
Should appoint a Committee to act with 
such citizens' committee, ; -was consid- 
ered at last' night's meeting of the city 
council. Mayor Beckwlth believed tha|t 
as suggested, such a committee would 
supplant the council, but the idea of ah 
annual celebration was a good one, and 
the council could decide to *o-operate 
With such a citizens' committee if oc- 
casion warranted tt. The matter was 
referred to a special committee, com- 
posed of Aldermen Stewart, Dllworth 
and Porter. 


i.n<ii<-N or the Hacesbesa — Victoria Hive 
Mo. 1, i.iuiios of. tha Maccabees, will hold 
their regular meeting this ev(-nli»gr at 8 
o'clock. All officer! and membovs are re- 
quested to be on time as there la a great 
deal of work n> he done. Several members 
an to bo Initiated and final preparations 
mode for celebrating the 20th anniversary 
of the order, which, is on the f-lrst of 

Ijullrs' MoalC8d Club — The complimentary 
• ii under the auspices of the Victoria 
Ladies' Musical Chih. which opens this 
season'* work, will be held In the Alexandra 
dub on tin- evening of October Huh. Mem- 
bers desirous of having cards Rent to friends 
will conTer a favor by sending nnmes and 
addrcsaes to tha Ladles' Musical Club box, 
Alexandra flub, 

Free LeetOra — Mr. Frank Draper, nf 
Brooklyn. X. Y., will deliver a free public 
lecture on "The Judgment Day" under the 
iins)>lces of the International Bible Student!' 
Association tomorrow evening In the I'nl- 
tarlan Ii n II. Government Street. 


Lannfng— -The filrteral of Samuel 
niiif, quartermaster on the cable ship 

ft SB tor Or, Who died ;i t St. .Inscph's hos- 
pital mi Pflday. took place y»>«terday 
i r i • moon finin i be chapt I of the B i ' 
Funeral Furnishing Company, Brough- 
t . • • i atreei to Rb ! esmetery, The 
remains were acconipanled to the grave 
by the officera anfl a number of th6 nun 
of tin- ship Tbe services were con- 
ducted by ftev. fJITberl f?ook. The pall- 
bearers, all ahipmktea of the deceased, 
were Messrs Joseph MoIRae, Thoma 
Rooncy. John Brown, Thomaa Mol.augh- 
lan. Edward Btollej and thomas Tucker, 
i [odson The flea th <■■ curred on sun- 
day of BJdward v7. Hodsbn, a nn ti\.- of 
Devonablre. England, aged 2S'j years, 
a gunner of the Royal Garrison Artil- 
lery. The funeral will tal<" place to- 
morrow morning with military honors, 
from Work Point hnrrncks. 

Umbrellas: Regular It value. iSc each. 
Today only. Five, Ten, and fifteen 
Tent Htore. • 

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1 MI 

• | lt had been lei out. fiu: that is 

wroaa solujeiy He win probably be 

In unli'iiM LodB 

Definite Organization Will Be 
Made Say Those Interested 
— Large Attendance Looked 
for at Gathering 

In spite of discouragements, the cause 
of Canadian Rugby In Victoria is doing 
finely, as was attested by a good turn- 
out at the initial meeting at the West- 
holme hotel on Friday evening. Tonight, 
at the Y. M. C. A., at 8.46 p.m., another 


minutes of ^Proceeding' of Convention 

Wow Issued by the Department 

of Agriculture 

The minutes of the pi 

tion of the Vif ■ ■ " 
an bow Issued by tb< depai tmen| ■■■ 

i, printed form. This public* 
tion provides a record 0* fc»* progress 
that has been made throughout tb( 
provin.-. by the d» partment along the 
lines of theoretical instruction; that 
this has been appreciated is testified 
to by the ever-Increasing number of the 
Institutes incorporated. The farmer*. 
especially the newcomers, are quick to 
realize the advantages to b< 
by becoming members of; suetl bodle*, 
the cheaper price of stumping powder, 
tor , Instance, looming - largely in I 


For tin. 

Coming Social 



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Yates Street 

60 x 120, close to Qua- 
dra, for $43,500 

And let your friends know the pro- 
gress ynncouwrlshmd qntf Victoria 
are making. 

The best buy on the 
street, for a few days 

organization, hear the reports of. the 
various committees, and decide on prac- 
tice!, uniforms, etc. -Chairman Gait*' 
gher declare* that a Targe, number .of 
local athletes have expressed Interest in' 
the Dominion game and expects a big 
attendance. The meeting Is open to all 
those who wieh to take part or to help 
Canadian Rugby obtain a footing here. 

Eastern firms are now • being, corre*. 
sponded wlth'in regard , to supplying of 
uniforms. These are i»ther\more com- 
plete than in the .other /forms of fdotbal*. 
certain positions \on the team .using 
headgear, shlnguardSXwnd padded, ■ #*.?. 
Beys. The bilb'-uagd US similar to "Vie 
regular RUKO* **ftf*C l»Wj*«B *fh#roldl 

pigskin." ■ _•■•/-•■ . ; ■ /'■*>■;■}*; ;"•_ ^ ';,-■• 



704 Yates St. Phone 3^*8 

Again they are ^ulcfc t* 'seise tfie 
value to them, especially In but of the 
way places, of the' literature, and. lec- 
tures- provided by. the detriment on 
Just the very subjects that bear on 
their daily work, and -this booklet in- 
cludes a list of all the bulletins and 
circulars, issued during reeent years, 
with their numbers and subjects, to 
: serve as an-i«di^ which wf^l enable them 
to procure any, partloulafr one by post 
at a' few days'' notice. .',, •./ 

In this province the perfect marketing 
Of f'ruli "Is > slha qU* :x$a { to obtaining 
mtesessful '•'|^ul^»B*ai|ahls the most 

lmporuh^^t t*- / wa## <nK of fn M r ( 
, The packing schools I'lTOimshcd In eae'.l 
^fftilt growing "dlstrlcf^hlye proved of 
' inestimable valbe. andrJIiew nfter show 
produces proof of tne s£jOd the lessons 
given haws dnnp, — Inflejid , I t may be 

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wardrobe and see what you will 
require In order to be correctly 

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Ralph "Hap'V lllyiNCSi'Bppkane-s Hrst 
baseman, may saitly be handed the 
palm for the Northwestern League s 
most valuable all-round performer, If 
the Chalmers-Itetrolt Company was 
giving a motor car. for the beat all- 
round and mo^'vatuable Player en any 
club in this league, Hgp' would surely 

Yesterday Jh5»-.'. stole -t*0febas«a* 
which brtngf^Mf t«tai fosf thb *»§Wa 
to 1X0. This te five ,b^*m^|ss>.-tne 
record for br^anlied'vlgaWJBw^^k*^* 

class, whu^ij^'i^jns/smm^^ 

of the phica^ Katlonaji; v t liyet» I 
i^also baiting ■^0^-^^ ^BS^^ m 

the «eMlr*iiifc. But, lgnorln K 
the figures, Wtf^niMlonal play has 
been such that^rnftny a h tir-dolWr.htfs 
trickled Intn;^^© box office from men 
who just '■carrJ^"'-,to s*e Hap. .plgjf^flipt 

caring' wudBmBm.- te3m . *?"- . ' 
Myers is only 25 years -old. , He 

stands six «^.^»c^%^lj 
weighs about^im«^sv^vf^iS^W 
Boston Natlorwls in mlaau^acf sMBrl 
■■ if ' his one. ^•jiCBas*" : ..*. baa: - f t^WWSt? 
arm, is not td« apparent hekt spring 
he la sure to rnake good, fbr the major 
leagues have no base runner*, today 
that have anything* oa hihi arid 
mighty few better natural batsmen.^ 
"Hla home la In San DlegO. Cai.. and 
in the offseason h* Is «mpU?ye4 *>? 
ttte-saa-'companyr^'^' ;-,;;- _r| 

ifr*. rt Hap" lg ebrnb sportswonian 
herserf. 'Not only a baseball enthus- 
iast, she is an expert scorer, a fine 
saddle woman, can drive a motorcar 
and is a great fancier of blooded dogs. 

■'. ' ' . . ■■ :' .i'lV- "i'l'lg. :'^. ' . i"^ air» 



,, . : sept.'.? ; ae^Mtwy- , 

;<3lfcrk third baseman, and one of the 
veterana of the .Milwaukee; ArnaB»|» 
Association team, wa« today *PWlnt- 
ed manager to succeed Hugh X>JJ«y. 
resigned, by Mra *gnea . gavener. 
owner of the club, Clark signed a 
.contract .for th# .a|iaonw : J»% ., . .-#./ , 
■ • ' . • ti ' * j' "' i .' ' . . •" 

said that the ranchers of British Col- 
umbia are by this ^prkfjof the depart- 
ment of agrtculturaV&§W$ ln n P osttl< > n 
that few of th* K ;ifflwJ& communities 
■TWtehed-untH- + <&iMmfc Uop * of ei " 
perlence, time waslj«M| many disap- 
pointments- v ■ p^OPf 

Mr. W. H. Hayw«ir4^*ealdent of the 
Cowiehan Parmers* Iijirttute, dealt^wlth 
op-operation In an aofl|3i»1Sech in which 
he Was able to &v*:JQB&9* relating to 
tb* Cowiehan cres^fii^hlcb proved 
the enormous '<4«xMtte» prosperity 
which that district: !«« «s Institute, 
the^ first ever lncorpo»W In the prov-! 
lhce.'-' : "The E^0rfee**!Pp| ■«*■ spray lh* 
Regulations M^^ei- Msi^ctlon Of Or- 
,d chards'v forme* ii^be thshiev of an in- 
f 'M«^t ! .a«B^9iip Mrv»»n«b»m, ; the 

lSSKw|<>^>i^lon of Indian; re.- 
serves, or' at. any ratJjfjtol^rt^Maa 

a- they .^SSmm^-**^^ 

certificate, he said. * Ittsspj^sft 

by the Australian a 1 % and that^, 

waa a great advantafre to exporters to' 
that country. , 

The circulars collected In an appendix^ 

a. th^. end of this publication are are 

Hhose MiPHW< preceding 

twelve months, and the whole publics-, 

tion thus may be said to contain th* 

history of agriculture in the province 
«i<r last year and shpMd.bSii«J^d Oh, 
the shelf by all ranchers and gardeners 
for reference. The photographs of life 
on the ranches of th*: province aye ex- 
ceptionally fine, those of the cutting,of 
a heavy crop of oau, and of carrying 
hay being very beautiful pictures of ex- 
cellent composition, f '■■■'.-■•, 

stripes, IMP .to fS JU. 77-7 : 

Dress Shifts^ ^eckwe*rv .OoV- 

i ar «_ ojo.yes. Pearl gtuds. eta-. 
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. ; t !, t ■ I ■ 

&f4 : Y^esSti; Victoria,-;-'' i^ ^B^M^^'S^^^' ' 

rrY *-/r i a ' *f\' ,;, i f l,n,i i ' ■ "" 

.itiiJiWiti , v..-.-?j. *-nt.hiL f :f«l „■'. ■■V. V L„: .■:,.'^-1li -^ t 


Take ,HaU-s, $iffil0$$fth i Wqfo 
paiion. ■ . " „ .»^ i .^Waar ■W;iy:-r>t ■■,■■ .aatnao 

■ 1 1 1 V r+ ' ' ■ ". ' . < ' ' "." *! ? .. '* • " T . "" .-- ' ■■ ' >" , ■ ^ ' ^ •• ivP> SWil. '' ' ' vVirt) 

for co 

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6c, JOc, 15c Store 

next weag, 

io^%batagiH--The ;postma$ek;'>*'s; 



_ inn p.rk Victoria, B. C. 

ronlTc for bovs of 1 to 16 year.. Beflne- 

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It's all right 

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Now • 


FORT WILLIAM, Qnt. , Sept. 23 — 
Mart McGulre, secretary of the local 
board -of Manitoba -branch of the Athletic 
Union of Canada, haa: resigned. Mr. 
McGulre has taken this step,- as .a re- 
sult" of the "recent m tx-up which has 

the Winnipeg Rowing Club Rugby team. 
Quire, on request of Winnipeg, In- 
formed Bawlf that he must not play,* 
but Ills advice was overruled by 
Went McFarlane. who claims that Bawlf 
will be considered as an amatour, no 
matter what action Winnipeg takes. 

terdiiy issued notification that. ,*«r«a<jer 
the rate of Postage applic^J^flg 
Sunday edition of The polvm^m^m,. 
subscribers; in the United SUtes, will 
be one cent per pound ,bulk. v rafe...m._ 
Stead of one cent per four ounces, as 
formerly, ana that It win. not be. founo. 
necessary to prepay the postage by af- 
fixing stamps. As a consequence, the 
price of the Sunday edition to subscrib- 
ers in the United States will be $5 in- 
stead of $6 as formerly. 


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, ,,, , coOPOb foi b 1913 118 -'' Autombbfi 








736 Johnson 

Street. Tel. 698 


730 Yntr. Strr»-t 
Phone »HH 


727 lo 73" Johnson St. 
Thonn 607 

Umpire Augle Mornn was giyeft a 
great reception when he appeared on 
diamond at Seatti- „n Sunday, whtch 
was umpires' day In the hilly "ty. He 

was ed With flowers i.v fulr fan- 

: a .m. 1 made the recipient of all 
kinds of gifts, both useful # and of a 
joshing character. Not once was his de- 
cision disputed. About 7,500 people saw 
the e.ime. 

The annual meeting of the prprlnciai 
board 0* ii'c b. c. A. a. r. win be held 
in Vancouver next. BSturday, whap nf- 
flcers win be elected for «ie yef ' 

t h e parlous championship meatJ 

11 warded. 
! ti>.' Cornwall baexqsae players, charo- 
| pions of the N L. '" ■ and challengers 
I ,,,, the srorld's ehamptpnshlp, hs " ar- 
rived in New Westmlnati t 

"Kiddo" Wilson made a bon*e.*head play 
v , .,, ,,i:, v When he dWn'.t covet fi;sl on 
Cruikshank's hil to Brooks.'* bail ga'niS w$ starl al 10:40, 

;ini1 bo ,.!«.' Will tomorrow's, bul if thfl 

patronage is not found to be satisfac- 
tory the ghmes switched back 
to the afternoons for the remainder of 

the week. 

It looks ns If Victoria Is doomed to 
remain right where she is, lh fifth 
(,,.„,. xhe team is in a badly shattered 
condition, nnrl the boys don't seem to 
,-iut any life Into their work. 

Daniels' sojourn In the Twilight 
League ha* Improved him considerably, 
and n-xt season he may he ripe for this 

Kennedy's absence was noted by some 
of the fans yesterday, and some thought 

University School for Boys 

Mount Tolmle 

Victoria. B. C. 

^- .. r, v Hurvfy il.A. Headmaster. J. C. Barnacle. Esq. Xmu 

Wfl t r erm b^lns Igt^b.r U For Prosoectus apply to The Bursar. 




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Tot. 333. 

138 Fort St. 


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Fln««t It»U»n rrnne*. p«r rr»tf. W.OO 

Mammoth and I'ond'i SeorlUnR" 

K dellsht to the «V<*. . 


rnoNB ins 

Comer Johnson, «nd guidr* Sts 

•Advehtshig l« to t. i«U what ijeaffl la 

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Rstabllshed 1908 

Circular Letters 



!•-,,!- a Quick Job, Conic I 

Newton Advertising Agency. 

403.404 Tl~ic» B;.lldln* 

Western Art Co. 

N J>bone ISIS. 

■.■■eapi— ■■ 

y<l .- :w: . 

~ •I'.c'.-y, Seote.-riber 24, 1912 


m Dfl Fill! 

it/hi n 


Victoria All Shot to Pieces, 
and Portland Won as They 
Pleased Yesterday — Eddie 
Gleason Umpired Game 

Yesterday's Results 
Hand lfi. Victoria 5. 

Spokane 2, Vancouver 0. 

Seattle »; Tacoma 2. 

L ""™ u " 

Spokkne 6, Tacoroa 3. 

*, Tacoma 0. 

J&#£ Seattle 8. PortU&d 4. 

'■ w »<&■ ■'.■,;■• ; w . -••' ' - ■■•■•. 

"vri> -'■:•' Won. Lost, I*ct. 

| Seattle .,<&$., ....... 94 «* ■ .516 

| Spokane -. :Q t . , , , . . »S 6$ .677 

I Vancouver *¥,». ,... 89 78 .663 

(Portland .. v.,. :■,..;. . 73 85 .459 

I Victoria ..v.. > ...... 70 »» .437 

•Tacoma ...ivt.. ...*; 62 99 .386 

f ■'..' ' ' '; 

I Against a badly shattered outfit of 

Bees Portland had a snap today and 

"won by a score of 16 to 8. The game 

early developed into a farce, the In- 

- ability of either smith or Wilson to 

'keep the Col is from hitting where the 

lOeidani atn't^y, r.nunlert with a ghastly 

-Jerror and bonebead orgy Indulged In by 

the home guard making It apparent that 

I It was only a case of "by how many?" 

Victoria took the field with a patch- 
i w o r k in f le lrt, «|%T P h*L Ni ti»g +atr with 
la fcharley hoijpif'^and Jwlar In Seattle 
fat the bedside MM* ^%r %fc£ t» dan- 
i gerously ill. Wftfielder Weed -filled in 
iat second and :$jJ6){ft.. Meek' took over 
; the Job at third The former pulled off 
;a sensational bit *% the first Inning 
Jwhen he nipped Mahoney at the platter 
«bHt in following periods he and the big 
♦catcher both performed quite up to ex- 
pectations, which to say the least were 
, '■"■inot exce'sprt*;--"- V ? •;..*, 
i| Kiddo Wilson retired after the second, 
irt which Eastley cleaned a loaded set of 
bases with a three bagger to right field 
Smith got a home run out of his system 
jln the third settled down flor a frame, 
•but -developed a severe headache in the 
fifth attfe^iggi men had beea retired, 
tw*i? eVery -Sail hit' w^t through the 
ISroeld for a safety. He lost all am- 
'bition, and six runs streamed across 
[before the gate was closed. Escla pum- 
melled the sphere into the next lot in 
this inning with the bases full Alter 
-that almost no effort was made to stop 
: tne carnage ana .Portland scored as 
they, pleased -Eastley added to his bat- 
ting, honors in the ninth by scoring the 
Jiimit number of runs With a four-ply 

So little interest did the Bees take in 
the proceedings towards the close that 
ino coachers were sent out, and as a con- 
nequtnaeo in the ninth a three-baggeY 
and a $e^n single were rendered useless 
|»y th^Hpfayers trying to squeeze an extra 
i.-ase'vA^'-of them '.. 

Kastley might have pitched a fair 
Kune". had he tried, but Wteen a Victory 
lor his toam was assured, he eased up 
and genWously allowed .the Bees to 
^atte.h;:;i^.1» averages at his ex-' 

fe|^&Bii:.:-aapond a smashing double by 
Harmon scored Weed and Harmon him- 
self eame home on Troeh'a lucky bound* 
t:r over. Third Baseman Speas. Weed 
pot a "soft" one in the fourth going to 
third when Esola overthrew first and 
coming across on a wild pitchy The 
Bees hit Eastley hard In the last three 
eessions, and two runs were the result 
In each/ of the seventh and eighth, in 
the ninth only one run was scored on a 
three-bagger, a double and two singles. 

Umpire Van Haltren couldn't make 
connections from Spokane, and the team 
managers decided on Eddie Gleason, 
the local groundskeeper, as arbiter. Ed- 
die was a little off on his calling Of 
halls nnd strikes, but on the whole did 
fairly well. Of course he got panned 
{,-ood and hard by the fans because the 
home team was losing. 

Portland— AB. B. H. PO. A. E. 

Mahoney, cf 6 3 

OS, 3b • . 5 8 - t' 1 , 6 ♦ 

ireh. 3b 1 9 

Pries, rf 5 1 2 2 

McDowell, 2b. 4 1 2 4 

' Williams, lto. ....... -5 2 3 7 

Harris; c 5 2 1 10 

T.s., Ifi. 89 :-> :'< 2 6 2 1 

prmifchanfc. )f 4 2 l 1 

Easftjy, P 5 2 3 9 2 

TotalH 45 16 18 27 10 1 

Victoria — AS. R. H. PO. A. E. 

Pnntvlf.-. cf 4 1 1 S n 

clings, ss. 5 1 6 3 2 1 

Brooks, lb 5 3 6 

Meek, 8b 6 l 2 1 2 1 

Weed, 2b; 5 2 3 1 4 2 

ciomontson, rf 4 2 1 

Harmon. If 6 2 2 3 

Trofh. c. 4 1 9 1 1 

Wijson, p o o o o i o 

llth, p 4 1 1 2 

Totals 41 8 15 27 12 5 

Score by Innings — 

Portland 3 10 6 10 1 4 — 16 

Victoria" 2 010022 1—8 

Summary — Stolen bases — i 
Troeh. Sacrifice fly — Fries. Two 
hits— Speas, Broods, Harmon, Panics, 
Weed. Tliroo pan lilts — Mahoney. East- 
ley, HarmOn, Brooks. Home runs — 
Spf-as. Ksola, Eastley, Smith. Innings 
pltohed by Wilson, 2; hits -t. runs 3. 
Struck out — By Kasllfy R, by Smith 4. 
!,-, Wilson 2 Bases on balls — Off Eost- 
ley 2. ofT Smith 2. Wild pitch— East ItJ 
Passed ball — Harris f2). Charge defeat 
to Smith. Time of game— 1.45. Um- 
pire — E. rjleason. 

BKST LOCAL llll I I \1(I> 


Mr p. enwan, the best billiard 
pluyi'i In Victoria, has b«n sele<icd 
to meet Melbourne Ionian, the world's 
champion, at the Camoaun Club to- 
morrow nlRbl In a 1.000 point match. 
the local man to receive 400 pnintu 
The champion' a visit to Victoria ha« 
-•■ i u brought about through the 
stforta " f Mr. F. B. Richardaon, and 
th.- poSSlbiKtj of future visits from 
the lnastera of the g-ame depends 
entirely on the minner In which 
Inman'i performance Is patroi 
The match will start at 8 o'clock. 

when the Seattle ' batsmen got his 
measure and hit profitably. Score: 
Seattle — AB. R. H. PO. A. E. 

Shaw. 3b 4 1 1 2 

Jackson, lb. ....... . 5 9 1 

NIB; 2b 3 1 1 3 8 © 

Wilson, rf. ......... 5 2 13 0' 

Strait, If. . .... ... . . 4 1 I 10 . 

irfHssasflW^L- uJsssllkWa.* u»»Mii JsV 4s> <*;.js»*je>,^ ..kJB... - . J [w Wm «iss»V ■ 

Raymond, ss. >... x . . * 1 I '• 'ft 
Whaling, c. ........ < 1 * I o 

James, p. . * o l 1 o 

Totals as l 18 17 14 2 

Tacoma — AB. R. H. PO. A. E. 

Stadllle. if. 4 o o 3 o o 

Jansen, 8b 4 8 1 

Neighbors, rf. 318210 

Lynch, cf. 3 4 

Chick. 3b 4 1 1 1 

Holderman, lb. 3 1 8 

McMullen, ss 3 1 1 2 6 

Lalonge. c 3 1 3 1 

Crlger, p 

Hunt, p f ... 3 1 

Total 30 3 6 24 9 1, 

Score by Innings — 
Seattle ........ 12009480 •— 9 

Tarnma OOioaooo 1—8 

Summary — Two base hit — Mann. 
Home runs — Mann, Shaw, McMullen. 
Strait. Sacrifice hits — Shaw, Mann- 
Stolen base— Stadllle. Struck out — By 
James ?. W Hun f 47 Bases on SaTTs~- 
Off James 1, oft Hunt 2. Hit by pitched 
ball — Neighbors by James. Pitchers' 
record: 3 runs and 9 hits off Crlger in 
one Inning: 9 runs and 8 hits off Hunt 
In 7 innings. Charge defeat to Crlger. 
Passed balls— Whaling. Tims of game— 
1:45. Umpires— Moran and Van Haltren. 

TV jj » * 



i ! 

VANCOUVER. Sept.. 23.— Spokane got 
away in front over Vancouver th the 

race of 1912, nosing out the champions 

by ^■■$0o^-^t^p^tiai^'^tmtng-- to the 

late arrival of tile visitors only seven 
innings were played. Strand held Van r 
cijuver p> £''«&£' hit- and Was oltlf . Ill 
trouble onfeeJv The seotfa*' .■^ , ■ .-■-*» ' ■>•, *■■ 
Vancouver-- AB. R. H. PO. A. E. 

Brinker, lb. ........ 3 4) T 1 o 

Bennett, 8>. ,.....,. .4 j» ; 41 

Goodman; 8b. ... '. . . . 301 

SVis'k, rf. ...... .... 1 

•Gates ...»>.' *.,..'...■ i «. fi 
Kipper t. cf. .t...».. t 9 
Eroer, if. ..^. «.....« 8 0- 

Seharney. ss. 2 

Sepujveda, c. ........ 8 o 

*W n *fr P- 

• tf,*.*,* **« • 

r< l.rf • 





Totals ........... 33/0 131 9 2 

•Cates batted for Frisk In seventh. 
Spokane— y AB. It H. PO. A. E. 

MyerS, lb. • ai }^ • .' • • 

Cooney, ss. ..;...■'..?-'"$■ * ; 9 "-g | tf 

Hartley, cf. ►.. 3 0.0 3,0 Ol 

Johnson, tt. ..r.Vi^ '* 8 !*- f ^o f 

Altman. 3b l-.^ 1 ^ j " 

Cartwright, 3h. »...*.,.«. 1 3 1 

Ostdiek, c. ......... 8 3 9 

aHMocVp. }*&.'&..: 2 9 4) ■ 19 

Totals ...........I 81 3 V 81 7 

Score by Innings- 
Vancouver 99000 0—0 

Spokane ..... ^..'.yC, 900911 — 2 

Summary-^tjfrlSO bases — Myers (2), 
Cooney, Goodman.' Sacrifice hits— 
Cooney, Powell, Cartwrlght. Three base 
hits— Goodman, Johnson. Bases on balls 
—Off Willis 1. Struck out— By Willis 2, 
by Strand 3. Double plays— Willis to 
Brinker to Goodman. Hit by pitcher — 
Goodman, Frisk. Left on bases — Van- 
couver 3, Spokane 3. Time of game — 
1:15. Umpire — Toman. 




SEATTLE, Sept. 23. — James was un- 
beatable today while the localH hit Ta- 
corna's pitchers hard at opportune times 
and S'.-'attle won the Ramp, !> to 2. Three 
lu.nif runs III the first two Inning* 
drove CiiKor from the box. Hunt rr- 
lleyed him with none out in Die ««•■ 
ond ntid held the locals until the sixth. 



Two Strong Teams Brought to 
Victoria by the Local Club 
— First Game at the Fair 
Ground Tomorrow Afternoon 

The Victoria Polo Club, In conjunc- 
tion with the B. C. Agricultural Asso- 
ciation, has arranged two polo matches 
for this week at the fair grounds be- 
tween the Kelowna and Kamloops clubs. 
The first will be played tomorrow, 
starting at 3 o'clock, and the second on 
Saturday at the same time. 

An effort Is being made to form a 
polo team In Victoria, and It is hoped 
that these matches will arouse suffi- 
cient local interest to make the estab- 
lishment of the game here feasible. All 
tlie visiting players arp past, masters In 
the sport, and the organizations which 
they represent are the two strongest 
tfl B. C. 

The visiting ieams are staying at -the 
Empress hotel. Their ponies, about 
thirty in number, are stahled at the fair 
grounds. The two matches will be 
played on the- area Inclosed by the race 


Thp following are the teams: 
Kamloops — Hawksworth Norrls, God- 
frey Kennington. Alfred Longbone and 
l;ontld Oeroge Georgp. 

Kelowna — R. H. Parkinson. A. Cather, 
C. K. L. Pyman and A. P. H. Errlngton. 


'i w m 

Oak Bay Council Tunis Down 
Application From Local Pro- 
moters for Permit — Barri- 
eau Matched With Scaler 

At last night's meeting of the Oak 
Bay council the application put in by 
Messrs. Davies and Gray for a permit 
for a boxing contest between Ernie 
icouver, a n < |; Jo e " 8 s1 ff; ', 
ley or Al Jeffs of Victoria, on the even- 
ing of October 31 was turned down. 
That practically means that profession- 



Harry Ostdiek, manggor of the 
Spokane Indians, gays tlwn If the 
S«gttle Giantg a in i !.«• Norlhweai.'i'ii 
lx-;iKU.- pennant It won't It !ji:cau»e 
they have the best iluli. He further 
says: "We will meet the Seattle 
In a post-season series, opening 

k from yesterday, and while 

■ MKliiK tne worst of It by play- 
In k ~Vn h"i 
bet a 

'. II! ' 

* whoUk series in Beattle, ri: 
nil a livdr wad ttiat we beat 


The ; V. M. C. A. Football Club will 
hold a meeting on Thursday evening 
next, September 26, for the purpose of 
electing a manager, a captain and vice- 
captain and making arrangements for 
the opening match In the Intermediate 

i/".Pii rn 


Myers Can't Overtake Bee 
Catcher Now Unless Miracle 
Happens — Noyes and James 
Are Fighting It Out 

ti "i + 



— r - 



f i ff" 

Of Australia, who claims to be the 
World's champion club swinger. Bur- 
rows Will arrive in Victoria from San 
Francisco In a day or M. He Is un- 

'ii ■ ■■ n' 

doubtedly a great athlete, and one of 
the feats he will probably attempt while 
here will be to break the world's record 
for fancy cluh swinging of 10 hours 
without rest or stop. 

i - i« i .. i 

al boxing is at an end in Victoria as 

fair as the Oak Bay municipality Is con- 
cerned. Further efforts, however, will 
be made to put on a bout in that dis- 
trict as Is evidenced by the fact that 
the council has on hand at present two 
or three applications from other local 
promoter*. These were not given any 
consideration at last night's meeting. 

Mr. Davies stated. last night that he 
had requested the Oak Bay council to 
leave Bayley's name out of the question 
entirely, owing to the seeming Impossi- 
bility of getting the Canadian champion 
to some to any reasonable terms, but 
apparently this request was overlooked 
when the application came up for dis- 

It. Is understood that the permit 
granted for the recent boHt between 
Bayley and Scott must not be taken as 
meaning that professional boxing is 
open In Oak Bay, as on that occasion 
It was merely the stretching of point in 
order to afford Victorians an opportun- 
ity of seeing the local boy, who had 
won the Canadian championship, In ac- 

Bmrrienu Matched 

A Vaocouvex paper says that ISrnle 
Barrieau, amateur lightweight champion 

boxer of the- Pacific Northwest, will 

make his professional debut at Edmon- 
ton next month Choi Molutyre,' phy- 
sical director of the Vancouver Athletic 
Club, who is acting as manager for 
Barrl^ou. received a wire from M, Qrad- 
well of Edmonton, accepting the terms 
he named for Huri'lcan to box Kl! 
Scaler next month. Mcrntyrc replied 
telling the promoters to name the date 
and send along the articles, 

In Scalfer Bfrreau win find the 
tonglierit kind of an opponent* At one 
time Sealer was a near-chantpibn anil 
he has battled with all the host light; 
wights In the country. He is a vcternn 
now, but he has settled down in TCd- 
montOfl and has hen taking mighty 
good care of himself for the past year 
Kdmonton enthusiasts arp willing to 
her t2,ooo that he can beat .ion Bayloy, 
of Victoria, but they have been utiabVc 
to clinch the match. The coming bout 
was offered Bnylcy Brgl OUi 3*OS'i tcrm« 
n-erc too high. 

Chet Mclntvre Intend?, lo take Bar- 
rlean up to Harrison Hot Springs and 
will put his boy through a slreriuous 
course of training tin 

O T. P. Steamers to Seattle, Sundays 
nncl Wednesdays, to Vancouver, Mon- 
days and Thursdays — sailings 10 a. in, * 

Inter-League fcteries 


DENVER, Colo., Sept. 22,— A series 
of games for the minor league chnm- 
pionship was announced today be- 
tween Denver, representing the West- 
ern League, and Minneapolis, pennant 
winner in the American Association. 
Tho ,«cr!e.« Is contingent upon Denver 
winning the flig in the Western 

All the games are to be played here, 
ad on the following days: October .">, fi, 
8, 10, 12 and 13. The players and club 
owners will divide the receipts equally. 

Week. Ladles' skirts, children's fleece- 
lined underwear, ladles' vests, etc. Five, 
Tjit, aiuj fifteen Cent Store, • 


X meeting of the .Victoria Welsh 
Rugby Football Club will be held at the 
Balmoral hotel at 8 o'clock Wednesday 
evening. Important business is to corns 
up for discussion. All 'intending to be- 
come members will be given a hearty 

Instructive' Entertainment at 
Y.M.C.A. Natatorium— Ben- 
well Cup Competition Fea- 
ture Event 

On Saturday evening next In the Y. 
M.C.A. natatorium a swimming gala, 
which, for instructive entertainment, 
will surpass -anything of the kind ever 
put on In Victoria, will be held by the 
Royal Life Saving Society of British 
Columbia. The feature event will be the 
first -annual competition for the Benweil 


:Vi admission will be charged and It 
Is expected thai there wlU be a capacity 
attendance, .\ft-r the competitions the 
cups and iindais will be presented by 
Sir rtlonard UcBrlde, the vice-president 
of the society. The lirst contest will 

start at I o'< lock. 

Prograninis i 

1. Ticnmni-i : -ulnn of society's meth- 
ods by the honorary chief and deputy 

Instructors, MSSSYa I'miU'rct and Long. 

2. Benweil cup competition i part 1) 

...tries— .1. II. ('aim and K W. Hollln- 
gtim, Vancouver Y M.i'.A . L Wrirnicker. 
T. Hoylan.l. O. Mnrwlck and W. Def- 
rctl. Victini I t M.C.A 

I. Exhibition of scientific sw.mming 
by L. Fullard-Leo (ex-champlon swim- 
mer of the world and originator of 

famous crawl storke). 

4. Benweil cup competition (part 2) 
entries — C. Laundy, Q. II. Hlggins and 
B. Bcstnll. Victoria V.M.CA.; W. Bar- 
rett. Vancouver Y.M.C.A.; R 11. Klines 
and (J. H. Orlffln, K.L.S.S. 

6, Comic event. 

6. Presentation of cup and medals by 
Sir Richard McBrlde, K.C.. K.C.M.O.. 


Referee, P. R. Pom fret, honorary 
chief Instructor; Judges, W. Long, hon- 
orary deputy Instructor, A. Cotter, sec- 
retary-treasurer C.A.S.A., H. C. branch. 
I,. K. Leo, R. l.h.n. ; competitors' sub- 
jects, K. J. Fleury, F. R. Poinfict, J. J 
Matheson and V. Carver, 

With the Northwestern league season's 
end only a matter of days away, It is ap- 
parent that the 1912 batting honors will go 
to Harry Meek, the stocky Victoria vetsran. 
Hap Myers is only nine points behind, but 
Happlcus will have to do. some extraordin- 
ary clouting and Meek will have to slump 
to overcome the lead enjoyed by the latter. 

Myers will probably have to be' content 
with the run-getting and base-stealing hon- 
ors. The' latter he has had cinched for 
many moons, the former he should be able 
to hold out easily against Pug Bennett, his 
on'v;ci,nrle rival. 

Chick Hartley, the Philadelphia police- 
man in the Indian uniform, and Wilson, the 
Seattle outfielder, each have some extra- 
ordinary av e r ages , but their comparative 
number of games excludes them from the 
real "honors of the season. 

The race for the pitohtng honors of the 
league la so elose that It may not be' de- 
cided till the very last game is pitched. 
James Is half a gams ahead of Noyes, and 
Jimmy , Clark is stlli in the running. 

All pitchers averaging around the .500 
mark and better; all batsmen now playing 
regularly In "the lineup batting over .260 or 
close around that mark, and the leading 
baae-stealers and aacrfice hlttera are shown 
In the tables below: 

The Pitching Records. 

Won. Lost. Pet. 

Jhmel Z8 

Clark ..:. 
Engle .... 
Cadreau . 
Byram . . , 
Smith .... 
Wilson ... 

• ...*»•• 


32 8 

i IS 7 

8 8 

to it 

II 12 

....;:.: n « 

S, S 

• • 

t • 

tf 14 

...... 11 • 




Willis 18 10 

Bloomfleld 15 IS 

Gervals , It 1? 

Eastley »..■«.•.»•••«. 13 13 

jlCraft .......... .;■>». ..".». ^, 14 . ^14 

Gordon • , i , , ■ ,j , .'.. ,,«•;•» % .^ » .-is ' .14 

Strand »^.»,.«fc»,.*.»..«,.,j, 6 « 




Individual Batting 

Hartley, Spokane 
Meek. Victo^a 
Wilson, Seat 
Myers, Spokane ..... 
McDowell, Portland . 
Schneider, Seattle 
Kennedy, Victoria . . . 
Neighbors. Tacoma .. 
Callahan,; Portland • • 
Altman, Spokane .... 
Bennett, Vancouver . 

Strait, Seattle ■ -. 

Weed, Victoria 

Mann, Seattle ....... 

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Byram. VaneetijrSi' .. 
Melcholr, Spokane 1 ' .... 

Jackapn, Seattle . ,. i-'i 
Gordon, Spokane . . .'. 

Shaw, Seattle 

Fullerton, Seattle . ^ 
Klppert. Vancouver '.. 

ffpesa PertlShil ..... 
Hunt, Tacoma ....;. 
n well, Spokane. .... 
Ill, Seattle ........ 

JTrles, Portland . , . > . 

Lynch, tacoma 

Devogt. Spokane .... 

Eastley, Portland . .» 
Lewis, Vancouver ... 
James, Seattle ...... 

(lementson, Victoria 
James, Vancouver . ., 
Whaling. Seattle . . . . 

Holderman, . Tacoma . , 

Keller, Victoria 

Cartwrlght, Spokane 
Stadllle, Tacoma .... 

Mahoney. Portland . . 
Cooney. Spokane .... 

Yohe, Victoria ...... 

Seharney, Vancouver 
tftelger. Portland .... 

Burch, Portland 
Williams, Portland .',. 



.. lit 


.. 403 


.. 176 


.. »T3 


M *» 


,. .ft 




,. .608 


. . 20 


.. 282 

.. ffsi 


.. SI 9 

, 88 

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..' 657 






.. *tr 


• i :•»?" 

" ' t. 

- "•■!!* ' 

! *l 

• ■ «!»•• 




., 65* 


. . its 


. . 614 


.. 601 




., Mt 


.. 4*T 


,. 001 


... 6*0 


.. tot 


.: 1ST 




. . It* 


. . MO 




.. 41* 


.. 23S 

■-. n 

.. 649 


.. 511 


.. t03 




.. 667 


.. 587 


.. 448 


.. 6* 


. 104 


. . 463 


H. Ave. 

48 .387 

166 .660 

68 .Ml 

187 .327 

108 .318 

M .*,14 

164 .104 

171 .101 

6 .300 

14 ,1M 

174 .101 

161 : .293 

i«o .Mi 

187 .200 

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lit .288 

• .19 .287 

<7 .186 


148 .182 

rn' .281 

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153 .280 

61 .Mtj 

141' .fffi 

1M .175. 

67 .*«*| 

'7S . .1T1| 

M4 .17* 

181 .161 

158 .1*8 

M .1*7 

{I. Ut? 

5 .Hi 


;iM ?4 . 

107 .Ml 

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140 .266 
130 .264 

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M .364 

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111 .160 

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M .250 

115 .247 

We have a good assortment of 

Gasoline Fire Pots 
and Torches 

Prices, etc., from 

E. G. PRIOR & Co., Ltd. Ly. 

|||' Corner Government and Johnson Streets 

'' .JWaMSJtsssstjaaWBg^ 



Trolling Rigs, complete, 
line, spoon and* sinker. 
Price ...... .... . 6(tyJ 

Trolling Rods, mottled 
bamboo, 3-piece with 
extra tip, each $3.75 

English Trolling Reels, 

each, $5.00, $4.25 
and «]>3.7d 






9*6 Government St. 

Phone 817 




— — 

i. -«T' 


l l ! i . lll l J'. r "'M 11 ' 



. -<i tf; 

Shooters Take Warning 

Dorr?t shoot at something in the dark. Make sure you see 
exactly what you are shooting at, for fear it niay happen to 
be your own chum. Get the right kind of ammunition, and 
a .ff^mrU safe. We have it. 


l2io Broad Street 

Phone L183 

Leading- Bane Straters 
Mycra, 104; Cooney, 61i Bennett, 40; 

Klppert, 88; Speas, 35; Shaw, 35; Strait, 34; 

Cartwrlght. 34; Kennedy. 30: Zimmerman, 

20; James, 28; Baymond, 27; Kellar, 27; 

Altman, 24; Tohe, 24; Mann, 24; Seharney, 

23; Melcholr, 11; McDowell. 20. 

Leading Sacrifice Hlttera 
Hawllngs, 14'; Cooney, 3t; Bennett. 31: 

McMullen, 30; Nlll, 29; Raymond, 27; James, 

37) Speas, 28; Fries, 23; Harris, '^'.'; Frisk. 



■ t -X 


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, and ammunition can explain the points of 
difference between one weapon and 
another or give the advice the buyer often 
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Lemon Gonnason Co. Ltd. 

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National League 
PlltJibuiB-Nru Vork game postponed ; rain. 
At Brooklyn— H H - E 

St. Louis - s ■ 

Brooklyn ^ « I 

Batteries — Hterle. Qtiner nml Wlngo; 
KrwMz'r nnfl Miller. 

At Boston — B. II B, 

' iruii. ti 8 "> * 

Boston .'. t 12 . 

Batteries — Works, Snggs and Severold; 
Hrm and Karlden. 

At Philadelphia — Chicago-Philadelphia, 
postponed; uet grounds. 

League Standing 

Won Lost. Pet. 

NSW York »T -II .«8R 

Chicago W 64 "I 7 

Plttifcurg 86 tt .ro« 

■ -mi (nnatl T2 Ti .600 

I'hllmlelphla 87 74 .476 

.«t. L»Ul| 59 86 .4 11 

Brooklyn &* M ■•'' S1 

Boston -17 9« 32l> 

NO Amerli'sn Ti*n«ue»i>. 

<nB»t Lengur Stnndlmr 

Won. Lost. Pet 

n^kland 191 «9 -6!>7 

Los Angeles 94 70 .670 

Varaen , A »l » -"9 FrHiirlK-o 7" SoO 161 

Portland «7 *< •*** 

Siuiamento 81 99 .386 


TORONTO, Sept. 23. — President J. .T. 
Kelly, of the C. L. A., today forwarded 
a challenge to the Mann cup trustees on 
behalf of the St. Catharines champiops. 
The cup la at present reposing in Van- 

In view of the fact that the C. L. A. 
tabooed all cluhsi playing for the Mann 
i up last year, the challenge Is rather 
unexpected, and it la likely that the cup 
trustees will notify St. Catharines that 
they must forward their own challenge 
as an Invading club, submitting all 
n&moa of the players to them to pans 
upon as eligible or not to play for the 

Mi. Kelly suggests a* dales. October 
2 to October 6. sn<l as referee*. Kav- 
J atiafh, Hennessy and. Clark. 


New Hudson 


Marconi Bros. 

Successors to F. N. Costln, 
674 Johnson Street. 


The Arcade 

And Join In the- ragtime tourna- 
ments now on. 

Pcmbcrton Bldg., Fort St. 

I have now installed In ray 
Oarage at 931 View Street, a 

Complete and Modern Auto- 
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And have secured the servcles gf 
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Your Winter 

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' :?34 Crovci lUftvM 

\KTom\ nwr/v colonist 

Tuesday, September 24, 1912 

Will It Be Stylish? Will It Be 

Exclusive? Will It Reflect Fash- 

ion's Latest Ideas? 


open w mm 

I<T VfUX, iryoir"Bi^yoSff material at GbTadn^-^iS&air^ ~" ViW^weefr~lXttfc 
f*ncy coatings are the very finest of this season's products. From ^very stand- 
point — appearance, wear and price — they cannot be equalled in the city. 

We have a splendid assortment, too, and can guarantee to suit both your taste 


and pocketbook. Hllg* %g\ $9 Af) 

In 44, 50 and 54 inch widths, per yard, * ©V TO W«"v 

Crepe-de-Chen e and 
Satin Gowns 

Another" shipment of Afternoon and 

livening Oo.wns, in especially smart 
styles. Made with the modified pan- 
nier skirt and trimmed with clusters 
of fancy buttons. The waists are 
made. With the Robespierre gollar and 
tailored sleeves, finished with soft 
ruffles of lace. In many -shades, 
$25.00 and ..... T. $35«wr 

re Your Gloves Suitable 
For the Occasion 

It is the care and discrimination 

looks af ter — the- 

Quality of Exhibits to Surpass 
Anything /Previously Seen 
Here — Programme for the 

with which a woman 

little things — both of deportment and 

dress — that stamps her as a "lady." 

And one" of those "little things" is 
Gloves. They must blend perfectly 
with jher evening gown or tailored suit, 
they must fit accurately, they must re- 
flect the latest ideas' of finish and work- 
manship. *' ".■■] 

Such Gloves are Trefoiisse Gloves* They 
ate masterpieces of comfort arid 
■ % >eauty, and -consequently are favor- 
ites with women who are careful of 
^neir appeararrcer^ In all leading 
shades, suitable for street or social 

; 'i" 'ifotifc- Trefousse Gloves, all sizes, 
., up from . . ... . . « • v • • • • • ••> • • ••pl'50 

It must be seldom Indeed that the 
annual provincial exhibition held in 
Victoria under the auspices of the B. Q. 
Agricultural Association, commencing 
today and eitSntHhg Its rim right 
I tUn»«] t lHie tf«i8 l l' to > e « t^ li'< hK r H «W^1»»e n ' 
ushered 'to 4»na*r''* '" cowhinatibn' - of 
more harmonious and propitious circum- 
stances. Entries have ruled exceptional- 
ly large, quality surpasses, at leust in 
\aany clasps, anything that ' has been 
h^. n lo thla connection at the Willows, : 
where the fat- taken place, before; gen" 
era: interest on the part of the public 
in livestock, agriculture, horticulture,' 
ma^nufHCiUMS. fish products arid min- 
erals, and such other phase's of provln- 
< i«*'. activity t-s will comprise the show, 
Is peculiarly well attuned at the pres- 
ent tlm., owing doubtless, to the sys- 
tematic drilling of the government and 
the various societies .and associations 
through which tt expresses itself In the 
province; and thiif' weather, '-the. last 
hazard on the road to success of such 
a function, appears to Be in such a 

happy moon n uit ' Muuiinf, ' .wmama't o 

mar the prospective achievement of 
the exhibition and those connected with 

1: . lors r- om uii over the country 
an atod already, and whatAi ■ i 

th( reault ol th< vm i ompetitto 
may be. It. il ■ -<" i' 1 "- 1 they Will bi 
moat cosmopolitan, in a som. tnlt- 

of the wo ■ '■' " 

lev .v. ial of th • 

magnificent i linens thai 

figure in the ring, and B stroll 
rimiid the' stables revealed tii<- name \ 
many bid favorites whosi i tplolU •>< 
previous fairs In the c)ty are record 
In history. 

ur ine poultry, manuracturcs, and 
Other BOO uled exhibits it was lm- 

i,iy to obtain an) - ! 
Impression owing to the fact that man] 

1 hem that will be on view today had 
not arrived or were not set up in place. 
Thursday a Holiday 

What the show means to Victoria 
cannot well be estimated In words, but 
that an attempted valuation or appre- 
ciation is being made officially is to be 
found in the fact that Mayor Bcckwlth 
has seen fit to declare Thursday a pub- 
lic holiday wl^h a view to giving every 
citizen a cblance of interesting hlmswt 
or herself 'personally ^n what is regard- 
ed with becoming pride as the city's 

During the week the. monotony of the 
ring will be tempered Tflth the continu- 
ance^! the racing, which, however, In 
accordance with thej law, will be under 
the control of the fair directorate. The 
programme of track events will continue 
to be generous, and this, together with 
the horse show, whloh opens this even- 
ing on the declaration of Sir Richard 
McBride, should 'supply whatever ex- 
citement the most ardent sportsman may 
require. . • • r, 

The Week's Programme 

The programme is as follows : 

Tuesday— 10 a.m., Judging of class 1. 

Daughters df Pity win, «s always, have 

a tea room which 11 Is a delight to an- 

The children of the public schools 

are sending In an excellent cooking «-x- 

liliili and It m hoped that Miss Juniper 
will give u demon ..I their work. 
i ii" beautiful garden around the build- 
ing will ha a mii, .I s. to those who saw 
its beginning. Nowhere is there a 
i. On the west side 
nt' the building golden glow and many 
vmi. ilea of kindred flowers show a 
nl i>ry of coloring. The crimson geran- 
iums and fern make an effective border 
and A beautiful \ ergreen 

shrubs a a sight to please the 

most fastidious lover of plants, Every 
arrangement for the comfort of visitors 
Is made and it Is hoped that a large 
attendance will reward the efforts of 
those who have taken so much pains 
to prepare the building for visitors. 

' C r VaeMale! judg in g o f c l ass 9 : ■s ta nd a rd 
breds; judging of class 6, Hoi stein?. 
2 p.m.,' grand opening of exhibition by 
His Hohor Lieut-Governor Peterson, 


riae- f tM rar te g Xlade qadsy- Aaspto ss ; i 

Women'c Institute— list of the 
Prize Winners 

.The Metchosln Women's Institute 
held an exhibition of woman's work In 
the Metchosln Hall, on Tuesday and 
Wednesday. September 17th and 18th. 
The exhibition was opened by the Rev. 
H. B. Hadlow, In the absence of Mrs. 
Henry Croft, honorary president. Mr. 
R. H. Pooley, M. P. P., Mrs. Pooley and 
Miss JSberts wore present during the 
first evening and the institute wish to 
express their hearty thanks for their 
willing help, and* also to the ladies, Mrs. 
Munsle and Mrs. Woods, who so kindly 
went from Victoria to act as Judg;s. 
The rollowing Is a list of the prize 
winners; • I 

-wnite bread— 1st. Mrs. W, Peachy; 
8M, »H». W, Witty 

Too Late to 

Alhliiu St. \>i C'lifQ'j— S-rO0med 
modern bungalow. large lot, i 
minutes from Gorge car, $4100; 
IBOO cash, balance monthly. Brit- 
ish Canadian Home Builders, 1,1m- 
, 313 Say ward Building. Phone 

00-Kixiiii bodging House, cloae In, 
every room occupied, long lease, 
best of reasons for selling, net 
profits large. Phone 1030. 

37-Room Rooming House, close lr., 
new building, long lease.' all new 
furniture, low rent, house full of 
roomers. • This is a money-maker. 
Call 314 Sayward Building. ~rr 

''' i ' , -. i i . .." ',,;!■ ' . ' „ ' 

7-Koomed Modern House, within % 
mile of the City hall, on large cor- 
ner lot. This Is «emi-bu»lnes» 
property and can be purchased be- 
low market price; $85 00; 11 000 
cash, balance over 7 years. 

Fernwood. 4-Boomed House, modern 
In every respect, half block from 
car line; price $2600; cash, $G25, 
balance $20 per month and Interest. 

Grant St., near Pandora, 6-roomed, 
modern bungalow, newly papered 
and decorated, furnace, fireplace 
and beamed ceiling In dining-room, 
large pantry. 8 bedrooms, bath- 

room, laundry tuos, good vegetable 
and flower garden, large lot. Price 
$6,000; $1,000 cash, balance easy 
monthly payments. British Can- 


In ever£ shade, these gowns may be 
taken as some of the very finest 
models Dame Fashion has designed 
for aiJtnmn a^xd^* winder wear^ ii{> 


— — 


l l« H i m 

739 Yates Stntt 



*•— ' 

Phone 1391 


This view shows the main structure on the fair grounds from the en- 
trance of which Ueut. Oovernor Paterson will deliver the address 
that will aet tha exhibition "wheels* In motion on Tuesday afternoon. 









■' 1 

f^ si. 

^*W : ^ ^^^^ 

: «**'sii(iWt ■ Jsft'L ' in 

.. ,W->!r^-f^.^' Wll!A ss Kf tt *>Wj > L ll i>! rJ W> 3 r * WU 1 w . l rt 

. ffiaj aass w «'■■ ii psjI i s s hhs s j nHwpmw » i'f w»'w«ww»r* , * TO 

OpeEiusr Ceremony 
the opening; ceremony takes place 
this afternoon. Lieut.-C.overnor Pater- 
son officiating. /That event, while sig- 
nalising the official declaration that the 
show Is open 'to the public, will not by 
any means be the* wm*m*ne*me»t of 
public or private" lnte^r*W*^t«>r ah*w. 
F»r weeks dnd months past exhibits 
have been in preparation, In fact, as' 
In t!ie case of some horse and cattle 
exhibits, the paat few days have been 
•pent in transit from other points of 
the Dominion to r the capital v of - the 
province, end there can be little doubt 
that the time und attention devoted to 
the preparation Of sucrh exhibits prior 
to their shipment to these- parts, can- 
not be -rep r eBe 9l8W J rai^^§^^P u ? , .® 1fa l K " 
As r prominent exhibitor stated to a 
.Colon lb t .representative yesterday after- 
:■ hi In reply to a few q\rerles rb'gard- ; 

no H-.i.'c. cither in tlio matter of time. 
or expenditure, to the preparation »(" 
these exhibits. In ninny instances they 
are the work of years, anfl what makes 
it all il. more harassing is that the 
slightest mishap utiddes everything. 
Mishap* mi' the most Catching things 
In thi world, ;.and they^are pa'rticuluriy 
1 1 in guarded against ;when the exhibit 
Iip; to be shipped from one point to an- 
other, ror Hi- n, iii addition to the com- 
pc.ilion in the rliiK, we have to fifflit 
ilnst ail iorts of ills en roill 

A High Average 
OlanciriK round the various booths 
and sheds jest niiiy in company with 
a regular exhibitor, nm' whose bias In 
favor ot past triumphs did not pre- 
judice him dgainst the future, the In- 
furiiiatiuii was gfeaned that once 
pres la summed up In a dual 

tive sense ns against a iiuftiUH 
sense It will be foim.i to surpass per- 
haps i.\-..i-\ other furfdtlmi of the' i<lnd 
. \ i a- held In the city, This remark Is 

ii.p.l to be applied In a very x>-n 
•;:i\ is, while there may be dis- 
appointments, the average trill be 

m i nil the Ki"»l will be exception- 
ally gOOll. 

Up tin b la • ■ hour y*hi iraay there 

was only a fair proportion of th I 

hiblta on the ground, but la spite of 
that numerical deflclenoy t ) » - quanta' 
tive cxcelleni - of the exhibits pn seni 

f..i'-''.;sli'.l a IiIkIi average. This was 

,.. j,, , i.iii-. ii'u<. in respect of oattle 
whiii- ii would bo Invidious to Institute 
oomparispns, were such 4 technical 
proposition possible to the ioy rnlnd, b'a- 
. the jii.iirni'-nt of tha ring Is psjisedi 

It |{ mil within th'. mark 

to state generally bhai no such ag^ 
gation of high clasel animals has ever 
boon shown in the fair grounds be 

Fine Horses 

Critics of horseflesh also declare 

that the show will leveu) some features 
hitherto unsuspected In provincial 
breeding Persorcal Inspection in the 
loose boxes, while certainly a privilege, 
la scarcely tha proper basis for a judg- 
ment, but at the same time many en- 
thusiastic experts in this most fascinat- 
ing of breeding Industries will be 
grievously AVMppOiatted if a standard 
is not set on this occasion that will 

eclipse all previous record* 

t< ... 

accompanied by Sir Richard McBride 
and others; running races, trotting races, 
acrobatic performances; 8 p.m., opening 
of the horse show by Sir Kicharn Mc- 

Wednesday— 10 a.m., judging of heavy 
and light horses continued; judging 
dairy cattle, sheep and hogs; stock Judgr>; 
ing competition. 1 p.m., stockmen's din- 
ner. • . i p.m„ running races, trotting-, 
races, acrobatic performances, 8 p.ra, 
horse show. 

Thursday— 10 a.m., grooms* competi- 
tion. 2' p.m.. grand stock parade, run- 
ning races, acrobatic performances, trot- 
ting races. 8 p.m., horse show. 

iYlday-^iO a.'m., annual meeting in 
women's building. 8 p.m., grand stock 
parade, running races, trotting races, 
acrobatic performances; 8 p.m.. horse 
show. t" 

Saturday— -Auction sale of stock. 2.80 
p.m.. grand stock parade 2 p.m., running 
races trotting races, acrobatic perform*- 
ances. 8 p.m., horse show. # 
Horse Show Classes 
The horse Show Events are as fol- 

Tuesday. 8 p.m., most accomplished 
girl rider; 8.10, most accomplished hoy 
rider; 8.20, carriage, single; 8.&5. la< 
j saddle; 8.60, carriage, double; 9, geh'tle- 
man's saddle; 0.16, tally-ho; 9.30, jump- 
ing class; 9. 50. combination horses; 10, 
high ; 10.15, hunt teams. 

Wednesday— 8 p.m., children's ponies; 
8.10, carriage horses, novice; S.2H, Shet- 
land pony, harness: 8.:i0, trotters; 8.40, 
saddle horses, novice; 9, mare or gelding 
to brougham; 9.15, hunters, lightweight; 
9.30, pony tandem; 9.45, pair of mares or 
geldings to victoria; 10.15, pair of oarrl- 
ago horses; 10.25, Corinthian ela 
Thursday- 8, health department 
8.1U, city delivery; »i'. tour- 
horse team; 8.25. combination horses: 
s.4. r i. best pair; 8.50. mare or gelding; 

'.i. Sluidlaiid pony; M0, hlgli Hl.-pp.'r; 

B.25, saddle horses, n<> ' 

[very; 10, pah ' ■ s ahd g( Idlnga; 

10.16, ladles' iiuniiTs; 10.86, tandems; 

10.45, .I111111'. 

i- >i idaj ** p in . pair of Bhetland 
pontes; S.10, oarrikge horses, novice; 8.25, 

i of mares Or sti I dings; vm, t 
galtt d saddle horse: B^.48, hunters; 9, 
runabout); 9.1 o. polo ponies; 9.25. ni 

or gelding; 9.-15, jump; II IV Bitj flShV- 
, JV , 10. marc or gelding; 10,16, snddlo 
tlOTSeS; 10.25, water Jump. 

Saturday-- 8 p.m., hr-st pair; 8,10, 
pony; H.20, six-horse team; 8.30, pair "f 

mares or geldings'; 8.40, horses, heavy* 
weights; 1.50. MaTh-steppers; 9, saddle 
horses'; 9.15. lady's carriage class; 9.25, 
tandem; 9.40, lady's saddle horse; i°. 
pony in harness; 10.16* high Jump 

The ladies In charge of the "W. C. T. 
t; n-Ht tent appeal to members of pie 
society who can help during th« weejt to 
■end i" their nanus as soon as possible. 
There Will be work for all who can 

The Women's Building 

Preparations are in progress to make 
the Women's building a very at tractive 
rxirt of the exhibition. Mrs. TyOrrnze, 
who is in charge this year, has a staff 
of helpers who are doing some very 
effective decoration. This lady states 
that the exhibits of women's work are 
numerous and of a very high class. 
The women's Institutes nre vying with 
each other In the decorations of their 
booths and lh* displey of dainties, fhe 

Brown bread — 1st, Wrs W. Peachy; 
2nd, Mrs. H. H. Neild. 

• White cookies — 1st, MrB. W. Peachy; 
2nd? Mrs. Stockand. 

— retain -blseu^BT-riet; Mrs. -Waltts 
Pears; 2nd, Mrs. Stockand. 
, i>mner rolls— lBt, Mrs. Stockand. 
f Marble cake— 1st, Mrs. H. Helgesen. 
.layer cake-^-lst, Mrs. H. - Helgesen; 
Ihd. Miss ' ^ : ,?eachy. ., . 
' j. Seed., cahe^s^ldr* Thomas; 2nd, 
#rsv Walllf Mmfa&-& -£jk-; *i ' 
JtrruH cake#jst. Mrs. B. Fteldt 2nd, 
Mrs. W. O. Sweatman. . 

t JfruiJ pier-jls^ Mrs. , W. Peachy, • 
: |milsat" pie— -list, 'Mrs./'vyi Pears. 

1 lome made candy — 1st, Mrs. W. 
Sweatman; 2nd, Mrs. Thomas. , 
Fancy butter— 1st, Mrs. Thomas. 
Mincemeat— 1st Mrs. M. iluir. 
juottled fruit—lst. Mrs; C. Or£tl|€biiv 
2nd, Mrs. N. Howsjd-'-" 
• Sweet Pickle*— 1st, :JSr^: : ^rViSiSk^i 
2nd. Mrs. H. Hi Nield. * 

; Bottled ., vegetables— -1st. Mrs. W. 
Preachy. ■*-< ■■•'•■-.% 

\ FMejTnasa4e--lst i Mra. W'«'' Nelld; 
2nd, Mrs. w. Peas. i 

Collection of Jellies— 1st, Mrs. N. 
Howard; 2nd, ,Mrs. W. Peachy. 

Collection -of ,Ja«is-*-iat; Mrts,- W. O. 
Sweatman; 2nd. Mrs. M. Muir. 

Collection of pickles— 1st, Mrs. W. 
Peachy; 2nd, Mrs. M. MulrA 
. ; collect ion of - t3er«nlums— lat, Mrs. 
W. 6. Sweatman. 

%ae $ *23af 1st- fee.* 


adlan Home Builders, .Ltd., 

Say ward building. Phone 1030. 



For Sale— A shoe-shining parlor In 
an excellent position. A very cheap 
buy. The British Canadian Home 
Builders, Ltd. 

Sound Investment— Purchase shares 
In British Canadian Home Builders 
white you can at $1.16 "per share. 
In -addition to profits from our 

.Building Department, the Real Es- 
tate and insurance' Department con- 
tribute to the dividends on Home 
BSiiders' shares. Send for pros- 
pectus; It will interest' you. 



Real Bstato Department 
Members Victoria Real Estate Ex- 
Agents, Royal Insuranoe Company. 
Thltd Bloor, Sayward Bids'. 
Phone 1030 
Ernest Kennedy, Managing Director 

■55 — _— — — — . 



Specimen retn--lst, Mrs. J; H. Smart. 

Rex Begonia— i st. Mrs. J. H. Smart 

Basket of. flowera— 1st, Mrs. H. H. 

Neild; 2nd, Mrs. C. Griffiths. ; 

; Hanging basket— 1st, Miss Joyce BM- 

«ransleev-r^t. Mlsaj-Bat' .Nel'Mi 2nd. 
Mrs. H. H. Ndid. 

rt.iox i>rummondi— 1st, Mrs. H. H. 
Nelld; 2nd, Miss. Esther Nelld: 

Asters— 1st, Mrs. H. H. Neild; ^Jnd, 
Miss Esther Neild. 
"Roses — 1st, Mrs. J. H. Smart. 

Petunias— 1st, Mrs.' J. H. Smart. 

African Marigolds — 1st, Mrs. H, 
Nelld; 2nd. Miss Esther Nelld, 

French Marigoids-ist, MravgjjU, 
Nelld; 2nd, Mrs. J. H. Smart. 

Uahtlas— 1st, Mrs. C. Griffiths, 

Sofa cushion — 1st. Mrs. Thomas 2nd, 
Mrs. G. Howltt. 

•Silk embroidery sofa cushion — 1st, 
.Mrs. 11. Helgesen. 

Silk embroidery on linen — lat, Mrs. 
H. 11^-lgesen; 2nd, Mrs. M. Muir. 

Table centre— 1st, Mlsg Clark; 2nd, 
Airs. Helgesen. 

Silk embroidery— 1st. Mrs. H. Hel- 
gesen; 2nd, Miss H. Clark. 

Centre piece — 1st, Miss C. Peachy. 

Klbbon work — 1st. Mra. Letoria. 

Irish crochet — 1st, Mrs. Fuller. 

Crochet lace cotton) — 1st, Mrs. 
l-*eachy; 2nd, Mrs. Smart. 

Knitted Inee — 1st. Mrs Peachy. 

Handmade "lace (Uattenherg) — 1st, 
Mrs. Luff, 

Handmade lac, any kind — 1st, Mrs. 
N. Howard? 

Child's dress — 1st. Mrs. W. Witty. 

Drawn work— 1st. Mrs. x. Howard, 

Cross stitch — 1st, Mrs. Hel a; 2nd 

Mrs. O. llowltt. 

HarUnnger — 1st. Mrs. U Howltt; 2nd. 
Mrs .1. n. Smart 

sieucllllnfi--lst, Mrs, N. Howard; 
2nd, Mrs. J. II. Smart. 

Tfittim; 1st, Mis Thomas; 2nd, Mrs. 
w . Peachy., 

Knitted sucks — 1st, Mra H"war.l; 2nd, 
Mrs. smart. 

1 spread — 1st. Mrs. Smart 
OU painting— 1st, Mrs. M Muir, 
Water color — 1st, Miss M Winter; 
2nd. Mr: VI Muir. 

I'ln OUSblOn 1st, Mrs. \V. Peachy. 

School Children 
m- id, white 1st, .Miss Esther Neild. 

Nut loaf 1st MISS A. M. laiff. 
U&OKteS 1st, Miss B. Neild. 

I'hiin cake 1st, Miss k. Nefto 

Post i'nr.1 album —1st, Charles Ilel- 
s-esen; 2nd, BSsthSr Neild. 

semp album— 1st, BBsther Neiui. 

reSSfld doll --1st. Miss Annie Witty; 

j Miss Gladys: Ridley; Miss Doreen 

Choice Buys 

Snperior Street, north side, va- 
cant, midway between Menzies 
and Oswego, 80x120. This is 
under the market, on easy 
terms. Price $5250 

South Tnrner Street, two or the 
very few vacant lots on this 
fine street, one near, Dallas 

Road at. $3500 

One near Simcoe Street $3300 
Easy terms on both. 

Six-Roomed House on 33ft. lot, 
just off Michigan Street, near 
Government Street. Bound to 
increase in value. $1200 cash 
and easy terms. Price $3500 


Tel. 940. Boom 6 Moody Block. 
Corner Yates and Broad. 


Has been selected by two great 
railroads ns an 

And safe seaport on the Pacific, 
at the same time, remember that 



1« the main source of supply, the 
backbone of commerce dependR 

on the 


And we have it ready for the 
plow, suitable for fruit or mixed 


•\iid on very easy terms by 

The Western Farming 

& Colonization Co. 


General Offices: 5 Winch Bldu. 

Vancouver, B. C. 


521 Sayward Block Phone 2988 

l-'reilan.; ,1 1 a wl in;- -1 M . Mis Gladys 

Water oolbr — 1st, Miss Doreep fates. 

Hnt.y si' ."w Miss Eva Rosa Harris, 
ii ;,• t in. r months, 

Bulbs and I»wn Seeds. 

Plant your hulhs and sow your lawns 
now to get ROod results. We have a 
larfie list to select from, and the prices 
are rlRht. Phmie 126S Browr liros. 
and Company, Limited, Central Blook, 
(5 IS View .>t\ * 

Harvoet Sale during Fair week. 
\ooj. 16c Store, 


Values Enhance Quickly 

In the Down-Town 

Part of Victoria 

An Al lot, size 4Sxl20, on John- 
son St, nrtir CfUfldra, Has splsnrtld 
house which -Is now renting at a 
| figure Phonn or see us about 

llils at oie <•. 

Ward Investment Co., 


606 Sayward Building 
Phone 874 



T^ies^nv. ^-ptembar 24, 19"!2 




Time Wasted 

= MEANS== 

Lost Money 


Xot only that, but the realization of an opportunity lost is 
a continual source of regret. : ^?§ 

Hence we advise immediate action on our choice, though 
limited, supply of view lots by the beach. \ 

" The -property is close to and overlooks 

the wa»r.- 

" It is adjacent and akin to "The Uplands" 
in many of its characteristics. t 

The lots are large and all are excellent' 

— — 


Bay Is 

ill the 


Choose Your 


They are in the centre of a summer re- 
sort district, the popularity of which is 


All outdoor recreations are available. 

Give us a call today and see plans. Prices $950 to $1200. 
One-quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 




I 11IU.-1I h inn I'uKf I 

aim ax a public rttrty to the atati to, 

Undertake work, and In- 'lid 
ink It. The work of the transcontin- 
ental commission is proceeding uad 
HUn. There may Dave l>eeit complaints 
'here iui.i there, but I venture to aay 
tiiai do man In Canada could undertake 
tbat work with a lilsiifr and deeper 
sen*.' .1! duty to t'.iu.i'ia t-'.iii Mr. LetD- 
11 ni lias. 

Tm if I Coinmlnlou 

"Some people were under tl-e impres- 
sion that tin- tariff commission was de- 
signed io make n tariff. The govern 
neat df Canada has the duty of dealing 
with the tarif and the government of 

Canada will never abdicate thai' duty 

.Ttotfc tfeTpjYtt V.WB It , Wit l Itiki \9JOj 

stltution of this country. We will deal 
With the tariff and we Will take full 
responsibility for it, but in dealing with 
the tariff we thought It desirable thai 
we should have the opportunity of se- 
curing information in a thorough bus* 
iness like and systematic manner, and 
although mat measure, also, did not 
Hnd the favor which we expected with 
our friends in the Senate, we hope that 
if we should make the effort again, 
they will be Inclined to enter Into the 
spirit with which we submitted that 

Oreat Prosperity 

"Now, 1 would like to say Just a word 
or two with regard to the condition of 
the country at the present time. The 
total trade of Canada up to March 11, 
last, increased by no leas than $70,000.- 
JiJiL "m Ul Jtlt ywent yg»rj our 1 "! 

ia> ih« a sublli anpouni riq&nt as to 

wtiai wo i>riipn*e o\»i if i usderatand 

the Hue ruurn.; of miii i 'uliatlt (it lonu I 

precettex^/fl i» feadeet (a Qr°paaala of 
mat kinct such propoaala should be 
made \% Utt parliamenl "i Canada first, 
though 1 aay that we would readily and 

gjtad() nave dalayed the opening of 
parliament until the month of January 

nex't, as Indeed we had determined tie- 
fore my visit in ESngland, i can 
liowevi. iiia i parliament should not he 

Kept wallliiK Tim the report of ni> visit, 

therefore w e Intend and expect that 
parilamenl shall l>e summoned for some 
date In the month of November next. 
1 am not at all BUr« that some of 
those who are endeavoring to utter cer- 
tain Jtbtvi at the present time will not 
be so ready with these jibes when we 
are face to face with them in the par- 
liament of Canada. 

f PlffTlMtl^ 

the subject In parliament' to approach 
It In a non-partisan spirit, without any 
recrimination, without any accusation, 
without »ny charge aganst any man, or 
any political party in Canada. I de- 
sire to place our case before parlia- 
ment, before the naopla of the country, 
after it has had |b« consideration to 
which 1 allude, to place our case, what- 
ever It may be, before parliament. In a 
thorough, reasonable and non-partisan 

"Da not Imagine for one moment that 
the Uovernment proposes to shirk any 
responsibility in this matter, or in any 
other matter. 

"Rejoicing in our victory over reci- 
procity waa not confined to Canada, I 
remember in the month of December, 
and January two men came to see me, 
one In December, a, n fl o nt | n jami-IT. 

Fall Suits 
Are Ready 

Many. new things on the 
bill this Fall! 

Some smart style;*, cut in 
English fashion — more form 
fitting, vests higher, trou- 

sers smaller, etc. 

Suits at $18 or $30 that 
beat the record of value givr 
Trig at moderate prices. 

Suits at $25 to $40 that 
will please any man's idea 
of swellness. 

Allen & Go. 

Cor. Yates and Broad 
♦'Allen's Clothes Pit." 



-■■ ,■ ■■ ...... ■■ anawH 

point, as more Aan half t$e Jots have; been taken 
already, and we expect to sell the balahce very 
shortly. You will save and make money by buy- 
ing now, as they are sure to resell next year, be~' 
cause : 

They adjoin the Meadlands. 
They are close to the car and beach. v 
They have a good view of the Bay. 
They are the choicest property next to the 

They a r e all cl e ar e 4 lotp> with good 6oil» r 

They will have the electric light at Union 

They will benefit most by any developments 

of the B. C. Electric at the Bay. 

Buying in this subdivision is not a gamble, but 
a sound investment, and one that will make 
money for you. 

Wf are tiding parties otit every week— you 
had better reserve a seat in the next car. 


Agents Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co. 

Branch Office, 431 Homer St.. Vgnoouver. 

— — 

\ --. 

[■.;; *ri%ttiQ:*Mrm in the Sooke District, 75 acres the very best of. 
^ ^l&ffaftCfctout 50 acres slashed. 

$15 per Acre 

^J$6$>p cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. See us today for 
particulars. .. 

J. R. Bowes & Co., Ltd. 



»" ■ * w \ & 

Phone 2724 



iff / '. {$'.; 7 ; 



: ,' 

Provincial Exhibition 

V .-4rr- 

QUEEN'S fAll«C, 


October 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th and 5th, WZ 



Largest and heft Agrtcujlural, Horticultural and 
Floricnlturai Exhibition in Weatarn Canada. 

2nd Annual Horse Show 

■'■■■■ % 

Special prizes for horses, cattle, sheep, swine and 


High-class attractions, world's championship la- 
crosse, provincial championship athletic events, Scot- 
tish games and an abundance of first-class music. 


Resident. Manager-Secretary, 

' : ' i' ' J': ' "/ - ' '■: — 3 — ™ — '*— — — ';•■ ',.•'.'. ■■ Box 3 1 1 


New Westminster, B. C. 

(M — nun 1 'Tm i m^wz sa n um e wa 

It's fun to work after 
breakfasting on 

Toasted Corn Flakes 

You'll never tire of this cereal be- 
cause it's iust the sweetheart of the 
co ; n rolled wafer-tlrn and crisped a* 
golden brown. Wholesome and 

nutritious is Kellogg's — a food fit 
for a king. 

Look for the signature on the pack- 
age—sold everywhere at 10c 7 * 

the Ave months we have been In office, 
the total trade of Canada has Increased 
by *»9, 000,000, in those Ave month*. 
And, instead of the t400.000.000 mark; 
t»v tw e lv e naoattoe, -we- have-reached- law 
ttve months, $419,000,000 of total trade 
In Canada. 

"1 do not claim, as some of our prer 
accessor* were wont to claim, that this; 
Is due to, the fOverQment a* at present 

"Now, I come to aay a word or two 
with regard to my visit beyond the seas 
during; the past summer. I need not 
tell you, I nave already told the people 
of Great Britain and -Canada that our 
welcome on the other.alde was all that 
We could ask, that any Canadian could 

»sk. in th« wmw mvti*, *!>«. M 

France no wele^ n^ cpnld baya botaj"* 

"In the - British lsl«sVv«M^«wn», »»t 

Canada and the nam* ©FCfewwiit irira 

1 nt VhV^d.^- P^ore ''^-"*Ve«- a> 

all. the peopJe of the ''«f<ttH«f Co«tn T 

try are,.l think, **&Q£Jb& «*** 

never neen/awalfpiO^lW^;^** *** 
greatness; of th«B ovfrfeaa pawlnlons, 
mqre than that, at the greatness of -th* 

Rir% ia m fMPAji^'^»W«V]^ 
.«, daamlaloas shall Play In t|s» his. 
tory of the world as wall, . I need not 
tell you what the- in the pow- 
er of the British Empire has been in 
the years gone by. You have only, to 
realise that few among you tonight, 
very few men in Canada understand 
the greatness of this Dominion, and If 
we eannot reaMs?e 'W«, freatnesa o| this 
i-fominton, a «re»t mrt of ■ a' - fttfater 
whojjf, haw shftH We he able to realise 
the important part this empire plays, 
and will play if the people are true to 
themselves, In advancing the cause of 
plviliaaUon^ and lp making for peace 
and concord among the nations of tab 
-aorld. The people across the seas ra§l> 
pe thiu Just *§ fiVM||jr as you, d» to- 
H»y.' ■ 

Vba Mama Question 
"We went there for a chief purpoia. 
though w* diseusae4 many matters with 
the British Government. We wsnt . 
there in pursuance of a' pledge which I 
had given to the people of Canada when 
the question of t tic co-operation of thif 
country in the naval defence of the em- 
pire wai-Iia tile .fore. 
1 "I told tits people of Oreat Britain 
that we in Canada hsd sharply dlsUhg- 
uished between two questions. One Was 
the question of grave conditions affect- 
ing this empire*- of ours > which might 
demand certain consideration and cer- 
tain action on our part; and the other 
was the more difficult and complex 
question of permanent co-operation in 
the, defence of the empire by the peo- 
ple of Canada, and any change in our 

,. ye ia t l o na 't ^ *he : » mp i r e w hfch mit ^ t be 

brought about in that regard, and I 
ventured to tell the people of the 
Motherland that Canada, if I under- 
stand the people <>f this country, -does 
not propose to be an adjunct, even of 
thi Brltisli Kmnlro. 

" 1 SpOkS : 1 1 a great many places, he- 
lore parliamentarians, before members 
of the ftoyal Colonial Institute, before 
lh.; London Chamber of Commerce, be- 
fore 8 great KAthcrlng of more than 
five thoiiHand people at OUhrow, and 
no statement that l made was more 
warmly received that the statement 
that with eo-operation in Imperial dc- 
certatn voice by 
Canada in the Interests of peace and 

• Any Emergency 

"I went to the United Kingdom, hav- 
ing in mtnd What I had .said to the 
people of Canada in November, um, 

When the question "t our altlluil,- in- 
wards Impei' ii .11'., a/as raised. \V.> 

pi imtsed -ii thai tim ■ i iiai if the Urns 
i urn " i" n the question bao tax i I • 
icn.i we wen In power, wi would rn- 

deavor to tind out the situation, i ir 

answers to tLese questions by the 
aaval experts of the Admiralty were 

.sin h ;i i i" demand i hi perat i<m of 

this tsodntry, i would appeal i" parlla- 
mem i "i .(">"■• i iVe aid, and If oarlla-i 
men) did n " ; give Immediate nn<i effec 
nv. aid, i wnniii appeal i" the people 
nr itir '"'in' i 

"\\"i i\i-m in the Mother Country. We 
Were received t>\ Che British Govern* 
men I and the Admiralty. V\'e we're 
made conVersani with matters Which it 

In uol mete I Nhoiilil spr-nk to ynii of 

tonight .inxt before leaving (ir^at 

Britain i alluded t rtaib l-nfarmation 

which would tome to u* In « deflnlte 

W«y. I haVS received wm ,1 ihm tlint 
im in in. 1 1 ion ^ni coma ;i I the end of 
next week When Hint COmSS, it Will 
be nn dUtj to "peak of that informa- 
tion an to entilile It to «lve consideration 
to tin- question. Wo believe it wise to 
think and consider first, and then to 
detefmine, and 1 would like to say to 
any who would Imagine that we are de- 

One of them tc > | d me that be had cele- 
brated thgt victory among Chinese 
wprkingmen in the eastern part of Si- 
beria near the Chinese frontier. He said 
tha C hinas* w a rkl ng m e n wero willing 
to celebrate, although they did not 
know what it Was about and the camp, 
was thoroughly demoralized that night. 
Another mfn sgld he had celebrated the 
victory Is Afrtea, I forget whether It 
was tbf Bast or the West Coiat of Af- 
rica and t^O^mjnt. under him had equal- 
ly cojjilflifes^ that victory. 

ta "hows that men. not only in 
Canada, but all over the world raoogt 
i...m1 «hat tli|*«: : waa something .more 
t»:at<* »ae*y vltiiory in thff voice with. 
whlclt tbe penple of Canada spoke. 
Pfrjsi" Antononaf 
' ;n ts speak of : a . wider 
" ''(.Sent ' government - of 
'5»hi--: ^MitfiMutca---- of 
people of CSsnada. hot 
f^jvernment realises also 
is worth the' cost of M'.* 
fiscal autonomy of Canada which we 

':Mm:W ■«- to* <***»•««»/ w*v»re as, 
- : as bu« OJflPmients to see .thai the 
pe<>B>'-O^..IAl«ii«i» ; have ; tno widest pos- 
oibl|, nlarkets. /•';-.; . ■:,-'• 

^l want to «iy that in the years 
frpm 1|« ytiti, B|f John A Maedonald 
fought his last grfat battle add won 
his w»t |*Mi Tictpry. from *Ml to 
1911, the C«n*diai> national spirit had 
developed to ft degree which perhaps 
few Canadians realized. 

"The victory of 1M1 was, in troth, 
a victory of the young men pf Canada 

and our national spirit 1ms found Its 
strongest, lortiest and proudest ex- 
pression. , , 

"I do not doubt but that III Arm 
hands, this feat heritage, and the 
Shaping of this mighty destiny may 
aafej*^ b« continued. And more than 
thai, in the momentous years " which 
are already upon us. none flf thoaej 
upon whom . so great 4, task has been 
imposed (ball fail either In endeavor or 

T^« »t*««* «♦«**?• yrm : 9* T. l*»r* 

ecnal. wlto ©resided, Hon. Wv T. White* 
H«n. Mr. Rogers, l*r. G«Q. E. Drum- 
«n«n4, gpq Hon. **r, Monk- 

.'■■ 1L ' »' ' « ^ feO;i" i . H ' ^" ' . ' .."U-i ' J . l _ILi-! ' ." '. Jl'i *> '■ 


Bnrnlng of Logging Debris vcow in 
Recommended by Offlolals of 
Torestry Branch 
". .. ' .. • 
Xow Is s jood time for settlers and' 
others who have debris from logging — 
what Is known as — to burn, to get 
.to -work and dispose of It, alter, of 
.-.e, seeing the fire garden for their 
and securing his permission. 
The first of the month will see the re- 
moval for the rest of the season or the 
prohibition - on setting fire without a 
permit, but the conditions Just now are 
so favorable that the forest officials 
recommend Immediate disposal of any 
I'brls that has accumulated during ths 

Whether it La burned now or later on, 
the utmost care must be exercised by 
the person responsible for setting the 
fire — too. much care cannot be taken of 
any fire. Conditions vary so much It) 

ry case that it Is difficult l" 
lOWB nil' fix'Ni rules. W'iiirr there Is 

danger or timber or buildings tak- 
ing fire. It is well to make n fire- 
break, l-'lre shoiiM n I nn tlv lee- 

-o that it may bin n against 

the wlfld, and when Slash on a lilll 
Is set on fitt It should he In such I 
manner thai II Will burn down hill, It 
will Dins huin mi quietly and smoulder, 
Where there i« a large muss of «Cn «li 
to be disposed of it is always well tq 

«"l Ihe torch In It In several i.l.i.s, in 

order thai .11 may burn Inwards in the 
centre, arid eveti In 1 wind, catmol ne- 

■ "me a mensoe to surrounding th 

dwellfngst ss would be the case ir it 

nan ,«ot flip to In one place and n is 
than eaugUl b3 the wind and a sheel Of 

flame driven off to one ^l.lp 

The Tire which starte,1 ,i t 5? mke th.- 

other day is now pradtically out, and 

rtdvanta^.' was Ink mii to gel rid of a 

luantlty of slash. 

Vou ran deposit y'ou» money at 4 per 
cent interest with the B, C Permanent 

Loan Compan.N- and be aid- to Withdraw 
the total ninounl nr anv liortlon thereof 
wllhnut notloa Cheques arc supplied 
to egrh depositor, Paid up raplla] QVei assets over 18,000,000. Branch 
office, 1210 Government street. Victoria, 
It. c. • 

Flags «nd d^eorathe bunting for the 
approaching visit of the Utike of ("'on- 
naught, for sate st The F*ndri»rhxm. 
7 3 .0 Fort a ires t. 


British Canadian 

ftome Builder/ 

Shares Advertised 

at $145 

Can deliver 400 at 

$1.60 pet share. 


i20i Broad Street. Corner of View 

: i yGG Oak Bay Avenue and Cor- 
lll^^as Street and Saanich Road 

m wW i ^ i jt i ( S f i » i i !i » s #iii, i i i i f !|i i f .(, . 




Geary Street, above Uaion Square 
European Plan $1.5° a davuilO 
. American Plan ^.3.00 a day up 
l New steel and brick structure. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high class hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center of theatre and 
retail district. On car lines trans- 
ferring to ail parts of city. Electric 
omnibus meets all trains and 





3 Lots in Dean Heights 
For Quick Sale at 

$1,150 Each 

On Good Terms 

John A. Turner & Go. 

A Snap on 
Fort St. 

^o ft. frontage between 

and Blanchard 


A Front Foot 

Patrick Realty Co. 

I 'in me ^55<> 645 Port St, 



Use our l\a/i»r Strops 
and Hones. Full in- 
structions tree. 


1239 Broad St., two 
doors from Colonist. 


ArrMifte — HO ii' ; <•«. l'» mllel fmm 

Uangford ' J| aHon , r. 1 soil; inn 

.1 • ". i-lvarM. liainrirr. timbered. 

Pri- .. pan acre *'" 

Kuriw — W. ha\« fiMin. In Kn»nMi 

"igiiiK fnim »»»n per a'-io up to, 
P^i m-r« snoo 

3fl «• -i ■•!> up I". d«i »'■;■•■ . ....$14" 
\\ .ilvrfronlnae — Cowichimj l.nki-, b 
H up tn I in ni-i '•«. V'or pRiil'-u 

inri" tall at pffli « 
For hoiiKr. nnd clirup lot* nrr u«. 

Abbott & Sutherland 

William Locke, Manager. 
5 and S Omn Blk, 1316 Broad St. 

Tel. 3'Jia. Opp. Colonlsi Office 

Madam ! 

1 )ur Winter Suitings are 
now here. Will you choose 


Ah Hoy 

1 nflir.' and Gentx' Tailor. 

1428 Government St., 

iiWH»HI|H— SUlU'SaaiiiiiiKiiiiiia Minim m 1 n 


Made 'n ( Inler ^1 Very 
Reasonable Trices 

Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Cents' Tailor 
1605 Government Street 

Next Oriental Importing Co. 


I. ni-owlna f»»t ; new »eKlerii rnm- 
lu i>\en ho»t; «« hue In vested 
I.11 u"ly. »nrt ran satiety your wants 
In luriti. nr smell aoree«;p, for fruit, 
in. iikei ffer.lenlnit'. or a ready-made 

poultry raii'-ii. 

Come and See 

A pretty l.ting-Alow and poultry 
h-'.u.e. «r« have lint flnlahed and 
•..lit with 10 arree for $-;,IOtl. and 
let 11* liutlil fur you on eaey term*. 

Don't Delay 

The C P. 1< end ('. X ,R. will Mion 
be here, when prlaea will Jump. 


- CoMrtenay. y,,l ? .S. fe2 I 





Tueeday, September 24, 1912 


Semi- Business 

60x120 on Fort Strv-i, imrncdiwtely cast of Blam liard. rev- 
enue producing. One-quarter rash, balance 1, ^ and 3 
years, rriic, per front foot 91000 

Tilicum Road 

Several lots averaging 60x166 on Tlllcum Road, close to 
-:e Road. Price, each $1500 

mAwwhwi lir 

t:r .■ iff .. 


Fort Street 

60x120, running through to Mears Street, revenue producing. 
Price, per front foot 9750 

""■•jrxlXeS jj''|,y^©l'-- 



Dallas Road 

90x130, close to Vancouver Street. One-third ^caah, balance 
1 and 2 year*. Price fl8,000 

86x255, with 9-roomed dwelling. This la a magnificent piece 
of property, warranting quick action for Intending pur- 
chaser. Price '.VB,000 

B. C. Land and Investment Agency, Limited 


PHONE 125 


Good Ones Picked 
At Random 

Langford and Mary Streets— Corner, 60x120. Price, on usual terms $4500 

Beach Drive and Boundary Road — 150x240, close to the sea. Terms 1-3 cash, 6, 12, 18 months. 

Price • ♦ ' «p *> J U U 

Lake District— 15 acres, partly cleared, 4-roomed house, new, all necessary appurtenances. 

Terms, 1-3 cash, 1, 2, 3 years at 7 per cent. Price . . $60C0 | 

Fine Street— 60x130, double frontage. Terms, 1-3 cash, 6, 12, 18 months. Price ........ $2100 

" f^Mrtif Avcnu%TtihTt,tcfr :Tfrtnii t i"$ caahy 6. , I a. i&^mss^j0.-L-^iid.M i t.igj^ktid ,? *.«, ?$ x475 
Ma f ddockAnd Ddnald ^ifeff-HCWcorneTfoVifct $906, an! insp^tpod. Usuat terms. 

Apartment Site 

On car line 

Corner Government and Niagara, 
one block from sea, close to Beacon, Hill 
Park, and within 8 minutes' walk of 
post office. 

This price is gQod for a short time, 

Usual terms. 
Exclusive agency 

Apartment Site 



Corner Superior and Menzies, faces 
Parliament Square, close to wharf, post 
office and business part of city. Inter- 
section of two car lines. ... 


Usual terms. 


Fire Insurance Written « 
Phone 1076 

Sole Agent 

11 12 Broad Street 
P. O. Box 428 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Salt Sp r ing Island 

60 Anew of good land; 8 seres 
cleared ana In crop, I barns. This 
property would he an loeal "P** 
tor chicken raising; within lM 
miles ©C schools, churches and 
post office. 

Price .... ■'•••• ••.••..* •« •••*•" 

On good terms. 

Gavin C. Mouat 


George ML Watt 

■oil Estate. 

«. Promls Blk.. 1008 «3ovfc St. 
• P. O. Box U*. Fhone 3210. 

Choice Corner, 68x121, -*-•- -easa-.--** — 

18, 18. Price 85,000 

Corner. With Fine View — 1-8 cash. 

6. 13. 18. Price $2,500 

Ontario— One block from docks, SOx ' 
180, 1-3 cash and 8 years. Price 
,.....,....;...-.. .......... $8,800 

St. lAwrence end Michigan — Corner, 

with 'new house, 1-3 cash, 1, 2 

. and 3 year*. Price ...$$,000 

New House— Piped for furnace etc, -, 

^ Tmym+SwiFti,- 19. Price $4,850 

In line for B. C. E. R. improvement*, i 
. Buy now. Lots from 8660 to $850 

E&ual to anything In Swiss Lakes. 

. Some choice waterfront lots. Price 

81,000 to .$2,000 

Down's Realty f a. 

Good Buys 

Lot $t. Deal Street, just off Or- 
chard. 60X110. ^•>»* « ,■**• 

and back, on terms $1,800 

A*ss^*nle4tr tr*W V*. 



Over one acre, nicely treed with 
oak and evergreen, good view of 
mountains and water. One and 

three-quarter mile circle. 

Etta & Stewart 

102-103 Hamley Bid* 


Phone 4088. 182 Pemberton Bldg. 

Genuine Bargains 


Brooks St. and Stannard— Lovely 

corner. Third cash. 6, ll and IS- i 
.... wter - -.-— ~- ; -~ - 7 -._- . ^ ,ffjgj» | 

Walter St.— a choice bay. «0s:t|8. 1 
Third cash. C. 18 and 18- Price I 

• • e a • • a • e a • • «•••<*•.*>*•$• ...... .$Jl»4O0 

WoodUnd— $ lots, each «0X1S0. Third 
cash. $. 1$ and 1$. Price ,...98,100 


Moss St.— 7 rooms, full concrete base- 
ment, piped for furnace; lot 50x120. 
Cash quarter or third, balance ar- 
ranged. Price $5,500 

Flsguard St.— -Bungalow. 6 rooms, on 
a lot 5»Hxl40. A choice buy. Half 
cash, balance arranged. Price 

7 ... »••*•*,*¥,#•.»;•« *•»•' •»»•••• . .$10,000 

10 acres Cplwood, close to station. 
. A choice homeslte and chickens. 

Water laid on. Terms arranged. 

Price per s.cre ..$404 

Harbinger Ave., & fine level lot, Box 
148. one-third cash. Pries. .$2300 

Oliver St;, 3 fine lots. €0x120; one- 
third cash. Price, each..... $2000 

Mom St.. near Dallas Road, 50x120, 
one-third cash ............ .$2000 

Leeming Bros.L- 

524 Fort Street Phone 748 

18 to be graced by an aparjment house coating 1800,000 ($«e yaatarday'a 
ttilMjist for p!ctur«"of elevation). We can offer for a few day* only the 
ailjoltiit!.,- lot. 50X120 to lane, with seven-roomed bungalow for •9000, 
Terms 55060 cash, balance mortgage 3 year* at 6 per canv 



Open Evenings 7 to S 

Phone 255O. • 318 Pemberton Bldg. 


Tl.r Mile Circle. Two Blocks to B. V. Electric Car £«"«• 

4 iota 74 ft.xl60 ft., in fruit tr** $^;.^«W^ tofruit -trej. 

1 !St C a Ti'VUw'itJvin.'Huit ^ -i lot 74 Yucue ft., in grove.. .v.! 

trees, cm-ii • -$'50 

These arc beautlfnl lots, high and dry. no rock. Oncflfth cash, balance 
over 1 wo years, _. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
Saywara Blook. Oround Ploor. 

Phone 2964. 

Monittrejr Avenue South, 
fine clear leveMot lacing, 
east. Terms twe-third 
cash ,. balance 6, t2 and :jt fc 
months. Price $1,450 

Laurel Street, let 50x132, 
close to Central avenue. 
One-third cash. ... .$1,350 

Grobb & Letts 

Central Bnlldlngf 



lol on »rl il 
ii 1 harles street. 19000. 

,nlst for di>" 
lock to be built at 
.St. Charles and Fort SU. 

A. W. Bridgman 

Bldg., too? Goyt St. 


Be^t and 
Cheapest Buy 
Saanich Inlet 

180 Aires of the finest bottom 
land, abundance of water, fine view; 
dose to main rond. Timber alone 
worth $3000. 

I-IIM 1 snr, AN AfKK 

Quarter Cash, balance. 1, 2 and 3 


.if. M5RNT. 

ID and U llaynr-t Block, 731 Port St. 
rimnf> 1741. 

" a ' 

;-,.•• ioo-r:iiic bouse, Br 4sW ''''' ' k ' 

• ,.> i - : i> [boe i" id, ha - I ii sold by 

I phenabn Brotherg to the Metrquig of 

, U r. who nwns a large quantity of 

, nd ,n that neighborhood aa *rell aa, 

•at Fori QeorKe. nn<i his late purchase 

.. i.-.'H Jhim a ct.tiHlderable purohaso on 

For Sale 

D btcu nil under rultlvntlon; smdll 

, i i ii 1 1 bearing tree*. 

I roomed hOUSS nnd numerous out- 
bulldtngs; * miles from town; 12 
mlnutpR from tram-car; Sohool 
<julti« handy $7,»O0 


A. Toller & Co. 

604 Yittea .St. 

Securities Co, 

1316 Douglas Street 
Phone- 2828 

270 acres, -with 1B0 all cleared; 
good terms; only, per arre $40 

38 acres, partly cleared, close in, 
good terms, at per acre ,.$3C0 

Bl» arrps. h;ilf Cleared, at per 
a r ro. $300C 

1 1-4 arr' t In ftUll trc 

did bouae; within half mile 

circle and near car line, tei 
only $7300 

WILBWOOD AVENUE, close to waterfront and near 
car, $5,500 on very easy terms. This house, is he^utilully 
built and has a wide veranda oh two sides. of it, and has only 
been completed two months. We will be pleased to show you 
this. It will be ready for occupancy on October 3, it is rented 
for $40 per mqrith. 


S' *1S ' 

il III I Ml 

A. von Girsewald 

Real Estate— Gor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

•■'•■■ Membe 
P. O. Box 9CX5. 

t 1 

Leal Estate Exchange 

Phone 2926. 

Country Home 

Beantltul eountry hmn". sdort dis- 
tance from <-ii\, near railway stt 
Hon. comprising. 3 «.cri»» lovely \*\ i'l 

land, olsared ami fenoedj and i 

roomed, modern house; ulth full 
basement, bath, h, nmi e., oomplnelj 


I'RK'K $4,730 

Four Mile Circle 

Fifty acres with three road frontages amounting 10-4.040 
feet. On. good term-. Price per acre $i, 600. 


Members Victoria Heal Estate Exchange. 118-119 Pemberton Block. 

if' T ii ii, ■'. 

II .> 



LllMJ^f.;. AVE^UB^'...«^Sr -^.Ahd-^eacoti Rill Park, five 
rooihs wl^sjM&elfor two more, $1,250 cash. Price . . . $5,250 

SiX^ROOM HOUSE in oest part of Fairfield, on sixty^foot 
lot, $1,200 cash, balance $15 monthly. Price. . . . . . . .$5,600 

PEMBROlKE STREET, inside one-mile circle, seven rooms. 
' Any. reasonable 1 termsy yPrice : . .. ;;. .vi'v . . •■ .-. .....;... $5,000 

Brubaker & Meharey 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Phone 3308 Merchants' Bank Building 

ACREAGE— On the 8 Mile Circle 

,144 acres of good lirnrt, shout 140 acre* of Which 1'nve been Cleared, the 
tains magnificent timber estimated to be u-orlh J15,0n0. The price 
If absurdly I heap 

■:n ivr acre 

On exceptionally »a.«y termi 

'i |k figure llirrr In a big profit fn, i'i- fortll '>i«-r btJI the Dp 

ii' Bee us at one* or yu Will miss a rH«n.-» of malting, ta] 


C. F. de Salis, Roberts & Co., Ltd. 

l,-i\ lie. fc31oCk, Fort. Street 

Phone 856 

LINE a new commodious six-room house with all modern 
conveniences, including good lofty basement, electric light, 
city water, fire places, piped for furnace, etc. Price $4,450; 
$500 casb, balance as rent. 


Phone 1381. 

101-a Pemberton Block. 

A. 0. G. Crawford! 

in central Bui'dltt* 

■■ ■■-.'■ !■■ • ..'.:. 1. 

>'hone S13J 

nnViiil ? 

A Big Piece of Property Three 
Minutes From Heart of Town 

It is a most magnificent hotel or apartment house site, 
$35,000 — excellent terms. The time to get particulars from 
me on this is MOW. 


Memb'er Victoria Heal KeUte Exchange. 

1113 Deafl«« Btraat. 


St. Patrlok Street, in Ox 135, 93,000 
MoNeii Avenue, corner lot, nsx 

107 $8,785 

Qon sales Avenue, 140x120. 93,980 
Central, cor. lot. 108x120. 93.700 

Bartlett Street, 60*186 91,850 

Katharine Street, 50x120. . .91.800 

Oliver Street, 50x140 91,600 

McHeil Avenue. 50x112 91,600 

Pleasant Street, 54x125 91,675 

XTewport Avenue, 50x110 .91,650 
Monterey Avenue. SOx 120 . .91,600 
McBell Avenue, 46x146 91,365 

Terms: 1-3 cash, balance 6. 12 
and 18 months. 

Offices in well located build- 
ing to rent. Apply: 


raa Tatea M, Phone IBM 


iao feet on Hillside Avenue, 

rinse in, only $5,250 

67 x 135 with a good six- 
room house, near Prior 
-n ret $6,300 

A Good Corner, 40x125. 
Price $1,350 

Grubb & Letts 

Central Building 


Tuesday. Sontervbr" 24, 

victoria daily colonist 


Esquimalt District 

Thirty-nine acres of parjc-like land in lliis district, within ten 
miles of Victoria, Excellent land for poultry. 

Price $200.00 Per Acrflp 

Terms to Suit Purchaser 


620 Fort Street. Established 1890. 

Members Real Estate Exchange. 


Wellington Avenue, Fairfield . . $2,100 

Superior Street, James Bay, $6,30© 

Island Park. Shoal Bav. .2 lots. Quarter acre. . ; . $ 3 »j>?0 

Newport Ayenue, Oak Bay $1,800 

Linden Avenue, near Fairfield Road $3,500 

'Very, easy, terms on any. of these. Phone or call for par- 
ticulars at once. 

Schreiber & Lubbock 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Phone 845 405 CeAtral, Building 

.-: <r."i:--.L* :•■ . 

rj-iv*,* - .-.'-■ ■(-"■-■. ■ 


* i ; - 

Cordova Bay Waterfronts-Lot 70^11? . . . . .$700 

Street— Lot 44 x 132 .. . . . . •. i . *■ 

Richmond Avenue— -Lot 50 x 120 . 

•■>■ . 


. ■ •' • • » 

V<.-«« •W. f-«' .' 




-'•».,*.. • Phone 2612.** .■«■■■: : 

• ' ■ ' 

Beautiful Six Acres JiVith 
ijouse on Geda^ Kill 

,■■■■■ ■'■"■■.,'■ ■ " *. •■ 

1 'Just three miles front town, ground all cultivated, house has 
six rooms* necessary outbuildings. For rent for one year. If 
I ^otl want it, see about it now, for it won't stay vacant long- 
Only $85 Per Month 


Members Victoria Real- Estate Exchange 

Phone 1094. , 302 Pembertorr Bldg. 




Ready to Move Into, Close 
Beacon Hill Park 


Why go to a tremendous amount of trouble building and 
furnishing a home when you can get one ready to move int<> 
at such reasonable price? Kight-roomed modern residence, 
fully 'furnfe^ gas stoves, on lot 50x153. "Nice 

''gifftifcn, and right on carHne£ -, ^ J^''^,'" 

,. PRICE $8500, ON TEHMS 
Let Us Take You Through It Today 


Nine rooms with, all modern 
conveniences, attic, large 
cellar, neateel, nice garden. 

A Bargain 

It will pay vou to get 
particulars from 

Heisterman, For- 

;- Shi 

i<»T0«d» ^>honc 55 

General Ag^nti ';., 


Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

11 McCallum Block Phone 766 

Moss Street 

Six-room House Just Being Completed— Three bed-rooms, 
dining room and hall panelled, open hearth in front room, 
piped, for furnace, full sifce cement basement, bath and 
toilet separate. Terms, $1,500 cash, balance/ arranged. 
This is a good" buy at . . S. $5 ; 500 

ii i nn ^ »■— - j 


Grant & Lineham 

Money to Loan. 633 Yates Street 

Fire Insurance Written 


MITCHELL STREET. Lot 47x127, 5-Roomed 

Bungalow $4,000. Cash $1,000. Balance Arrange 

Rents Collected 
Estates Managed 
1205 Braad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agent 
Manager Branch Office Great West Life 

. . , I'liVf 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 

: <— 

i . i * i) ' 1 | i ni' . ' '" ' 


" ' 








ST. ANN STREET, Oak : Bay, 6?roomed modern bungalow, beautifully fin- 
ished with rgood viftwt of ;'tti# : -ira"tfl0j and! [ iH6»4\ to the car. This house 

casli. balance to suit, is only ' . $6300 


winch will be a corner lot when Field-Street is extended. Call and 
tret particulars of this good investment. 




Phone 3415. 

Exclusive Agents 

1219 Langrloy St. 


Buys an eight-roomed house, close 
in, with all modern conveniences. 
For further particulars apply to 

Phone 745 



Arnold Avenut is already for 

pavtn„ '■'■ can lei 

level, graaay lot for Sisoc. on 

lerras o! 

6, 12 and La months, ' 

da> x. 

Cameron Investment 
& Securities Co., Ltd. 

Val. STSO. 

618 Tronuce Ave. 

Three Men 

Who can invest $5 000 apiece In a 
proposition that will net 30 per 

cent a year. 



Empress Hotel. 


Five Money 

" XAtftal Street, close to Central, 1 

lot • $1,400 

Hampsbira Boad, close to McNeil. 

1 lot ,1^80 

Mstohosln Street, l lot. . . .f 1,385 
Sftmtatsy Avsaua, close to ; .Sara- 

toea 82,100 

St. David Street. 91,900 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 



Corner Laurel and 


I8S0 cash, balance 9, 18 months. 

B. C Business Men's 

Clearing House and 


Phone 3804 
Bank of Montreal Chambers 


Near RoyaJ Osk, all cleared and \ 

i .in lilrnl spot for fruit f«rtn 
and home, 1 -3 1 n«1i, bn 1 
nine f 3,1100 

':; Aim. niirt i mod houses, inrns, 

I IHnll. 

i tO j. i : r pur ■ 

umi Pi loe $-.*n,ooo 


rrin^e Oeoi'tTe in. 1,1 Klock. 
Phone 3741. 


Good sea frontage. Im- 
proved farms. Acreage. 

Robert F. Rickey 

Parksville. V. I. 



bote IT. IS, it and S«: Block D. Wnlayson BsU««, on m_ «J*J °< 
DoualaA «trootrbotw#n prtneess and Qnsen* wnwfc These lots havs 
alrontUe ^ on th^itfaeta For tnrthSr partlculara. apply to 


Members ol the Victoria Reat£sUte ^^nge . 

Two Lots, Rockland Park, good view. Terms one-quar- 

IJr cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 fnOJlths. Price fl,^50? 
Ideal Waterfrontage, Foul Bay, three large lots, good 

beach. Price .!...... .>. .V; , .... . • . - • • ■ • • • • f **^^ 

Southwest Corner Pandora and Quadra. Price $30,090 
Double Corner, Hollywood Road and Hyacinth AVenue 

^-Size 194 x 150. Price .......... ..,>.... .fl»00Q 

Davie Street— 6-room dwelling, modern, easy terms. 

Price .. 1 .*............«••••••♦♦•• • • • • • • • «f»i"®0 

.i^«fr**^*^ : ^c $ 5.«K> 


McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 


A. A. Godwin 

S. H. McKay 

Graigf lower 
Road Snap 

ly mo 

Price J.'!.' 1 '" 

Wp in' e put ■ h u ! 

'"til IHi -• - 

..1 1 (am »' 1 1 g>. 

1 in-- oi the fine 1 boll ling lot ' 
In Burleith, all im •• 


Quadra Street 

Umf l.ol* — In. our new subdivision, 
S>4 miles from city hall, adjoining 
Elliston Orchard; city water; prices 
S750 up. .Terms *200 cash, bal- 
ance 10 peVcent quarterly. 

Gordon Burdick 

Phono 3608 Pemberton Block 

Beach Drive 

100x300 at Shoal Bay; close to 
Transit Boad. facing- the sea. 
Terms one-quarter cash, balance 
6, 12 and 18 months. Price $3,500 


Boom 10, Mali on Blook 
p. O. Boa 785. Pnone 1119. 


Fire, LHe and Accident 

Rooms 5-7-9-" Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1462 

. ,",. ."„"■. i. 


Bsantiful tot Oft Cook Btrset, between Collinson and Fairfield, 59x120. 
Price •#••...»• >■•••.'..- .«....'««...•.•■ ■• ,...•*.»... ^, . . ..... . .SoiillO 

Some Excellent Income Brlasrlng- Proporty on Cormorant Street, between 
Blarichard arid Quadra, at, per front foot S250 

On* Acrt. Oak Bay, near Foul Bay Road, good «oil» nicely treed, choice 
homeslte at ,* . ."•*•.»•• «*•••• %».*••• «/• • •:*..•••».••.«.,..., 




" 1 W'l 

i i i '...ix:,. y. ' ', 


$t. Charles Streetr-Nine-roomed house; lot 117 x 130; Price 

Richardson Street-^AdjoiriinfOovtrnn^eht' House, two lots, 
size 68 x 175. Price, each 1 . . * * ... ... * $3,500 

East Sooke—212 acres, 7 dearedi with five-roomed house. 
Price, per sere • • « • • • • • • ■ • • • • « • * • ••■••* #••«••*••*«>• «p«>19 

Gity Land Co., Ltd. 

iio Pemberton Building 

Wi T. Williams 

S. C. Thomson 

Phone 1675 

Albion Iolin3 

Long Beach Waterfront 


-.'."> Acre* of Rood land, about 25 chains or waterfront, splendid bulldini? site, 

much below value; 1-3 cash, balance easy. Per acre (30 

40 Acres of good land, near beach, a real snap. 1-3 cash. Per acre «35 

|80 Acres, finest agricultural land, 20 chains of waterfront Barclay Sound, 

suitable for 5-acre mibdlvlslon. Per acre $27.80 

TIipsp cannot last Ions at these price*. 


Rooms 11 and 1 2, Promis Block. 100(1 Government Street. 

rtion/- 1 100. 

The House Men 

Tei. 3715. U20 I»Ua Street. 

■ ■ i 


UfUli twrlvr 
I. jjn thjf. tlnce and 'inc- 
,i, ,,, ,11 free from 

tnlfl ie til-' ilrnln 

•;■ , . iina cbo! 

ty-twp largi iota 
Price only I l ''"" i"' 1 *' ■ '••' , 

US sll"" > "VI till!". 

Caswell & 

5_'o Central Building. 

rnoae 3M4. 

Hillside Ave., near BrldffC Bt„ 1 
T-room house rented for |35 per 
month. 1 fi-room house rented for 
$25 per month, on lot «0xl20. 

Price $8500 

II, 100 cejlh, hnlnn.p 1. :, .1 \"Rrs .i ! 
7 per cent. 

Herman Erb 

Tel. aooa. 

416 Central Bid?. 


roi l u\v 

Tn-o well treed loU nn \\ 1 1 ! 

Avenue Terms. Price tot m 1 "' k 

sale. *a«H II.WIO 


• Dalby & Lawsou 

(118 Tort Street 

Suburban Acreage at 
Fort George 

Two- Acre Lots, $300 Each 

$60.00 Cash — Balance $10.00 per Month — No Interest, No 


The Neeliaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

620 Broughtexi Street. Victoria, B. C. 

Hindoo Realty and Investment Co. 


I , i,. t KIok" Road and Blar-kwood St.. J lots. Sire 60x124 each. Third rush, 

balanci 6. 12 and is. price f.or all $?,••• 

Xft B©l eXCluelve, cornel Pembroke and Quadra Sts., 120x120. Third cssh, on 

ion*,- i.-M.i... it'..*. i sii.eas 

Cornei Ona.lra and Prlnoess, 150x120. Third cash, l>alance », 12, 1* anil t< 

m "n l bs. Prir^ ■ . ■_ L^jjf^jjf.. 

. . « 




Tutiday, September 24, J9U 

sir thus, sin n\ 


Canada Has Never Stood 
Higher in the London Mar- 
ket Than Today — A Lessen- 
ing" Tension 

t people who tia\p moVfed iht-r«-; and If their 
la «* h»|i|.y as u pictured In your re- 
markabti " hti fa sboul 

.iiiiihm nil ever CanaiU. I sliai: ileum It 
mv ,t llv l.i k i I. ark 10 QU 

: the food now* the.) thare \* one eectloo of 

I'niiada which Is willlntc and • >W ■ Blv« 

thi Ki <-h> li-'\>na<Ii«u» th-Mr rVhi. ■'» cltl- 

61 till* counti i . 1.1 ■■' ">« 

colonisation of ihr Kim, i, i inafllans haa 
always beri\ t,, keev ih.-m In loucfa with 
buroh Bin! theti schools, and, as this 
seems to be the ruli, «.< Kmi.-r iillls, there 
Is no reason whs 'I"' movement should no! 
be of. Knm Importance and Rare widespread 
n || .. rnovemenl which. If properly 
conducted, will be or nntlonal Importance. 
Oar Quebec lumbermen are the best In ihe 
world. Thai do not «ak much; th< 

I workmen and when fairly treated will 

prove th( beat solution of your oriental 
labor problem," 

"Canada is growing ao last; you ara 
doing: so many big things at once; ami 
you want to do so many of them all at 
once that thert* is somo difficulty on 
the part of British investors in under- 
standing the constant demand tor 
money from Canada. But i am glad to 
pife* toMX tbe class at securities -you arc 
offering are ao good that Canada never 
stood higher in the London market than 
#he does.- today. 

"There always comes a time when 
there la more on the market than the 
market can digest. That was the ease 
with, the London market when the sum- 
mer vacation began; but I am of the 
opinion that the three months which 
have since passed have allowed time for 
the digestion of many of the then unsold 
securities, and that you will find the 
market much better next month. 
, *■ "There Is, however, a tendency on 
the part of investors to demand a high- 
er rate of interest than in the past, and 
you cannot blame them, in view of the 
price you have to pay for money over 

"WW. PUT BO long aa you r nceum t i»s ar e 

?ood, you need ha\» no fear about get- 
Ing all the money you need for real • 
development purposes. 
■ "As one pf the directors of the bank 
Of morijtreal In London, which devote* 
Itself entirely to the flotation of Can- 
adian securities, my advice to Canadian 
municipalities la that It is better to pay 
•the rates of the day rather than wait 
• for a better time. You are developing 
ao rapidly that even six months' delay 
often means much. It. may. mean^thiat 
you hive missed your obance of getting ' 
your money at the current rate; that 
your work may have been held up for 
the la6k of toe money; and that In the 
end you will have to pay a higher. r*t© 
and still have your work to do. ' Tour 
wants. do not stand '■till,- And delay but 
adds to the burden you have to carry, 
and it is better to talce ^hat« y«h ea» 
g#i now rather than, whit- in the hope of 
getting better terms." '■-r-r^'^prr^ 
«ir Thomas Skinner, the eminent Lon 
<1 on financier, gave th«. above advice 
to Canadians wfto have securities to sail 
in the English market, in the course of 
a conversation ^ with The Colonist lust 
. night, and his advice is ; Worth mtW*,: 
unpalatable Uiourgh f j^ftgijp.. i>c to those 
who> belleye . th»W(|8^^Pia possibility 
of a return' l*^@SPP^i^»*W 'money. 
KMka other' finaJ^^Wh© have visited' 
Canada of late] 'sir Thomas ae»s a* 
prospect for a return to the cheap* money 
era, .iaad advises the acceptance of pres- 
ent, day terms with the certainty of get- 
ting the. money, rather than waiting a 
time and then not being sure of obtain- 
ing the money at all. 


Sir George Doughty to Interview Hon. 
r t,9.mmk on Quaatton of Wfctta jf 
rishermen fo* th 'At '" ■ «•*.*** 

OTTAWA. Sept 2S.— Here to see ^tonj 
J. P. Hasan, minister of marine and' 
fisheries, in regard to a propos>T, erlg-i 
Inally made Jiy: Bart Grey to;wjip.motei 
the colonization in connection '.with the 
Ashing lnduatries of the Pacific ' coast 
of the old country fishermen with a' 
view to thus supplying .the nucleus for 
a naval reserve, Sir iQedrge Doughty. 
M. P.. for Grimsby. England. Is at the 
Chateau Laurier. 

Sir George is the chief figure in the, 
recently organised British Columbia 
fisheries company. 

Navigation Closes 

Sept. 2S. — River navigation on the streams is last drawing to a 
close. On Friday morning last, the 


Action of Chairman of Parks 
Committee Involves the City 
Council in Wrangle, but Re- 
sults of Discussion Are Nil 

By 1 1. 1- time the members of the clt> 
council get throuBh discussing the »'» ll,a 
of . the 'JHawa'on contract and unwind tne 
Skein of uncertainty' concerning the legality 
or otherwise or the past actions of. the board 

prove a mere aSotianfa relaxation «•»£•*** 
with the solving*' the ouestlon anant the 
engagement of Mt. Thomas Mawson to pre- 
pare plana of park beautKtoatfpn. 

All yesterday afternoon the parka com- 
mittee wrestled with the problem In the 
presence and with the assistance of "r. 
Mawson himself, who has lust »^*«» ''*•"" 
England, and at the conclusion the d«'«on 
was arrived at that the contract should be 
prepared along the lines of the resolution 
passed by the council In April last, sr. 
Mawson to provide the plan and receive 
therefore »5.000 as hie remuneration, asr. 
Mawson left the council chamber apparently 
expecting that this resolution would go In 
the shape of a report to laat nights meeting 
of the council. In another column Is a re- 
port of the afternoon proceedings, which 
were tame compared with the discussion 
which took, place last evening, when Alder- 
man Dllworth. chairman of the parks com- 
mittee, submitted a report purporting to ha 
based on action of the committee during 
the afternoon. ...w... 

Aldermen Stewart. Okell and Cuthbert. 
ffhf. fftft as the afternoon meeting- rub** 


nuu mil vfi "r t , _ _^_ -._--, 

their eves In amasement wnen m« ">*»■ «• 
was read by the clerk. It was to the effect 
that "the committee haa m*l with. Mr. 
Mawson and reached the decision that no 
further work on park Improvement should 
be undertaken this year." The report at 
submitted and as it was decided at the 
afternoon meeting It should be submitted 
could net have been more wldsly different. 
Its presentation aroused brisk discussion. 
Alderman Stewart finally left the chamber 
and the session only terminated when the 
time limit, already twice estanded. expired 
with the clark attempting to refer back to 
previous resolutions passed by the council 
on the same subject, of the contract. 

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For $10 Down and Just $10 a Month and Build Yourself a Good 

We want to see "Burnside Carline Subdivision" built up rapidly with desir 

able homes. Therefore, we make this special offer uf only $10 down to those 
ready to build on their lots. To others the cash deposit is $25 down, and thfc 
terms $10 a month. Every totisirtromerlot with exceptional so i l and spleqd i d 
water. Nice view and easy transportation to aiid from town. Fifteen minute? 
from city hall by new Saahich glectric, running A close to property, GWirCfo. 
school store, etc., near by. Lots all clear and under cultivation, • No rock. 

Lots Arc Selling Now for $250 to $500 


lirenfell left Peace River Crossing for 
Vermillion on her final trip down 
Stream fdr this season. The Hudson'a 
Bay Company boat followed auit on 
Sunday, both steamers being billed tor. 
one voyage up stream on their return, 
the river navigation beyond St. John 
finishes now for this year owing to the 
remarkably low state of the water. 

Gold JCagget Thefta 
L.ONOOH. Sept. 8» — Thieves today 
atole several gold nuggets frotn a show- 
case in the Canadian emigration offices 
•here. '. ■ . ^ 



— — — 
Continued from race 1. 

' ' ;. " ■ " , — ' — ' f 

. in court that Mr- Hunter shoijld 
been brought before him as Skre- 

. of certain evideneo-ln the caaa 

Herbert Berkeley, a Telegram report- 

. told of having been given acc-.-ss to 

e Farmers' Bank papers- 

D. A. Yeau, of . Calgary, . formerly 
stenographer In the detective office, 
f«aicl . that Haverson had -.the run of 
Duncan's office and enjoyed more privi- 
leges than any other .reporter. 

Asked as to Duncan's reputation for 
veracity, Yeats said it was not very 
«••>(!, with either the reporters or the 
other detectives. He hiid heard Dun- 
can say that he (Duncan) had bom 
Altered $-00 to 1500 l>y some of thu 
newspapers If he would give out a coir* 
tension made by W. K. Traverw, man- 
ager of the Farmers' Bank. 

Mr. (.'owan, % counsel for Duncan, Iriuu 
to discredit Yeats by referring to ;i 
ring lost four years ako, but YeavS 
said that he had been cleared of con- 
nectl"ti with H ind thai when he left 
lie was presented with •> watch, and 
Duncan made tin h. 

Questioned Colleaerue's Veracity 

Sergeant Vernej', Sergeant McKliyl'Cj, 
Detective McKle ;m.i Detective Tipton 
all testified that the force had no iron- 
tidento In Duncan's veracity. VernOJ 
and McKinney both said Haverson had 
il»»c!ared his willingness to commit pel 
Jury if it Would help Duncan. Tipton 
said Duncan often gave the newspapers 
Infni inatlon about the ' - " war- 

r.-.nt.s months before he Informed the 
detectives by official circular*. Tin- 
warrant for Dr. Xesbitt was not months 
(tsfore th» iletectlves wer« officially 
notified. Sergeant Tripp, of the polic<' 
tplephnne, said the detectives and op- 
erators had been frequently blamed 
for giving information to the press 
until he overheard Duncan giving our 
some information for «hirh he later 
blamed the operators 
The Inquiry goes '>n tomorrow. 


Speaker of Quebec legislature Much 
interested in Numbering Inflaatry 

in British OolnmbU 

H"n Adrlsrd 1 urnron. Ihn spsnU.r ot 

tti<> i»si»i»tiv'' eonnoll "f Quabse, *vr\\' 
Sunday n-et pin ,,f Monday In Victoria, and 

wtlllr lifri- rn|l«<l up"n Sir Hlrtmi.l UeBrld« 
Mr. Turseon. wlin l» .in^ ol lb* pictUraSaaa 

aoiltlelajui of i>" Province of Quebec, »«- 
£r*i»«M ' iiio opinion ihsi the Nationalist 
ftiovardtni i.-nder the direction of m Benrl 
Bouraaaa, h«d spent its f.-rre si.rt thai l- 
, ouicl ao ).ms«r bt- eonslderefl « factor in 
pontic... « 1 1 u e r federal er provincial. UW* 

his leader. Sir Wilfrid 1-suiier, Mr, Turgaon 
nsfuiaa to believe 'but reciprocity is dead, 
ami cipritiici the flaw thsl it «in yi 
prove a very Important factor In ih* poll 
tlcsl future. 

"1 was mtich Interested," »«ld Mr. mr- 
geon to The Oolonlet. 'In ih» admirable 
article In your HundSy'e l»«Uf In rersrd to 
the operations et the Pa..ad1an IfaSUrn 
r,,.mber- Company at Praser Mllle. and -i> 
pectally St the ref-rence which w.i made 
to the success of the Freneh-CafiaoMens arno 
have been brou«ht out to that section I, 
as a rrench-Canadlan public man. who has 
bee. dolog mueh to ^ure the «MP*^«°" 
of *er p«»ple vtio h*ra gone »o th* t nitea 
•tatea. and tha praTantlon of their «*^J"S 
"aaaaa, *V<i if ihay »» v * t0 '••I - aM !i^, 

Th* jriyiag Batolinaa. 

Sir Walter Scott say* the "Flying 
Dutchman" vu originally a veaaei 
loaded- with bullion. A murder was 
committed among; tha crew which closed 
air ports to the Ill-fated craft; Other 
tt&f? sr»*teirtg - o1^'the"*t*ry aay -that fe» Wa«- 
phemy the captain ie compelled to sail 
around the Cape forever, unable to make 
a port It Is possible that when the 
Panama canal is open, his wandering 
may cease; that la, if hla vessel is not 
Owned by any of the United State* rall- 
way*. in that ew»% the.caiial is fop. 
bidden him, and t*la "ytandertng .*•* ** 
the ocean must continue hie immem- 
orial sailing.' 

Heinrich Heine 4 says that aa often as 
the Dutchman encounters another ve«- 
ael aeveral of ?t» mysterious craw put 
off in a boat to- roquest those on* board 
the stranger ship to take charge of n. 
packet of lelteiss. the** letter* mu#t 
be firmly nailed to the masthead: other- 
wise disaster is sure to overuke tne 
ship. . . Kvan . then di«aat*> la *er« J»»- 

*tble If 1M:mm\*iWP&**'**®'t* 
to the foremait. At best, the aPpear- 
aaeee* thi ."^?i»l«#.'DJ«ebinan f ^.Us-;^a«^ 
inous of disaster, and oniy few charms 
can ward off the evil, th* cirew are 
not familiar with the passing events on 
land; and the letters- always bear the 
address of unknown persons, or of per-' 
son* long since dead. *ft that sometimes 
the great-granddaughter receive* a love 
letter written to her great-grandmother, 
who bad been in her grave for a hun- 
dred yearn. 

Some declare that this captain whom 
life epurna and death rejects, he* been 
' released -.through the fidelity of a wo- 
man and that his ghostly ship has sunk 
in the ocean. The captain once took a 
niighty oath that he would sail round 
tape Horn despite a most terrible gale 
then blowing— that he would double It 
though he would have to sail till the 
day of doom. The devil took him at 
his word, and he must henceforth sail 
on till the last day, unless, through a 
woman's fidelity, he should he released 
from his f«te. The devil, stupid as he 
ia, has no belief in woman's faith, so 
he permits the wretched captain to land 
once every seven years that he may 
marry, and thus seek an opportunity of 
gaining deliverance. After most of 

these experiments he is only too glad 
to return on hoard and be relieved from 
her who should release him. 

During one of the seven-year periods 
of his endless voyaging, he forms a 
friendship With a Scotch merchant 
whom he chances to meet, sells his dia- 
monds at an absurdly low price, and. 
irlng that his customer has a fair 
daughter, demands her In marriage. 
transaction is duly completed. Tn 
the home of the merchant Is the pic- 
ture of the raptnln taken when he had 
visited the country a hundred ypars he- 
fore, and a traditional prophecy warn- 
ing the women of the family to bewnro 
of the original. The maiden is dis- 
mayed at the resemblnnce of the pic- 
ture to the groom, and al sight 'of the 
picture the heart of the captnln Is 
without hore as his .ship Is without an- 
chor. But If the Scotch lass has dUtn^l 
his secret, she makes no sign and pro 
mlses lo he true until death. After (he 
mnrrlage the unfortunate captain Is 
dragged off to his mysterious ship, and 
his faithful wife throws herself Into 
the sea. Proving her fidelity to him In 
death, the ban over the Flying Dutch- 
man la broken; he Is released, and the 
ghostly Ship sinks Into the depths of 
the ocean. Whether ,nl " '" tnp trllP 

,torv or Whether be Is still engaged 
in his Interminable wanderings on R 
ship without helm or steersman, play- 
ing dice with the devil for his soul, 
Is not clfcarly determined Wagner has 
based nn opera OH the story, hut he 
does not tell us whether the wretched 
captain, tossed about by life anil death. 
Is still refused Of both. --The Pally 








Manufactured bt ^ 
C Turnbull Co. of GsHjt^lli**' 


— aw— — f 

i s i n . iii i iii 

■'■« , "♦',;; !.■• 

A. T. Frampton & Go 


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"Alta Vista" was the Piercey Estate, on the East 
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British Columbia Investments, 



PHONE 3246 

Tuesday, September 24, l«12 



German Company to Establish 
• Service Via Suez Canal Sim- 
ilar to the Blue Funnel Line 
in January Next 



if pfyv- ■■ vr-.v r- '• ni.' ". ''>■■* ■ 

Five Vessels of 15,0000 Tons 
for This Trade— Other Lines 

3 Are Constructing Vessels to 
Meet Expected Demand 

Another round the world line Is to 
he started In January when the Kostnos 
Company, a subsidiary concern of tK* 
North German Lloyd, will place steada- 
m In aervlce from Hamburg and Liver- 
pool via the Mediterranean and Sues 
canal and -porta of the Orient covering 
the same ronle as tn« Blue Furfnel 
steamers. The German company also 
proposes to Improve Its present Berv- 
lce. and In June next will give a 90-day 

Vessel Famed as Yacht of the 
Late R. L, Stevenson Pur- 
chased for Fishing Trade 
With Other Schooners 

The sealing schooners Casco, 

Borealis and Carlotta G. Cox, were sold 
yesterday morning by the Victoria 
Sealing Company to Mr, J. Sidney 
Smith of Vancouver, who proposes to 
place, onglnrtiila Iht.Tttffnl* nod , uae 
them in the halibut Ashing business. 
The Casco was. the schooner-yacht in 
which Robert Louis Stevenson wrote' 
many of his now-famous books, and 
there was a movement under way 
among admirers of his works to sub- 
scribe a fund for the purchase of the 
vessel to preserve the schooner as a 
memorial to Stevenson. Now, however, 
the ownership of the Casco has passed 
from the sealing company, and the 
decks which "Tusltala, the teller of 
tales" paced In the southern seas when 
he cruised among the Islands, will reek 
with fish, the cabin In which he sat to 
write the classics which many readers 
love and future readers will pore over 
through the -years to come, will house 
oilskin-clad fishermen. The purchaser 
will 'take the three vessels to Vancouver, 

Sp\ia! Christmas Excursions 

To the 


By the 

Grand Trunk Railway 




w h ere engi nes wi ll h e pla ee d la th e m. 

The schooner Borealis is already bored 
for a shaft, and the other two vessels 
will be placed on the ways and con- 
verted Into power Vessels. 

Those "WTuTTiaviB read "Tfie'^SduBf 
Seas," "The Wrecker," and other works 
will find them replete with references 
to thd Cased, Which for many years has 
been a sealing schooner of the local 
fleet It was in 1892 that the clipper, 
which had been used after passing from 
the ownership of the author as a yacht 
at San Francisco, reached Victoria, and 
for. the past 20 years she has been en- 
gaged in pelagic sealing. ;."' ; p ■ 

Deals are, on for Ike purchase of four 
other schooners of the fleet, and if the 
negotiations now .under way are suc- 
cessful th««e vessels will be sent, to 
Sodth Amertca. With »e sale of the 
Casco, Borealis and Carlotta G. €**, a 
dozen vessels have : been sold during the 
pastvlwd'jmontket'^' • 

.'., jtjgi' ' ii ii ' .. . '.n il .M i n i i ' ii - I ' I 

MHB|al farragut 

to pacific 

of Admiral Sampson Will 
a Shortly to Join 

C. F. EARLE, City Pass, and Ticket. Agent. Telephone 1242 

■ . ,.. . ...„,, ,i^ 111 ■» ■ ." — i y ' ■» at..!.! . ■ . « F .,..«l <i.«i 1 ;fj ti 1 i ^ il tl i Ii 






Tickets on sale every day up to September 30. Return limit expires 

October 31. ,1812. i 


Nelson . . . '/. . 
Peaohland . . . . 
sle atlet ea ■, . . . 



Halcyon Sot Springs 



- - * • • • 


service from Hamburg, Liverpool and 
London to Ih* North Pacific coast via 
Honolulu. This line will, use the Panama 
canal, when it la -opened' next autuntn. 
-Announcement regarding the new serv- 
ices of the Kosmos Cojnpany was made 
yesterday by the Pacific Coast agents 
at San Francisco. -Five steamers, each 
of 12.000 tons register, with good pas- 
senger accommodation, are under con- 
struction for this ■route, the first to be 
launched, the Karnak. being expected 
to be ready for service within a few 
months' time. The round the world serv- 
lvo via the Sues canal frill, he operated 
dti a aohedule providing for. a voyage^ 
lasting 84 days!i| J^s Js. ahoiit iwoj 
weeks less than t^e,Bl«e Funngl |team-i? 
ers occupy for tno-irlpi. '-.■■&' t'A ■'.'-* 
I'tfhe activity of the German concern 
Is another indication of the great ship- 
ping development that will follow v the 
opening of the Panama canal. The 
Royal Mall Steam Packet Company has 
nine Bte^<rS:wnder-eon»tructlon at, the 
present time™ and five "of these will be 
deed In a new. line via the Panama 
canal to North Pacific coast ports, prob- 
ably making their fermlnusi^ Victoria 
o^j Vancouverf" iThe Harrtsotfejlne pro* 
peses to atwment Its present service 
vis the Strait ofi'-Magellan hy sendlngj| 
toe steamer* ...wk4ck'-'»ow ply to Cdloi^ 
and Puerto Mexico on through the 
canal, and the Danish East and Maple 
Iitfaf Unjgj*1%ijj* extenui;. While, other new 
llfes are contemplated. 


<By Government Wireless) , 
Point Grey—Cloudy; S.W,; 29.89, 61; 
sea smooth. 

■'CapeVtSMi^lear;' N/V*.; 2fc»9, M>-i. 
hazy seaward. Spoke Princess Sophia, 
through Seymour Narrows. at 11.06 p.«n.f' 


southbound; Prtncess; Beatrice, ofl^ 

Campbell river at llfM £.«£., south- 

bound. j; '• : 

' ^a<oo»h--Clear; " w£ ■•» mllosr- 80.1 

54; sea moderate. Out, steamer Col. 
viMike.;at 6.46 a-m." 

Ppachena— Clear; N.W.; 2»»Z. 50; 1^1 


EBtevan— Hazy; N.W.. light; 


5 p.m., northbound. 

riangle— Cloudy; >f.W.; 28.42, 88J 
derate. Spoke Princess May at 
, off Pine Inlandj northbound; 
Santa Ana off Egg Island at 6.30 p.m>, 
northbound; Princess Alice at 10.16 p.m. 
In Mllbank Sound northbound, reports 
all well; tug Tatoosh in Queen Char- 
lotte Sound, northbound, at 11.15 p.m. 
Ikeda— Clear; calm; 28.88, 64; S*k' 

Tickets good for stop-over In any direction at any point you wish. 
This Is the ideal time for a vacation trip and should receive your con- 
sideration. Come In and talk it over and let us arrange your holiday trip. 
__. Eor.turtherp*r.ticu.i«ciiiaB4^al«eperWservatlons apply C. P. R. offices. 


\ m c 

i & '' 



g.,m^0»mch haye-bo^; 

itite Stevenson. The Vera, or^eaya 

# smuggler Halycon. She will go to the Arcoc on ait exploratory cniise itf*he 4 spring 

^iSifnriifii^^ sW^The former, seen in the foreground, 

Swas the ya^ht of ft$b*rt EouSsf Stevenson. Th e Vera, on$e a yacht, ;|J a* notonoutf ' as the 

■ .1 

1102 Government Street. 

!. X. CHETKAM, City VMK. Agt. 





. 1111 1 1 1 1 . 1 'i:i i n- i l.ij 

Regular sailings to and from British Columbia, ports and Mexico carrying 
cargo t» and from European, points, Montreal. St. John, N. B„ Rail rax and New 
Tork. vis Tehuantepec route, on through bills of lading. 

■Next Sailing, S. 8. Lonsdale, September J5tb. 
Three sailings monthly from 'Liverpool, one from Glasgow, two from London. 
four from Hamburg, and direct regular sailings' from French and Mediterranean 

JOHN BARNSUEY, Agent.. 1003 Govt. St. 

. ■-— ■ ^ Ji i j ii » . i ^ I i i i n i i ii ' . " i . 

with four flags and ensign, too far 
away to distinguish, southbound. 
~Pdltft Grdy'^Clsac; calni; 811,18, 87. 
In, steamer Prince George, 2,16 p.m. 
• Cape taso— Clear; calm; 80.04, 60; t 
smooth. Tolido southbound, 8.40 p.m.; 
Dolphin off Cape Mudge, 4.60 p.m. 

■:*: * M§ Bti-D VES8E# 

.Kr. gchWdrin Says IrWs for Pour Big 
Xiners Will. Be Abandoned Owl48T , 
to 'Panama QsjbM Xeglslatios. . 

Mr. R. P. Schwerin, vice-president and 
general > manager of the Pacific Mall 
Steamship Company, confirms the re- 
^oSfet rkat tjbig dothlKtnfrwIli not build 
-8,!»#ifl0f steim|Mpsvj '»• . hasv 
:ftajjpt4* *!»« .^flK* M Intenuon 

50; sea moderate. SpoJrt Tees at ToAsMi' ; fl ^.^ii^.;^^t > ^tesW"'if6 > "fa*e^iti*ti4i* of con- 

Prince Rupert — Clear; calm; 29.97* 4<J; 
sea smooth. 

Dead Tree Point — •Cloudy; calm; sea 


Point Grey — Clear; calm; 30.10, 68. 
In, Princess Beatrice, 9.16 a.iri. 

Cape Lazo — Clear; fresh; X.W.; 29.9g, 
CD. Humboldt, abeam at 11.10 a.m., 

Tatoosh — Clear; W., 3 miles; 30.06, 
.'7; no shljipliiK. 

Pachena— Clear; N.W.; 29.90, 63; light 
swell. , 

Estevan — Clear; W., light; 29.58, 55; 
moderate. Spoke Zapora off Shlncy In- 
let, 10.10 a.m.; Tees at Hesquoit, 11. ii 
a.m.. northbound. 

Trhingle — Cloudy; W.; 29.52, 54. 
Spoke Camosun 8.30 a.m., Mllbank 
Sound, southbound; Chelohaln, MUb 
Sound, northbound. 9.15 a.m. 

Prince Rupert — Clouay; SMB.; 30.05, 
58. Out, 9.16 a.m., Prince Rupert, south- 
bound. In, 10 a.m., Princess Alice. 

Ikodn— Cloudy; W., light; 29.90, 60; 

Dea.l Tre«' Point — Cloudy; smooth. 
Out, Llllooet, 8.30 a. in. 
6 p.m. 

Peehena— Cleir; N.W.. lljjrht; 29.96, 59; 
light swell. 

Triangle — Cloudy; N.W., light; 29.59, 
51; sen. smooth; no fog. Spoke Camosun, 
2.15 p.m., Queen Charlotte Sound, south- 
bound; Prince Albert, 4 p.m.. 1'ino Inl- 
and, southbound; Princess May, in 
Queen Charlotte Sound. 4/15 p.m. 

Tatoosh — Dense; S., 12 miles; 30.03; 
sea smooth. In, ste«.rnor Governor, 2.30 

Dead Tree Poinl Cloudy; QSlmj 8ea 

Ikeda' Cloudy; ialm, 29.96, r.9; sea 

prince Rupert— Cloudyi north; lipht; 
80.02, 66; s«ea smooth. (Jut, Prince John 
12.80 p.m.; In. Princess Mary, 4.45 p.m. 

K.Htevan — Cloudy; N.W., strong; 29.64. 
68; light swell. 8 p.m., larg* freighter 

• *ffejM^*w1rtcli *1iIrr':"S»hWBrIn- considers 
inimical to American shipping Interests. 
"We shall not build the ships." says 
Air. Schwerin. "because it ;i* contrary 
"to '-taw since the Panama Canal H. R. 
.21469 has 'become lew. The temper of 
our legislators towards American ship- 
ping is such as to make it dangerous 
for any one to build ships. 

"The senate canal committee ha^ 
pi'o r lded . e hs j t a h l p s of Am et lc an ai 
try, howe^|(|^|iil|#, , ;eonld he placed. in 

the coastwise trade between ports of 
the United States when bound to or 
from any foreign country on a trans- 
oceanic voyage. This provision was 
struck out Without any hearing. 
Klve months had been spent in pre- 
paring the bill, and there, had been 
hearings and Intermittent debates in 
the" senate. Practically all the speeches 
lu the senate, with the exception of 
one anti-railroad speech, showed a 
tendency toward drastic interstate 
commerce commission legislation and 
eventually government ownership. 

"One senator went so far as to say, 
practically, that the operation of the 
Panama canal Tvould be the first op- 
portunity to bring the railroads to 
their knees, and that if this bill should 
i.m.i tu a monopoly of the canal 
through private ownership of the i 
rlers, thereby allowing the railroads 
to ; maintain rotes, it would be the 
duty of the government to operate a 
lino dlreet through the canal, whleli 
would!" I the railroads to wince 
rates. Rosea D. Clapp, chairman- of 
the senate interstate commerce com- 
mittee, declared that this proposed 
divorcement of railroad and steamship 
Interests was (he grrntest piece of 
i onstruotive ie(?inintton considered al 
this session. 

"As matters stand now the wiUrond* 
have got to show, before '"ii I, Just 
what they own in the way of*' vessels 
and water terminals, and If In the 

opinion nr the interstate commerce 

commission the use of that property 
Is detrimental to the nubile, welfare 
th« railroads ar<- t0 be strliirert of all 
such property WlthOUt the right of 
appeal " 

win the party «*jo found in n wil- 
lows car 1 Sunday evening, September I, 
a silver card-case, rnc.nogra»i> 3B.Lfl^ 
containing visiting cards and key, com- 
municate with owner, 1144 Dallas road, 
or phone R39R6, and receive substan- 
tial reward for its recovery? • 

Brings Twa Hundred Tons, 
of Sulphur— Lord! Derby 
Leaves for Vancouver-*- 
Thor for Orient 

lite steamer Rupert City, Captain 
Boyd, of the Marine Transportation 
Company of Vancouver, reached. port on 
Sunday from San Diego and Ran Fran- 
cisco, and discharged 200 tons of sul- 
phur transshipped from the British 
steamer Mtzclarence at the <3-oldcn 
Gate at the Victoria Chemical works. 
Jflor Vancouver she has 800 tons of as- 
phalt and some general merchandise. 
The steamer took a cargo o* .fertilizer 
and paper south. She left last night 
for Vancouver. It is probable that the 
nil mage aHotflo^ Voyage 
to California ports. 

does to Vancouver 

The steamer Liord Derby left for Van- 
couver lust night after discharging gen- 
eral cargo from Manila and way ports 
In the Orient at the Outer wharf. The 
steamer Klna, of the Danish East 
Asiatic line is not to call at' this port 
The Danish steamer will proceed direct 
to Vancouver from San ."ranclsco. She 
brings 2,000 tons of raw sugar from 
Peru for the British Columbia refinery, 
In audition to general merchandise 
from Copenhagen, Antwerp and London. 
The Arabien, next o£ the Unc, is expect-, 
ed to call here. 

Thor for Orient 

The Norwegian steamer Thor, which 
has been engaged for some years past 
in the coal-carrying trade between >iun- 
almo and San I'Vanelsco, has been char- 
tered by Waterhouse & Co., to load gen- 
eral cargo at Portland for the Orient. 
The Thor Is expected to reach the Co- 
lumbia river for loading about the 
of this month. The steamer Lord Cur- 
zon will also load In tho transpacific 
service for this company. She is now 
at San l-'nnui.s.-,, ; ,n.l will cm.- to 
Fug.-t Sound ports In a ti w days. 
Iualin. Dm Thursday 

Tiie Inabo Maru, of the Nippon luaen 

KalriUa line, Captain Tominega, reports 

hy ^lrei.'i. (i,, m s.-n that sin will i 
p'ut. on Thursduy morning. The Jap- 
anese steamer has 1,496 ions of geniral i ,,,,, ; ,. 

steerage passengers, mostlj Chinese, 

will .lis.-mhark here, UOOh of the 

<:irgo to be landed here by the tn 
Mam la for distribution by the C i\ R. 

and will be carrlrd to VftncoUVer hy 

local steamers Si tin railway company. 
Mexico Mara X,«te 

The Mexico Mam, of the Osaka Sho- 
■en liftit.^ lin». in C3peotjo>1 SJ; the 
Muter wharf on Friday and will dis- 
charge about 600 tons of merchandise 
and land 83 steerage passengers here. 
This steamer is about ten days behind 

r < ii n .' * I i . . h i I . i 

her schedule, having been delayed ow- 
ing to detention In quarantine at Mojl, 
on account of cholera cases which de- 
veloped on board on tha^if/ay ftom 
Shanghai to the Japanese port. 

Strike Delays vessel 

The steamer Lonsdale has Wen -de*'' 
layed owing to the coal strike at Cum- 
berland and the .date at her departure: 

ror Salina Cruz and way ports is un- 
certain. It is expected that the vessel 
will get away about the end of the 
week, The strike Is keeping steamship 
agents busy. ; and- the coating of the' 
steamer Zealandia: of the Canadian-Aus- 
tralian Une, Which usually bunkers at 
comox, Will be done either from the 
C. P. R. bunkers at Vancouver or at 
Seattle. Mr. J. C. Irons, agent de the : 
Canadian Australian line. Is vllltlng the 
Sound port in this regard. 


Steamers Kow Do Thirty Timea as 

Much of World's Trade as Vessels 

Propelled by Soil. 

^er^dmtrw;7s*»giit wHl 
ive Philadelphia In a few days en 

its, ^"#s>d^4 '%0: join the fleel^st 

"fr fr t^^ T r -Company; 

>taIB'-,fc . «»;' fM!4M|^#-J^ , n>« rl y °* th * 

iCTIi a sister ship to tnS~ Steamer 
Admiral Sampson, now in the Alaska 
service fcpt aoon to return to .the,; 
Tacem^-^; ; Fr>pcis<o SSwice, ; . \%tbd 
:|ttr#m W,AVA*n£df 1,885 net ion's. 
She la 280 feet til length, 36.1 feet beam' 
•M^f^^iAm.-ot bold. : She Is a 
16*not vessel and on her arrival will; 
enable the company to Increase Its aerv-i 
ice between the Sduind and San Fran- 
cisco. "..,,"; '^,;;'' 

On her arrival on the Sound, the Far-t 

!?3 fSrwi»auled| 

ragut -tim^lm, 
and remodeled. Similar changes to those 
m«deiiJ^<|^-'|B|miral Sampson when she', 
was brouRht around to the Sound, Wilt 
be effected. She will probably not en- j 
ter the service until Spring. The Far- 
ragut has been operating in the fruit 
trade between NeW York and the Weat- 






Thousand miles on the St Lawrence River, The shortest 
ocean passage. Less than four days at sea. 

First Cabin $92.60 and up. Second' Cabin 953.76 and up. One- 
Class-Cabin (second class) $50.00 and up. Third Class, lowest 
rates on request. 

Tickets and Information from any Railroad or Stenmshlp Agent 
ST «8; 4. nm-ini, General Agent, 713 Second Ave., SEATTLE 



An idea of the rapidity with which 
the aalUng ship is disappearing is con-, 
veyed in figures given in the new vol- 
umes o* Lloyd's Register: The world's 
ffflM'rg f <ft *» 'mow ■■ total 7H;t1e more than 
4,000,000 tons, whereas: the merchant 
steamers of the globe are In excess f 
40,000,000 tons. 

On the asBumpt'.u l that one ton of 
steam Is equal to three of sail, steam- 
ships now do 30 times as mu;h of the 
carrying trade of the world as sailing 

Of this huge total of steam shipping 
the British flag boasts practically on>- 
hulf, as much as 17,000,000 tons being 
registered In the United Kingdom, and 
1,600,000 in the British colonies. It 
may be conjectured, too, that the Bri- 
tish half compris.s the newer and more 
econoini. i moiety. It must 

be acknowledged, however, that some 
of our rlvale are going ahead ratlin 
rapidly. Thus. While 340,000 tons of 
shipping has been added to tho United 
Kingdom register since 101 1. Germany 
increased her tonnage by 162,000, 
rapan by 141,000, and Norway by 

Tlie tendency to special types of ship- 
ping is indicated by the fact that there 
are 818 vessele afloat fitted with refrlR- 
. r.-i i n- apparatus This la suggestive' 
of the great pari which tin- carriage 
In cold storage of meat, butter, fruit 
.in. i other perishable produce plays in 

modern ■ PCS. Some 258 steamers 

50 aatllng ships are designed to 

carr-- petroleum in bulk. Aa many as 

24 2 vessel fl arc fitted ror using liquid 

fin-], the larpeM ,00(l-ton 

japai oars, running on the Paoifla 

it in quite clear thai a good deal 
more has t" be done In the direction of, 
equipping ships with wireless, Only 
:i;r, ateamera and L8 sailing ressela are 
re turn i I as provided with fluch Installa- 
tions This seems a comparatively 
,ii proportion when it is remembered 

that th.-n ari- more than .TO.onn vessels 

of ioo tuns an.i up--.. mis afloat on the 

writers of the globe. 

Come early and avoid the rush nt the 
harvest sale. Fair Week. Flvb. Ten, 
and Fifteen Cent Store, e 



Trelghter Held at Portland, Being Pro- 
nounced TTnseaworthy by Surveyors 
— Purther Survey to Be Held 

PORTLAND, Sept. 23.— loaded with 
lumber and ready to proceed to Aus- 
tralia, the British steamer Saint Kllda 
has been held here pending a further 
survey by Captain L. Veysey, represent- 
ing Lloyd's, because of three leaks 
found in her forepeak, two on the port 
side and one on the starboard. 

Captain Albert Crowe and Captain 
Andrew Hobon completed a survey 
yesterday and pronounced her unsea- 
worthy. Members of the crew, except* 
officers, have refused to stand by after 
filing a protest with British Consul' 
James Lrfiidlaw. 

The vessel Is classified In Lloyd's 
and repairs will he made as speedily as; 
possible, us hy the terms of her char- 
ter, she Is costing Davles & Fehon, who 
have her under engagement, about M00 
a day. 

Fort Fraser is tho best location be- 
tween Edmonton and Prince Rupert, sit- 
uated on the Grand Trunk, between these 
two cities In the heart of British Col- 
umbia, with navigable streams radiating 
in every direction like the spokeH nf u 
Wheel Waterways that penetrate the 
richest portions of this province. Fort 
1'raser will grow faster and Is gfOWing 
faster than any other point In the Qreal 
Canadian West tfior free Information, 
address, W. A. Matheson, secretary, Fort 
l i isrr Development Club. • 

i ■* " - 



From Vlrtnrln 8 a.m. every Wednesday, 
and 10 a.m. every Friday from Seattle, 

For Southeastern Alaska. Sept, 23, 2». 
Oct 5, II, IT. S. S, HI'OKANW or CITY OF 
SK.A'rTl.F. leaves Seattle at tt p.m 

ocean and rail ticket* to New York and 
all other orWes via Han Frsnolsco. 

Freight and Ticket Offices. 1117 Wharf 

R. .P. R1T1IKT a CO.. General Agenta. 

CLAUDE A. BOI.LT, Passenger Agent, 10*3 

0e*enun«nt street. 

ss»sisssss>sssismss>ssIi l i iy'li i " i m isj n i . .'.,.' 

e Largest Steamer in the World 






American Line 

Plymouth — Cherbourg — 8ont hampton 

Atlantic Transport Line 

New York — Ijondon Direct 

Red Star Line 

New York — Dover — Antwerp — Paris 

White Star Line 

New Tork — Qneenntown — I-lverpool 

New York — Plymouth — Cherbourg— 


Boston — Qtteenstown — TJverpool 

New York and Boston — Mediterranean 

CommiiiiH Oftlce, Boom "B" Bailey Iiuii.ii-n;. Second and Cherry Streets, Seattls 


SEPT. 28 

OCT. 10, NOV. I), NOV. 30, 
' DEC. 21. 

White Star-Dominion 

Montreal — Quebec — Liverpool 


Largest and Finest Steamers on St. 
Lawrence Route 

Only Four Days at Sea 


Twin Screw 8.S. "Canada" and 

GaKXage checked through to 
Steamer In Bond. Embark night 
before sailing. No hotel or transfer 

This Demands Your 


60x120, Revenue Producing Property 

Price $15,000 

Special Terms Over 10 Years If Required 


Member Victoria Real Estate Fxchange 

1113 Douglas Street 

Victoria Fuel Co. 

Agents for the famous 


Phone 1377 6» Trounce Avmmm 







, 1 "I 1 ". ■' ' > ]. ' 


lailk^ft-iLkL fcl : ' 


_:\-_- ,. - . :.."j_ji ■■■■-.■ I'. J . ■ ■ 

'' l "'*'^ 1 -- 

■m .■ I 




Tuesday, September 24, 191S 

mil wm sends 


Counsel for Sooke Contractors 
Does Not Retract Statements 
Concerning Which City's 
Officials Made Complaint 

In response to the council's request that 
•he explain whst he meant when he met the 
council at a recent session of that body and 
made certain statements winch Water Com- 
missioner Rayrour and Mr. Wynne Meredith, 
the city's consulting engineer on the -Sooke 
Lake work, stated, In a written complaint 
to the council, has virtually accused them 
of graft. . Mr. ». T, Elliott, ^KJBt*: .?■»' ; 
represented at that meeting the Westholme 

aber Company, contractors on the Sooke 
» development work, has presented his 
answer to the city and It was read at last 
night's meeting of the council. Mr. Mere- 
dith and Mr. Raymur complained that Mr.' 
Elliott, in bis statement* ;to the counotl, 
had asserted that by framing the specifica- 
tions for the work, so provided that tit* 
Reinforced Concrete Pipe QQnmfMrVnM***? 
son, Mich., was the only company that could 
conform with the specifications and that 
this being the case, the company hid held 
op the Westholme Lumber Company, as also 
the other tenderers, for a price of t».40 per 
1 foot for forma alone and that later they 
had entered Into a contract with the com- 
pany for the same thing at elxty-twb cents 
per foot, and that the, difference between 
those two figures was .graft pure, and 
simple. They pointed out that the price of 
sixty-two- cents covered only forms and 
patent rights, while the price of $ Was 
for the finished article not. the forma only, 

ba se 

Hon of water commissioner and 
City KiiKlnser Kust lu hu Place 

Uj Raymur declared Mr. Elliott had said 
the specification* had been "framed" so 
that only one tympany could tender on the 
concrete pipe, and taking advantage Of thai 
the pipe company got the contrast- II Mr, 
Elliott hnd made a mistake he h»'i a right 
II. • It. Me (Mi. Raymurl had 
written to him the day following the state- 
ment being made ami pointed out the facts. 
I. in Mi. BlllQtt had no: deigned to reply. 
Ks.ti by the tiRures he quoted In hi* r*Pl> 
to the council's request a« J»»t resd Mr. 
r- left mil ent hall the cost of the pipe, 
the cost of transportation anil laying. Mr. 
Raymur still urged an Investigation. 

Alderman Heard scouted the necessity of 
mi inw.itigatlon, declarhug the council had 
nfldence In Its officials and en- 
gineer, while Mayor Uecjqwlth believed that 
a brief council Inquiry would clear up 

Alderman smwnrt was equally emphatic 
In the expression of his belief in the Integ" 
rlty of the water commissioner and consult- 
ing engineer, and Alderman Oleason pointed 
hi Mmt the specifications as drawn per- 
mitted two companies to bid, as more than 
one class of plpo was specified. He had 
not so understood Mr. Elliott's remarks and 
thought that the latter was referring to 
' ;n* ; wnich the pipe company had 

while the , other bidders 

- After considerable ' discussion . H Was de 
elded that Mr. Elliott be asked to meet the 
eoUncU when M»v Keredlth returns to the 
«»ty and go ,ft»lfc^»«(Jtt the matter. 

iy * > i m, * ' ■»# ' j"" " 1 " ' I . 1 * '^ 


Mrs. Hlmpson will reopen her evening 
olaaa-M In dancing on Wednesday, B«u> 
tsmbai -•• »t "30 p.m. Children's class 
Saturday, 3 p.m., In the new Connaught 
ha!!, View Street. 

FHOlfE 1570. 

Canton Linens 

FANt'Y DltliSS 1'AT 1 lilt.NS 
Importers uf Chinese and Japanese 
Bilks of every description. fall and 
see our stock beforu purchasing olso- 

Quong Man Fung « Co. 

1711 Oovrrnment Street 


baa 4c 



Majestic Theatre 

Programme Monday and Tumrtuj 

"In the North Woods"— Good blograph 
drama. "Lincoln's Gettysburg Address"— 
War picture. "The Wprkma 
Edison photoplay, ''Wh« 
Sixteen" — Pine comedy. 
1 ' ' ' — — — 


Formerly *??fcfy W.-'H#l^:«prW tlanch- ■ 

%', : ^!tm mvwum motet c©»< 

Presents Oulda's. High Class Society Drama 



a fa ct B f w h i ch — ¥*r: — B t Uutt — ntua* 
known when he made the statement. Mr. 
Meredith arid Mr. Raymur pointed out to 
the council that Jar. Elliott's statements 
Implied that the difference- would - have 
amounted to some $200,000 and that the 
Implication of- graft 'wawton asi'tons ■ tb ^ne— 
passed over. They urged an Investigation 
under oath but the council decided that 
Mr. Elliott should be first- written to and 
asked for an explanation of 'hla statements. 
This reply was read at last night's meeting 
of the council' and was as follow*:' 

' Mr I ■III.. I. - It.-pM 

•% ugve your letter" of' : 'jWh. "- Inst, m 
reference to ray argument before you as 
counsel for the Weatholme Lumber Com- 
pany. Limited. Tour letter refers only to 
the matter of the concrete pipe, although 1 
directed your attention to other matters of 
equal Import. * .. " 

"Tour statement of. my argument le> J*~s 
complete, and, when read as you state It, 
detached from the context, would seem to 
show that Tn«a nte*gr£mea« unsupported 
. allegations, whereas. In everything I said I 
referred to official documents and gave ac- 
tual f lg ures. 
.. — **«W«et,..>to get -back to the actual condition 
of a: »br%.let m« deal with the Sooke Lake 

• "This contract calls for tbe construction 
of a concrete pipe line of such a character, 
that the materials necessarily used therein 
are covered by process patents. 

"The only safe method to pursue In 

specifying the use of process patents is to 

obtain from, the' patent , owner the price at 

which the process patent can be used and 

. insert 9tkh price In the specification. 

"An effectual clause to this effect would, 
read: 'The engineer will accept the Smith 
Company's pipe, manufactured In accord- 
ance with. MieW> published dJaiwrm' and 
specification under date of January let, 
1911. The city hag obtained the right to 
use the process patent upon, payment of 
twenty cents perVllheal foot royalty. This 
right may be exercised by toe contractor.' 

"No other course is safe. This iltlt: 
acid test. It the owner of the patent win 
not Iglve a reasonable price before the 
specification Is made, there is no hope once 
the patent Is specified. 

"If more than one process patent Is speci- 
fied without securing a. fixed price. for the 
patent use, tho difficulty is Intensified. The 
patent holders naturally . do not compete; 
they combine; and the result is an un- 
reasonable price. 

"My argument to you was that under the 
Sooke Lake contract this condition of being 
confronted with an extravagant price ex- 
isted. I Illustrated my argument with 

"The resolution under consideration by 
your board was to take the contract away 
from the Westholme Lumber Company and 
finish it on a cost and percentage* basis, 
ostensibly to be computed on the basis of 
the contract submitted to the ratepayers, 
but. in reality involving an undertaking of a 
radically altered character. Against this 
resolution my efforts were directed. ■ The 
concrete pipe as specified would necessarily 
be manufactured In moulded blocks of re-' 
Jnforced concrete, four feet In length, 
weighing approximately one ton. . There 
should be no difficulty in arriving at the 
value of a block manufactured In the mould 
ready for delivery. 

"As a basis for computation let me sub- 
mit you some figures: (a) Steel reinforce- 
ment for four foot block placed In mould. 
48c; (b> one ton concrete mixture placed In 
mould, $2.00; cost of block, $2.48. 

"Probably not an unreasonable estimate 
as the material would bo handled without 
the expense of city bunkering and haulage. 
"But to prevent any siiRKC»tlon of under- 
value, let us double these figures for the 
concrete mixture: (a) Steel reinforcement 
for four foot block placed in mould. 48c; 
i hi one ton. concrete mixture .placed in 
ilfl, 14.00; cost of block. $4.18. 
"The price admittedly propdsed to bi paid 
for this block By the city In finishing the 
M-act was $9.60 per block, with the 
addition of the cost and percentage com- 
mission which I will here place at the 
minimum of five per rent, or 48 cents per 
ck — a total of J10.08. 

■'I believe l am riKht in saying there are 
upwards of $30,000 blocks, i believe I am 
right In saying that nearly all the tenders 
submitted were based on the same price of, 
or approximately $9.60 per block. 1 believe 
T in. !ii;ht in saying that In respect of each 
block there would hays been paid not only 
the value of the block but an additional 
sum exceeding the value of the block; that 
Is to say, would actually pay two prices and 
fet some more. 

"This was what I believed at the time I 
nriruert before you. It Is what I still believe. 
The matter Ilea within a very narrow com- 
pass '..hi . nn easily have my figures verl- 
fi.-.l or disproved. 

"I have the grcat^M pergonal unwilling- 
ness to say at. ilnng which reflects on any 
public official, and If the argument I made 
to you was based nn Incorrect figures I 
fhai! l.c only too glad to make public any 
necessary C OrTf l tfcns. In fst-t. your adopt- 
In,? and publishing nny official figures will 
establish the position of your officials. 

"With the exception of two conferences 
with the mayor ' of Victoria, dnniin« with 

the slants of the Westholme Lumber • 

pany under th- contract, I havs noi had 

occasion to mention the matters dealt wltS 
In your letter and would not pretend to any 
knowledge of the disposition of any money 
by way of Irreslstlhle Inference. 

"If you will submit to me any official 
figures I will be glad to communicate with 
you again. 

Yours truly. 

(Pgd.) R. T. ELLIOTT " 

Still in the Dark 

Alderman Porter suggested filing Mr 
Elliotts reply, stating that It left the 
council more than ever In the dark and, as 
Mr. Elliott Is a lawyer, perhaps that ac- 
counted for the density of the explanation 
Personally he was present at the meeting at 
which Mr. Elliott made his alleged charge 
of graft, but he (Alderman Porter) hsd not 
taken any such meaning as Imputed by Mr. 
Meredith or the water commissioner. He 
supposed there must be some scspegoat and 
Mr. Raymur was chosen by the Westholme 
Lumber Company for that role. 

"I'm tired of being made a scapegoat." 
ejaculated Water Commissioner Raymur. 

Alderman Porter suggested thst the com- 
pany Is quite willing to make a scapegoat 
of. Mr. Itaymur. The company, he averred, 
Is still "rrowlng" over the fart that the 
council opted Mr. Raymur from In* ppst- 

Oilbert and Hughes— Black and tan artists. 
>■ Pat he's * Weekly— Topical' events. Gamblers 
, «rVltagraph , drama. The White Rose ctt the 

WHds-^ Bro g r ap l i drainA,i ^ r'Ttre ' Bu r r ow e d ■ 

-Baby— w.*lem "drama, ., V . -j^ . y^ „/ , ; 

nW ilii i i T i . u p T n I « t i i»i. Ti , v. i «»% ■ mum 

Continued from Page I. 

■ i ."i ii v iy i . A " i , i . ' , ' ,; ' A. ' ■ 

ovation on rising to reply. He first 
expressed his appreciation of tbe fact 
that so many, not associated with the 
Conservative party, had been bfoad- 
t iruatf spirited ami m vrt mw en ong h to 
join, in the welcome, extended to him. 
"The people of the old lend," said 
Mr. Borden, "are as much convinced 
as are the people of Canada that the 
unify ~ol the" >rtj$lfe, "Hfcjr OH TVftfr ** 
ittence of the empire. 1ft dependent 
upon a sure path across the sea*, and 
they are determined to maintain for 
themselves and for you ft . sure path 
acroaa e»ary ocean where British do- 

mimmvm &*&*&&>*» ««* e Men - 

tlal to other nation* Is the very lite, of 
the empire. - ;'H "^ 

"It Is- not for me tonight .to^««pi 
atky announcement to you, aKhough a 
great audience a**-**** i»^% «ore 
temptation to any man to be India- 
creet for the time, but I must follow 
the good old coMttUittOWM- Ji?l» W 
announ«WP*«p.'^^',f«fiiid'' <* wreat 
subjects should be made flrftt to par- 

•There are many other great domes- 
tic problems which must "he decided on 
'in the hear future. Toward Canada 
the migrating nations are turning their 
eyee. and the Dominion will welcome 
them, wnetfce* ijbeje. come from the 
motherland, from the United State* or 
from the continent of Europe. 

"Bring them In and buUd W *hte con- 
ttneni «t*n«*r4%ot life which, we shall 
not be ashamed when we compare them 
with those of other countries. We speak 
of east and west In sympathy of Ideals.. 
Let there be not east nor west, but let 
there be -ftfte Canada." 

Transportation , r 

■ The prime minister discussed the 
problem of transportation, of the cheap 
carriage of Canadian products for the 
markets at home and abroad, and of the 
possibilities for the development of the 
inland waterways. "There wan one prob- 
lem which should no* be forgotten-rt 
that of five hundred or six hundred 
miles of territory having nj>W little or 
no population. Bltuated between the east 
and the west. He and his colleagues 
would do all within their capacity to 
bring the inhabited east into the un- 
■hablted west and to prevent all diver- 
gence of sympap&*^; . : - ■ . 

The facilities afforded by .railways 
and waterways should be supplemented 
by lUghways, which were the necessary 
link in any well-considered 'scheme -of 
transportation. The government hoped 
to assist the provinces to develop a 
system of highways which would bear 
comparison with those in Kurope or " 1 
tnose under construction In the V. S. 
The government did not intend to aban- 
don any proposal it had made in that 
regard. Canada Had every resource which 
she coul wish for. Canadians should 
realize that It was not their duty to 
bury tholr talent, but to tako those re- 
sources and manufacture, as far as. 
mlgftt he, every article required by the 
Canadian people. Ontario has accom- 
plished a great achievement in bringing 
electric power from Niagara to the 
cities and towns, and lie hoped the same 
benetlt would be fxtonded to every 
farmer on his land. 

Mr. \\ \V. Rowell, K. C, leader of the 
lvlberal party of Ontario, proposed the 
toast to the parliament of Canada. He 
was glad to join, Irrespective of party, 
hi the welcoming back Of Mr. Bordon. 
as premier of one of the great, free, 
self-governing nations of the empire. 
Parliament had kept pace with Canada's 
progress by Increasing Us status among 
the legislative bodies of the world and 
by adding departments of labor and of 
external affairs. The time had come 
when Canada should take Iter place In 
upholding the Union Jack as the banner 
of freedom and civilization. 

Hon. W. T. White, minister of finance, 
spoke of Canada's growing revenue and 
the expansion of trade. He hoped this 
years to i>ay out on consolidated revenue, 
not only the current and running ex- 
panses of this great dominion, but cap- 
ital charges as well, and still have a 
substantial surplus to apply in the re- 
ductln of the national debt of this Do- 
minion, a fact which should greatly im- 
prove the standing of Canadian secur- 
ities of all kinds in the financial market. 

"Prlcesi 10c, Sftc and 10c. Matinee Wed-, 
nesday and Saturday. lOo and 20c 

Certain 8.15 evenings; matiaees 2,4*. Re- 
served seats on sale 

• VtAS * H18COCK8 
Come* Broad and- Tate e ■ • 

■ m > ■ i i m i ■ i sji '■■■ " n il ■ . ■■ I ' » ' ' 


■ndfTlllr end Tlvtyt PwarHW* 


Monday and Tuesday 
Violet Hubbard— Baby 

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"Highlands" is the cream bf Cadboro Bay scenic property. Cadboro Bay is the finest 
residential section adjacent to Victoria, and w ill soon become the most high class. "High- 
lands" offers you today an opportunity to buy in this district at prices that will never oc- 



Ut* •> Dtagwalis present a«tarttUng p»- 

turesque and romantic story Of Kentucky 

>*•' ■ £■ ■„;.*'•! ?».V ■' 

»1n Old Kentucky" 

Written by C. T. t)asey. 
«— Kentucky Thoroughbred Her 

Tbe Famous Pickaninny Braes 

ces: $1, 75c, 50c 86c. Seats on sale 
September 24. Kali orders now 


*auuevilte's Dramatic Sensation 


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^!$^ WalU^ investment if thc^ care to sell, rf]ife 

;l©^g^li^h0ldtheia^ ^u cannot dlseount Cadboro Bay, Its lhUily 

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ftodalBtearbf property in panorama, an^ sweeps the Bay and the Gulf agd the J*0fHt| 
fens: It is near the Cadboro Bay road, where the cat line will be, and is easily refcepd. 
The lots are quarter acres and have no rock, and every lot has a nice view 



Price trorn 

^4 — 

. ;■'">(■•* s^*#t/ ,wHXf»f. 



6%. 12a lOj 

. r..' i 


obatlc Rubes, 

'■ ■ ''.'•'■ Two. C 

The Cyclonic CyelU 
Mort— MACNAB * I 

ma sseiooies 


Public notice ts hereby given that the 
Canadian Northern Pacific Railway 
have deposited In the Land Registry 
Of nee, ot the City of Victoria, the plan, 
profile and hook of reference of that 
part of their railway b«lng construct- 
ed on Vancouver Island in Cowlohsn 
Lake District from station «S X 00 
to station 321 x 00.7. 

Datod Victoria, B. C. July 23, 1912. 

The Canadian Northern Pacific Ry. 
By T. H. WH4TE. 

Chief Engineer. 




■.""■-.•' '..'''.• ; : 

ilk iis'isiin i / i m i s i li < \"« < « 




If You Can Not 
Call Send the 


tc **•>.• 

Benson & Winslow, 

.1202 Douglas Street, 

. , Victoria, B, C 

Please Send tne .full partrcui 
lars of "Highlands" free and 
without obligation 

tended for the under- 
signed as reeve of the Municipal- 
ity of Esquimalt should not be 
left at The Colonist Office or be 
addressed to the City of Victoria, 
but to Thoburn Post Office, Box 

6 4- ' ,- - --!-''' 


September 17, ig i2. '-$&M 


Notice Is hereby given tnat application 
will b»> mado to tlic Boar I of»nso 
Commlsslonrrs of Victoria, British Colum- 
bia, st Its noxt sitting for the transfer (from 
Charl.-s H. MaMmuMit to J. F. Llns and W. 
J. Bradley of the license to soil spirituous 
and fermented liquors. Issued In respect of 
the Bodega Saloon, situate at the corner 
of Douglas and View Streets, Victoria, B. 
C, and for leave to transfer such license 
from the present premises to No. 1101 
Douglns Rtre.M. In th itn< building, aiid 

to convert the sal<!i license Into a hotel li- 
cense, such license to be hereafter knows 
as tho Bftlmornl Hotel license. 

Dated the 1st day of August. 1912. 

By his Attorney In fact 


By his Attorney In fact. 

M. J. O. WHITE. 

Not Druggists 
To the Royal 

But as far as skill In oo mp w rni ftltt a 
prescriptions goes, and as much ss 
absolute purity in Drugs counts, we 
easily might be,, whether it's Hall's 
wonderful Beef M^-Sroa Wftw, or a 
< Hew '-iaiafety ' Rasor, you are sure ot 
satisfaction. ■ . 


The Central Drug Store 
Phone 201 702 Yates St. 


In running order. Will sell whole or 
1-2 interest Furether particulars. '■".j 
Jones ft Bant Ltd. 
1417 Broad Street 

When a Man 
Reads a Newspaper 

\JJjs ^,mihd T is--not, ordinarily, on the advertisements. 

It is necessary to arrest his attention. This may 

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This causes him to read the ad. Next, you must 

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Demonstration at BaUymena Addressed 
by Mr. r. B Smith 

BKI.KA6T, Hf-pt. 23. — The Ulster 
campaign against home rule was con- 
tinued tonight by a demonstration at 
Buiiymena. Frederick E. Smith, Union- 
ist M. P., for the Walton district of 
Liverpool, and the Hon. J. H. Campbell, 
M. P., for Dublin University and ex- 
solicltor general for Ireland, were tne 
speaker*. Anti-home rule resolutions 
were carried with great enthusiasm. 
Outside Protestant Hall, many thou- 
sands wl.o had not been able to get In 
held a meeting around a huge bon- 

Don't Miss It— Get a Lot Today in the Successlul Subdivision 





Shaughnessy Heights" 






a *"•>♦-•"•' . ?*• it •».-• 





Phones 2967 and 3515 

ii up ! *" 



Offices Open From a.m. to Khpam. Daily 

I.-— M f ii 

I .. V.' 

h i i t m i l l' »j i ■ 

I ::9tts)/. ^_er:'.;~*: 





Will Wot Olv« Oram Y«t to JClppon 

Tu««n KaUha to B*coup Loimi in 

F»r Euttru Kate War. 

Th« efforts of the Nippon Yusen 
Kalsha i^ine to secure ■ government 

subsidy to recoup itself Irum losses hi 
a result .of the rati- wa,r with tne 
British India Line in ttie Calcutta- 
Japan tiR'io have not been succesful, 
accordinK to advices brought, by the 
wteamer Lord Derby yesterday. Mr. 
Yukawa, of the .Japanese department 
of communications, said tho govern- 
ment realized that the compct ilon Is 
now very keen, but that the Nippon 
Yusen Kalsha is not at 'all surprised 
since it determined to encounter the 
competition Horn the first. When the 
Nippon Yusen Kalsha wes contemplat- 
ing the inauguration of the service, the 
officers concerned Invited the views of 
4h* government authorities, :»nd the 
«U«» sus;gested that they had better 
abandon the; jproject unless they- were 
fully determined and had a decided 
policy, in view of the Influence of the 
British India Steamship Company and 
the condition of service In India, in 
view too of a prevlou » experience on 
the Bangkok service, since It was In- 
advisable for them to discontinue com- 
petition , after having once embarked 
upon such a policy. The government 
authorities are further reported to have 
stated they could not -grant a subsidy 
to make good any loss which might be 
sustained as they were intend ins to 
reform the system in view of the 
financial condition prevailing. 'The 
V'usen Kalsha Started the service on tho 

Understanding that they had a firm 
conviction. Only one year has expired 
since the ; competition commenced, and 
as the Nippon Yusen Kalsha is reported 

.. jtt -be growing . aopular the goViirnme.n t 
authorities simply desire 'that they 
Work harder and continue, the compe- 
tition so m to achieve their ultimate 

ambition.; ;There is -no- suggestion of 
granting a subsidy, nor def th*' goiJMfcr 
ment authorities consider the matter 
tin ' account of the * reason stated. If 
Ae'N.Y- K> ig, however, entirely 
beaten and has ti:y; dtseontintio 
»« competition, they ms,y take stj >s 

' j|H[h a vl*w to. saying the face of the 
Country and ftt the same time develop 
the marine transportation ; 'buslneW, 
but it i^'n^.^ylt^mO'-.t'^'.ta'ite aiich.'tt 



Wa« Driven to Vicinity of Cape Cook— 
Steam Whaler Sebastian Offered 
Aid to Drifting Vessel. 

heudud Into till rolU-rs unH the I i.»;)n« 
was kept at full speed ahead. 

Morning found the little craft play- 
ing hide and seek with mountanous 
seas. A thick mist narrowed the hori- 
zon close about the struggling craft. 
Wher< thev wen- the four meu on 
Seagull had no idea. 

Provisions low 

The provisions were low Ti.ey de- 
cided that one'mea) .1 dgy would make 
the food last nix -lays longer. The 
beer ires the only cold drink aboard 
thai they could swallow, 

■ ''apt. Abrahamson had had no sleep 
since the launch lefl Astoria. Hauk 
and Clausen had been deathly sick, 
though both were ,.1.1 hands at coaBt- 
wise fishing. The launch pitched at 
terrifying and unexpected angles until 
it was dangerous to stand up without 
laying hold of something fast 

Then the engine tailed. The bear- 
ing were overheated, and they stopped 
the machinery and drifted in the mist. 

In the afternoon the veil of mist was 
suddenly torn aside and they found 
themselves close under "a wild shore of 
cliffs and reefs that surrounded them 
on every side. Clausen had no tools to 
clean the overheated bearings, but with 
a file and a piece of rope he had been 
at work smoothing them. In the mean- 
time the Seagull was drifting into the 

When the mists parted and showed 
them their peril Capt. Abrahamson or- 
dered the engine started at once. For- 
tunately it responded long enough for 
them to get offshore. 

Sebastian Offers Help 

Tuesday, the steam whaler Sebastian 
came up and offered to tow the Seagull 
to safety. Capt, Abrahamson thought 
h e ooujtl ta k e w i re o f h im s e lf. 

"Where am I?" he asked. -- 

"Off Cape Scott, 200 miles north of 
Cape Flattery," was the reply. 

"Let me have a chart, captain," said 
the skipper of the Seagull. 

A -cnarTjtf? the ^Vancouver Island 
coast was lowered to him, and the Sea- 
gull was off again. Tuesday night they 
had a tempestuous sea off the perilous 
west coast of Vancouver Island, with 
the waves breaking clean over the 
; f 1 *** 61 ?' : Thursday , afternoon they 
headed into Cape Flattery on the Can- 
adlan side and were safe at Seattle on 
Friday night. 

coLUsitrti our f 


Captain of Steamer Ketrlever Die. on 
- ■ Bridge and Vessel ■ Kamniarl and 
Sunk Spanish Steamship . 

. Blown'far out of her course to Cape 
Cook, Vancouver Island,, when bound 
from Astoria to Seattle, the launch. 
Seagull, with f*Mif men on board, .had 
a story of hardship . to • tell 'on arrival; 
at the Puget Sound. PoAtj- ttie .•■•."team 
wbaler. Sebastian. > of the Kyuquot 
whaling Station of the Canadian North- 
ern &m&]&^hi?mi^^m* 

tijttth Jttuh dttaMea, launch off cape cook 

ahd ofered to tow her In, but the four 

men decided, .to. :c&htlnue . the voyage. 

s ArrivedVat Seattle they were annoyed 

that the U. U. s: Snohomish' had 'been 
sent t$ search- for^thctn. .-."JTltere Was 
nothing in the trip, and we weren't In 
lianger," said John ' Clausen,' one of "the 
quartette. Aside from the fact that 
the launch missed Cape Mattery In the 
darlt, that it Was blown 20ti miles 
north to Cape Cook. Vancouver Island, 
that the provisions ran out, that. \ the 
water was spoiled, that ttie ■ engine* 
broke down as the little craft lay close 
^HKpB|J*giy .Cape.Hope reefs,, that 
the navigator had no chart of the. coast 
north of Cape Flattery and didn't know- 
where ho was, that a steam whaler, the 
Sebastian, thought their plight auf-' 
ficient to offpr to tow them to safety 
and thai they refused and forced their, 
craft hack against the mountainous seas 
to port, there was really nothing uu- 
usual about the voyage. 

Sunday morning, when the Seagull 
was three days out. brought; a 45-milc 
wind out of the east, and the wind be- 
gan to roll up a sea. The Seagull 




Onud Trunk Pacific Stationer Mad* Spe- 
cial Call at Ladyi nuth on South- 
bound Trip 

lb. steamer Prince George, Capt, D. 
Mackenzie, ol the Grand Trunk Pacific 
line, reuched port on Sunday with 
eighty passenger*, i special call kx 
made ai Ladysmlth en cute .south to 
land the Allen Stock Company, re- 
turning from Prince Rupert. Among 
other passengers were Mr. '■' w . Vaa 
Arsdol. engineer of the western divi- 
sion of the G, T. P., and Mr. J. D. Mc- 
Donald, wife and daughter, who came 
West to attend lie convention of pas- 
senger agents held at Seattle and 
visited the north. Heavy fog was en- 
countered for eight hours In northern 
waters. The steanier left again tojf 

the p*si«mgers%ooked frdm h«r» weri 

Mr. \V. JT*. Klmendorr. of the Portland 

Canal Mining Company, bound to 
Stewart; Mr. J, A. Mc Arthur, dock 
and freight agent of the- c T. P. at 
Victoria, who will make the t round, 
trip; Mrs. W. A. Tate. JUss E. McP*ar- 
ren. Miss Camble, Mrs. R. G. Tatlow 
and Master Kenneth Tatlow and Mr 
H. A. Dewing. ' . 

, When the, Prince George was at 
Prince Rupert the G. T. P. port was 
being decorated and made ready for 
the visit of H. R. H. the Duke erf Con- 
naught, who arrived there yesterday. 
Arrangements were being made, in the 
absence of artillery, to fire a royal 
salute with bombs. They were to be 
placed on the wharf and fired at In- 
tervals of one minute. 
The steamer Prince Rupert was re- 

the sudden deajh bt the captain i«t 
wheel, tWe coasting steamship Retric, 
er, of Newry, collided with the Spanish 
steamship itfsta. Me tons, on leaving 
dock at Garston, Liverpool, wl;h the 
result that titer latter vessel sank - 

.When the ' Retriever w*» passing 
through the dock, chief Officer Foley 
noticed that the steering was erratic. 
He went to the bridge, where he found 
that the captain, whose name la Barry;, 
was lylny T Mr o etrafe^iir-a dying condl- * 
tlon„ ik few minutes HUr'the eaptaln 
died. The chief officer took the wheel, 
but he was unable to prevent the ves- 
sel from colliding with (he Llsta, 
which was moored at the dockside. 
The Spanish steamship was holrd 
below the waterllne. and sank. « pie 
crew escaped safely. The Retriever 
was damaged at the bowl: * 




; Celtic G-len and Mount Carmsl 

Bound F r o m A u ■ t r a 1 1 a n Port* 

I VDXEY. Jf. 8.-?#£ S*pt. 2«.-Gr«St 
anxiety is felt for tijie safety of three 
sailing ships outward bound Jront 
Sydney and Newcastle, and reinsur- 
has been made. The bark Elrlo,' 
!■".:• days out from Sy 1 iey to Fal- 
mouth, is quoted at 5 per c*At. Jli-i 

[tic Glen, 86 days out from .Veto - 
castle to Iejulque, 20 per cent; the 
Mount Carmel, 103 days from Sydney 
to IeiiiHiue, 10 per cent. The KMo is 
laden with grain, and the otivr .wo 
vessels with coal. 

po rt ed l e a vi n g Pr in t * Rwg e rt y os t a r . 
day morning, and will arrive here to- 
'morrow morning. 


Mr. nowley, Vast' Owner of Steamer 

Burin, Seeks rurther Inducements 

In Way of Freigbt Prom ladner. 

At a meeting of the Delta Board of 
Trade, on Friday, Mr. Rowley, part 
owner of the steamer Burin, of Vic- 
toria, attended the meeting and asked 
the board if there waa any likelihood 
of further Inducements In the way of 
freight .Offering, between Ladner and 
Victoria, if his steamer continued run- 

Several of the members spoke on the 
the matter and there was a general 
feeling that the promotion of trad* 
. between victoria and Ladner was most 
desirable, and the hope Was expressed 
that more dealers from Victoria would 
eome tojf>*i& to^y -produce, 
' It'iW* |iiStld»-|tJt,^t#;'Mr. Pov.ty 

iif*h%mM*** ho't^n a position 
to offer any special inducements; and 
after, some discussion a resolution was 
carried that the steamer Burin should 
extend its service during the fall and 
Winter..'' " ' ' ■i.^-iJI, '*:',, 'i . -v< ! 

Prlnc-B» Scphia Due 

The steamer Princes* Sophia, Capt 
Campbell, is- expected to reach port 
today from Skagway and northern 

ports.' ■./ 'y">&-. : * ■■'.■' 

— — , ■ „-' , „ . ,, •■ '_ ■ > ■ ■ ■■ » ,... ;- . ' — _^ — <[., -\ ; ,'• 

There 1* mpre- Catarrh In this section 
of the country than all other diseases 
put together, and until' the last few 
years was supposed .to be incurable, 
For a great many years doctors pre- 

vwfa* '"U" yfaj&i&W'MA pre.'' 
scribed local remedies, and by con- 
stantly falling to cure with local treat-' 
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science 
has proven catarrh to be ; a cons tl tu- 
t i on a l disease, add therefore r eriuir es 
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- 
tarirh Cure, manufactured by F. 3. 
Cheney and Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the 
only constitutional, cure on the market. 
It is taken internally In doseB from 10 
drops to a teaspoonful. it act* directly: 
on the blood and mucous surfaces of 
the' system. .They offer on* hundred 
dollars, for any case it faila to cure. 
Send for circulars and testimonials. 

Address: F. J. Cheney and Co., Tol- 
edo, Ohio. 

Sold by druggists, 76c. • 

S. P. C. A. cases ot c-ueity. Phoni 
Inspector Russell. 1921 secretary's 
phone L-1733. 




Kstabllshed 1908. 

Our Business is to Build 
Your Business 

"Self praise Is no recommendation." A\"n realise 
thi« and simply 3tate that samples of out work and 
76 references may he had upon application at our 

We write advertisements for all lines of business. 

t\> make contracts for local. Dominion and foreign 



•:••!;■■» •'■•/I 




'*7m aff^ nil 

■ ■ ' ■ '•'•'■' ■ '•'' ■ '" ■ ' » ' ■ ' ■ ' . ''• ■■ ' ' ■ e'e\'--r . 'V- - ,: ;'• 'i"'\'- . i •'' . ' , •' . ;; r . v' . - . ' i V i -'-v 

TIS Elevator Service* though teW obtrusive, is as essential to 
thraffairs of modern" btisj^rife the telephone. Without this 
service, business buildings over three storeys in height would 
;be impracticable and impossible — the skyscraper would be still un- 
dreamed of. Business sections of important ; cities would require 
ground areas as great as those occupied by the cities .themselves to- 
day. Modern efficiency in concentration and convenience of loca- 
tions wotild be impossible. 

Otis" Elevator Service is as impcrtaht as street car service. It 
provides the most perfect transportation known to the world today. 
Some of our installations are required to carry thousands of pas- 
sengers daily ; others but a few dozen. Yet all are equally efficient. 
Each is a product of super-refined methods and an* ejepeirience that 
has expressed the first and last word in elevator construction. 

No matter if yOur requirements ma^ demand a twenty-car-floor- 
a-rseebnd service or merely a modest freight elevator, We invite your 
request to have u's arfvisc^with/yijm. Our service and > knowledge is at 
..^Ur'd^osal. } ,.. . . . .:. i , ! j4*^--.-»..:-)— - 

■\ I ' ■ •■ . I t^':.^/:$i:H:%^^V : :v::^v-'^ 

■•:' J. - . 7 .v.: ! .i.v!.M.Mf.M.. ' ..,- ; .. ' .- ' . - -.v. ' . ^'..'^.v..■lv rT u: :: v:^.^,^^■^■^/rv■^v^■^•■,'.■^■v^•^■ ' ^^/•^v■^^^•^^v■M i ^vA^^ 

"■■■"""^ • - r m : ■ 



" •» ' » ■■>«■. *■* <^>»%l A ■ ' ■iiBISJB*»eM>TBBlB*sVte 

1 11 nil 1 11 1 'itf 'fiM 

i'i'i' *i*l li'Tifinfl II i'i'ii * "'^ * f **' 'nr'-V-' 

t^s^aA^A^ae**!^*; ■■ ' !■"■ t'mi \tHmU' ■'. ' ' fciJ, t *it*t*i'.i ' v ..i^!fc». ' aa\ls>s*^Mfc ^ i*Baj ' MA ' i [ ' ' H 










Bnszimss OASD DE- 


sioks or ax.x. xm>s 




Newton Advertising Co. 

With which is incorporated 

& The Western Art Co 

403-404 Times Bid*-. Victoria, B. O., Estebllshed 190*. 

Talaphona 1915. 
Q. W. Newton. F. Quick. T,. J. Newton. 


76 Acres on Main Ro»d -Close to 
school, oburcb, wharf, store, 
post office, etc.; 40 acres 
nmlpr the |dow; ^0 :u'res prac- 
illy ready to plow, 

:iih! the balance timbered. 
This is a first-class ranch, or 
would make money for you as 
n subdivision, as the road runs 
the full length f it. This 
property should nearly double 
in valuo In 11 short time, and is 
well below mark.! v.ilues at 
present price tut, fcsr acre, $200. 
Tfrms, third cash, balance to 
suit purchaser, at J per cent. 


Pender Island 


Wanted From Owners, Listings on This Business Thoroughfare Between 
Douglas Street and Washington Avenue 


510 Central Building Phone 3219 



^ Why I 

Should McClary's 1 



be called "The Under- 
f study of the Sun?" Ask 
the McClary Agent 
of your locality — 
he knows. 

Sola by 


Oootoy It Bon, 434 XlaffBtoa 


Clothes Made to Order 

Suits and Overcoats 

FROM #18 and up, we arc showing samples of the finest English 
fabrics, which can be made to measure in five davs at the 
Scmnrcady tailor shops. 

With 30 different styles of garments shown in the Semi- ready Far.hion Portfolio, 
one may select the very latest effects in Sartorial creation. A perfect fit is 
guaranteed, for with the physique type order forms we can send a physical 
form photograph of each customer 

Special Order Garments are featured in the Semi-ready Tailoring System. 


Cor. Douglas and View Sts. 




Tuss^ey, 8«pt9r^ber<24, 1912 


A Very Interesting Account of 
the Opening of the Great 
Interior — Early Discoveries 

h of Gold 

The second of two articles •written 

the Family Herald and Weekly 

Star on the history of mining in the 

province has appeared. "The first Is a 

sketch of the discovery of gold, of the 

coming of tftt ■ nrinirfc ■ , tit totlir jaufltiL 

strikes and of the conditions Under 
which those early British Columbians 
JMved. The second supplements It -with 
|a brief account of the opening of the 
.interior of this great province. 
S I With but few exceptions the earliest 
%>ld miners In British Columbia en- 
tered the province by way of Victoria, 
coming here from San Francisco and 
the Panama by boat, and then follow- 
ing the rivers to the gold fields of the 
'Interior. Some little time passed, after 
the gold fever broke out. before many 
-eastern Canadians were "panning" the 
gold-laden gravel of the Tale and Cari- 
boo, the reason o{ this being the diffi- 
culty of reaching the gold fields from 
, the other side of the continent Finally 
: the movement commenced, and parties 
f of gold-hunters began making their 
(way a cross the nrnlrlf-n frnm fhft Rnd 

add two eggs to this bill of fare by 

ns. $8. As late as 1864 petal 
sold In Bai ken 11 l»o ■ hundi 


In 1863 a small four-page weekly 
newspaper made its appearance in 
town, and it sold for one dollar a copy. 
It was called the Cariboo Sentinel, ami 
was the property of a Mr. Wallace, pub- 
lisher, editor, advertising manager, 
compositor and pressman. It was B 
tag venture. 

For a nomfcei 
food produi i high through- 

out tl | district, but they de< Uh< ' 
somewhat from paid at Bart. 

rilla during Its' early years. This 
dim' was <iue to the building of roe 
and to the bringing in of flour and 
rice; and In time tea and sugar were to 
be found In all the camps. 

"By the side of the boon conferred 
on the country by Its opening to the 
commodities of civilisation." writes 
Morioa, " o am a a t a trttln - cu nte i , ir htftbw 
at the end of 1862. afflicted the south- 
ern end of New Caledonia, and almost 
converted It Into en Immense grave- 
yard. Smallpox, brought up from the 
coast, played havoc among the Chll- 
cotln Indians, causing such suffering 
that almost those parties only who 
were away In the mountains were left 
to represent the tribe. Coming north 
the plague nest attacted, in November. 
18«2, tha Southern" Carriers stationed 
in the valley of the Blackwator. who; 
flying through the 'woods cra*y with 
fever and fright; communicated the con- 
tagion to the inhabitants of Peters 
Lake, where only eight persons sur- 
vived. Then It extended Its ravages 
from Helm lake, at source of Mud river, 
to St. Mary'B and Morice lakes, where 
the majority of the inhabitants suc- 
cumbed/ ■ ■ 


Splontlld Display of Stock the Teature 
— Lecture on Intensive Tanning 


large shipment and splendid display of 
StOOg was the feature of the Ladner 
rata - Mr. w. k. Scpl 

minister of tisxlculture, who wai 
i ampanied by Mr. P. .i Ma< kenz! 
mi mi., r for Delta The extensive 

,i .m,.! i, 'ii. -es were also 
lifted wll i fine i dibits The dairy 
goad. The deputy 
minister k:i\ much good advice to the 
exhibitors! ami fqrecastetl ftv time 
when the large farms on the Delta 
would be subdivided into from ten to 
forty acre farms, 

In the. absence of the president, Mr. 
tehlnson, Mr. A. de R. Taylor, the 
secretary, presided, and first introduced 
Mr, MackenaiPiP Mackerisle said he 
wouidH»a^-*«on «*>* lo .,sla- 1» tit i [ - 
welcome at New Westminster to the 
governor-general, but his interest in the 
Delta ' was' too keen to allow 'him to 
stay away from the exhibition, and, 
having come, he desired to congratu* 
late the society on the hlgb quality of 
the exhibits. , They were so good he 
though that another year they ought 
to send a district exhibit to the pro- 
vincial show, and there establish be- 
yond all question that the Delta was 
the richest farming area In British Col- 
umbia. The provincial government ap- 
preciated the good work they had been 
doing by coming to their assistance 
with a generous special grant to their 
agricultural buildings. Mr. Scott he 
referred to as a practical farmer* who 
sympathized with their difficulties* and 
was only too glad to come to their 

ass i sta n c e . 

Mr. Scott, the deputy minister, spoke 
at some length on the desirability of 
intensive farming and truck gardening, 
and pointed to the excep tfcgnsj Jifcdvao- . 
tages of the Delta for tmt'''$$H v of 
farming, in that it lay adjacent to such 
splendid markets as Westminster and 
Vancouver. ^Probably they had some- 
thing to complain of ,hn the way of 
transportation, but ho felt assured that 
this would right Itself In a ihort time. 
The market was aver growing, and al- 
though the farm products -of ■ British 
Columbia were increased over $7,000,000 
last year, there wai still a very large 
margin- between the demand/ and tin 
supply, which was being met by Im- 
porting foodstuffs. Farmers should 
put forth every effort they, could for 
the population of our cities was con- 
stantly increasing, and he believed the 
time was soon coming when the large 
farms in the Delta would be subdivided 
Into from ten to forty acre blocks and 
Intensively cultivated. He was very 
favorably impressed with their show of 
stock and roots, which he considered 
excelled anything he had seen before 
at a district show, but he was disap- 
pointed In the number of entries in the 
poultry department This was one of 
, the most profitable branches of the 
agricultural industry, and should se- 
cure a more important place On the 
farms of the Lower Mainland. , 


?;'■ ' \>&t> 


/ * 



-River settlement, over the Rocky moun- 
i'talns. and thence down the Fraser and 
[•the Thompson rivers to the "diggings." 
Where, In many cases, the acquiring of 
'fortunes wag a matter of pnry a few 

|^i "At first It was customary for miners 
to outfit at Victoria." writes Morice in 
'his history of the Northern Interior of 
British Columbia, ''and then to make 
for Lake Douglas by steamer, whence 
they proceeded, over the Pemberton 
Portage and the other lakes, on which 
'steamers also plied, up to LlUooet 
: They were then 47 miles from Clinton. 
A wagon road had just been construc- 
ted between the two places by Oustavus 
.-: Blin Wright the great roadbullder of 
t lie interior, a man of great energy and 
'; .daring plana •— it was then decided to 
connect the terminus of this highway? 
apUntan, with Yale, along the forbidding 
fefllea of the Fraser river, and push 
trough the green timber up to the 
.;grcat interior as far as the Cariboo 
•mines. A mule trail had already been 
;*ut from -Tale to Boston Bar, a dis- 
tance of twenty-five miii0fi In the 
ppurse of 1882-'«», .tills was converted 
|§nto a regular Wagoii 'road, whicjjt^-was 
ffiuilt in three sections by as many par- 
ities. From B©ate»'- : J3ftur to Clinton-. as 
•-many as five dlffer«|t contractors had 
m» work, in han«^i8 ( 'tt''-is a wonder 
Kthat, with so Rjupifinde at work, jthe 
ffimuH -should. t^^^^M^f^ilh- 
' fnrmly perfect piece of engiafsrSp|lV1J»i|t 
■i*»vcn today the' traveller, ■:^|jp- "Igli&r 
glides along the banks of the Fraser 
in the cars of the Canadian Pacific 
'Railway Company, cannot heipyeidmlr- 
$fng ,the audacity and skill dlsp^ftjin 

f*"ts construction." -i^tfta the^ 
cached the' mouth of the Quel 
wo years later It wait at Bar] 
"tho heart of the gold diggings. 

Barkviiie — named after W. Barker, 
a lucky miner, who had located there 
.early— was then the town of the dis- 
trict. In its hotels a bed meant a 
sheet or blanket spread on the floor of 
n loft The ordinary; hotel -meal cpn- 
, sis ted of bread, bacon and beans and 
iflt coat iXftd, but the traveller could 

"At first corpses were hurriedly bur- 
led in the fireplaces, where the ground 
was free of snow and frost. Then the 
survivors sontented themselves with 
throwing down trees on them: but soon 
the dead had to be left where they 

The very violence of the disease and 
the severe "winter weather checked the 
spread of the pestilence, because the 
natives were no longer able to flee 
from place to place, carrying contag- 
ion to Other tribes and camps. 

Before passing from these early days 
In the interior of British Columbia, let 
one reference be made to a man who 
appeared In the earlier sketch — to Petar 
Dunlevy, who discovered the famous 
Horsefly mine, or rather was directed 
to It by a young Indian. Dunlevy be- 
came wealthy, and after his gold mine 
was worked out he engaged In trade In 
the upper country, where his "luck" 
continued. On one occasslon he was 
going up Manson Creek In company 
with a provincial officer named Edgar 
Dewdney-; when Dewdney, who had to 
do the cooking while Dunlevy looked 
after the horses, -left the matches so 
near the fire that they all Ignited 'and 
were, of course, destroyed. It Is re- 
lated that they had to Journey on for 
miles before they could procure a sup- 
ply of matches,, which were finally ob- 
tained from an Indian ., camp- The 
point of the episode is/ this: Kdgar 
Dewdney, after holding various offices 
"in the west, entered the Canadian House 
of. Commons, and. In 1888. became 
Minister of the Interior and Superin- 
tendent of Indian Affairs in the cabinet 
of the late Sir John Abbott and he 
held the portfolio for four years. He 
was afterwards Lieutenant-Governor of 
British Columbia. This is almost cur- 
rent history, and yet Mr. Dewdney had 
been the companion in the wilds of 'Bri- 
tish Columbia of the discoverer of 
Horsefly mine. And thus one realizes 
thai measured by the history of Basi- 
ern Canada, the early days :of thej m- ; 
terlor of British Columbia are not for 
distant A few years have brought 
great changes to the Canadian West 


Every dilt*r f^1I|jt|^ compel*, to you full iqo cents worth of real, true value. 

Only <|>UAp^ |o^^ you this return, such goods as you are assured at this store, too cents worth 

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Heavy Dinner Plates, Si. 25. Sale price, doz. . .90£ 

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Tar Paper, fine quality. Roll . ." .................. 75£ 

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Heavy Corn Brooms. Regular 50c. Sale price 40<^ 

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Nickel-Plated Copper Kettles. Regular $2.50. Sale price $2 

Heavy Galvanized Tubs. Sale price $1 

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558 Johnson Street 

Phone 855 

Our firm is well known throughout the prairies, and you 
will find the same attention given to you here as in any of our 
prairie offices. Our motors are at your service, and our judg- 
ment also in helping you to select your properties. We list 
below just a few : 

Chamberlain Street — ().\ ft. frontage. Price $2400 

Duchess Avenue. Price $1800 

Cor. Central Avenue and Island Road. Price $3000 

Tillicum Road. Price S850 

Finlayson Street. Price $1300 

Hollywood Crescent. Price $2100 

Queen's Avenue. Price $3000 

100 Acres, adjoining Mt. v Douglas. Per acre $1500 

McCutcheon Bros., Limited 

1509 Douglas Street 

Phone 2974 

The Empress Thsatre— The Empress 
theatre has become noted for the excel - 
lence^ of the playlets presented ,: there. 
"The* Pool Room" is the name of the 
playlet presented: by Charles WJidisch 
and company. Mir.; W^*IWUiais«h^- wh« 
plays the part of a. dope-flend^ who 
takes the crime of another tip<m Ills 
shoulders, and then commits suicide, 
plays his role In a quiet, natural yet 
forceful manner, and he compels atten- 
tion from the very «ta|% His supporting 
company Is very . good. }. Soott turn- Wil- 
son, comedians and acrobats, with 1 their 
original turn, are also, bach again, and 
are more welcome than ever. The for- 
mer plays the part of a/ "it*!*** to the 
life. Constance Farmer and Marie Hy- 
lands were also very popular with their 
audiences. Miss Farmer makes a dash- 
ing "boy' and has the voice and ap- 
pearance. Miss Hylan&s has a very 
sweet soprano voice that she know* 
how to use. Another novel act Is "Scenes 
Behind the Scene," In which the audi- 
ences are initiated to the bare stage 
and the Secret of ''maklng-up," as both 
Mr. Delmore and Miss Adair change 
from white-face to black-face and 
creole. The act is full of laughs right 
from the tlnvs that the couple make 
their entrance. Miss Adair showed a 
couple of very handsome costumes. 
Prlncoes Theatre — "Moths," a society 
drama, written by the great French 
author, Ouida, was presented at the 
Princess theatre by the Williams stock 
company last evening, and it received 
splendid i.rcHlment at the hands of 
tliese conscientious players. As a rule 
stock companies do not present society 
dramas as well as they do those which 
call for more action and sensation. Be- 
sides, plays of this sort tax more 
severely Individual merit and ability. 
But last evening tlio Williams company 
showed conclusively that they excel led 
In this line of work. Miss Mildred Page 
In the leading role of Vera Herbert was 
at hei very best, the gentle refinement 
of her manner, her strict adherence to 
truth, ;:ml purity, and the natural 
pathos which pervaded all her cmo- 
t'uno; scenes was not only artist U- bul 
hko rang ngly true Miss 

r.iK"'s co.itumes were :iiso very beau- 
tiful and L terming. Pusehia Leach, mi 
A mart can an, was played bj Miss 
E-Ialtle Miti'ici:. and sin- invested the 
pa t v hi b att« .' d< a) bf life and a 
lion, hi c 1 onu dy ■>■< nee U'Iiil; highl) 
appreciated, .Mr. Pi chard Lonsdale, in 
the loninnllr nil,- ( ,f It., i . 1 1 i I i ( - 
retse, r.lso show.d in splehdid advan- 
tage, iii:-= pleashl 1 • 1 • 1 1 n l-. greatly 

I., Hi. silthOf'p paaUttfUl UU*«, Miss 

s'rit'ii l Htm nfratz did sxcelienl work 

in the hi 1 *•.<■ 1 "i. hesa 1 >.- Sdnnaa and 
is , n 1 hi admiration "' u^< man] 
friends: Mr, Bw^on ^.Idenn Hhoweii his 
vensatlllty in an extremely will-bal- 
anced portrayal of Kuril Jura, some- 
thing entirely riinVrrnt from anything 
l.e has yet played Tha costumes anil 
p age effects were beautlfttl, "Moths" 
v. ill be tlayr-d all week, with Wednes- 
day and Saturday motlnees. The curtain 
u 111 ri. c nt S.15 this WS«R. 

"In 01« Itentnoky" — Th« success of 
"In Old Kentucky" is phenomenal. It 
is now In ltd twentieth year of unin- 
terrupted succeffS, and It hid* fair to 
make a ri:n"d Ijt itself for to 

"Gueffl&ey" E«thenwarej 

GUERNSEY Cooking and Secving Utensils ar« made irt the,hl^hest grade of earthenware, being the most practical dish you 
can have in your kitchen. There is not a m«ial to be prepared i n whictt Guernsey ware will not prove * surprisingly helpful in 

* 'i &W. '*' " r "' 1 '' ' ' ' ' 'i» : t.'' > 

nroducincr more aooetisine and more wholesome dishes. 

producing more appetis^jig and more wholesome dishes. 

The housekeeper ^ho is desirous of setting a pleasing table w^hout an undue expenditure, of time 
kins and Cocottes qu)te indispensable additions to her table service. With these at hand, left-over bits of vegetables, fish, fowl, 
veal or other delicate} meats can be trattf^^g^ly «*° cream or devilled dishes. See the "Guernsey- earthenware modern 
cooking nttnsils-first floor. Our first consignment-sold quickly. Come, get yours from t^-^r arrivals^ 

iev will find Rame- 

.1 * 

„j, from, each 

ll^MEKINS, per dozen ; .^ . 

CUSTARDS, per dofcen, at $1.30 anil .>. /^ . — 

BEAN POTS r from; each .;" i ,; v ; ! *;^.....i' : ».| f MSM..i%, 

A % 




EGG DISHES, 50c, 35c and, .V 

HANDLED CASSERQ|^K r °m • • • 
BAKERS, each ..... . .'^^i 'ih ...'.... 

ROUND PIE DISHES, each, 50c and 

'etc., '.<6|4»wv;-,- , 

. ..40< 



''£•!. r- '!.,'/ 

vering Display 


See bur new Car- 
igs, Linol- 
eums, Oilcloths, 
Mattings, etc. The 
very highest quality 
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ably. Come to our 
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Bedside Tables 

No Weight on the Bed 

This table is adjustable. The table 
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some one Is dick, but procure a 
table now „nd enjoy its many con- 
veniences, and if sickness does come 
to your home, you will be truly 
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such a comfort. 

Bedside Table, black enamelled metal 
parts !*.r».50 

Bedside Table, white enamelled 
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Bedside Table, white enamelled 

metai parts #7.00 

Top lSx-'lin. All styles have 

poldon oak tops. 

Bee the Now Invalid Traye, the Very 
Latest, at Only 13.50. 

A Combined Go-Cart, High 
Chair, Jumper and Bassinet 

Can be changed lnotently 
from one to the other 
without lifting the baby 
out. No complicated 
mechtnism— so simple 
a grown child can dO> 
It. Greatest conven- 
ience to mothers ever 
invented. Take b«by 
with you shopping or 
calling, in trains, care 
or elevators. Where' 
impossible to wheel 
can be hung on the 
arm— easiest way to 
carry your baby. 

Let us give you ■ 



Victoria's Popular 
Home Furnishers 



Victoria's Popular 
Rome Furnishers 

eomB. The author or the play, Mr, C. 
,■ i > . i v. , ■ v 1..1-. written a dosen or mora 
plays since "in old |feritucky," but to 
no Instance hah he succeeded In dupli- 
catlttg in.' success achieved i>y hi" 

earlier drama. The iippoa ranee here of 
"In Old Kentucky" will he with the 
same splendid cant and the same high 
standard "< excellence in every detail 

of the performance that has marked 
former presentations. The engagement 
here Is sen Holed for Thursday evening, 
MUss moselle Knott Comlas; — For en- 
tertainment and deep Interest, "The 
Awakening of Helena Richie" is a pre- 
eminent attraction. It has hsd extend- 

ed engagements la New York. Boston, 
Chicago an, l Philadelphia, and Is now 
enjoying its third road tour to excep- 
tional business throughout this western 
territory. The plot Was i oiieelved by 
Margaret Dpland und the dramatization 
made by Charlotte Thompson, a well 
knoWn newspaper woman of Kan Fran- 
Clscp. Kven In these days of lavish ex- 
penditure] the settings of Helena are 
Incomparable. When Philadelphia puts 
it« approval on a play of Pennsylvania 
life .t may be well claimed for the prn- 
•luclton that it represents Pennsylvania 
life and its people accurately. Such ap- 
proval Philadelphia, gave to "Helena" 

The company which win pres.-ni this 

plfty here is headed by Miss Rosellc 
Kioli, a Canadian actress.. The play 
will be presented at the Victoria theatre 
on Saturday, September 28. 

Crystal The»trs— Today we have a 
holiday or fair programme that will 
long he remembered. Baby Violet Hub- 
bard appearing as the "Baby Soprano," 
is a wonder. She no"l alone has a volee 
that can be heard In every part of the 
house and which Is clear and sweet, but 
a personality that few older ones has. 
She proved n riot yesterday. The dou- 
ble on the bill -is Gilbert and Hughes, 
in black and tan singing, talking and 

daneihg. Their JoKps are all new and 
the simoon away above the average as 
their songs are new and thpir voices 
exeeiient. The pictures are more than 
up to the standard. Pathe's Weekly 
Deads the list with scenes from all over 
the world. This number is unusually 
Interesting. 'The White Rose of t' 1 ** 
\\ lids." Is a Biograph Western drama 
that Is a dandy and far above the av- 
eraa;Jl western; •Gamblers," is a Vita- 
graph drama full of Interesting situa- 
tions; "The Borrowed Baby," Is a Ka- 
l*m comedy. As the pictures change 
tomorrow be sure and saa this pro- 
gramme today. * 



©leeala amid Eatail 

— — 

i . 

— — — 

— — 

.'.-Jt-.— n. 

«f^-,.—*~. «*~-~. 

Waterloo Boy 


Actual Brake Test 

EACH WATERLOQ BQlf Gasoline ^Engine is submitted, to»an 
actual brake test to see* InW the engine wtTT develop the "h'Of se^'SWer"' 
as rated. This test is prolonged to discover any defective material or 
workmanship in the engine. A record of the test can be furnished so 
that each customer may know the actual brake test of the engine he 

We also test our engine in reference. to fuel, consumption. Each 
engine is sent out adjusted so that it is ready to ruri wheriVicrated. 
We use great thoroughness and care in testing' WTf engines. 


So Easy to Fix 

We have every 

other kind of 

Pump too! 

■ i| - I., i i n i i i ——A!— 

Dods Packing 

"Dods" is positively the best Piston Packing on the market, it 
is the only one in which the quality on Cross Expansion has been 
fully developed without building up a "sectional" packing, always 
troublesome to handle and ready to come tp pieces. "Dods" is 
ALL IN ONE PIECE, expands readily in all directions, presents 
the edges of the duck to the wearing and bearing surfaces on all 
sides, and will expand 100 per cent in either direction tinder 
pressure. , 

-Made in all sizes, advancing by sixteenth, from M tnchf to 1$4" 
inches. .■'-,''„ 

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Imperial Varnlih 4 Color Co.. Limited. 



pleasing and artistic treatment of walls and ceilings. 
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Carpenters' Tools with us is a 
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When You BtiyaSftw 

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could buy an 





Here's a saw that won't make you mad when you use'it.^You'Jl 
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Made of SILVER STEEL— better steel than yoU'lL find "in most i 
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That's the kind of a tool yoii want and it costs, aya rule, only a 
', little more than the "bargain 1 ' kind. 

Come in and see our line of really good tools.. 

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Dwiggins Fence 

The illustration 
looks good and 
so are the fences. 
"D wiggins'" 
name stands for 
all that is , ■ <§e- 


— — "■ "NOW* 

— — 

I H K ll ' .l. 

| "! ' ■ '«"■ 

Ellwood Fence 


Strong — Because of 
the large, strong 
cables, composed of 
No. I2"4, gauge coiled 
steel strands. Strong 
cross wires securely tie 
the steel cables to- 
gether at fixed dis- 

Adjustability — I 
ily adjusted and erect- 
ed to fit the contoui nf 
the ground. 



Galvanizing — Wirk 
:horoughly galvanized 
ocfore weaving, ren- 
dered thereby practi- 
cally everlasting. 

Elasticity — Elasticity 
amply sufficient to pro- 
vide for all necessary 
expansion and con- 
traction under varying 

' . u j!m. TWj^rmMnv.xwv.nw^m^ 

Variety — 

adapted for 

■ Styles 
each and 

tvery purpose. 

Ellwood Fence is all and more than we claim for it — and we guarantee it fully. 


Builders' Hardware^ 


m*> hT<? for Builder** Htrdwtrn -wh«re prlo«a ar« rla*r» 
quality Ot the h! (cheat. No matter -what you want, ■we'-vw cot It 
WATEM Times AMU BISTJKJU — We lnetal complete water 
loins. ("Jet our flgurea. 


©QL Ltd 

Wholesale audi Retail- 

44=4® Yates Street- 


-Victoria, B.C 

i U 



Tuesday, September 24, 191f_ 


n Assinri) adtertisino rates 

One cent a word itch Inseitton. 10 per 
lent discount for eix or more consecutive 
Insertions — cash with order. No advertUo- 
tuen; accepted fOI leu* ihan 15 oent* 

Business and Professional Cards — of four 
ltnet^or under— $1.00 per » «k. 

No advertisement charged on account for 
le»s than $3 oo. Phono No. 11. 


ART Glan — A, V. Hoy, over thirty yesis' 
experience In art glass leaded lights 
i , . ,, , . 1 1 ■ 9. schools ana prlrati dwelling* 
Woiks and store, ai6 l'aitdora Street, next 
lu Methodist church PaSM b'.< I. 
. . ■ ... 

» 1/ 1'ENTION— Have your house cleaned 
*!. by the Sanitary Vacuum •.'..•auAiu iu. 
l.b) Fort sued, phone ttl»02. 

A TTENTION — To ensure thoroughness 
iTX and promptitude, phone L13K2. Tito In- 
land Window Cleaning Co., Till Prlucess 
uvenue. tui window cleaning and jaulior 

»«u. . 

A KCH1TECT— S. B~Blrds, A. R. 1. B I 
-»A. 103 central Building, Victoria, B. C; 

pttune 3l*S_. 


t'l'U VACUUM cleaner; phone Lulls T. 

AUTO Vacuum clean** Pion* k3757. 


AGGAGE Delivery — Victoria Tr*nater 
/?*. . 1*0. i__ m. 


gOOKBINDERS— The Colonist Is the belt 
bookbindery In the province; the result 
U equal In proportion. ■ 

BOTTLES— All kinds of bottles wanted. 
Good price* paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1620 Store ttriet Fho*o lit*. 

BL.UB Printing?— Electric Blue Print and 
Map Co.. 114 Central building. View 
street. Blue printing:, maps, draughting; 
dealers In surveyor's instruments and draw- 
tug office supplies. Phone 1634. 

BUSINESS advice — Ladles requiring advice 
or assistance in odu aifonal, domestic 
ur business matters. sit >ul.l can at The 
Ladies' Agency, 42a Si,.nirJ blk.; phine 
2486. Office hours 10 to 4; Saturdays, lo 
to, 1. Mrs. A. Clarke, euerotary. 

/SaRRIAOB apd Wagon Dealers— Wm. 
V> Mable, importer or MacLachan buggies, 
traps; cannot be beaten for durability. 
Warehouse 717 Johnson street. Pbons UK. 


ARCHITECT— Thomas Hooper. In prac- 
tice lu B, C, for - 6 years. Plans and 
specifications furnished on application, ui- 
lue New Royal Bank Bldg. I'lium JUT. 


KCUITECT— Jesse M. Warren, 603 Cen- 
tral Bldg., Victoria, B. C. 1'lione 30(17. 

ARCHITECTS— Plans prepared for apart- 
ment houses and bungalows. P. u. 
Box 107 3. 

ARCHITECT — H. S. Griffiths, 1006 Uui- 
ernment street. Phone US*. 

Ap mil/ I -i". Elwood Walk. ni. tl 
1 arid I, Uieen Block, comer Trounce 
avenue and Broad. Phuno ill$s; residence 
phon e L13 98. , 

Cn ll. Engineer— George A. Smith. British 
.. tumble land surveyor. Office at Al- 
ii • ■ ; 

Civil. Engineer— fi. M. T. Hodgson Ass. 
Mem. Inst, of Civil Engineers and Pro- 
vincial Land Surveyors, office. Port Al- 
bernl. B. C. ' " ■ . 

CIVIL Engineers — Green Bros.. Burden * 
Co.. civil engineers, Dominion and B. 
C. land surveyors. 114 *« mb0 "°» ?>_& 
Branch office* in Nelson. Fort George and 
Haxelton. B. C. 

/SBJfliy gy sweep— Lloyd. I'hob* F S l tZ . 

V> Phone F2188. 

CtEMENT work— Fourteen yeare' experl- 
J ence in all classes; also rock walls and 
repairing. Ed. Kawle, phone evenings, 
-liOLQ .. 

riAWAVAN and •fltonell. Civil Engineer*. 
\J Offices, SS7-S28 Pemberton Block. Tel. 
13$», P. o. Bo* s». H*ammati»n» 4u»d SJ*- 
p"?k Irrigation and »»>«*» H»«£»Ue- 
trlo Development Waterworks, t_*»*f*«* 
and Sewage Disposal ">, ' 

CIVXI, Engineers— Oora * McGregor— Brit - 
ish Columbia. l*«d l^/fEB* }*& 
agsnts. timber cruiaers; P. A, *£**&• J. »• 
McGregor, J. F. Templeton T. ;£ J*" 1 * 
timber department. Chancery Chambers. 
Langley street. Victoria. B. C; P. O .Box 
16.; phone ••«; McGregor building. Third 
street, South Fort George. B. C. • 

CIVIL Bnglneer— Topp * Co.. Civil En- 
gineers and lend ■urveyors. room 111. 
Pemberton Block. Phone «»*. P. O. Box 
1U4». ______-__————— 

CIVIL Engineer — Clarence Hoard, member 
Can. Soc. C. B., member Am. Ry. Bngr. 
Association. Steam. Electric. Logging. Kail- 
ways. Engineering and Construction. Office. 
401 Pemoerton Bldg., Phone *»4; Boa 
Empress Hotel ; Phon e lego. 

("Consulting Engineer— w. o. wmter- 
J burn, M. L N. A., receives pupils tor 
wm mm a Hu l l fui e e i iHhiat oe . — M iaileaa n» a n d 

HEI.r WANTE!)— .MALE — (Coatinued) 


'ANTED — Messenger I)"! a hi C, I'. B. 

Telegi apb, \ Ictoriu, n >' 

\\ ANTED— Bookkeeper. Apply person- 

> > ally, Victoria i'luiriblnt 

WANTED, men and women to learn the 
barber trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing, SIS to 135 per week wnen qualified. 
We issue the only recognized diplomas In 
the world; ktun a trade and be independ- 
ent; the most complete college In me west. 
Call or write for free catalogue. Moler 
Barber College. slO Moan si.. Vanoouver. 
\.i C 

UTANTBD — Carrier for The Dally ColcnlSI 
routt •• Ifiower rd. district. Apply 
latlon Dept., Dally Colonlsl on 

\\-\ntko-aii Englishman a ho is we;i ac- 

\ > quainteil In Victoria, to handle a high- 
cisss Ion; i" ii man who fs honest ami 

tellable we can niter sniiictliinK <l' al ls 
usuall> SttrActiVf. Call nt room 324 Pember- 
ton blk. ■ 

WANTED— Carrier for The Dally Colonist 
in Cadboro Bay district; papers are 
left at the Willows. Apply at once at The 
Dally Colonist office. : . . ■ . 

ANTED, boy about fifteen, t" 
grocery gtore. Apply 1TB* . 
llrA^^rsFD-r■Caret«ker for an apartment 
'W^ho'uge at 10S8 Bay st. Apply owner. 
1041 Queen's ave. 


_ I I ■■■■■■ ■ ■ , t — 

ANTED— Message boy in the Colonist 
Job Department. _________ 

WANTED, men for putting up decbt*- 
TT lions. Qavld Spencer. Ltd. 

\\»ANTED — Plasterer to figure on work at 
\V Sunset ave.. Shoal Bay. Apply on Job. 
A. C Gordon. 

WALTER wanted at Exhibition Restaurant 
on Monday. September 23. Apply on 
ground. J. Robinson. 

IVASTBU, an assistant bookkeeper, pre- 
y\ vlous experience preferable but not 
essential. Must be young, willing and able 
to write well and distinctly Apply In own 
hand writ Ins: to Box 058, Victoria P. Q. 

U»ANTED Immediately, man to sell flags 
to stores and residences; good money 
for hustler. Apply Newton Bros., Ills 

W harf st. 

>K have room for two or three good 


salesmen; excellent proposition lo ine 
rluht man. Alvo von Alvensleben, Ltd.. 
<I3 » Fort st. ^__ 

"VrolTTH wanted to drive grocery wagon. 
Apply 866 Yates st. 

HKI.I' WANTED — KKM A IE- 'Continued / 

CTTANTBD middle aged woman f"i ho 
' ' keeper for two persons. Appl) Manager, 
Boile r's Cigar 

\A T ANTED — At once a good general serv- 
'» ant for small family; wages J26. Ap- 
ply :3 Dallas ave. 

TTTANTED — Young lady with knowledge of 
»» book-keeping. Apply; The Acme l'ress. 
Ltd . 1>% \ li w si. 

Y' i ii NO girl sb mother's help, good home, 
s/nnd wages, Phone RBB0; a. m. '>i 


AUTOMOBILES washed and polished, a 
Upward, SOS Johnson St. « a. m. till 
li p. m. 

A CCO U NT books opened, written up or 
a'V. audited; terms moderate. V. C. Mar- 
tin, Assoc. Chartered Inst, of . Secretaries, 
P. O. Box 1157. Victoria^ 

A CARPENTER of wide experience wouio 
„?_firecl any class of building, day work. 
Box 1884. Colonist. 

' jii 'i i Yuiwui. 

Id Counti 
nusekeeptr or 

AMA JJ :h_ mt 

desire situut 

". ' i J i m si m . j 

f|L0Esm.,»t a .sl 

tlon as hnus* 

£ar a taker for gentlemen ; twelvt- years, ih 
■st place under a family In north of Eng- 
land; good references. Box, 4177. Colonist. 

A CARPENTER of wtae experience would 
erect amy class of building; day work. 
Box 1884. Colonist 

A GARDENER requires steady situation, 
thoroughly understands bis business. 
Box 3387. Colonist. 

BAKER, bresd or cake, wants 3 or 4 days 
a week, or steady Job; town ur coun- 
try. Box 4172, Colonist. 

BAKERS — Experienced young man seeks 
position as asslstsnt In bskeshop. Box 
4 238. Colonial. 

C CHAUFFEUR Mechanic seeks situation 
J as driver, English or American car. 
Box 830». colonist. 

ClHAUFFEUH-MechAnlc. English, sge 2& 
J years, desires position, any make of 
car or truck; 10 years' experience workshop 
and driving. Apply Box 3744, Colonist. 

C1H A V FFE L K - M S.CK A M C. tvngllsh. 11 
J years' experience desires position aj 

-lit inONfl WANTED- i i.m \ I.K— < oBt'd. 

1jl'l;i n-igrapner— Work called for 
delivered; moderate prlcts. Phone 
1.151:'. Residence , 321 Michigan St. 

IJOSITION wanted as lady help In Eng- 
lish family. Phone i.llul, or Box 3811, 

*T>ESPECTABLE young woman 
1 t ousekork My the day. 

'I' ■ Indies would take charge of house 
' i tin' country; absence of owner. 
32S3, Colo nist. , 

\\TANTKD — Position as housekeeper by a 
>\ thoroughly competent young woman. 

Apply i mist; 

\\ now, Scotch, would like position as 
V\ housekeepi t or nurse to children, Box 

< 'ololllSL. 

\\'\.vri:i> j ...... 1 1 1 1 n !.;• i oung lady in 

\\ n do typewriting. Apply 

Box 2310, Colonist. ' 

M , . , i . . i ■ I i ur' ■ 'r i . ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

WANTED— By In.iy stenographer, long 
•Xpei iem •« in England with literary 
And profeislonal men's work, extra work. 

Phone US *. . -■•.-• ■' , ^___ 

0, washing or housework 
the day. H. 848 Colilnson st, 

tTfTANTED — situation as housekeeper or 
TT general heip by English person. Box 
8188, Colonist: ' " '., ■ ■ . 

\\ T ANTBD by young person, position as 
U housekeeper to widower, or bachelors, 
or any place of trust; tbornughly e^j>crl- 
enced end good cook; disengaged 1st. Oc- 
tober. Box 4171. Colonist 

\\ 7 ANTED by gentlewoman, position as 
\V housekeeper or lady's help. Apply Box 

4184. Colonial. '' " 

\\7ANTBD, by En*llshwoman. position as 
H working housekeeper, or similar post. 
1281 Pandora, phone 1.32 61;, 

V r Oi'NO woman, Scotch, wishes situation 
JL ns general help, small family, no chil- 
dren; would do housekeeping-. Box 420t>, 
Colo nist, - 

\rOVNQ woman, Scotch, w l»hes ' situation, 
- housemaid or bedroom work preferred. 
Box 4205, Colonist. 

PROPERTY FOR 8AI.K — ifosUsoe*) 

CN Ell Bay and Cedar Hill rd-i »' / ' 
- 101x122; »3800. Bay St., Ji 
Hill id , alii- S0xl-4; 31700; third cash. 
Khalsa Realty Co., 1X2] sC 

(CORNER Culduthel and Whlttler. .0x120. 
J t-roomed ahack. *1,150, easy terms. 
Box 2376, Colonist. 

IE to Kiiilayson and Cook, large lota, 
*700 and $750 each. 801 S ayward block. 

6 you wan! lo iMjy tn the most pro- 


yy gresshe district In Victoria I idA] ''' 
OH .\am to gel In at rock bottaxn prlcett 
We know thai you have heard that story be- 
ton . we also know that this Is a case of 
i. twenty, wnlch we inn i- Jot 

It today. Just enquire about iSt. rialr Or- 
rhards. or ring up the McDonald Realt> 
Co., .Id Pandora st.; phone 3211. 

ani 'ir . Box 18.B. c o T on ii' . 

T^XPERIENt'ED man, married, wants 
-Ci position on ranch, can take full charge. 
Address 783 Discovery st„ City. 

TpNGINEER and machinist, used to min- 
*»< I n g and tntlHng, -tlrst-elase repeir-mtt nl - 
sitngtlon of any kind. Box 3863. Cojpntst. 

EXPBBIBNCED office man. steno-book- 
keeper, open for position, moderate sal- 

YOUNG lady, recent arrival from Old 
Country, wishes position with nice fam- 

ily as companion he 'l ti. or WJU I fl t « k e f li a i g e 
of children, Well educated. Write Box 
3736, Colonist. 

DEVELOPMENTS are expected ai 
the corner of Cook and Quadra ets. 1 
Own ii magnificent quarter-acre, with t_ 
feet frontage on Quadra St., and will accept 
31,800 for a quick sale on good terms. 
Mouses are going up all around and the 
property is really a fine one. Phone 2829, 
I'ilklng ton. ' . - '■. ■:■; -' ' 

URE at once at room 801. Say ward 
Large lots inside city limits. 
1709 and »7<0 each. / . 

un i ■ ai,_ ' i|i I ' I . 

1JH>R gale or exchange of equity— 5 -room 
x bungalow. Oak Bay; nice locality; mod- 
ern; price $4»do; will consider lots or small 
acreage In exchange; equity 31S00. Grlm- 
aaon * Bunnett, 329 Pemberton building. 

ITIOR sale — -Lot near Cook St.. north 74x 
I.e. |1276; quarter cash, terms easy. 
Box 3**2. Colonist. 

1740UL Bay rd.— 50«120. north of Fort, 
31050; third cash. Anderson & Jubb. 
7 Green blk.. Broad St. 

PEW feet off car line, _10xl«3. with a 
small house renting for HO per month: 
38300; third cash. J. L. Flanagan, 508 
Sa y w a rd block. 

friOUL Kay. beautiful large lot. 70xl3o! 
With fine gem view; very cheap at 
f 1500; |400 e«sh, balance easy. Wise & 
Co.. 109 Pemberton Jllook. 

OR sale — New 4-room house, partly fur- 
nished, on a nice corner lot, In a nice 
locality. $2800. terms. Apply Box 4131, 




lia hx " a, "« , 'i one nr '*"» «n«at- 

PROPKRTV I'OK !rAlK-ii»nllnur<li 

I)Oltr Angeles Bargain— seven acres, • 
limn., waterfront; only |6„o; also iMe 

best business corner 60x140 ft., cheap. A 

■ ii . -- .diinlut 

POB'i M). ••ml — An excellent subdivision 
opportunity: 100 lots on the 1 '•_ mile 
• for only 1100 per lot en bloc. A i 
Joining lots have sold for »250 per lot. 
Yeoman k I'ilklngton. MoCsUura b:> 

i - . ■ 

1»kuki)Ai.,e -Lot 58x110, corner Cadals 
and Harriett. 8780, '>n very easy tarnu 
No sKeni. Dm 1154, colonist. 

IJENDKC inland- JO acrSI if v-r> fin 
end, naif '"'He from the waterfront, 

lieauilfullr allun'ed. 1 1 n " pel a. i ■• N I 
Hopkins, 1362 Pa ndora ave,. Victoria, B. ' ' 

EVE NUB producer cheap — Must sell at 
once, Caledonia ave., only three bldcks 
from city hall. 36300, on terms. Apply P. O. 
Box 484, 

ROflBBRY' ave., grassy lot 50x120; snap 
at 11460. A. L Proctor A Co., 408 Say- 
ward blflx. Phone 2597. , ■ 

SHAWNIOAN Lake, extraordinary snap; 
- 330 feet waterfront; 3% acres; good 
beach; on main road, nice for subdividing, 
JKI00; 38K0 cash. balanoe - 7«Mjr_. •*»»-' ■■'■■*» -K 
Blake., Phone L*67». 

, „• ' .. ,i - i i' in, . I'nSn ' i 'l I i i l l 'tl '. — 

CJNAP— For quick sale, lio/ft. frontage on 
)W Priaeau St.. off Burnside rd.. high and 
drv; one b'.ork from city limits; I860, terms, 
C. Chandler, Prldeau St. 

QACRIFICB sale of mnch. about seven 
e~9 mites out; fifteen acres, four cleared.' 
all good level land, on good road; fouf- 
roomed new. well-built house; two chicken ... 
houses, two Incubator . houses, about . 3300 
worth Of furniture; at the price of un|m w ;„ 
proved land III this vicinity, 8408 per Acre; , 
one- third cash, discount of $760 for All cash. 

aOHUb Realty Co.. 820 Johnson St. " 

i » » . ' i i i<i» i ' i " . 

SHOAL Bay Waterfront, two fine level lOM. 
no rock, magnificent view, *«%x!iUi 
each; $2250 each, on very eaay terms. Wise ;• 
& CtW, 109 Pemberto n Block. - 

SNAP on Flnlayaon. nice corner for, *_08». 
Dunford. its Pemberton blk.; phone 
owntr, 2<15. ,. r ... ; ;. 

QIDNfev. good business site, 100x130, close 
yj to railway and water. $1600; 8500 «aih, ". 
balance ta suit. Apply owner, Box 3665. 

SNAP-f Blackwood gr„ good let. 81860; , 
.uart er cash. Apply Box 3886, Colonist, ; 

Spl>iBNB_D central business site on Third 
kv. t Port Albernl. tor sale By own*T< * 
cheap. Phone Pllkington. phone *__■____ 

*fWfo good buyt. Lurlin rd; lot 60x1*7: 
■JL 3760 each. A U Proctor 4>. Co,. *0$ 

aayward bW» Phohe. a»f. , ' ,, ': 

HI RACK AGE— 134x288, wtttt f*oht*ge' on' 
A Canadian Northern traOk At -one side 
and on road at the other.; price $5000; quar- 
ter cash. Anderson A Jubb, 7 Green blk., 

Broad .at'. 

' i ' i ■ - j • - • 

THREE acres for sale at' Gordon 7le K rt: 
part In strawberries and potatoes; apten- | 
did frtlit land;. Imal! house on propert> ; 
price $8000,' on good terms. Dunford $ 
Bon. 383 Pemberton block; phone 2.115. ■' ■ 

TTNION Bay, Saanlch— 8 acres, good lanH, 
V.. |I,MJ cASh, balance easy. " Only $600 


GRUBBED Rocir. and Gravel— Px-oducers' 
Rock and Gravel company. Bunkers 
btore street, foot of Chatham street. Phone 
8*5. Crushed rook, washed sand and gravel 
delivered by teams at bunkers or on scows 
at quarry and gravel pit at Royal Bay. 

COAL— Hall M Walker. Wellington Col- 
llerles coal. Comox anthracite coal, 
'blacksmith, and nut ookl specially pre- 
par ed. Phone S3. jit% QOverruaent. " 

C"~tARPENTER and builder — ^T- Thlrkell. es- 
J tlmates free Residence. 1018 Vancout- 
v l r st?. ; phone L34U0. ■ 

/-■4ARPENTER— Good Jobbing. Bsrtholo- 
vJ mew. phone L39 52. ■ . . '". 

"1~\RAYMAN— Joseph Heaney, office at $■ ,. 
U Wharf .treat. Phono Itl. 

DRAYMEN— VittMfth Track A Drajr , 'fi*>«_,? *■ 
Ltd. Pho n e 18. 

DVB Works— Paul's Steam Dye Works, 
S18 Fort street. We clean. praM"4Y3_ v . ? 
repair ladies' and gentlemen'* garments 
eq ual to uew. Phone 888. ' ■ ■ 

T^LECTRICIANB — Carter A McKenxle, 
JCJ practical electricians and contractora 
Phone 710; Res. Phones L2270. H2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 1319 
Broad street. * : " - . . 

ELECTRICIANS— Foot and Tuson. elec- 
trical contractors. Motor boats, gasoline 
engines. Phone A1446. 735 Fort street. 

m i i i ■ in. ii 1 1 i i . i" isii.iTir i ' ■■ -i - ■ • -ytf 1 - 

I EMPLOYMENT Bureau— Wing On, lf*» 
J Government streot, Phone 28. 

(Employment bureau, wah ving Tat 

JU Co., 606 Flsguard St. P.O. Box 1220. i 

I^.URRIERS— Oak Bajr avenue. Furrier. 
JO corner Felt; expert fur work of all 

kinds. ,. ... : .■; ' '..,. .-. y. '..,; '-. . '..'.'..■. 

"« ARDENER— Landscape gardener, James 
JT Simpson, 611 Superior street, phone 
L3964. expert nurseryman, florist and seeds- 
man, also goods and work of beat quality: 
A large, staff of good men kept: orders re- 
.eclve imme«t»t» attention. Not* new ad- 
dresA . ■.■ ' '...',. ,,..,.. . . ■• ■ ; 
; *3IHfA«S and Glasing— Every description of 
IjP'rftWt'.jpfotsV slSt, prlteMiOc. o rhjtman- 
tal, leaded, etc. The Melrose Co.. Ltd.. *U 
Fort street. .;. , • ■ ■■ . ,; . _ _, 

HARDWARE— B. % Priori A Co..^ hard- 
ware and agrlcul-.ural implements, cor- 
ner Johnson and, Government street*. 

HARDWARE— The Hickman Tyg Hgrd- 
ware Co., Ltd.. Iron, steel, hardware. 
cutlery. 80 and I* VAteg gbeet. victoria. 

b. c. . .- ;...•■■ iTg.^. .. . .., ■'.'.-'- . 

JEWELERS— A Fetch, 1418 Douglas St. 
Specialty of English watch repairing; 
' > ■ M , i iu • 11 n . 1 .1 1 1 

TAMES BAY WlnaOw Cleaners and Reliable 
eJ Janitors — H. Kelway, 344 Corburg st.. 

phone R1663. .,..'■ 

•■ ■ ■■ ' 1 1 . ' ' I ■' ■■' . " ' • ' ' I ■■ ' ' 

JUNK— Wanted, scrap brass, copper, sine, 
lead, cast Iron, sacks, bottles, rubber. 
Highest prices paid, victoria Junk Agsncy. 
1020 Store street. Phone 1336. 

1 ..... . i > | " ll . , 11 ' l ll l I | i I 

IVERY— Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. Tel. 
I 123. Beat service In the city. 

Marine. 11 6 Ba stion Square, Phone l»»L 
/ 10N8ULT1NG Engineers — Canavan * 
\J Mitchell. 227-228 Pemberton blk.. 1". O. 
Box 39; Examinations and Reports, Irriga- 
tion and Drainage, Hydro- Electric Develop- 
ment, wat er W orks. -Sewefag* _nd-Sew««». 
Disposal ; Supe rvision of Construction. 

D~ ENTIST— W. Ft rraaer. D. M. O. Otftoe 
783 Tate* streo.. Uaieacb* Block. Office 
hours; 9.30 a.m. to 6 P.m, 

MEDICAL Massage— Scientific masseuse, 
special treatment for rheumatism and 
spinal complaints: homes visits*. 612 Bat- 
tery St.; phone L3882. . 

"DOBBRTSON and Meyersteln, British Col- 
li umbia land surveyors. Ch**cery Chun, 
bert. Victoria, B. C. P. O. Box »6«. Tele- 
photis R86M. 

SWiaURBl, A Noakes. Dominion and B. a 
land aurveyorg, etc.. removed tojFromla 
Block, 1008 Government street. P. O. Box 
Mt-. Telephone »T7. ' 



ISS Marlon H. Campbell, certificated 
— pupil College Music. Toronto, will 
teach piano pupiia; f Irst-clais testimonials. 
Phone YY 3138. comer Tolmle and Quadra 
street. . 


ANCIENT Order of Foresters. Court 
Northern Light. No. 6955. meets at 
Foresters' Hail, Broad street. 2nd and 4 in 
W etfnegdays, W. P. ^rnlierton. Sec 

FRATERNAL Unity of the World meets 
at Eagles Hall. Government St.. ' 1st 
and 3rd Tnursdsys tn each month; J. Mc- 
Hattle. president, 2819 CrMtum. St.; R. A. 
Murrant. secretary, 806 For: at 

OVAL Orange AasociatloB. Premier Loyal 
Orange Lodge, No. 1810, meets 8nd 



and iTh'MondiaysT"*!" the Poreater*' Hail. 
Broad St.. J. C Scott. 948 Pandora street. 
Wo'rahlpf ul Maitesj W. C. W$irt»ii, «» C*m- 

biU'ge Street. Secretary. 

SONS Of England. B. 8. AJ.xandra Lodge 
118. meets let and 3rd Wednesdays, 
K. Of P. Hail. H. G. King. ShelboUrne st.. 
Pendant; Jtw. P. Temple. t«f* Burdetu at.. 
ee..'r*t*iy. ■ ■ _,.','■ ' _\ _■ •' , 
CSON8 oi England. B. 3. Pride of the ls;- 
K5 and Lodge No. ill. meets 2nd And 
4th Tuesiays In A. O. F. hall. Broad street; 
president, F. West, 657 Hillside avenue; 
secretary W. U. Trowesdai* *at» Williams 
yt,. city, ■ 


/B- Blhukhttch, A. B. Btaekbuni; 
.proprietor. Wig well known and pop- 
ui«r 'hsu. eatirely rtthullt *nti re^WHrtWf. 
is now open to It* patrons. Steam heat, nne 
c-jmiiiogioua rooms, flrst-clasa dining room, 
bUt attention to comfort of guests. Amer- 
ican, »i.*o to 82.00 per day. Euro- 
pean plan, 76 cents upwards. ill Mam 
street, . ' 

YOtTNG .nen" wantad for- r«llre*4 — *t»d 
wireless telegraph service; May to 
learn; salary. $76 to J80: positions gu*t- 
anteed. For particulars address Morse 
1'elegraph Inst.. Seattle. Wnna. 

C_f_A MEN wanted to eat at Good Eats Cate. 
OUv •«• Cormorant »r..; . f white cooks; 
good dinner for "two bltA" 



- * 


11THOGRAPHING — Lithographing, en^ 
J gra\ ing and embossing. Nothing too 
large and noihlng loo small; your station- ! 
ery is your advance agent; our work is un- 
equalled west of Toronto. The Colonist 
Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. 

PATENTS — Rowland Brlttaln, Te_utered 
attorney. Patents Ir. all countries. 
Fairfield building, opposite P. O., Vancouver. 

i)AINTERS — Georgii Brooke and. Fred 
Webb, opposite City Hall, Phone _•• 

». paperhanglng, stir '■■ ' ■ 

i>OTTERY Ware — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground tire clay, flower pots. etc. B. C 
Po ttery Co.. Ltd.. corner Broad and P andora. 

IJlLUMBING — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
ing Co., Ltd. For first class workman- 
ship In tne above line, give us a call. Tem- 
porary office, 766 Uroughton street. Phone 

T>LUMBING and Hardware — K. Smith, 1942 
X. unk Hay ave.; phone 3860. McClaiy's 
.mil lu-aters. . 

UUOB-HAMn — Shorthand School, 11(9 
•O Brosd street, Victoria. Shorthand. Type- 
writing, bookkeeping thoroughly laugh •.. 
> .' < <ius :••» fill good positions. ... A. Aiac- 
1 an, principal. 

C1TBNCIL ana Seal Ertgravlng— Uoneral 
IO ongraver and stencil cutter. (Jen. Crow- 
iher. 81ii Wharf street, behind P. O. 

CM1T1I, Kussell, shlnglers and slate roof- 
S3 era. 2203 Spring roud. 

uiioiMhaND — Complete ati-nngrapny 

^ course; reasonable rates. Phone 891. 

CJHORTHAND — Three months' course, i'lt- 
fj man's (Royal) simplified System, 
Autumn term commences October. intend 
Ing pupils ehouh 1 apply for full particulHi * 

10 the Royul Stenographic Hcnoo:. .26 mh 

>«arrl IHclg, Nlgnt and liny r;«m« I'lmn. 
'i. in 


~T~.ciT*:mk»m** V*»tt4s t»*gt.-n»ve 
A selling «peresnce, ana a fUMMiM, 
work. nVweae** r*v»ir*d. _jox J6«». 
co lonist/. ' •"■..■■■'";,/ j'.. . '. " ' ' f ''<: '-'-'^ -■'■';'-- ' 
I»OY. or young man, wanted for » week. 
i> to help at Fan. Apply 417 Toqng at,. 
james gay, 

BICYCLE repairman wanted immediately; 
must be an expert; no others need ap- 
ply. Thos. PUmley, 730 Vates. 

RIGHT, intelligent boy. with wheel. 
about 15 years of "age. for genera 
aoout omce. Apply at once; New Method 
Laund ry. Ltd.. iUia- 17 North Park at. 

OY— The principal. South Wellington 

school, offers good home with school 

attendance to gentlemanly boy. 12 or 18, tor 

light work on poultry ranch, 

tAHf'ENTERS wantvd, first-class finishers; 

\V. C, DOttglge, lo < - hest«r ave. < 

E"xPBRiIENCEIJ .mce manager tot 
partmental store In Victoria. Apply by 
only, giving all parlicularx, LO Uault 
Bros., Ltd.. Vancouver. 


AT BsuuUptUt In September, experienced 
A governess, 4*li» ** r*$^i*»t to t two 
girts, eleven ahd thlr**«a- Apply Tfa&jQ* 
Waiter. Ganges Harbor. Salt S 

A GOOD cook wanted. 1* 
preferreA Apply Bt. 
Courtney tt. 

AT The Ladle*' Educationn., Domestic and 
Business Agency, assistants in ■«» 
capacity may be obtained, schoela _^CtW«-. 
mended, partnerships arranged *Bd business 
transferred; governesses. • t " n _*'*Pher*^ior« 
clerks and domestic help «'»#_ *'_ ■ ■y e* 
425 Say ward Block. Phone X«B6rh*urg, 10 
to 4: .Saturdays. 10 tt I. .Mrs. A. Clgrk*. 
secretary. ■ ■ . 

APPLY Deveratix Agency, 1814 Fort »t.. 
telephone ***: hours 10 t* 11. « ***.•_ 
Wanted for "Duncan, mother a help, fhsuot 
generally. W*nl*a_ for ,olty. «^W«_« 
"ooks. ifener*l_ maids and _nurg*m*Htt- 
wanted tor cadboro May. Oak B*y ouj* Hjf-,- 
qulinalt, competent general maids. 10 be 
highly recommended. * competettt worhing 
housekeeper, country preferred. A* ex- 
perienced governess Seeks post.- English 
subjects, fluent French and excellent musi- 
cal talent. Wanted, three gtria from *J_to 
16 years tn Join * c.ass with other*. Only 
six accepted. '.'.' ,,■,■ 

COMPETENT girl for general housework; 
must be good plain coolt: gas stove for 
coo king. »>3 Dallas rd. . . 

.•TVB.BSSMAK.ING— E*perttli**4 waist hand. 
U Juniors, also apprentice* wanted. Watts, 
707 H Yates. . '■ . -.'[ 

DRBSSMAKJNG— Coat, Skirt And '•*»*l 
hands wanted Immediately; 1 o'clocx 
Saturdays. Watts, 707 _ rate*. 

EXPERIENCED cook, «ener*l, email 

washing, nurse kept. Mrs. Play fair. 

620 Selkirk av., Burleith. Take Gorge car, 

get off at Bunnyslde. ' . 

0IRL want**. *xpe«eneed oniy,. for, 
candy depaitment. Victoria Caa*y 

Kitchen. T68 Yates. ■ .. ...;.; 

ary. knows city; references, 

Box 3861, Col- 

BNGI4SHMAN, 28. graduate of com- 
mercial college, seven year*' experience 
in shipping house at Bradford, Manchester, 
seeks employment as bookkeeper. Box 
41M, Colonist, y . . ■ ■' .■ ' , 

LURMBIt, married, seeks management of 
*?■'; 1 arm. Had long experience with; and 
expert knowledge of, stock. And crop*,' Dux 
8948. Colonist 

£ •» ■■ f ■■■ ■ « ■ '» . ' ■ ' » 1 — ^-— 

OTS cleared, dug and graded by day or 
: contract; front gardens done * epectalty. 
By the Johtog P*rt**ra>. phone Y3Q86. ■ 

XTORWEOIAN lady desires position a* 
-*3l traveling companion, private secretary. . 
housekeeper or other position of trust. Wilt 

couver. '. . *.. . " ,. . > ■ 

CSCOTSMAN— Young, public school ed'uca- 
IO tlon. desires permanent or temporary 
po*t, legal experience, auctioneer, commis- 
sion agent, ete.. 6 years motorist. Any 
country or town work. Small salary, inter- 
view any time. Rutherford. 1018 Fairfield 
rd .. t>L .W, ■ ' , ;'7 ' 

- ■ <a_»w»»»»» ~ ■ ■ < 1 . 

TEADY man wants position on poultry 
ranch; single. Box 4181, Colonist. 




SITUATION wanted— Experienced book- 
keeper could write up or audit books in 
the evening. Box 8948, Colonist. 

l***mmmm wfc**^, w— i . h i i i i 

S SWING machines of ell kind* repaired. 
Rosemount CotUge. It4)» Oovernment st. 

mo bnilders and contractors, conductor 
X pipes put up by Sam Mlmris on the 
shortest notice 

IttL wanted to le*rn pant and vest mak 
lag; will p*y good Wage* while le»rn 
ing. 4to_m-^2. Orccn blk. 



IBL for light h ouseworlt 1 morning* only. 
Apply 6St Michigan st -. 

ArOTHBK'S help required **r little way 
iu. out of town; no washing or scrubbing, 
f»m lly 4, good home, good w*»*a. Apply to 
The Ladle*' Agency, *sS o*yw*r« Wloek; 
hours 10 t* « . /PhoB* MM. : 

_ — ' '' ,"' "■" ' ' ' ... ' ■■ ' ' . ■ ' ■■ [j? 

TCRSB girl wanted. Apply Mr*. J. B. 
Sloans, Suite 10, Field Apartment*. 


OPERATORS for eiecwic sewing machines, 
8 -hour day. Apply Turner Beaton Co., 
•»8lg Ham" brand shirt and overall fac- 
tory, corner of Bastion and Wharf at., 

Victoria. -■■,'■ '.■■■'■■ 
CJMAP.T girl lo answer telephone, 315 a 
© month to start. Apply Box 3980, Colon- 
ist, - ' 

SALEH girl, maker and «pt^-entlce for 
millinery department, Gordons. Ltd. 

ter With thi 
ment Department 
Pnoue 2:<". 

•e requested to regts- 

llngton Free Employ- 

Pemberlon Building. 


T ANTBD— A wet' nurse. 
Byron St.. Oak Bay. 

Apply 301S 



notice and 
Address 28 


at cut figures. 
l Ontario at- 


1 iii nm i il. Sli.i ni ii ' in 1 n 11 ■ vim- 1 

ANTBD— Position as bartender. ,or in 

M ' ' I,' . . ' I 1 . 1 I 'l ". 1 I ' ' ' ' " I I I I I ■ I 

\7t7ANTBD — A messenger for local bank. 
»V Please reply t* Box 3940. Give full 
particulars and references. 

■ I H i 11 1 I. n . I I 1 ■ Hi » 

WANTED— By a reliable man, position as 
bank messenger, watchman or Janitor. 
Or**p. 729 Pembroke at. 

WANTED— Chimneys or small brick jobs 
by competent man. Box 888, P. O., 

cttyy ■.■■...'• • ' - . ...•■' 
V|7'ANtBD--By single man, steady posi- 
v» tion oh ranch; an nrouna r*ncn man. 
Box 4074, Colonist. 

.11 . 1 1 1 S i ' 1 '1 11 11 1 ■ ■ i i i i ' i 1 , 

WANTED— Gatuen woik any kind by «x- 
perlenced gardener. Bo* PXK. Colonist. 

WANTED— A position as fitter or 
machinist in or around Victoria. Box 
8671, Colonist. 

1 1 iisas_s«|ii.i*ii |« »i l ii M 6sag>Ms»»»»s*ls»k*bs w ^ ^ 1 11 iw 1 ■ 

ANTED— Farm laborer, / young, for 
Chemalnus. 1323 ____«____ 

■ i n ii n l 'n— .is. , ■IS Sii ll *li li ll *i . l S . . iit ' 


YOUNG ms,n wants situation on dairy 
ranch; good mil ker. Box 8860. Colonist. 

'"•kPb'UNG man aeeks position ** driver for 
i private car; do own repairs. Box 4160, 

'Y r OUNO married Englishman seeks sltua- 
i Hon as valof, or any position of trust, 
(servant of the late Bishop of Caledonia.) 
Good knowledge of animals and gardening, 
would drive motor; no objections to travel- 
ing; Hrai-clnas references. Apply 2613 
Sheibourne st.. City. 



■W'ANTKD — An ■ ed stenographer. 

> » . 1 tease A Crease, barristers, 410 
Central bids. 

CAPABLE colored lady wishes position 
as chambermaid. »5u l^roughton st. 


-1 x i'i:i'.i UNCJBD re»i estate operatot wants 

partner in general brokerage business. 

Box 4U'iO. Colonlsi. yi ' 

I ENGLISHMAN with a flrst-clnss proposi- 
ti tlon for the building trade, being ex- 
tensively used all over England by tho 
arehltec_s: money mid time saver, sure suc- 
cess. Want a partner or Join another firm; 
nothing like it here; good references re- 
quited and given. J. James. 437 Globe Bldg., 

geai • ... \\ :i«n 

mHOPFITTlNG, jobbing, cmpenterlng and 
eJ repaiis. Try Smith. 1644 (.overnnient. 

TTNDERTAKINC1 — Hasna A Thompson un- 
J takers. Pallors 8.7 Pandora av. ilrsd- 
uate U, B, College of Embalming, OontrAC 
i.iri to H. M. Navy, Office phone «ss. 
re*, phone 611. 

UNDBRTAKINQ— b7"c. FuneraT"?u ml»h 
Ing Co. (Hayward's). 734 Broughton 
street. Prompt attention; charges leason- 
»Dle. Phones 2'MS. '..86, _L'87. 2.38. Chas. 
rlsyward. president; H. Hay ward, secretary; 
V. CaStleton, manager. 

^ r ii"i 1 in 1 a Business Institute movtd to 
S4T Michigan »( Shorthand, type- 
writing, hookkeeplng. • \r , Individual In 
gtruation; day and evening rla«se». Phnne 

lirHOLERALE Dry Goods — Turner. Beaton 
'» & Cr,. Ltd., wholesale dry goods Im- 

1 16ft *rs and manufacturers, men's furnish 
;-gs. tents, "Big Horn" brand shirts, over- 

nlis. Msll orders attended to. 

\\, T OOD — Cheap fuel. Try a heaping double 
' ' losd of short cut mill-wood, delivered 
tn sny psrt of the city at 33 C. O. D. by 
Cameron Lumber Co.. Ltd. Phone 364. 

WHOLESALE Wines and Liquors — Tur- 
ner. Peetrfn Co.. Ltd., Wharf street. 
Victoria — wholesale only. All the leading 
brands of liquors. Direct Importers. Write 
ior Hits and prices. 


—————— .^ — ^ 

A^RCHITKCT— H. Bryant New bold, 3IL 
-•'" Sayward Bldg., Victoria. h. v." 
P-riiUh Canadian Homebullders, Ltd. Phone 

ii'lORT Eraser Development Club will give 
you full Information regarding develop- 
ments now going on at Fort Praser, B. C. 
opportunitlea for young men of limited 
means. sawmill, stores, government butto- 
Ing. bank building, large hotel, now built 
or In course of construction. Railroad 
grade now cleared through the town. There 

will be no mors Port hhmi to pour out 
lis virgin wealth i" newcomers. rfe«: w. 

A. Matheton, Ji«cy., Vancouver office, 102 

\\ Inch Mldg 

IF you are a gentleman of good address 
but "mil of work" or not satisfied with 

your present position then come with us; 
we Will make a salesman out n( yiu and 

put you in the why of making more money 

than any salHri»u position would pa> 

conscientious wmk *nd ordinary 1 Illgence 

are the only requirements ntccss.ii> [j 

d.piii nuslness call at room _.« 1'emui 

ESPBJCTABLE lad for delivery work. 

Golden West Raketv. Qundin si. 


BiHTNGLERS warned H. McLennan, 

llniinvmed, «'. . neii- 8"ou1 llnv rd. 

SALESMEN wanted, railing st country 
points to sell the Wonder Burner. 
Hustlers can make ten dollars a day. J. M. 
Kalns & Co., 1100 Hamilton st., Vancouver. 

THOROUGH competent motor mechanic. 
Apply Garage, 1>)3C. Oa>> Bay »v. 

I'l T ANTBD— Real estate salesman; ws have 
'» a world beater as a seller: hesl of 
commissions paid t" men who run get the 

business Apply »t n"? Government st, 
room 4. 

TANTBD" — Good man for general repair 

work f:..* «?:.'(;. Colonist. 

good ennvssser, ariiary and 
commission. Bo« 4180. Colonist 


TANTED — Young girl to lake baby but, 
1 till i p. m. Apply 11753 Blackwood 
Hlllelde, ' y - •■■ :■, - 

•A.\Ti:i) — Experienced atenognipher. A|i- 
ply by Utter to Canadian explosives, 

•ANTED— General servant; good wages to 
one who understands her work. Call 

hiiiI » mornings. 1455 Fort St. 

\\' \ I 1 Kl>x -Housemaid for private family 
\\ (COOK kept), good home, (rood Wig- 
town, meet lady today :l o'clock at The 
Ilea' Agency. 4X6 Baywnrd Bldg., Dons 
las St., phone 2iS«; office hours 10 to 4. 

\\TANTBD — Bright salesladies to sell 
>V Jewelry during exhibition. D. Parry, 
Women's Bui ding, Ex hibition 'Grounds. 

\T6TANTED — Marker and distributor, also 
\> tWO Klrls for starch room. Victoria 
•Mini Laundry 
Park st. 

ivo girls for starch room. Victoria 

,,i, > Co,,' Ltd.. '.M8-47 North 

W'ANl'KU A lady to assist bookkeeper. 
>\ Apply Standard Steam Laundry, i.irf., 

341 View St. ______——__-__- 

\*\" r ANTED — Womnn to d" washing for two 
>\ and cfeanlng once h «c.-i,-. Apply 
mm nlngw. 1633 Davie a t. 

\ \ • \ "•. TED — A girl in assist wlih Itgnt 
> > hoUSSWOI k tpp. l»l Douglas St.. 

Beat | 

\\ta.nted — Servant gin to,- general n , 

\> Norwegian or Swede pief'-ned. 11)0 

1 1 1 in ■• »t 

Mrs. Stanley 


'ASIKD 'I'n.Tal servani 
Whemiev, 1(04 .lithllee 


ll'AMBI' Hoy to take care of office 
»V and nin errands. Alvo von Alvens 

1T7ANTBD agents — Vlen or women, who 

VV ere acquainted In ■ li> . j oil furnish 
prospects. 1 do the n..rk; I&0 per wei k to 
those who van deliver; give name and ad • 

\\'.\NT!vli V kind person to take ™ • of 
II 11 baby In theli oWB home; state partic- 
ulars. Box 40:2. Colonist. 

W'ANTF.I) Fxperlenced a teratlon hands 
" on gowns; also apprentices Apply to 
Finch * Finch. 

ItfAXTED — Experienced general servant; 
>> rnnst be irood i>laln cook; wages 335. 
Apply 1 « Wellington ave, off May at. 

1ITANTED — Good general servant ai once, 
V\ small family. Apply Mrs. R. S. Mabee, 

311 Cook st. 

lt'ANTBD — Live agent sollolt orders hlgh- 
* > clsi>s tAllorlhg. salary and eommlsalon; 

best location In city for ladles and gents. 
Unit J8«!>. Colonist. 

IVAXTEp — Woman to keep books and 
VV make herself generally useful In fruit 
and vegetable market. Box 39(3, Colonist. 

«*7A.N'TED — First-class isdy solicitor! for 
VV one of tbe best selling article. If 
city; will give exclusive agency for Victoria 

A TTEN'TION — Governesses, stenographers. 
-J- store clerks, housekeepers ami domes* 

1 helps requiting positions should call at 

Block. Olflce hours lo to 4; 

Saturdays, lu to 1. Phone 8686. Mrs. A. 

Clarke, secretary. m ______ 

4 VOI.'Xii lady, _!i, would like to go OUI 
XX working by the day. jftate wagea to 
uox ma, Colonist.' 

4 LAD . experienced housekeeper, good 
x_ ook equhrea dally work. Phone R814. 

\ S I'xperlt-ni •••! ii'i.v would lik<- to run 
J\. clubhouse for number of gentlemen. 
r.:.\ liog. Colonist, 

BY an English woman, situation as working 
housekeepsi or general help; e.xperl- 
.1, P. O. Bos 350, Victoria, B. C. 

DRESSMAKING at home or by tba day; 
Children's clothes a spec'.nlty. 846 

Courtney; phone 11*78. ^ 

iitF.ssM VKING — Latest designs, recep- 
tion «nrt evening gowns « specialty; 

children's " OS . ■■' . CUI iind fit guarnn'.'l 
' nits. 1" T _ -Yntes. 


.■vmii.ISH woman wants work, washing or 

U cleaning. Itn.. .1817. Colonist. 

IjVN'Gl.lSH woman wishes place tn respect- 
■J able family, where ooj 1 
M'.nii.i not be objected toi sieeji at 

.. v 11 home Box 1128, ' OlOnlSt, 

(\ENEHAI. wants light hOUgework 1 
I 1867, colonist. 

C*, RADVATE nurse— Maternity «< a 
I sptolklt) Reduced ratet 

/ 1 , dal teaches English, 

" I French, Latin. mUSll ■ « I needle 

woman; nominal sslarv. Governess, dallv 
_1 useful help, strong, capable, ilnm ■ 

rated and well educated; music, French, 
Latin and usual English subjects; take jt 

01 1R »Kk sslnry. excellent lot tl " Apply to The ijvdin' Agency, I 
Baywarfl Mlclg., phone 24 8<? ; office hours 10 

to 4. Saturdays 10 10 1 

OI'HEKEEl'ER to/ widower or liach- 
SlOrS. age 40. capable, active, good 
plain cook, fl'e venrs In Inst situation; 
v.sgrs aboul »30 p»i month; local lefe, 
encea Further particulars from the Ladles 
Agency 42.1 rtavwsd bldg.; phone IlVk. 
ofTlce hours, 10 lo 4; Saturd ays. 1 to 1. 

MRU. H. Mearns, Battieford av.. Park- 
deK May wood Post Office. Malrr- 
n 1 1 v nurse. 

ATBRNITT nursing; reduced rates. 2709 
Scott it. 

A-CHOlCE-jcnrnsr All r.adi for building 
in Richmond Park, 50x110; this is 
cheap at *l«00, on good terms. Exclusively 
by Veoman A Pllkington, McCallum blk.,' 
phone i!S2S. ■ 

A splendid opportunity— would you 
tike to buy an SO-edr* farm in Bulkte* 
Valley on «s_y terms. Call and .'■•* »**_*" 
and hear about this proposition. Pred H**l. 
AH Pem berton bldg.. victoria. - ^ 

A SNAP— »4 feet on Eoul Bay rd,„ only 
two hlocks from the water, tor quick 
sal*. prlOe »jsoo; »I00 eash. balance easy. 

wwai btk. . : ;•- ■.;'.■:■.■'"■ ■-.-/:■ ■■■■■■,■''■'■■■'] 

AenteAaE-^i* *er*s close to Como*. on 
main road, few chains from water- 
front; splendid soil; price «.«60, on terms. 
Grlmason A Bunnett. 330 pemberton hldg. 

ACREAGE; d*ndy piece of 4.65 acres on 
Wilkinson Cross Roads; fa* minutes 
from Saanlch c*r track; high, tnie View, 
nice slope, St. Acres; beeh under cultlv*- 
tio«, 'DBiM'er tight- Kcrnb: *djmnitt#--i«*e* 
subdivided; prlc* **l»» . P*r *_*; t*t*»i 
«i Too cash, balance, on*, two, three fe***.; 
Owner, Box 174. postotQce, 
■ 1 r ■ , 1 ' 1, 1 1 '■ m i - 1 .; 1 , i ' i i 111 ■ ' . ' . ' _, . 

ABBAl'TW!!/ corner in Richmond 
P*rk. Oak Bay. with i» feet froatAt* 
towards the avenue, quite readr tor bultd» 
infv-^tqr sale at * r*du*ti»n «* *_■» _ff 
three 4*ys ohly, Bxcluglvely by Teoman: 
A Pllkington. McC*ltum Block. ph«m* W». 

A REAL snap for |6»0--Lot 64x150. all 
clear, end of Blount Tolmle car; fU 
casn. balance AN> per month, . Own*r, M 
V ictor it, Peyniirood. or Box 3«81. Colonist. 

ABARGAIN— Pine big grassy lot, 60x137 
(city w*t*r), «il« *nd quarter circle, 
close to double tracked c*xlin* and paved 
street; only *soo. This Is without exception 
the heat bargain, lit the *ltjrf National 

Realty Co.. IX»2 Governmeftt, 

i ■ mi l 1 h i 1 - •-- -'■ "- -^ — —*■ 

AN exceptional opportunity for thos* who 
are looking for subdivision property; 
we have About 3 1-3 acres just outside the 
2tt mite circle, near, th* car line; tais 
property Is *|i *««•/ cnHlv*U«l Ahd _ «o*- 
taina about 400 fruit bearing trhee: - tt y** 
want to make 60 per cent on your money 
see us, we will show you how. McDonald 
Realty Co.. 610 Pandora st.;, ptton.n SJli. 

1 I, 1. , '. • ■ 1 ; ■ - 1 ■ - 1 n 1 "i""" i -.-i.i-.i l , 1. ijifn iH || _n 

A SNAP near Gorge on David*; a venue— 
A Beautifully . situated, high*, big tot. 
$800; terms. Apply owner, tt.' Lokin, »*: 
Caledonia, ave- after fl p,n<. _ -,■. ;■; ";-..,. ,; y , 

■ ; . A CRBAGE tor fM^J&m t'*«*SBj|' *r will 
^A- divide, at Royal 0*k; ill un*_* tWtUva- 
tion: no rock: fin* view. Address ? owner. 
Box 4160, Colonist. ''■,;"-;',/■ ';" ::; : 

A SAFE Investment; .lot 40x120; only ,. 7 
A i t* from C.P.R. station and works 
•its; Junction af C.P.A. *nd C.N.R; and 
center of coal and lumber district, Courte- 
aay; price |I7»; tllO cash, balance 626 per 
month at 6 pet teat interest, Box 33SS, 

APE vi" epecmls-^rernwdod . rd., close to 
new High school, two lots, size 56x109 
each; price 63350 each; Blackwood St.. be- 
tween King's id. and Hillside, else 60x125 to 
a 20-ft. lane at rear; price $2100: qnnner 
cash. Joseph St., Fairfield estate, good lot; 
price' $1550. Stannard ave., near Rlcltaro- 
son st.. splendid lot, size 60x1st; price tlUOO: 
Graham St., t»0x217; prlcv 61 376. Queen Clly 
Reulty Co.. 1413 Douglas St. 

A LOT on Sixth St.. Belvedere, 76x166, for 
31200. Can you beat It? No rock. 
538 OaL Ba y aye.; tcl. 3200. 

AWFUL cheap — My ten acres level block, 
• with good house, fine for chicken 
ranch, located -within City of Port Angeles. 
Price only 31400 If sold at once. Box 3674, 

git-TISH Columbia Real Estate ' Co., Bat- 
tan Singh, real estate agents. 2437 
Fernwood rd.. Corner Hay St., Victoria, B. C. 

BURNSIDE an- 1 v double corner, 

cheap at 63500. A, L. Proctor * 
408 (Jay ward bldg Phoi 

BELOW maikei rwo beautifully treed 
lots on St, Patrick, north of Central, 
each (1,376. for immediate sale. Be quick 
If you want one of these. Crlmuson & 
Bunn ett, 32 H Pemberton Bldg. 

OVVKER nve — Beautiful building site,, <i^on, easy terms. Anderson 
& Jubb, 7 Green blk., Broad st. 

EST buy In Oak Bay. Deal st., two good 
lots tOxI-Oj |15:t. each. A. L Proetor 
a i .... 4oti Say ward bldg, Pho it 

BDE rd. on the car line, nenr Car- 
roll st.. a beautiful building alte; all 

cultivated) 16x120; houses nil ardund; wa- 
ter and sewei ; a snap. 6(14)0; terms easy. 
Ptmae 600, Dawson & McOalllart}, 70 » Fort 
st , Balmoral block. 

BEAt'THFt'L sloping lot, I-X.135, corner of 
■ "1 ml. in D lllllsld 

nail cash payment. Bos llll ColOn'- 
Ist. ___ 

BUILDING lot on Roseberry ave m 
Ki!!K'.« id.. Well MlttlMted. sl7C 50x110, 

$1800; third cash; 1 bis Is an rxeelli 

1111 641 Fori st. . 1 

_t:u. . 

"4 LOSE to lii ■ lai gt lots 1 1 Bi 

. f 60 ; qus 1 nn ard block 

building lots In Burleith; all cleared. 
Address Bo g 3644. Colonist. 

FOR sale — Four partly paid shares In an 
Investment Company holding a tract 
of first -class land close to Port George, B. 
C,i - owner -need*- m oney and wil 1 sacrifice; 
a splendid opportunity for a most profi- 
table Investment . Box 3»7». Colonist 

FOR Sale—Lot near Cook st. north, T4x 
1M; 61276: one-fourth cash; 
terms. Box 3904. Colonist. 


FOR Sale— Lot attar Quadra and Tolmle 
ave., 60x110. $i,«.00; third cash. Box 
3618, Colonist. e : , 

.11 '. i h i - • 1 - - r ■ ■ '' _ ■■ - . 

GORGE waterfront., orchard, splendid 
homeslte, -41X260, price $7.»H. Owner. 
1520 Cooh at. 

ftRAHAME St.— Quarter acre lot. 50x217: 

VT price IUITS; cash 3250. balance' 6. 12, 

II. 24 months. Queen Ctt» Realty, Hit 

Douglas st ; - 

»■ in. 11 1 1 ' - i ■ i n . 1. '■■ 

RAHAM Street; price $1S50; cssh $300., R, ; 

\'C, C. Sales, 741 Pandora ave. Phono 

a 1 

.__WI *hd Victor St., double corner 
.100x11$; $3000. A. J* proctor ft Co., 
4 0.. Soyward bid*. Phone 2667. 

^JSR» is a snap for,gomeone-Ni 
lot. only 3 _d«<** frodh car, for 

• ash, balance 315 per month;, price 
•Wm. Dunford * Son, Ltd.,. 231-2-3 Pember- 
ton block.'-" ' 7/ 1 '■'■•■ • ■■-'* ... _ .••.■■•■,■ if--. 

- i4M_wmm - J - 

SARBINGER AV*. and Fairfield .JN1„ COr< 
36x106; 63500; easy term*. Peden ft 
Cooper. 1.4 gay-ward " ~ 

— — 

HALF acre op Fairfield rd., car passes 
property, would make three large lots) 
snap at $3750. Phone 331S. 

' i - i V i r 1 n n ,11 1 .11 

HARRIET rd.— Lot 3, block i, subdlvls- 
Wh L lot« •#,.,*»* » _^'____ »»5J_< 
bargain In price $1150; cash $350. Write 
P. O, Box 11 4 6. Victoria- "■"■■,. ,•'.'■■ ',„' ! ;.'' 

Tqr«R_T« an dppOTfunlty tor a cheap lot on 
JCA calumet ave. slxe 50 x 160. Prlc* 
$875; only $250 cash, with very small pay- 
ments quarterly. Phono us about this. J. 
c. unden A Co., Room *, MacGrogor.i Block, 
oppoaJteApeacT'* ..;,■. , ,;-.;■■>',, . ■ 

t HftVB thr*e l*u inside th* thr**-mlle 
*-: At_le, »»**terly, two *of MM each, one 
$400; »50 cash, balance $10 per month. Jas. 
Grippe. 133$ Oak Bay ave.; tcl. 3300. 

I CAN earn $8000 for you on an investment 
^4>FM»t M» a tract of, land, l«4 miles from 
Abbottsford in tho Praser Valley and near 
the B. C. ElectTic, C. P. and O. N. depots: 
I want someone to join me in the purchasu 
of this property at $?5 per acre;- 1 ■ can .?«-;. 
sell In smgll blocks at $150 to $300 per acre; 
see me at *hc* Ahont this. C. O. BradshaV. 
800 P*mb*rton bldg.; phone 1661. 

. ' 1 I '" ■ si.. . -. Ml— !■ ' —■■ -■-■ ■' ' ' I ■' - ««■ ■ " . 

JUST off the cai line, $0*186 to a 85 ft. 
lane. With a small house renting for 
$1S per month: less than half a block from 
car, and the same distance from park, on 
mile circle; $2600; third cash. J. L. 
Flanagan, 60S Raywa rd block. ' ■ : 

KEEP your eye on Bulkley Valley. There's 
a reason. It means money to shrewd 

'per acre, 
per acre. 

Similar land near selling » 
Apply to .Box 126, Pemberton 

VICTOR "t. — Near Pembroke; fine. Iftrgu. 
lor ttixl.ts. only $1-50; $200 below mar- 
tu_L..yalue; easr terms.. Phoenix Realty Co . 

Douglas, st.. . ", 2L*i&iii&LlJL'.. ■ 

"ITANCOUVER Island— 800 acres of splen- 
' V" did swamp land, alt well drained, half 
of it In wild grass: railway will go d ■• 
to; a bargain. $10,800. terms, N. J. Hop- 
kins, 1862 Pandora ave.. Victoria, 3. C. 

* ■! ll. ll ll I. I I I II , !. 1 

X/IKB Street— Nice lot, size 60x100. with;n 
T three minutes' walk of the Douglas st. 
ear. Price $»00. -Apply: Stewart Land Co.. 
Ltd.. 101-3 Pemberton ' bldck^ ' 

WILL sell lot In Burnaby. near Vancou- 
ver tor $700 cash: must have iuu..ey 
at once. Apply Box 3404. Colonist. 

TKTALNUT at lot, high and dry, facing 
T* south. OUlck sale $1,100, on term>. 

Phone 3565. . . ^^ 

» " ' - 1 • ,11 1 ' 1 1 11 

TITA ; NTBDk--To discount agreement of 
■,V,tL_:,. gale; $1400 to come In in . monthly: . 
installments of $15, Including 7 per cent In- 
terest; will sell for $1200. E., Box 171. 
postofflce. ' 

. have some good money makers on 
Edmonton rd.; give us a call end we 
will be pleased to show you some of these 
good buys; corner lots from $1575 up. 
Phoenix Realty Co.. 13:15 .Douglas at. 

-One-half block from Fern- 
nlce and. level, within two 
ks of the car line; a great snap at 
$1200. easy terms. J. C. Linden & Co.; 
room 4, McGregor b',k. 

YATE8 at., lot 60x120. bringing $80 a 
month revenue: $30,000. A. L. Proc- 
tor & Co.. 408 Saywa rd bldg. Phonte L' 5f'T ' 

i/\ ACRES for $1000. 16 miles from Vic- 
X\J toils, on Pooke rd; running erwett 
and city water: easy terms. Room 3. 64V8 
Yates; at. 

-J Q _ ACRES rich farm land, part cleared. 
J.—, within 500 feet of depot of C. N. R. R.; 

1 1 wood rd,, 


See Fred Heal, 421 Pemberton 

$800 cash will hai 
Address or call. Wells. 




MIDDLF.-AGED KngUsh lady Wants 
position as houseke»r»t. no objection 
to children. Box 4157, t oloniet. 

[ATERNITT rturse open to engaaem.nts 
at home or alii go out; vacunt room 

, NttfgA. |M» PriQf 

LARGE lot on Slater St., 50x135. splendid 
building lot at $800: this wil: be worth 
50 per cent more when new school Is built. 
Phon" owner. 2315. 

LOOK — Compare ihls with surrounding 
values; Ivvn ioU C0xl20 each. Dnnlevy 
St., near CplandS, only $1500; third cash. 
Box donlst. . 

LARGK lot corner St. Charles and Holly- 
wood. $2650; corner Benehwood nurt 
Hollywood, B0X132. $2660; lol 42x147, Glad- 
stone are... $1860; -McKenxle'st. near Cook,. 
:. f> v 1 35. $'.500; eaay terms on above. E. R.. 
Stephen *- Co.. 1007 Government st. 

LOT on Queen's sve. 60x1 2u; price $3000. 
OC usual terms. IVm. Dunford < Soti. 

Ltd., '-'33 Pemberton blk. 

, , q 1 

LARGE grassy lot, $2x120 ft.: fine soil, 
level and cleared, close to car; only 
$ST5. at $36 cash and $10 per month; no 
rnrther out than Oak Bay or gsqUimalt. 
Victoria Subdivision Co., 207 Pemberton 
building; ph one 604. 

LASQl'ETI Island for sale, 1321 acres at 
$15 per acre, 400 acres at $H0 per acre, 
Including X00 sheen. 3 horSSS, cow. hhpls 
menta, 20, 000. 000 f.-el timber, good wharf, 
4 ft. motor launch, post office and store, 
house, etc. For n few das s only. The 

iirntrj Realty Co. 
AJTONBT maker, Cbaueet nnd Burns, <invi- 

• '1 I..- corner; $3800. A. L. Proctor * 
408 Saywnrd bldg, Phone •_' & ft 7 . 

"\/rCST liave money to meet pressing needs 
lVl or lose all; will sacrifice my two fine 
lots, 60x180 each; close In; no commission; 
no agents; $600 cash each will handle >lv 
loes, your gain Bow 1211, Colonist 

~ANCHESTEB and Ce,._iiB, i ol 104. 4x 
It] '..vllO; JH500. A. L. Proctor A Co.. 

Phone 2697. 


CtOOK st to), inside olt) limits, 
1,11.1. one .j mi 1 1 ei cash, tiio Bsyward 

C1AN you do better than this? (0x133, In 
J aide city llmitl 601 Sa 

bloi ^ 

1 1 \ \i i.i;ii" .'•; st.. Fairfield; 1 holri 
"-> 120 1 111 00; . iKi ioiitib. Peden £• COOp- 
104 Sayward bldg 

/ 1 Milt' |R( . B*! Par!,, splendid lol 1001 

* iv.' ii,,, 1, [i i; 1 ir,, 1 lose to 

v mm. . price >i "ii" on sosy 

Wise S ' 10. 1 OS Pembi 1 inn Block. 

COCK st. double coiner. 7SxH6, will, two 
large houses, close to Piiiulora av.. 
$25,000; '. cash owner, 1626 Cook St. 

/ lit \ |c,ua iii:m' 11 Mi mu 11. cut lot. lies 
"^ high, prett) oaks; 60 feet. Crontagn; 

v' :C«o several oth»i IcU . r L-r sale. H. 

Booth room 

I on 7 Government St. 

(11 iit.YKp. ,m m.i-s si., neat Dallas rd.; 61 
r. . 1 frontage, $ _; 7 .% n ; third dssh. .1. R. 

i.,, ... > _ . ., 1, 13 I-,,, t st.; phoiti 1 

Cm MOFLOWEH rd . Cot nor, 126x1 Jl>, on 
MsvPherson av., IT.*.::. aa4y lermrf 

I l« li- 1 . I . Hi 

/ 4HEAPE8T lots In this vicinity, 3 Iota on 
" (ink Mount. II \ I .'11, ebt) 6460 eHch. 

Think of this; quarter cash, balance easy, 
I. c. Linden * Co., MacGiegor Bldg., op- 

poslts ripencti s, 


ins S11 i' ' .1 bldg 

VfElVI'i'l:!' Ave. — Lovely homeslte back- 
*i Ing on Golf Links, for $1,750, on easy 
terms; do no: miss thi* Wise A Co., 10» 

Pemberton building. 

XJIAGAHA SI. -James Hay will be worm 

..1 doOble in 12 months; 60xi2» today 
$8,860; ii'i quick If you wanl this great 
snap. Archer, 214 Sayward block. 

■VfBBD Wooej Richmond Park lot. T« ft,. 
.> nice!) treed, $1,636; »r.T. r . eash, i'h..r,.. 

N'EWPUHT ave. — 1.0x110; cheapest lot offer- 
Ing on "Us street; * 1 f. 7 .=. . $576 cash, 

balance 1. I nn.' :t -en-. Vnderson A .lubb. 
1 Cre"!! hlk.. nrnnrl |t, 

AK Bay building site -Make « fine 
terrace lawn, 100x120; select, retired 
neighborhood, on block from avenue near 
the bend; these select locutions are getting 
scarcer everv dav ; $3700. flee the owner, 
unk Hiv Grocery Co, 

(lAK Flay \ lovely lot on Metrhcvaln st... 

." 50x1)1$; lane at back; for quick sal« 

$1600; easy terms. Phone 300. Dawson * 

McGalllarfl, 7>M Fort st.. Hslmoral blk. 

OLIVER st -Two lots close 10 Central ave. 
lot $1350 ea> h. nb.ely treed; hurry if 
you want these; third cash. Phone 300, 
Dawson * McOllllard. 7M Fort at.. Bal- 
moral hlk 

OAK Hi i ilomi building lot on Island id.. 
7, v 1 « 2 JI.-.Oi), nn terms. .1. It. Bowes 
A Co. 643 Fort St.. phone 2721 . 

POKT Angeles— For big snsps in acreage 
and lota see me, Chas. Bomervtlle, 
_)t HaulUlA 

splendid homeslte; 
th* balance easy. - 
317 Esaulmalt rd. - 

ACRES overlooking Plumper Pa." 
halfway between Victoria and Van- 
couver; 20 scree slashed. sown 61 over, 
fenced and good well, bal»n» Useful Lunl. 
the making of a good ranch or valuable 
subdivision; close to store. wharf and 
school; cheap. J. TA'. Bellhouae. Gallatin 
Island. It. C. 

-j /<rv ACRES good soil, 7 acres neared. 
1 OU small house and outbuildings: goin? 
nt J30 per air-; quarter cash, balance easy. 
1 1 vv n er. Box 3972, Colonist. 


4 SNAP on Appell st. — One block rrom 
•A- Burnside car, brand new collage. > 
rooms, modern in every particular; price 
13000; $850 cash, balance easy. R. B. Due. 
1113 Douglas St., Balmoral block. 

4 NEW 7-rnomert house with 4 bedrooms 
*\. and closets, linen closet, dlningroom 
nnd parlor with fireplace, china closet, buffet 
and bookcase, complete csblnet kitchen, com- 
prising cupboards, bins, wood lift. Ironing 
board et" ; situated on Graham si., near 
Hnv. It! view of North Ward park. See G. 

\ 1'iUnrd on the job. or phone L1715 at 4 n t 
si nico a st. 

t VERY natty, cosy. 4-roomed cottag.t. 
_\ doss to Car, with cement walks, bath- 
room 'standard plumbing), basement, etc. 
nil for 13400, This is rut price for few 
(lavs only, * Too rash handles, balance $20 
per month, Hlg bargain this. National 
Realty i'iy. 1-3'-' Government st. 

APHKTTY little home, five rooms, every 
modern convenience, beautifully fin- 
ished; residential district; full slsed lot. 
nice lawn and close to car line; a bargain 
at $4400; reasonable terms. See this befor" 
buying. Gordon Bros, 1011 DougTaa St. 

1 VEBL'RV St., a snug 5-room himgalnc 
■.V dining and living room burlapped. with 
open fireplace, large concrete basement With 
furnace Installed; lot 60x150; only $4.nn. 
With J700 ,ash. .1. C. Linden A Co.. room 
j M.Ctefro! hldg., opposite Spencer's. 

A N exceptional opportunity to procure a 
J\ lovely home complete In every respe. '. 
.lust \vbI1< In and hang up your hat. ■ This 

home i« newly built: fumiirure used one 

month! large lot 61x120. with splendid out - 
buildings, stable, two room shack, rents for 
tin per mnnth. chicken house, etc.; a good 

location, three minutes from csr; pri. " 

$8860; cash tMin, belance very easy, A. F. 
Mitchell, KM I Hroad st,; phone 8714. • 

V _ BEAPT1FVL residence on lot 33, VI.- 
■ 1 (I , fernwood. on mile elrc'.e; 6 
looms, nil modern; " foot basement; full- 
slr.ed lot. all fenced, for the sn»p price Of 
J.11R0; fS.'.n cash, balance tlS and lntere^» 
nt 7 per cent Applv owner en prov^erf. 
Or address Box 3428. Colonist 

A SNAP for a few days — A good 6-roome1 
house with every convenience on i 
lot 42x222. with stable, chicken house enl 
about 20 fnilt- hex ring trees; adjoining car 
In Victoria West. Apply N Stlglngs, 1 3 3 S 
Edmonton rfl 

AMPHION St., Oak Bay— New l-rnom 
htingalow. on* block from car Hie; 
fully modern; $130"; $500 rash, balance ss 
rent, about 430 per month .las. Crlpps. 
IS3» Oak Bay ave ; tel 320n 


SELECT home for the discreet hover - 
Exceptionally well-built, cnol.-e. 
si. .rev. ■•roomed home, In best part of Fair- 
field, close 10 sea. is, and p*ik; modern lo 
the minute; on full sl**d lot. with splendid 
view. Those looking Tor high class family 
residence will .1.. well to see this as It la 
positively hesl value In the . Ity at M40«; 
will arrange any reasonable termr to 
responsible party. National Malty Co„ 
IIU t*vof!M*4W^ at. 

Tuasaav, aeptemoer *4, 1912 



MOUSES l (tit BALE — (Continued) 

A FEW •mall homes from $776 to 13,000. 
with cash payment M low An 
> nil In at Room I, uji, Yates at., and «u 
will find you exactly what you want. 

ABNA1' In Fairfield for a ihort time only. 
8 -roomed, lully furnished house, all 
conveniences; 10 per cent revenue now. 1117 
McClure »i . iiir. ■ blocks from Fort st., off 
Cook. Plume owner, 1 1; 7 9 and 3090. 

: "DEAl'TIFfl. now home In fashionable 
-lJ residential district, close In, paved 
streets, house partly furnished. (15,000; 
W) terms! llox 386S. Colonist. 

B1UNI) new 6- roomed cottage on Cralg- 
flower road, between Phoenix ■ 

■ Carrie; nil modern; big I"'; splendid views 

$4500; excellent terms. It. H. Duce, 1113 
Douglas st., Balmoral block. 

BIG Snaii for the worklngman, 1% mile 
circle, 4 -room bungalow on lot 208 feet 
deep.; pries 18760; terms $400 cash, balance 
Ilk.' rent; $400 below- real value. Bungalow 
Construction Co., Ltd.. 738 Fort St. 

BEST yet, North Park st. and Chambers 
St.. 6-room furnished bouse, renting 
for $50 month; $16,000; $600 cash, balance 
over 4 years. A. Li. Proctor & • Co., 108 
, Say ward bldg. Phone 2697. 

Ct.OMFORTABLr furnished 5-room house, 
I one minute from oar; price $8760; 

cash $700, balance as rent. 
2197. Colonist. - '■ .-"•■ '•. 

Owner. Box 

CHAPMAN at., near the sea, 6-room. bun- ' 
galow, with every modern convenience; 
|lOt> «t*188; price 64T60; ask about the 
.•terms.- J. C. Linden & Co., room 4, McQre- 
gor block. /- » •* - • :■«» . -. 

■ ii i n i i n ; i » i » , ' ii i 'i . 

K at — New 8iroomed house .on large I 
',,, lot, only 18800. Scale, 917 Douglas st 

|^~tOUNTRY Home.. 8 acres cleared, all 
iV fenced. 6 roomed modern house, bath- 
'room, hot and cold water, cement basement.- 

•table. Make splendid chicken ranch; two 

minutes from station store and postofflcc. 

A bargain at $4600. on easy terms. Wise 

A Co.. 149 Pemberton blk. 

AA Co.. 109 Pemberto n Block. 

3APEST of buys, from owner, partly, . 

furnished, new, 7-roomed bungalow, 
beautifully fitted with china cupboards, 
bookcases.- beamed celling; good roomy 
rooms; between two car lines; 60 ft. front***. 
agau price $4750, on easy terms. Apply 
Boat 4KB. Colonist. 

BAP h o use f o i sa l* , s af e 10 se o w a hou se 


HOlM'.h Kill S\l 

•:< .uillnued) 

JEB8 Ba) i ■ from park and sea, 

old English i ct's supervis- 

ion; large verundus; i 

$16,00 easy terma 36 Olympla ave. 

LO\ ELY, new 7-roomod house on St. 
Ahdrew'S st , James Hay, close to park, 
sea and car; fully modern In every respect; 
lot 60x134; this is cheap at $7000, on good 
terms. Further particulars from Wm. 
Dunford Jfc Hon. Ltd., 231 -2-3 Pemberton blk. 

Ms-room bouse near Willows car, 
furnace, open fireplace, garage, lot 60x 
120; 00; $836 cash, balance arrange, 

i son * Jubb. 7 Green blk .. Broad st. 

MOPEKN five-roomed bungalow, nicely 
finished. Richmond estate; $2,950, on 
terms. Apply P. O. Box 881. 

88x110, rented at $35 per 

Anderson & 

Juiili, l Oroen h'lk . Broad st. 

NEW S-roomed cottage, with half acre of 
land, price $6,000; $1,000 cash, balance 
at G per c ent. Box 3976. Colonist. 

TOTOT'CE— We hove several fine 5 and 6- 
•J-N roomed houses In different parts of the 
city which small cash payments will handle. 
Moore A Johnston, 63a Yates st.: phone 627. 

^■TSHsr ' 

month; price $13,000. 

.■KTORTa Park; * gaod ssml-buslness • W&v 
JJl lot ft x 141 with 6-room house, with 
rental Income of f 85 per month. Price 
89.600, J. C. Linden A Co.. Room 4 Mac- 
Gregor Blocks opposite Spencer's. 

NEW 7-roomed house tor sale, fully 
modern, Empress, ave., between Cook 
and, Chambers; $4900; cash 8800, balance 
easy. Apply Stevens, owner and builder, 
1188 North Park st. 

NIAGARA st. -snap— Beautifully finished, 
new, 6-room house; furnace and every 
modern convenience; price only $6760. 
Beale. 917 Douglas St. _ 

■\TORTH . Park St., 7-room house on lot BOx 
-*-N 140; $10,000; terms over 7 years. A. L. 
Proctor A Co., 408 Say ward bldg. 

"VT1NE-ROOMED house, corner Linden and' 

i-N Richardson, a splendid home, for $12,500. 

Wm. Dunford A Son. Ltd... 283 Pemberton 


■.■i' " ' i ' 

NICE, level lot on Huultaln St.. Just off 
Foul Bay rd.. 50x120 for $1000; this 
Is below market. Phone 2318, owner. 

EW 8-roomed bungalow on Myrtle st., 


TtWFty — f ini sh ed; — few m i nut es — from 
Hillside car line; priee $8600, on easy terms. 
This Is cheap. Wm. Dunford A Son, Ltd.. 
233 Pemberton block. 

i i k i. . 1 ,i 

ON finer mile circle, new six-room house, 
' all modern, cement basement, bath and 
toilet, piped for furnace. -Prtce Tor -*autek 
fe".le *48«0: easy terms; A. S. - Barton, 215 
Cent r al Building, phone 290 1. .. . 

S^VLTMPIA ave. — House containing six 
v/ rooms, cement basement and hot air 
furnace; within a block of Uplands; lot la 
60x120 and nicely treed; price $6500; terms 
,'to- be arranged. Monk, Montelth A Co., 
corner Government and Broughton sts.; 
jthone 1402. -, ' 

.^kVBRLOOKlNG Ross Bay— 6-room nouse, 
-v/ large reception halt panelled, dining- 
room panelled, with open fireplace, built-in 
buffet, three large, bedrooms, clothes closets, 
pantry, 'bathroom and. kitchen; small hall- 
way and clothes closet In connection with 
bathroom; tinted throughout and neatly 
finished; -all modern conveniences. f un- 
sized basement with cement floor and wash- 
tuba, concrete aide walks, lawn already sown, 
and handsome fence In front; tot 56x116; 
all- ready - , to occupy; price $6B00; $1300 cash. 
$2000 mortgage at 7 per cent. Apply owner, 
at house, 1707 Boss at, near St, Charles, 
Foul Bay,, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. . - - 

OAK Bay — Good » roomed hou»«i ^j3r* 
Hampshire road, on lot. 50xl'8f>. *M*Jf "' 
$850 cash, balance 1, 2 and* years; mort- 
gage of $2,260 can be assumed a.i part pay- • 
Kent; J. R. Bowes A Co.. 841 Fort St.; 
phone 87*4: , ■'... '■ -,. '. .' /■ . ■}." ., 

nTi il tM "it i /t , - i V i ' i ■ i.i - I i i. i.i ' i >'i J 'l' , ' J ' 

/\AK Bay; a most beautiful home Of T.. 
V rooms with overy modern corrvattfenef, 
with furnace installed, with built-in buffets,; 
linen closets, beak cases, just noV raaajr for- 
occupancy; wall worth tha money; have a 
look into this at $6000, on good terms. J.C. 
Li nden A Co.. room 4; McGregor blk. 

OAK Bay — A beautiful new S-roomed haute,, 
with garage, 1 minute, from car; fire- 
place, furnace, concrete ' basement, 'only t 
«e,»00S gwWf.Arma; no'««entt. 1*07 Fell st.. ■ 
Oik Bay A v. . 

OAK Bay snap— 6-room, modern bunga- 
low, tarnished or unfurnished. Apply ., 
owner, 1901 Duchess st. ■ ; 

ON Lafayette ave.. overlooking Shoal Bay. 
3-room shack; standing on half a lot] 
fireplace, bathroom, water, all modern con- 
veniences; only |180ff; third caab, 8. 1* »• . 

montha. .Backa^ '■ *|ajor A . Co. / • ; ,•'„', ■; 

CJNAP— Within . half mile, circle, l*ortk«» 
Kj Park St., near QnadraJ St., good s«v»n- 
roomed house; will rent far tfO monthly. 
Site of lot 60x140; the prlca IS only 810,000 
Terms, t*,000 casn. balance spread oyer a 
period of eight years. Interest yearly at 7 
percent; compare other priced on street. 
For further particulars apply Queen City 
Realty; 141* Douglas at,' " ' 

CS'IX-ROOMED house, new and modern, on 
Clark St., near car, well flnUhed. has 
full sized basement with, cement door, a 
nice home and good buy at $4200. on good 
terms; this Js cheap. Dunford. *3*. Pember- 
ton blk- ■• , ■■ r ., ._-.. ■ } 

St. Chariot, st. Fjrtt-oltjtt *.room house 
' with pretty garden; $18,000, H. Booth, 
Room 7, 1007 Government. " 

■ ■ n . ' . ■ ' . . '■ ' V . ■ ' ' ."■: . '' !■ ." ' .! ' ' ' " 

rpAKE this home — Beautiful home, 7 rooms. 
JL, rnew and jnoderh, half block from the 
sea, on Monterey ave., on lot 4 0x260; price 
$4760, good terms. Apply It. H. Duce, 1118 
Douglas st. . Balmoral blk. • , ' 

mAUNTON st — New, 6 -roomed house, mod- 
» : -crn In every way. on lot 50x120; this Is 
a genuine snap nt $2800; $500 cash. Allen 
" iwn Bank. 

PKOPEKTl \\ ANTED— Cont'd. 

I\s \.ST cheap land la Sooka, Qoldttreare 
and Metchosln dlstilcis. r. U. Bradshaw, 
Bberton bldg pb 1641. 

VJAANICH acreage \vuuted, 10 to 0\' 

O near rallwa] u line. lieule, 917 

Dougla.s St. 

TO owners — We have buyers for lota In 
Oak Ba). Slum I Bay and Fiilrllald dis- 
tricts; send legal description, price and 
terma K. J. Hart A Co., Ltd.. Pemberton 
blk.. 1012 Broad st. 

TWO houses wanted — 6, 7 or 8-roomed 
modern houses; from owner only. Box 
:tj;:i, colonist. 

WANTED — For client a four ro. 
house on good lot, which $300 cash 
will handle, will pay u|i to $2,800; have 
buyer waiting f or this. Box 3624, Colonist. 

V\TE trade anything, rooming houses, busl- 
W nesses of all kinds, lots, acreage, farm 
larfd. What have you got? Mettler-Reehl- 
1/lg Co.. 848 Fort st.; phone 3514. 



IXJE have a client requiring a comfortable 
»V house on first payment of $250, city 
limits. Owners please answer Coverdalcs 
Agency, roo m 22, Board of Trade. 

.NT-ED. from owner or .oullder, tour 
_ ,fl W ,: THninktil WMtftta. "fr' 1 ""'"'" w 
that 8Mf wil handle; baleaee like rent. Box 
*»8». QoloBltt. 

ANTED, a lot ok T>ottglat. ttrcet. ba^ 

tween Pandora and Mt. Tolmie road; 

must be cheap; below market value. Box 

4048. Colonist. 

WANTBD-rS to 10 acres, within 10 miles 
of city, partly cleared; state best price 
and terms. Grlmaaon A Bunnett, 329 Pem- 
berton building. • . 

ri/HAT will $10,000 buy me for a good' 
W investment? I will take one or two 
pieces and put half of the $10,000 as first 
payment If 1 take two. Box 4216, Colonist. / 

WAaNTED — A choice tract of subdivision 
acreage In Saanlch, about 60 acres; 
must be finely treed, or command an ex- 
ceptionally fine view, and must be on the 
new car route. I like the Union Bay dis- 
trict, and would prefer to have some water- 
frontage If possible. Give full particulars 
first letter, I want to buy Immediately. 
Owners or agents. Box 4203. Colonist. 

WANTED, a cheap lot, or your equity In 
same, as first payment on 6-roomed 
bungalow, rented for $10 monthly; price 

MIM KI LAN KOI S — Cont'd. 

SALMON Trollers — Empress motor boats 
O free of charge to flsl not suc- 
cessful. Bau.i for sale. 
Apply Empi . tile st., 
near Pendray's Soap Works. 

TWO little girls having private governess 
for morning Instruction, In city, would 
like to heal 01 anothel willing to Join them, 
age 12 to 14. Bo x 3930. Colonist. 

T Development Club of Fort Eraser, B. 

wants to get In touch with you If 
you arev looking for a "11 town to 

locate or Invest In; Foil I offers y m 

the greatest opportunity In Canada — and that 
■us on the continent; by writing to the 
club's secretary you can obtain 
Information about Fort Krnser and Us 
lastly multiplying Industries; In your letter 
give ail the Information "h to your needs 
that you can so that your questions 
be answered In the most complete way, 
Write today and be sure to ask for the 
latest copy of The Fort Fraaer .News. Fort 
Fraser Development . Club. W. a. .Mathebun, 
secy.. Vancouver office, 102 Winch bids- 

rnURKlSH baths— Swedish massage, ,chlr- 
JL opody a specialty; lady masstiese In 
-attendance. 821 Fort st. Hours: 8 a. in. 
to 8 p> m. , 


s^&r^ir 3 ." r 

for 2 thoroughbred 


WANTED—A; few, y.oun*;.$)1rlp|;4idtl ( men 
, fbr a. private dancing. class; one oven- 
lng a week. ' Box 89*9. Colonist. . .. 

8 2T 8 , — na r aac B — $sa — m o nth. — R o om 9. — •*«■ 
Yates st. 

WE require Immediate listings of ranches 
and small pieces of acreage, suitable 
for market gardening, chicken raising, etc. 
Grlmason A Bunbett. 8*9 Pemberton Bldg. 

i i u . 1 ' ' 

WANTED, a really good, genuine snap 
which $1500 (no more) will handle; 
price of property must include usual com- 
mission as this advertisement Is Inserted by 
a firm of real estate agents; this It a bona 
fide enquiry and is not Inserted for the pur- 
pose of gathering listings; we have to tbow 
a quick return. Box STM. ColonltU 

TC7ANTBD at once — Listings of desirable 

v* "residential property; many inquiries.' 

Cree A Sloane, 1021 Government tt. 

WANTED— A home fo r three children. ] 
alrl twins, aae 6: 1 boy. aga $); Oak 
Box *M4. Colonist, 

girl twins, ago 6; 1 boy. 
Bay district preferred 


1TTANT ED— Girls' commercial, class starts 
" October 1, under personal charge of 
Mr. W. W. Suttle, at St. George's school 
for girts. Subjects: Isaac Pitman's short- 
hand, touch typewriting penmanship, busi- 
ness English, rapid calculation, spelling, etc. 
Terms on application, or phone. 1016, St. 
George's school. 1250 Rocfciand av. 

ANTED — Lady to adopt baby girl, six 
montha Box 2025, Colonist. 

YOUNG lady Would like company with re- 
spectable party going to Scotland. Ap- 
ply Box 3966. Colonist. 


AT ST. Helen's. 828 COUrteney St., a 
handsome front bedroom to let, high- 
est position in town, lovely views; also 
single bedroom, English cooking, steam 
heated, baths on each floor. Telephone 


A NICELY furnished front bedroom, with 
breakfast ' If desired i good locality; 
private famTIyT moderate. ft2Y Oak Bay 
a^e.; phone 3368. • •.' 

COMFORTABLE home ta English 
family for two sharing; moderate; 
central. 948 Green st. 

BOARD and rooms, overlooking Beacon 
Hill Park. 649 Avalon road. 

i ' • 

oakd and room tor tour young -man. In 
large single room; reasonable, R17*7. 

BOARD residence for • two gentlemen ; 
comfortable room. English- cooking, oh 
car line, good locality. Phone R3206; 308' 
Langtord, Victoria West 

BOARD and Room. Rosedale cottage. 27 OS i 
Government St.; $7 per weak; ■•■ 
"'"''. ' ' - , . • . . - 

BOARD and room; terms moderate. 1011 
McClure St., off Vancouver. ' 

COMFORTABLE furnished rooms and 
board; very moderate. ■ 184* JOhnaon. 

C BARBERRY House, lust opened, first-class 
J and homelike) excellent cuisine Car- 

botry Gardens, ■ Fort st. ; -phone L3088. " 

1 ' ." V . " ' ' ■ ' ." ' . ■ " '. I ' S , t " J" ' ' ' Ii ' i ' . 

COMFORTABLE front rooms for two 
gentlemen; bath, ptjone, electric light. 
756 Discovery, at, 

" . ' [ '■' . ' " . i ' ,1 ' ■ I 1 ., j; i TT^—"— w^m. ^^. w» m 

(COMFORTABLE room for one or two geu- 
J tlcmen, breakfast It desired. 1*» sun- 
pyslde aye.- ■. , . ;, ; . - 

COMFORTABLE room for one or two 
gentlemen. Breakfast if desired. Box 
4140,. Colonist. \ 

T\OUBLE room and beard, two minutes 
A-' from oar line. Cook and Pandora. 1216 '„ 
Rudlln at. ' ' / ' - - ->--' "■■. ' 

tjltRST-CLASP room and board; -suitable for 
X; • two; all modern conveniences; central, 
pleasant homo. ' 641 Superior st. - y .■ s 

FIRST-CLASS board and room. 1*65 Pah- 
dora ave. ; phon(> 1^360*. • 

•ii ' " ' . !■ i j ii 1 -^.^— » M . ^— »*——**fm±m—mm *m 

FIRST-CLASS room and board. Suitable fur 
two; all modern conveniences; Central; 
pleasant Home. 641' Superior si. 

* " I '■ ' ' ' ■ ' . ' . N ' i«i I 

'fjWRNISHED rooms and board; reason- 
JT able. 1012 Kich.irtlson st. 

MOUNT Pleas*nt-r-Sctect neighborhood, 
(dote In; first-class European cuisine; 
sitting rooms, electric light, phono, bath, 
etc; terms moderate. 1131 Mears tt., phone 
R5 3S. \ \ ' . _ ■ ; ;;■; 

ICE bright rooms, with table board. 
1181 Pandora ave. v < 


AN unfurnished flat to rent, three rooms, 
kitchen and bathruon.. lit Edwards. 

\ am uu\ .^r st. 

A SUITE of two furnished housekeeping 
room* iu let. with buth, gits, electric 
light; rent »:!5 month. Mlu I'.Mil.roke, 
near Stanley; take Furnwood car. 

AUY at 4it. Bay Ward block for suite of 
large unfurnished housekeeping rooms, 
lacing the north Wasd park. 



CJTJPBRIOR furnished rooms, every 
O venlenoe Colinson tt !'• 

L1.3047. 6 mlnni. 1' O. < 

CtLEBPIKG i ii foi two; during royal 

lO visit. 


606 Ooverniiieiit st. 


* i rent — Nice front bt 
801 Phoenix Place, i 


ACHING 10.111m, two young men. 

llllll .:»» av. 

171URNI8HED rouina, or room and board, 
to i . nt, 111 I- ..Kiiard st. 

17\ > .i ii i.i. housekeeping room, hot and 
cold water, near I mt. i wharf; rent 
moderate. Apply ;r.i Ontario St. 

1r\OH Rent— Two unfurnished housekeep- 
ing rooms, 6UI» Wilson st. 

"TTtOll rent — Housekeeping rooms. 822 Fort 
-T street. 

I7MJRNISHED front housekeeping rooms, 
.. close to fountain. 621 Hillside av. 

T71URNISHED housekeeping rooms. 818 
A? Hillside ave. Call Sunday or after 6.30 
e I ening ? . 

'■ '"iT«V kiln's 'i .I .../jn ' r-~~^^TGr 
TTIURNISHED housekeeping rooms. Apply 
A 828 Cormorant tt- between 10 a.m. and 
1 P.m. 

P i i i ' .ii. i ■ ,i 

QUR-ROOM apartments for rent at 1028 
Bay' tt. Apply 1041 Queen' t ave,; 
phone L2799. 

FOR rent— 2 or * unfurnished rooms, seven 
minutes post office. Sid Phoenix Place, 
James Bay. . .. . 

OUSBKEBPING room. $8 weekly. 1261 
Denman St., near Fernwood oar. 


Fort st. 


•10 I 

HOUSBKE9PINO room for two. 810 

TTOUBEKfipPING room, bedrooms, large, 
XX comfortable, gas range, private resi- 
dence, central, reduction permanency. Phone 
R1630, before noon. 

OUBBKBKPINO rooms; moderate; 1041 

JAMB8 Bay, sea view, select locality, one 
» n„ mlou if?A Bf^yB fflUl, 5?ftr Una,, Pfaone 



:n , quiet family. 
Ben i 

rpo rent— Furnished bedroom, hath, close 
1- to »«a and curs, $8 month. 133 Bush- 
by St., City. 

TO let — Large furnished front "room; suit 
two y.ung men. 729 Queens ave.; phone 

TW< • lurge furnished front rooms for 
two blocks ri .im city hall. 858 
uve,; phone H3150. ( 

SINGLE room to rent, front, live minutes 
from city hall, $2 a week; also large 
front room; suit two or three friends; $4.60' 
pot week. 7LM Discovery st. 

fjlIlE Columbia, first-class furnished 
-*- rooms. A new, modern building, with 
steam heat and hot running water In every ' 
room. Permanent and transient guests will 
find this a comfortable winter house. 
Speolal weekly rates. Corner of Broad and 
Pandora. >?'■ ; *' ,| '-'ft"'^jjjs ■■■ ^vT-'J?'' 

rno let— Very comfortable bedroom In ■ 
eottw?"*. i W*««!Pi ***»•* 
.JaLIwj^. ' 4„ - J ' ' ' Hi- !' . ' ., " i. ,n"" ' i •' j- ) t iii . i • ' i i I. i' l 
rThWO front rooms, bath, eieet» i io'' i 'Ught; ■ 
A each $2.50 a week. • 100* Bay it; cor. 
Vanoouvtr.. . ■. . : . : » 

frtO 4 raai, ' two exoilUntly* famished ' bed- ' 

i. too P*L w ^ th J*fc'- *« 6 cWtmborw afct! 
Phone M1TI. * T - •«■• ■ ' •• 

fjno let— Furnished rooms, 76 Linden av. * 

T ' ^ ' • ' ' ' i ' ' t 1 1 1 p . i i — 

O rent— One furnished and one unfur- 
nished room. ' 1331 Pembroke; Spring i 
Ridge car. - 

VERY nicely furnished rooms, close in, 
reasonable. Phone L-81BT. 

KA CENTS per night. $1.00 a week and 
W up. Ull Langley st ' 


UNFURNISHED rooms or small house, by 
English lady and daughter, new set-' 
tiers. In good- locality, preferably near park, 
vBtta view Aflrlrnss Mrs. U C. S., Y, W. ■ 

AKKAl, siiiH. Hum) u|. I! you want It. 
t.i> ■ .».• to C. N. 

pai i iy slashed 

K . .1 I Ii. ii i , If une, n.irn, 

stock, et< . amp:. ..hi. i, uhuut 1 mile from 

i.u nel ; 13 cash, 

balanci arranged si I pai cent; price in- 
cludes 4 COWS, h bUggYi thickens. Grlmason j- 
mberton Bldg. 

A HARE opflortunlty— :Good class 11- 
i.i. mi.. l boarding house, close to city, 
ii particulars, write llox 
3857. Colonist, 

AVAILABLE lmmedlafe>y foi revenue pra* 
i.i. ■ .-in. »a proposltiog ; 
i, if r squired; submit pro- 
posal. Box i i nis:. 

B\ 1SSS man wl«diiag to locate In Van- 
couver Island .v(uld like to hear of 
sound pruposlti'iu', confldonllal. liox 389C, 

CIOME and nee us If you want a rooming 
J house; we liulje a. 5. 6. 8, 10. 18. 2J 
and 4 4 rooms, with leases, all well located, 
on good terms. Metller-Rcehling Co., 84 8 
Fort st. 

"J7>0R sale— Half Interest In large, well- 
*JR' furnished office, only $60. For partic- 
ulars apply 113 Pemberton 111k. 

business In. Duncans, 
can, B. C. 

Fl«^ f ^ 

Box 2100. 

Tf«PB salcolgar; gtore.^ 
E .partlet wishing to leave c 

Colonist. ' ,-.4^ ,. ^ 

FOR sale—Rooming .houto »T. rooms; XtiMtf* 
lease; best . location .. In the city; fine 
furniture; this it a,. -dandy first-class pro- 
position; owner; no agents. Box 8868, Col- 
onist. .. , « *. ' "' .."* * -v. • 

T^URNl'r-URE for 
A i cash j pretty, mo 


sale (quite new) 
modem -house lb lot. 
Box 4090. Colonist. 



FOR sale — Rooming house, new furniture, 
new, modern- building, 8)8 rooms; long '■ 
leate. Box 8687, Colonist. 

I ■ ■' ■ m ' r . i i i ii kt 

GREAT' opportunity for man who under- 
stands pork and delicatessen trade, to 
rent a store whero -success is certain. Room 
7, over the Northerti g rown' Bank." , I 

GBNTLBM AIT. thirty faara* -eXperto*8* j 
general ■ merchant, would ' be glad' to 
meet. a working partner with equal capital'. 

to open a hirnltnw. «>nr. A nn ly f> IS p^ n } 

In Oak Bay district, all modern con- 
veniences, fruit trees and good garden; can 
bo bought below, market value; save com. 
mission and see owner; this Is a snap. Box 
4088. ColonlsU ... 


1* Battery st. 


Victoria, B. C. 


/"UIEAPEST- house. In Oak Bay— 5. 

V/.< , down stairs, two rooms nearly flnlahed 
upstairs, basement., all modern conveniences. 
Price $8800; cash $1180, balance monthly. 
Box 4011, Colonist, • . , ■,. 

/"tHEAP house) 6 rooms, inside mile and 
V-/7l,kJf circle; lot 60x118: $2600; fifth cash, 
balance over 2 years. A. L. Proctor &Co.. 
roopx AlU BaywArd bldg. Phone 2597. 

«.SMORE rd.— A beautiful, new. 8-room 
touse in thia' choice district for $5800 ; 
$1200. cash; Just the thing tor a professional 
man; lot 00x110. . JUta QctHi&i. 1**8 Oak 
Bay ave.; tel. . 3200. ' , ., . . '..' 


/CALEDONIA ave.— 75x182, near BlanfhArd' 
V^ 1 with dwelling. $15,000. gobd terms, 
Ander son & Jubb. 7 Green Slk., B road tt. . .. 

AVIS st., one block from Oak Bay srvai 
a bejautlful, .new. 6-room bungalow op - 
60. ft,. lot; with ;frult trees. This place lt,- 
$1000 beio.w anything In fhls neighborhood. 
It contains everything that goes, t;6 make 
the modern and up-to-date home. 'Beat 
have a look at it before It Is sold. Price 
$1790; terms 'for balance; $1000 -cash. Jas. 
I' rippa. 1^38 Oajti Bay averj tel. 3200. 

DALLAS" i rd.. 7-room house, . lot 60x240: 
close to , breakwater; $13,000; easy 
terms. " Pedeh "ft 'Cooper; 104 Say Ward bldg. 
■ — i ' . . i h i ' " ' . ii ,/ ' 

EIGHT-HOOM house and bath,- on S.mlle 
circle, with -oheTiquartor acre of good 
rich land; will be ready for occupancy in 
aboiit ten days; for quick tale at $4500; 
easy terms. Monk, Montelth & Co., corner 
Government and Broughton ats.; -phone- 1402. 

EMPRESS ave. — House, 8 rooms, new, ab- 
solutely modern, large lot; well ar- 
ranged; a genteel home at a bargain; 183 

minutes' walk from city hall. Apply 
~-ew»ner, 1026 Empress ave. ' ., ..... : - . 

^OUR houses on Victoria, avenue; 4 rooms 

each. $2250 'to $3000. M. Francl.i 
Kane. 1212 Douglas st. • 

FAIRFIELD; corner lot on George tt. 
overlooking- the aea» with 6-room mod- 
ern house, lot all fenced, ttrteia aij Un- 
proved, ideal location'; price $4760, with 
$800 cash, think of the terms. J. C. Lin- 
den & Co., room 4 McGregor block, oppo- 
site Spencer's. ■ ,, t „■-■ .- , ; ', _ .' . - 

FIVE-ROOMED bungalow on LfndiP ava.} 
two' more rooms can be fitted up" In the 
attic-; good sized lot; price $5600. . Dunford 
& Son,- 233 Pemberton bl ock; ■* '■■■;■•■ ' 

FOR sale — New house, 4 robins, 608 Corn- 
wall st., off Richardson, at $3,600, cash 
or terms. Owner, 1046 Flsgu ard tt. - , • 

FOUL Bay— Beautiful treed lot on Wild- 
wood av., size 50x112, close' to;., sea; 
two-roomed cottage, with pantry add out- 
house; toilet connected With sewer, price 
$::,300; cash $600. bal. 6. 12. IS months. 
Adjoining lots (treed) -. valued -a* ; $2,000 
without improvemeata.,. ; Apply ..Owner,, .1$*, 
Wild wood av. ^ :■-,-:, • ■ ■ 

I TiIVE-ROpMED bungalow o» . Flnlayton, 
on lot 60x120, for $4000, pn easy terms. 
Dunford, -H3 Pemberton block. 

LARGE rooms, unfurnished, suitable for 
housekeeping, three minutes* walk from 
corner of Government and Vates sta., $13 per 
month each.' Apply at 416 Bay ward blk. 

NICELY furnished housekeeping - room. 
80S Hillside. $18 per month. 

■ II ' I. .Ill | I IW^M^W^fc 

ONE furnished housekeeping room to let; 
no children. 888 Princets ave. 

ONE largo housekeeping 
Yates, corner Cook. - 

room, 1104 


F c 

I71TJLLY modern. 7-room' house on corner 
i with cement basement, furnace and- 
etira room .downstairs;,.. for' sale for a few 
davs only at $10,000; easy terms. " Monk, 
Montelth & Co., Ltd.. corner Government 
and Hroughton sts. ; phone 1402. 

IT^OR 8a\e — ^Nearly n.-w good sized house 
fn best residence district; standing In 
hnlf acre beautiful grounds; $16,000; terms. 
N.l.l ress owner. Box 3915. Colonist. 

If\ORT St.. corner, near Jubilee Hospital, 
1 with 170 feet frontage, with good, .mod- 
ern 7-roomed house; this is $1000 below 
market; ii- '■>' $7600, on easy terms; ln- 
vestlgate this J. R. Bowes. * Co., ,643 Fort 
St.; phone 1724, ■ 

ITUVE-roomed house, nicely finished. nil 
: modern; $3,100; $1,000 cash. 2736 

Forbes st. 

OR sale — New 6-roomed house, Falrfb-l.l 
Estate; price $4500. Apply owner. 111 

Chester nt. 

■ — . ■ — i 

17(OR sale— 6-roomed house on Burdette 
- ave, $4 500, on easy terms. No agents. 
Apply Box 1161, Colonist. . 

J, TOR sale — New, modern 6-roomea bunga- 
- low. Foul. Bay, $4,850; cash $600. P. 
O. Box 1454, phone 3973. . 

FAIRFIELD; a neat little 4-room cottage 
on Clover st., with all modern conven- 
iences, a dandy place for two; price $3100; 

on terms. J. C. Linden .* Co., room i Mc- 

grcgor bldg. 

l^Olt sale — New, modern, 5-roomcd bun- 
galoc. Ouk Bay district, $4150; $000 
cash, balance easy. Uox 3794, Colonist. 



,-^OR sale^ — Nice, 




A bungalow, fully modern, on Cornwall 
• t., weii finished, hardwood floors, be 
e.lllng, tinted nulls; a cosy Utile homo Just 
00 mile circle; good buying nt $4100. Dun- 
ford * .--'iin. :ji :'■.'• Pcmborton blk. 

FOR sale — Rooming house, AeW furniture; 
n.-w. modern building; long; 38 
rooms. iin). CBR, Colonist. 

OR sale — 9-roomed well built, modern 
residence, now In course of construction, 
on Isrxe l"t. situated Oolf Links Park, over- 
looking links and nea. splendid clew. Terms 
arranged. Owner, P O, ]\nx 14, J. 

I.^I\'K -i •oomed I'unford bungalow for sale on 
Forbes (I . large lot. ready for oci 
tlon; price $4300, on easy terms. 233 r 
b erton 11 lock. 

Ij>OR sale by owner — New B-room house, 
close to sen and rnr. 1340 (ieorge ft.. 

Fairfield, exceptionally iveii flnlshtd and 
nttcd with every modern convenience; a r.-ai 
home and snap thai can't he beaten Phono 
LI 9 11, between 5 10 nnr! 7 p. m. If 

IJTOUL Hay; new r. room bUngalOW on I 
' erison it., with grand view overlooking 

sea, all modern. Including furnace, street 
all paved; this is worth your while If v iu 
want » h.'ime; pi ice >r,r,on. .1. C, Linden * 
Co.. room 4 McGregor bldg . oppogltt ."pen 

GREAT value— Beautiful 6-roomed bunga- 
low, bourn, il clllngs, furnace iml 
everything up to the minute, on 60 fool 00* 
ner. Cut from $7. Can to Jfl.KOO for an Im- 
mediate sale. Stinson Heal Estate Co, 

I NEED the money and will sell my prop 
erty three blocks from the pity hall, '. 
roomed house rented for $26 per month, 
price $6300, on lerrns, sway below market 
value. Phone 304. 

TAMIW Bay — Toronto st., good house on 
wide lot, $4000. H. Booth, room 7, 1007 
Government st. 

& Son, over Northern Crov 

yi T ORK'[N';M.\N"> Opportunity — Modern 4- 

' » room bungalow, one minute from car; 

large grassy- lot , with trees; only 12750. and 

$250 takes the key. balance $26 monthly. 

. i i .lonlst. ■ ■ 

-l\"l!,l. exchange my equity of fysQQ in a, 
v •■ new 6-roomed house for good building 
lots In Falrdrld, Ifollywood or Oak Buy; 
house now rented nt $35 per month;, state 
exact Mention and price of lots In first lot- 
• i Box 1117, Colonist. 

(Jg-J -J JtA buys Improved lot and two small 
ttP-LJLOv' houses with well, Farkdaie dis- 
trict, $360- cash, balance easy. M. Francis 
Knue, 1212 Douglas st. 

S7f\f\f\ buys a fIne -business -'corner with 
I UvU a house thereon paying $25 
per month, easy terms'. M. Francis Kane. 

I ?12 Doug'.as st. 

I I ii 

HJi'sinnfi NR VV and modern home for 
'4POV_fU\/ sale by owner, .16 Howe St., 
near Dallns rd.. 7 rooms; this place has to 
be seen to be appreciated. Owner, 414 
Pemberton Bldg.- 


DON'T buy an auto until you see what 
we have to offer you; high grade autos, 
slightly used. In guaranteed running order 
at prices that will surprise you. Phone 
2908; 12 18 Wharf St. 

GN'E av., east of Belmont, lot 
60x136 for $3,000, $600 cash, bal. easy. 
W, B H b. 1007 Belmont av. 

GOOD building lot wanted; give locality 
and price. Box 4"067, ''olonlsi. 

GLADSTONE^ av., east of Belmont. 8- 
roome.1 house, all conveniences;. $7,000, 
$1,600 cash, bal. easy. \V. B, li.vercomb, 
1907 Itclmont av. 

HAVE $1500 rash to Invest In a good lot 
lots; must be i-hiup Apply Bat 

I VI \\T some cheap iots around 
Bay for building on; only owners need 
reply. Bond price and location to Pol 
an Is I ^^^^ 

I WANT to purchase a 5 or 6-rA-imnd 
house; must be modern and close In; 
that $500 cash will handle. <;ivo full par- 
llart. Owners only. Box 3428, C nitl 

IU \ nt to hv ..' im mi Fori or 

I 1 1 --i It ire»l "i ' loos' »1 1 a m o|i.-n 

good boy Box 1118, Colonist, 

Oak Hiii lots wanted, trort iwntrt only. 
Olvti price, terms and deseriptl 
submii nuv good building proposition, vv. 

I) F . II. iv 104 1 i 
VTOTICH i" property owners- We have 

-l' money on hand to Invest for clients In 
genuine hnrgnlns. What have you to offer? 
$300 to $1000 an first payment. National 
Realty i'o., 1212 Or>e« rr ,m«nl st. 

V'lllTH Douglas st lot wanted. 1 have 
*' $15,000 tr. Invest on North Douglas st. 
or In the business district nf Victoria, In 
nnswnrlng please mention the lot and block 
number and your best terms; although I 
recently came from the prairies I know 
values, so don't rub tt in. Box 4214, CM- . 
on 1st. fl 


'ANTED Immediately— Listings of de- 
sirable vacant lots in Oak Bay district. 
Cree <; ■loans, 1011 Government st. m 


UTOS loir hire. 
- 106. 

Balmoral hotel. Phone 

A' NEW Taylor safe for sale at reduced 
•O- price. ' Box 1*77, Colonist. " 

A WELL qualified English teacher de- 
sires private pupil for. mathematics, 
Laaln and Englis h. Box 1*70, Colonist. 

' A' GENTS -take notice that the 40 acres 
CVy lying between Gordon Head and Cedar 
Hill rd. if off the market. M. V. TOdd. 

A BEAUTIFUL English-made player 
Piano, together, With a number of roll* 
of mutic, the property of the officers' mets. 
H. M. C. S. Rainbow, will be raffled for On 
or about September. 10th. The Instrument 
majr be seen at Harmony Hall Piano Ware- 
yedms. foi Fort st. Tickets 11 each. " 

ARCHITECT— Assoc; Royal Institute of 
British architects, six years In prac- 
tice In England, four years In Canada. 
Plana and specifications prepared; store and 
office buildings, apartment houses, resi- 
dences, bungalows. Personal attention given 
to all work. P, O. Box l*il. 
» " " . ' ' . . 1 .' "', . . ' ■ •'* ' ii 

ANYONE wishing Information regarding 
their property la the Fort George dis- 
trict, -can have a truthful account of 
same by writing to a H. Frockter, P. o. 
Box 48, Fort George, who recently resigned 
a position of trust as chief railway clerk, 
In the Victoria branch of the B. C. E. Ry. 
Cov« to take up his residence in the coming 
city; fee •*,- •- - ■ ■" - ■ '• 

■■ „ l i > i.l.L. I, SS— T , ) l I i ||Bs|s»S > 4ta1ISSS»SJ|SISIIItil W I^-— " ' ■ 

■ A -TTBlK«rit>N .+*- MUev ■' ■ Bergaf - aclontlflo. 
J-\- specialist of the hair and scalp, room 
417, Central bids. Hours 11 to 6, 7 to 8 
p.nv - ■''.•.' ■■'''"■ 

B L AiWISTER (member of Saskatchewan 
and Alberta bars) with Irish, Manitoba 
and Saskatchewan experience, desires as- 
slstantshtp In B. C. law office, about lot of 
December. Hag good knowledge costs, 
drawing, conveyancing, office management, 
accountancy, municipal and general prac- 
tlce. Address B. R. .Wallace, Oxbow. .Bask. 

BUILDER— Ernest G. Cooper, estimates 
free; specials, bungalows, country work; 
blue prints- supplied. Box ill Maywood 
¥. a,. victoVta, £ c ' .-■ ,. .■ '.- - | t 

StiXMB r*^r m —to. Holland Bulb. 
Farm. Royal Oak. B. C. Ask prices. 

BAGGAGE promptly bandied at current 
rates uy the Victoria Transfer Co.. 
phone 111. Office ofien night and day. 

OOKKEEPING thoroughly taught by ae- 

countant; terms very reasonable. P. O. 

Box 1370. ■ ■■ 

DANCERS Attention — Robert Caves' or- 
chestra (union musicians), are now look- 
ing for engagements for the winter session; 
English aad American dances. Box. 1421, 
Colonist. ' 

I[tOR fire insurance call up 2709 or see the 
Union Real Estate Co., Law Chambers. 

FREE to good home, pup 10 months. Box 
4255.' Colonist. .., . 

GENERAL team, contract work a spe- 
claltj ; mill wood $3.00 per load within 
city limits Dale & Daverne. phone R2S27. 

HUNTING parties for north, big game or 
otherwise. Communicate Point Elllce 
Boat House. 


^"IND home for children. Box 3916, Col- 

IBRARY— If you wish to read all the 
newest books, call at the London lib- 
rary. 420 Saywnrd bldg.. Douglas St. A new 
supply of books Just arrived. The up-to- 
date modern library. 

103 i.L Order of Moose — All members are 
i earnestly requested to attend a meet- 
Ing to bo held on Tuesday, September .'4. 
' 'i"iiiud. Secretary. 

Miss Walker's dancing class will not 
meet on Thursday at the A. O. t". \V. 
hall. Hee notice In Wednesday's Colonist. 

MACHINISTS — Lewis Street Works, James 
repairs anything. Phono 1611; 
office, 618 Bastion Square. 

NOTICE to Realty Agents — House, 1616 
Caioosun St.. Is sold. H. W. I - 

"VJ"OTlCE — Anyone round trespassing on 
i-> Coal Island will he prosecuted. Samuel 

"VTOTICE to lioal Estate Agents — Lots 4 

-l-N and 5. Mm have boen taken off 

tht msrket. E. M. Jones. 

1)1' PI RH Framing— For good work at a 
-L reasbOaule pries irv ih.. Victoria kt\ 
Bmporlurn, 5 S 1 Niagara St.; estimates '■■ 
Phone L.3181. 

ONE furnished room. With use of kitchen, 
suitable two ladles or husband and 

wife, i ,A»p»y ".♦* ; y f --fiTnt -ft ■■,:,■• ■ ■ 

— . m . H iiI. 'm i — .*■ '■'!■ ' - IIIIIMSMtlWtSSesll l l lllllllSS«SSS»SS»StSS|4SSSS»SSSSSSStke<tllll I 

TO let— TWo • fomlshad taouaekeeping 
roonVsi lit Micliltan at. ■ ■ ' -' "- 

or three furnished housekeeping 
at. >117 South Turner, James Bay. 

- -- 

f|tV70 unfurnished front rooms; pantry. 
JL water, electric light. *l*. 2103 Bridge 

at '•-.■■*-'•"'', 
-. n 1 ii 'n » 1 mi 1 i n n 1 ' n. - .nin . 11 

TWO' housekeeping rooms and One bed- 
room to rem. 611 David «., off 



ousekeeplng rooms. 1110 Fort 

WANTED to rent— Small farm, district' 
where work can be obtained by tenant. ' 
Box 4188. Colonist. ■ - ■■ 

JniTANTEBw-Three "or four- room ap artmejU - 
v v or cottage, furnished or unfurnished, ■ 
modern and close In, ■ er convenient to cars. 
Phone room 119. Strathc ons. ■> ■ ■■« 

WANTBD—For rent, a 2 or 4 room fur-v 
nUhed house by young couple. Box i 
3184, Colonist. •- ».: - -'i- '> '/ 

-^^—^—'- - ■ ----i i- y -, 1 > . 1 I ii .. iiiii: i!. -. 


' I ..■ ' ,,. - . '' . < l! , "". '' . , ' • ' , ' "v 1 - ' ' '' ■"" 

AN offlee to let. Board of Trade bldg. 
Xlr A pply secretary, on p remises^ 

rent two unfurnished, rooms; .suit 
business gentlemen: Fairfield, near, 
tea. Box 2831, Colonist. 

" — : 1 -■"- I - T ' I I ' I - t . 1 I II 1. I ' 

FOR rant — Centrally looatedi real estate r 
office, ground floor, will sell furniture, 
•tc. Box 410*. Colonist. -< \ ., 

' 1 1 1 1 111I 1 ' 1 ■ '. . 1 ' - . . iiI m , ' I V i m 11 1 ni l 1 I, ' 1 ,1 

for rent; North 8aanlch,"eaet 
■i road," consisting Of 80V acres, 60 under' 
cultivation. Horses and cows for sale. Ap- 
ply on the premises for Wm.Johh .. 

rj.OOD store or baggage room for rent 

OOD . restaurant for gala cheap. 
Bianchard at 

« " n« s TV > 



T HAVE ettabllshed the best fish buaintita 
J^MtimSSM customers tbf ogghput , Ufc wttflifa i, 


-Oleaulhg afid, 
0*un and Rudlln st. 

Box 3818,, Colonist, 

; t „we 'do good 

«ih$g,pV *orner Cam- 

161C Blanchard st. 

TO let— Furnished housekeeping suite. 1809 
Fernwood rd. ; phone R3i 57. 

mo : rent— Two housekeeping rooms, sult- 
J- able for two matt, g 84* Fort st. - 4 

-«ill. m l l 1 ' 1 In . 11 1 - I n T 1' 1 i . i . 1 mi lt 

Let— —Furnished housekeeping rooms. 

fl "^*5*t ; '-;.-• ■■--. "u 

i 4-room apartment suite In 
building. Apply 118 Say ward 

■ — 1 1 . ' . . 

T>ART of store to rent; large window! 
* ,' good location. Apply Box 4011, . Col- 

oJfttt?V- , ' ', .' : 

block. '" 


1 '' 1 '' *m*m»**—~~'~ ~ 1 ' 11 ' ' 1 111 i i 11 11 i n -; 

A SUITE of lofty, rooms, 484 Slmcoe st., , 
near Mcnzles, tea view; one minute 
from Beacon Hill car, plane; Phone L-1716. 

, A Newly-furnished room, . private house, \ 

■ 1 ii! , a .sii sss tfcai—itii ■■■■ — — . o . —.1-11 ■■■■i... ss > si.w^s»ti A' itsii ' t)gia| f iiiij v 

A NICELY furnished room. .With board, , 
for two men; tingle beds. 141 Dunedln 

OTORE to R«nt— Premises on Yates St., 
KJ' near Douglas, with full basement; 1280 
per m onth. Address P. O- Box 715. 

SHACK for rent cheap. In Oak Bay; 'suit^ 
bachelor. Box 4106, Colonist. • 

; well equipped. Box i 

TO let— -Machine shop; 
* M.B.H., Colonist. 

rno Reht-rFlne 7 room house; mile circle; 
J- close to car line; splendid- location; 
modern conveniences; furnished; 2101 , 
Chambers at 




1 Hi l'l'l\<l ill) 

Ti It "if l|l 

. . 

A- NICELY . furalsbad hoem to lot tit 
private residence, good locality, on car 
line, near park and sea. Phone L3S60. 


LARGE furnished front room suitable 


ORMIDALE — Just opened, board and 
room. 17.80; English cooking. 1308 
Stanley ave,. corner Fort 

PRIVATE home— Large, , front, . pleasant 
rooms, English cooking, bath, phone, sea, , 
garage. Mrs. Hobblt, 148 South Turner st., 
Beacon Hill, .--■-■■■'■; ■■■/■■ 

PLEASANT home with private family in 
Fairfield for one or two business men. 
Phone R1071. .-.~. 

E COM and board, private family. 2016 
Chaucer st. w off Foul Bay roatt 

l in' ii M i i ii i i i. 1 n , ■. . .1 I 1 ■ ; 1 1 iii m i 



OOM and board for young men. 121 
South Turner ft 

OOM and boar I. Corner London and 
Liverpool rds., end of Admiral's rd. 

ROOM and board If desired In private 
family; English cooking; near sea, car. 
and close in; piano, reasonable terms; 71 
Menzles St., James Bay. 

SUNNY front room, with fireplace and 
board for two gentlemen. 208° Quebec 
St., James Bay. 

■ 1 ' ,, m+mmimn**i»*tmmm*mm—mmimmrr — : — 

TO let— )arge front room, with board, for 
two gentlemen; single beds; also table 
board, 14.50 a week. Apply: 830 North 
Park st. 

Till-: Hon Accord. 843 Princess — First-class 
1 b oard. Phone L.ZJ867. 

Till-; Poplars. Drown anil Boll, proprietors. 
60.1 Belleville St.; board and room, 17 per 
week In advance. ■ 

TO Let— Newly furnished rooms, aisti 
board; cars pass door; terms reason- 
able. 1627 Fort st. 


ABLE board. 616 Hllslde; phone LB08. 

YK Ohio Homestead, 702 Princess av.. 
corn las st., comfortable home 

for worklngmen. 16,00 and 10 «ek. 


TWO gentlemen want to share room, with 
breakfast and dinner; must be clean; 
•renee Beacon Hill direction; state 
terma Box No. 42T.n, Colonist, 

\\'" TEli- -Room and board In private 
* * family by young business lady. Com- 
muniiite with I'lnch fit Flneh. . 

YOUNG man desires prlvnto room and 
, 1 .1 \\ Ii !> 1 . ,, , wnh use 

of piano and phone. llox 3,120, Colonist 


rOUNG lady wishes room and board In 
private famll- P B IX 7C. 

PIANO pupils received and visited: phone 

I>HY«HX.'AL culture— Miss R H. .Ittrvls Is 
now forming iii"«"H (01 ladles and chll 
■ ii 'ii. to commeni 1 ier •. i' ir term 

and particulars «ppi> 128 Michigan st.: pli 

I1UBLIC nottot — Notice la hereby given 
that If any person except Naglna : 
ii :■> iiinnag.'i- of the Khslsn Realty Co.) 
Will do any kind Of business undo the name 
of Naglns. Hlngh then the sal.l Naglna 

singh win not hold ratpontltlt foi in.- 

same. Further, the signature ..f any other 

man will never be accepted for Naglns 

Singh. Signed by Naglnn Hlngh, manager 

KBMOVAL Mot Ice Oadles, you wll.l Bnd us 
doing business at l-'^T Douglas st., 2 

doors south of the Me chants' hank. Every 
article Of Mrs. B, BSftiOtt't ItOOk must be 
sold at once; buy retail at wholesale price. 
\V (} Mcljiron ft Co. 

OTrTi'iuirrtT * Kidd. public aoooun- 

P5 tants, auditors, lUjuldstors, have moved 
from Central Illdg. no Room 10, Board of 
Trade Bldg. 

"V '1 ii.-.-i ; gentleman requires mom and 
JL board with private family; willing in 

\ 1 1 i- V |." S., I'ost Office 


Ipi R1S IHHBD 'i i rooms, ui 

mi nKheil. plan ., ■ 11 . MS per month, 
I fi. Green hlk . ; ph one 3762. 

T^l r 1 I. hciUSt In rent; modern, piano, 

I \,,,,i t ninl 7 p. m., 1347 

I \ I ' . ( well fvirn,''" 

J-V bungalow 1 mplo 

Wh(i ""ii 1 '! 1 i' on mutual terms as 

guest Foi particulars apply The Ladles' 
Agency, 42-6 Siiywnnl block; hours 10 to 4; 

secretary, Mrs. a. Clarke; phone M86, 
- j ■■ i iri ■.,,'. B-i nomed 

' house with basement on Gtanford ave, 

two minutes ft nni train, for 1.10 monthly 

i in dors st, _^__ 

t\ r i-'.i.i, modern bouse for three 

7 7 months; piano, library, i'|i'; II rooms; 
fSO ner month Call »nv day this week. 

between 6 and ■* p. m. at tht premises, 
nnr. Fori st. 


TBNOETtB wsn»»d for the building of 
throe' cottages. Apply after sis, 17(1 - 
Fort st. 

. for two gentlemen, alto single room, 
up-to-date. 128 Michigan at 

AT 12S6 Johnson at., a targe, pleasant 
front bedroom to let newly furnished, 
single bods for two gentlemen; also single 
bedroom; modem house, every convenience, 
good position;, meals If desired. 

Tk)XBnoOH, ault quiet lady or gent ft 

* weekly. 1018 McClure tt. 


EAUTIFULLT furnished rooma 
mount, HO Quadra at - 


BEDS. 26c; 11.26 per week. Oakland 
Rooms, 1116 Lancley. . . 

FINE big rooms ror two or three; reason- 
able. 10 06 Yates. 

-Large : well-finished room, 
centrally and pleasantly situated; 
breakfast, etc., If required; . references. 
Box 3934, Colonist 


IriURNISHED rocm, suit two gentlemen, 
private home. 662 Niagara st. 

jtURNlSHED room, all modern, new man- 

aid st 

FOR rent — A large woll-furnlshed bed- 
room, pleasant view, suit two gentle- 
men; breakfast or partial board of desired; 
phone, etc. 1203 Pandora. 

TIURN'ISHED front room for gentleman, 

i i I Niagara st 

Fi KVI.-IIK'I) 2-room cabin to let. i69 Hill- 
side ave. 

FOR rent — Bright single and double bed- 
rooms, also housekeeping room; good 
locality; seven minutes P. 
Box 3791. Colonist. 

O. ; moderate. 

I^iOR rent — Furnished room, 261 fi Rock 
Bay av , $2 per week. 

1,11'llNIBHED front room, suit two friends; 
two beds. 104 Menzles St.; phone t.llns. 


gentlemen, housekeeping 

Ope or two ladles or 
or board. 
348 Sylvia St.. .fames Bay. 

FOR rent, bedrooms, electric light and 
bath <2 per week close In, 942 Collln- 
son st. 

I71URNISHED rooms, modern, reasonable, 
close In. 727 Herald, nsar Douglas. 

I7AOR rent — Furnished rooms at Western 
hotel, Store St., also board. 

FRONT room In bungalow, suit one or 
two. 607 Cornwall St., off Richardson. 

ITHiRNISHED front room for two gentle- 
men; board If desired. Apply 986 John- 
son st . or llox 3366, Colonist. 

-J.-UJUNISHED rooms, best locality, all con- 
iti. I j o :> 

? 7ir. Courtney 


to rent; reasonable. 

TAMES Hay Just opened, sut 
nlshed rooms, heated throui 

iperlor fur- 
ighout. run- 
ning hcjt and cold water In each bed mom, 
im. Of large sitting room, every comfort. 
near car line. Jesmnnd House, 607 Slm- 
coe st. (Old James Bay Academy.) 

IARGE fronl room Im gentleman M man 

i and Wife; board If desired; private 

family 1 bath, 111S Fernwood rd., corner 


LA 11(11 

E furnished room, every ennven- 
ncr; rlosn car nnd town. i.lE. Slmcoe. 

TAIHJE rurnished front room, suitable one 
J or two gentlemen. Or gentleman and 

wife; private family. 

8 5 Moss St. 

modern conveniences 

Nl< ELY furnished furnace heal ed t'OOtU in 
American family. 1260 Pandora. 

ROOMS to let, 
North Park. 

12 nnd II per week. 1116 
Mrs. McLeod, proprietress, 

ROOMS, board If desired ; one double-bedded 
and one slnffie room nt liberty; Kngdsn. 
4ni Oswego et., James Bay. 

O'OM to let — A sunny front bedroom In 
ate house. 1410 Pembroke, near 
take Fernwood oar. 


)SE In. 6-roomed house; furniture for 
sale; .neat and comfortable; gas range. 
W.»T;Vl€r»f'':tt. Apply today.,' 

■■--■■' - - - j . • ' 

f*lQtKl^.BTELT .furnished 6-room ' house, 
\J., .modern; -furniture for salei.bouse rent- 
ed to buyer only. Box *129," Cblonjtt. . 

- I ' > y i ' i • i n 1 1 ry , ii i i - i n n I i. - r - 1 . - i, 

TT^OR rent— r4-roomed flat, with all conven- 

•P '■ ie^aa,...' : 1404.'- Hillside;- av. ' '■■" ■ '' ., .. . 

FOR aala-i- A No. 6 two shelf Hubbard 
portable oven, bakes 176. loaves; first- 
class .order; cash $325; can, be ae>en In opV 
cratlon all next week. Box 4136., Colonist. 

HOUSE to let— 14 rooms, opposite, naval 
canteen grounds. Esquimau. Apply 
R.' V. Winch de'Co.. or o n premises. 

TO rent-— New 6,-room. house, Jorge base-, 
ment, furnace, every modern conv<nil- 
•»nCe; one minute from car.' R. H. Ntinn, 
Constance ave. , . 

6-roomed new and modern house, 
close In, 110 _pef months Apply to 

T ©Mat- 
close in, 130 p 
Moore & Johnston, Yates and Broad; phone 


TO rent — A five-roomed, new, ■ all modern 
conveniences, house, Hillside, av., from 
Sept. 23. Apply Box 3721, Colonist. 


FURNISHED house 1 with four bedrooms 
wanted by 16th September for ' pri- 
vate family. 328 Michigan tt, 

QMALL house wanted to rent by middle 
^ of October by" responsible party. Box 
4030. Colonist office. 

rpo Rent— Modern, 7-roomed house, for two 
J- months, furnished, or will lease for 
one year without furniture. For particulars 
apply 560 David St. 

WANTED — To rent a first class modern 
house near St. Margaret's school; eight 
or nine rooms. Alvo von Alvenalobcn. I-td. 

\\7ANTED — To rent Immediately, small 
7 » furnished house, 3 or 4 rooms; oareful 
tenant. Box 2892. Colonist. 

VX7ANTED — Furnished house With 6 or .6 
' ' bedrooms; must be In good location. 
Apply with full particulars. Box 4004, f •'.- 

\\ 'ANTED'' at once — Furnished or unrur- 
7 7 nlshed house, near in or near- car Una 
Apply Box 4114, Colonist. 

\ \ ' A N T 1C-D to rent — Furnished house, close 
77 |n, suitable for renting rooms. 411.1. 

\\ 'ANTED to ront — 6 or 7-roomed house, 
VV unfurnished, near car line. Address I 
Itos 396. 

7> 4141, 

TED — 6 -roomed house to 


WANTED — To rent small cottage n-'ar 
oak lla> nve.. 11..^ ij.ti, C Olohl st 

WANTED — To rent nicely furnished 6 or 
S-roomed bungalow In Rno'l lo, : ,iitv. 
Reply J. B. Kmnrl ^ Co., Ltd.. H)6 107 
Pemberton building. 

ED — To rent a 4 or 6-room. . I 
se In Victoria Wesi; state 1 

Apply llox 3771 


house or flat by 

1 'lonlst. 

FurnlBhed or unfurnished 
3 adults. Box 3644, 


AM looking for .1 or 4 roomed house, 
small payment down; « ish to deal 
with the Owner; nol particular nbmit local- 
ity. Box 40.10, Colonist. 

I AMY wants fi-rnomed house that K.100 cash 
J an.l |30 per month Including Interest, 
Wl I bUJ '■ ' ■ -"lonlst. 

OAK Bay— Wanted, (I or 7-roomed house 
that $500 will handlo. with balance as 
runt. Beale, i»r. Douglas s:. 


TANTEO— 1 or "-room house near ear line. 
i)ak Bay district preferred; price up to 
IfiOOO; cash 1500, balance $S0 per month, 
Including Interest; full commission expected. 
P. O. Box 91.?, 

U'ANTKD- House and Jot, from .owner 
7 V only; prlca nol over $3,000 
$500 cash. BOJ 41«5. Colonist, 


can pa y 

AV pcSwi 

MORPHINE-OPIUM and all drug hahlls 
cured at holAt with the most rcmnrk- 
able remedy, ever discovered for this pur- 
pose, containing -.he great vital principle 
lacking In all others No suffering nor de- 
tention from business. Call or write in con- 
fidence, India Drug Cure Mfg. Co.. 724 Rob- 
son st, Vancouver, B, C. 

,T>EasTATJB*ANT fot 1 soce— Splendid location; 
-.s-V good leasei must 'sell at once, .will take 
the first reasonable offer. Apply. P. O. Box 

484. ' .: ■ ... ■ ■ 

.. "■■" ' , ' ,"..' j 1 ', ' . ' ' in > 

O restaurants for sale, with lease. Ad- 
dress Box .4077; Colonist. 

."rpile City of Smiling Success" Is what 
'. •*- ' cbmo one recently called Fort Frasi r, 
B.C., and well he might, for there never was 
a town where success was more assured; saw- 
mill, stores, bank building. government 
building and a big hoici are now built or 
being constructed: railroad grade Is now 
cleared through the town: the F'>rt Fraser 
Development Club wants to tfet In touch 
with ambitious people who want to start 
In'.a' new town; write to them today and 
ask for. a copy of the Fort Fraser Nows. . 
Forf- Fraser . Development Cluo, W. A. 
Matheson, secy., Vancouver otTlce., 1C2 
Winch '..bldg. _^^ 

VANCOUVER Island butchering Business. 
well established -and capable of being 
considerably Increased; turning ovtr be- 
tween. $1200 and $1500 per month; close to 
station, and ..hotel; sale Includes butcher 
shop, cold, storage room, sausage room and 
private office; $2360 cash. . J. R. Bowes & 
Co.; Lid.. 643 Fort st. ; phone 2724. 

WANTED— Agent to solicit for high-class 
tailoring firm, best location, . must be 
alive and of goo'd address; salary and com- 
m lesion. Box 4743, Colonist 

•T^TANTED-^An active" partnership in good 
■ vv. cigar, stand, furniture or hardware 
store; have $300 cash and $400 In securities 
to invest. ;Box 3Tl>2. Colonist. 

WELL -established It-room boarding 
' house, elope In, always full, well fur- 
nished; snap at »1600. Apply Box JSN. Col- 
onist. - 

NET profit per month — Well est\ib- 
.- lislied boarding-house; always 

full; close In; price $1500; terms. Apply 

Bnx H.R.D.. Colonist. 


A FINE old; cello,- In good condition, for' 
618. Apply H. Bollard, 731 Vancouver 

BRITISH Canadian Home Builders' share 
being advertised at $1.15 with the 
promise, of a dividend soon. I will sell at 
♦ l.Uu p,?r. share. Box ^006. Colonist. .. 

BICYCLE, gent's, almost new, coaster nnd 
two brakes; good .bargain. $20. '/.Hii 
Cedar Hill rd. 

BEAUTIFUL, latest evening and after- 
noon gown, latest pannier style; cost 
175, will sell at half price; never been worn; 
bust 38. Address Box IQiil. Colonist. 

BEDROOM suite, also goenrt; good vcondl- 
'I" "Box 4132, Colonist. 

CORNICE brake, also 30 foot rollers; or 
will rent. Address. J. A. Colcock, Gen- 
eral Delivery. Victoria. 

/"XABBAGE plants', extra -fine, per 100, 50c; 
^~ J - per 1000, $3.60. To get good Juicy early 
cabbage now Is the time to plant. Apply 
James .Simpson, 611 Superior; phone L.8864, 

tlHEAP for r.tonts of a foui 

roomed rything now lasr 

Hay; also cottage foi ..-ut. Box 4ir,!i, col 

iflOR sale at a bargain. 40 h.-p. touring 
in K.10,1 condition, win take some 
cash, -balance to "int. Pacific .Motor Car 


I^OU Bale i;.;i( coin strawberry plants, vItkIii jilants, price $7.50 

per M.. or $1 - 1 " per luo, In bundles of 25; 
lest Mtrciu-bcrry. H. C. Connor, Sid- 
ney l'. 0. 

I7VOR . sale — Cross real estate course, $5. 
Box 3i>: 1 dst. 

I^OR sale — .22 .Winchester rifle In good 
- condkflon. Apply Box 40fii). 


jT.OH sale^ — 5x7 camera, complete, in good 
condition. Box 4076. Colonist. 

FOR sale — 200 Edison standard records. 
20 cents each. Apply Box 3600, c.i 


IpOR sale, lady"! navy blue coat nnd skirl, 
ml-. Opat llnud. with silk, worn 
twice, cost $50; will accept $30; bust 3fi. 
waist 24. skirt length 41. Box '"34, Colo- 

V7i>rt sale, baby carriage, good order. 825 
E Pandora, 


(Ut sale Electric seal coat, ulre 33, also 


blue tailored suit, sizs 3fi, cheap. 
3921, Colonist. 


OB Sale — Cook stove and several articles 
Of furniture, nearly new, Including new 
Office desk. Apply UOO Billable ave. 

F(>K sale, cheap, small National cash reg- 
ister, good condition, can be seen at 
c| K nr stand. Strathoona Hotel. 

-Soa-golng launon, 86 h.p. Cor- 
al! equlpmont; length 
60 ft . beam 12. draft r.. spoed 10 knots. En- 
■ iulr.- Point Elllce Boat House. 

I^oR sale 
llss engine ami 


OR salc- 

A No. S Hubbard Portable oVen, 


bakes 176 loaves, flrst-olass order 
be seen I 

$325; can be seen In operation all next week. 

Box 41. in. 

Fin: sale cheap, new gent's riding saddle. 
-. 1 1 Toronto st. 

FOIi sale—A double-barrel hammer gun, 
brand new, and a 44-40 Winchester 
rine Apply :4r.' Cedar mil rd., eoraer 

Hay St. 

IT\OR safe — Complete International Corree- 
spondnnce School m«tal mining eoarsv, 
unused; $30 reduction. B. E. Scott drawer 
680, city. „ , 

I ."7 or sale, chesp. one horse, baeon ellcer. 
gasoline Mghting plant. All la gaod 
working order. Wm. B. Halt. «I1 Jc-hntaa 

st . ■ 

AMMKKl.ES-a double-barrel shot t*Ok,. 

fine condition; cheap. .Box 41M. 

i.i. - .. . I .1 11. 1 

IARriE t during car. big power and .splsn- 
J did ear. full «qulpment; sultabl* for 
rent work or hotel. Call 1410 Broad St 

■ - m. 1 " - 1 1 1 jTT | | l W ll U l SS p 

MOTOB-CrOUC, * fcv| " " 
model: <me •■ oaMltis* ;^ . * 
n. XI446. KiX^-'i' : "' 




t ■ f 



Tuesday, September 24, 1912 

foil S.YI.K— MISCKI.I.ANKOl'H (Cont'd) 

M''r',R express Mr, capacity ISOfl ln«, 
$800; I u»li. balance 6 month*. 

Boa 40(0, Colonial 

VKAHI.V iww roadster to exchange tor 
-*■' lot, and will pay icnie cash, I'. O. Box 

RIH'Tl.KY. ladles' tailor. Coitumra from 
• $80; fit guaranteed No. 4 09 Say ward 
building; tei. 2607. 

Rl . N ! .i Remington ktodtl 7. three months 
' r $5; visible model*. 13 per month. 
Telephone 2914. Remington Typewrite! 
Ltd.. 216 Pe mberton Bldg., Vlcl >rta B. C. 

rrtO rent — Partly furnished, new 5-roomed 

I ttOUSe with bajiement, on Qlanford ave., 

two minute* from train, for J3" monthly. 

A|i|iij T.'in Pandora »> 

THffl following Kr.glUh sporting gear I* 
seen by 
applying at Colonist office: llammerless 

tor gun, hammer gun, fishing rods, 
ling rods, reels, etc.: all In excellent 

MtYlKWRITER Cheap — Good terms) new 
-L model. Box 852B. Colonist. 


ONE rallabl. man In every town to take 
order* for bast custom-mad* clothes la 
Canada. Highest communion. Has Tailoring 
Co., Limited. Toronto. Ont. 



A JUNIOR assistant resident master for 
boys' boarding school; fond of sports. 
Write full particulars. Box 2268, Colonist. 

\ /ANTED at once, teacher for Cape 
'V school, B. C: salary $7 6 A r 
pply tow. ft aibbs, Secretary, Cape 


B. P C. J 

., atij?8 l i , ]i a ii n i j iii n i M i i»»i i i ii mj i ii . i n i H i m I.. i«i 

W painting neea*eworif. C danclnir. Wptl- 
vate tchool ; music desirable. Address Box 
IBM. Colonist. ~ 

fa ,ii ii « »« ■ . . ti rti .-afc— mi l!* *>n ■ m <i ii 1 1 i» n .■ — 


ANT .'itrson knowing of the whereabouts 
of baggage belonging to J, L. Has well 
kindly write to Boa lief. Colonist; all ex- 
pense* will be paid. 

i n i l n . ■ ■ . >ll| » ■ '. 

LOST or stolen from, the residence of W. 
Oliver, "Bongate," Beach drive. Oak 
Bay. Scotch tWest Highland) Terrier; 
grey color; answer to the name of "Brant ' 
blind on* eye. A reward of *26 will be 
paid to anyone giving Information leading 
>p the recovery ot the dog, 
'■ ■ > " ■'■■ 


OST — A few days aire, an. automobile 
A Innrr tub*. In a. ritetlgM nMf,, , flOWWHl 


MONEY to loan, and agreement* bought. 
Apply to E. A. Harm A Co., 1219 


. i — ■ . ^ 

MONEY to Loan— In *unii of »2000-X4000, 
8 per cent Interest. DaWMO it M • 
Qai Uard, >04 Fort «i.. Balmoral iiim-k 


Offices:. Booke and North Sooke. 
W. Miller Hlgga. H. M. fe. Hell. 

-j (t AND A HALF aire* In booke, 8 acres 
-L»/ cleared and under Cultivation; balance 
light timber; noil very good; mostly fenced; 
a few yeUAg bearing irult trees; 6-room 
house In excellent order; good barn for Ii 
horses; this property command* a splendid 
■nt* and Olympics, and would 
poultry farm. Trice, $«7i0; 


Real Estate, Timber. Mines and COM Land*. 

Phone 2999. Box 100, 

12$ Temberton Bldg., Victoria B. C 

Vancouver Ofllce, Winch Bldg. 

Member* Victoria Real *.»tatu Exchange. 

$200,000 _£** 

itUOO.000 'Z 

use agreements oi 

moiigage* on 
cks, elu. 


PORT Hardy !• Iht only deep water town- 
aite on Hardy Buy, the. government 
wharf is ai Pari i.amj, all paSSsUgeri ana 
ffetght for Hardy .L>ay are .aiiuiu in I'oil 
llaruy Wharf. 

L>ORT Hardy lots are scillug ai the pres 
x ant tliiw for 1116 and up; turmu »-ii 

'■mil and }ii pei quarter without inttrttt, 

gel one ui lois Uetore the iiuvkii(.u m 

acres, cultivated, 

ATURTH Saanlch— 100 
-i-1 surveyed for subdiv 

H»,>-i e> i*i i i ] i 

, , •»., --.^front on SooU- 

lose to wharf. storetL 'MS<M>i' **»ttrch. 
postofflce. stages, et*,r"l»«'I5» *t*d end 
water frontage with a good beach. 

fyrHBR splendid homesttet <m ftarho* 
V* Btraita and Hooka River; sheep and 
poultry rtnoht s. 

5 ACRES Id Sooke; one slashed; alder bot- 
tom land; flrtt-eiatt Mill; thtck; road 
frontage on two aides and good water gup- 
ply, ..,:. .... ..... 

Pf Sooke. 8 J-iflO acre; hart cleared, with 
good 0-roomed houae oeeJ Hn t wdlt Q T tpltn- 
did view; An fenced had good toll; chicken 
house and woo dshed. 

2 ACRES, Booke. half acre cleared; tim- 
ber very light; eon good wth «-roomed 
house; this property front* on the main 
road: good well and view. Price. 8*600; 
terms arranged . 

Some nnt hometltts on the Harbor. Booke 
River and the Straits; alto abeep and 
poultry ranches. 

ACRES In Sooke; good toll; quarter 
m i l l fM aia g -s est has h es awl — Use- 


tJ AANICH — Half mile waterrront, 200 acres. 
^ J good beach. 

jjJAANICa*— waterfront, 80 tores, good land. 


AN'ICH— ISO acres. IS acres cultivated, 
" easily cleared; near tram and rail- 



AANICH— Lake Hill, 40 acres suitable for 

subdivision.^ _- 

AANJCH— Facing Elk Lake, 10 acres good 
bottom land\ ' ' 

S AANICH— Near Elk Lake and tramway, 
100 acres, cordwood off. chiedy good 
land. __ 

AANICH— lit acret, bottom land, culti- 


S AANICH — 80 acret, 30 cleared, creek on 

S AANICH— Waterfront, CO acres. 18 cleared. 
houae, etc. 

CJAANICH — 16 acret, 36 cultivated, house, 
►J fruit trees, etc.. on tr am line'. 

CI AANICH— in 3Vs milt circle, 11 aorta, 
" good land. aubdividiM, 



McGregor Block, Cor. View ar.d Brond 

House Phone XX2123. Rhone 921 

$->~l\ ■■■u._ Arbutua and Carroll «t».. 
~'>\J two lots, close Burnslde, 81060 

• .i i ii 

$()()0 '' arkt,al ''' 60x110, near Carey 


ui , third cnli. 

-Garden City (Hnrn*lde rd), clo»« 
to store and car, $160 cash. 

*tj*< W!": — One lot' oft Cloverdale on Ucthuim 
WtJjuU tve; <:?b cash. »75 quarterly. An- 
other, price »S00; JUin cash. 

$£C r 7P* CASH — Richmond Ave., off Oak 
tJ t fJ Ray ave.; price 81,760. 

<jj!l T\f\(\ CORNER— Obed and Tllllcum 
VS>X,0\J\J rd.; $600 cash and terms; storo 
site; butcher and bakory badly wanted. 

Ifil 1 00 — Denman st.. close Fernwood 

car; 8360 cash, and terms. 

©I 7KA AND J2100— Two fine lots In Hol- 
1P-*- • *J\J lywood Crescent and Park; great 
bargain; easy termsi third cash. 


Sooke Real Estate Office. 

SOOKE harbor waterfrontage — In area* 
from ])> in i a*cros; 3400 to 3450 pet 


•M walk into a home A 

lovtiy new house, « roomt witu room For 

opportunity to 
already prepared; 

in wa 

two more,, on high position m Oorge Vlow, 
tastefully furnlthed and fully modern 
water, light and every convenience; 
only 14000 for the lot; |10«0 cash. 

$1 9 Kfifi— ciote in .bargain: Humboldt 
fXaVttWV gt. near Vaaeouvtr aU 7 
rooms, modern, large tot 66x140, few min- 
utes' walk from P. O., will ho worth $20,000 
thortly; only $3500 cash and long terma for 


Branch Office, North Douglas Street and 

Saanloh Road. 

Phont R3346. Victoria. B. C. 


AANICH rd. corner — A big, high, cleared 
iot and a snap at $860; terms only 886 

rush — a n d 366 « w» q ua rtos . 

1f)0 ACHES with 3-4 mile of sea frontage, 
•—"J conveniently aim.. ted; $4,0, jm :■ .1.1. 

(U\ ACRES — 18 chains road frontage. 3-4 
«"" mtlo from poat offlco and store; $75 
per acre. 

1AO ACRES — Quarter mile of sea front. 
v'»> good creek, five acre* In «mall fruits, 
house* and < hii ken run*, beautifully eft" 
uatod; $5» per acre 

HOUSE of rooms, built last yar, on 
cleared lot, 8-10 acre, fronting on mult, 
loud; {2000. 

RIVER front lots — Beautifully situated, 
close to the railway; vary easy terms 


Sooke and Otter Point Real KtUtts Office 

»,o- nii).^..^, BOOKS. B.C. ,X, iV iijliSfe rig*, V 

kisV'j'^Jlam. ■■ "■ ■■-- ' ■■■» 'i^ —■<*-- 

.,, ^i:!iC,'. .i*7»;' v, .■■■.. Wxi ■:■ . 

\ ' ■:'(.,■•■■■■ • a 1 . ' , ' m ;)j» ; r ■ '•» ■'. •■'■'• 1 

Aorta •boafJfont, laooper narai twuutd 

divide). ,. 

1 ■ ■ 1 

160 Acr *"' w sT«ed.-on-maln road; IM per 
IQO AerM > honM » btrns. etc. $48 par 



Aorta, farm houes. earns, etc; (6000. 

OO A Acres, Ooldttrtkm District, ' til par 


Say ward District. Vancouver Island. JS. O. 

Taka notice that sixty days (60) attar 
date. I. Robert Park, ot Vancouver, B. 0.. 
OMUPtUvB. Broker. tftHBd JL9 IBBLf.M RfT: 
mission to purchase tue following described 
lands: commonclng at a stake planted on 
the shore about one half mile horth of T. 
L. No. 41146, and marked R. P.'a S. B. C, 
thence west 60 chains, north 60 chains. 
east 60 chains, thtnea following the altttf 
o.Htl«a\ oJUthathjos . JlttA.t*V- pi6«6L_Qt--CPi8fc.. _. 
mencement. Contalnirjg C10 acres. .mP^t or 

Dated tho 1st day of July, 18U. 

" ''"■';..,. r; ,. : *<" 

■•■'X "#. M*TUoaT 



. + \&rt leaders in the Art Preservative. Carry 
the Largest and Best Assorted Stock in the 
Province, the Greatest Variety and Most Moti- 

on returning tame to thlt office. 

LOST — Saturday evening, on Douglas at., 
between Herald and Provincial jail, a 
lady's steel-gray hand bag. containing gum 
of money and other valuables. Finder 
jdaaae return to jat.,rranflhi flofr. fftttg 
tt. Reward. t i ■ 

T OST— Pair of nose glasses In cagt. Finder 
piptte rttum ?to PitDdit*.*^ 

11 1 ■ - 1, ., ■' ]l i " 4 'il 

STOIJBN— Or ttfayed iwltof* t&at* 
tt, z ponies, 1 black, one 
one harboring same will be 

■■ 11 ■ ' 1 ' nw > 11 . 11 1 1 n i u i,'» ; ' "i 1 11. 1. — , 

STRAYED from avenue, Oakland*. 
one roan cow with halter on : oerson 
.harboring Will bt prosecuted. Rodman, 

May wood P. "4$, .< ■• 

, . iwiii^^M^^M— w.i ii mi »mMmWi|wM^wUWM^. 

STRAYED to 1627 Earle tt., Ir^sh terrier. 
Owner may havo same by paying alt 
expenses. .• .'.■■,.. *\, v 

• . ...I .' 1 ' . . . I .1. 11 ii » . n r H i i-Vnl 1 Li n .ii lo 1 1 11 . 

QTRAtED to the Royal Oak hflitgL one 
IO black and white cow; If not claimed In 
a week It will be told to save expense A 
Apply Royal Oak Hotel. 

STRAYED— A piebald, 
pony, mare, about 

rpHREB and a third aorta, ont and a 
J half cleared; good aolli fencad on two 

Sdes; with 4-roomed new bungalow; this 
wa terfron tag e on S00M. Harbor; flnt 
vitwj' dote to ttort;, tchuol. cburcbr putt* 
office and ttag ta. , 

. 7K ACRES. . more or less. In fiooke ; 
• ♦ > did soil ; fine old t 
a tight; good water. < 
60 barn for ■ horses; 


brown and white 

clipped '-mane; :~ re wa^Hr^ f«r taSsWM^t^ 
pony; additional reward *S for return of 
pony to the undersigned. Arthur W. Mc- 


OTHSR proptrtMg on I 
nor and the atraits; 
tltes. ' '1 

» iBlftYtniai Its 

will subdivide. 

S AANICH— -Gordon Head. 86 acres, good 

SAAWICH — 840 acres, good land, |300 
par avert. 

aT?^ A A f S $Ttl*^gat nftt m afJatitlgi ItdaMtuAu dhausnissla 

j6tf^*«»*'*»4t»«a" ,, *f/ge Buret, irtMuwety tnrougn. 
g AANICH— SO acret, 3 creaks.. culUvatsd. 
gAANICH— 280 acres on Prospect Lake and 


West Saanlch rd. 


Curdy. Malahat Park. 

WILL the party who found In a Willows 
oar: Sunday evening,, September 1st, a 
tllver card case, monogram E.I.B., con- 
taining visiting cards and key, communicate 
with owner, 1114 Dallas road or phont 
R3986 and receive substantial reward for 
lit recovery. 




■ 1 . ..ii I.. ; I 'm i' . I'. . 11 . . 1 1 . 1 m i ii 1 11 . ■ ,1. 

APRIL hatched purtpred Whltt Wyandottts. 
. cockerels and pullets; John M. Martin 
s train, HeUor, 1486 HllltldA , . , 

m. T. HANSON'S. JB.'.tJ, W itjtkorhA- H. 
N. Walker, Strawberry Valt, phone 

M340.-- . ,.: ;..;-''\...- ■;.,.. , : ; ■ : .;. •■ ; ..■■;■-.■ ■ 

17IOR sale, two calves three months old, 
X 1 and one calf seven months old. Len- 
mann, 1346- Carlln St. 

;• 1 ■ -. 11 1 1 ■ 11. 1 i n 1. . I 1 i i 11 n \0i ^ 

I7\OR Sale— Pen ot White Wyandotte hens; 
• good layers; also Black Minorca*. MM 
Coltinson st. 

. 1 1 1 1 ' 1 run- 1 , n ii - .i nin i— »^ww— « im*m 

T710R tale, .reb>ruary and Mnr^tetoktd. 
JO Rhode ltland Red pulltta, -W. H, Van 
Arum, 2880. Cadboro Bay rd. 

acre waterfront on iookt Harbor; 

close to wharf, stores, school, church, 
postofflce. tttgtt, ttc; Atvt both road and 
water frontage with a good beach. 
>. ,. 1 

ACRES, halt acre cleared, with good 9- 
#» roomed house, commanding splendid 
view; all fenced and good soli; chicken 
house and woodshed. 

» , n iwi N 

5 ACRES In Sooke; one slashed: alder 
bottom land, rtrst-clats soil; shack: road 
frOttUgt an two tldta and good water sup- 

Kt»i« tpltndld homesttet on Sookt Httf. 

\.' bor. River and the Str ait*. - 

rrpe ACRES, more or let*," tX Sta ke, oiott 

1 MM atore, church and tMgt*: tpltndld 
bearing 1 , orchard, now a tight! good toll 
and water supply; good barn 30x60 for « 
horses; owner gull subdivide. 

■■ ys iiii mn il m n il w iisa n f ' 

TQ AND A HALF teres In Sooke, 8 seres 
-*-«7 under cultivation: balance light tlm- 
»JW*r; toil good: mostly MlMij a, few young 
bearing fruit treei; excellent 6-roomed 
house; good bam tor 6 horses; 
erty commands a splendid Vkt'-rit.l 
Straits and Olympic Mountain*; a 

iriIRST-CLASS goose and gander. Miss 
1 Money. Lake Hll! PJ «3L 

g , 1I11I l|l O |l|l ,, i ' ^ll i |l|ll,,il | i IIIII H I . H II I M ^*frfW. H l i lll . li ' M III 

I^oit sole — Vox terrier malt pup, Black 
- Minorca and White Wyandotte roosters, 
also five dozen young roosters. P. O. Box 

1004. . t , ..... ', ._■•. ,, v ; ■■.:.. •' ,,,_,■/• ;-.' ;.. 

I71 OR sale—Purebred Anconas and Rhodt 
Island Reds. 1606 Edmonton rd. ; phone 


5R Sale— Jersey 
heavy horse in 

Apply Chandler Br 

phone F2054. 

in full milk; also 
class condition. 
Wilkinson road: 

" ' m i I ". -n t 

IftOR sale— Heavy horse and dump, et 
For particulars apply 428 Hillside ave.; 
phone It ■.: . ' 

FOR sale — Young pigs, 84 each; pure 
bred Berkshlres. J. Watt, Firbrae 
Farm, Royal Oak P. P., R.M.D. No. 6, 

FOR Sale — 15 laying hens, 12 pullets. 
Brown Leghorns $10 per dozen. Apply 
Box 36 42. Colon ist. 

2710R sale — Single' comb, brown Leghorn 
- pullets. J. West, Haultaln St.. Sub. 
P. O. No, 1. 

FOR Sale — Horse, buggy and harness. Ap- 
ply 1218 North Park st. 

HORSES for sale — Havo on hand 10 head 
of heavy horses, also one saddle horse. 
Can be seen at our sale barn, corner 
Cook and Pembroke streets. Stephenson A 
Derry. prop*. P. O. Box 1188. Thones 
R257t> and Y209. 

SPLENDID opportunity for truck and 
dray business — 3 good level lots, 45x150 
each, on Hay <!.: Rood 6-room hOUee with 
bathroom, hot ninl cold WAWt*, ftC,; new 
fi stall ntBhio, concrete flonr and box Bt.ill 
and aheds; price $9000; halt cash, balance 
easy. Apply owner, Chas. 8tiglngs, l.i.15 rd. 

rnilORiH liMMRF.D Berk«h!ro pig* for sale, 
JL four months old, In Rood condition. It. 
C. <~>U]fl<'lil. Kill I tl Box 829, city. 

TWO registered Jerseys, « years, fresh and 
give good flow: tuberculin tested; those 
cows are very handsome and In good shape ; 
J3C0. Bradit-y Dyne, Dunoan P, O., B. C. 

TO poultrymen — John V. Cooper, Cadboro 
Bay, offer* the whole of hi* splendid 
*tock of white leghorn*. comprising 500 
pullet* and about 1,100 hens. 

WANTED — A good milk cow. 

Box J3»<i. 


NT ED — A »mall horse and wagon. 
Lehmam. 1 3 4 fi Carlln at. 



ANTED — Male, long or short haired 
Angora, cat. R. Caldwell, 423 Powell 

VTOi-'NO pig* for *nle, $4. on en^-h II. 
X Mariin. Thorborn, P.O Macaulay Point. 


A MOTORCYCLE wanted; mu»t be In 
good running order; almi atate cn»h 
price wanted and term*. Apply ColOttlti 

ILox 3753. 

1 , -* -- 

AOREKMENT of *ale^-WIII punmi.e 
something good ntium 82000 II 

Rnnth, 7 ilrii^-mnn bldg.. 1U07 Government 

SCRAP bra**, copper, sine, load, ea«t Iron, 
•arks and all kind* of hottlo* and rub- 
ber; highest rn»h prices pnld. Victoria Junk 
Agtnoy, 1620 Store *t.; phone 136. 

1XTANT0D — By a young man, Inatructlon 
*V on common law; evening preferred. 

Hox 4103, i-olorilst. 

WANTED- English billiard table; mu*t be 
In flrst-cla** condition. Apply Box 
HRL. Colonist. 


A CLIENT wishes to exchange 4 acre* at 
Colwood, on which I* a new «-roomed 
house etc., for a 4-roomod house In Saanlch 
on good slsedOftt near city limits; what have 
you to offer? Wm. Dunford A Son, Ltd. 281 - 

2-8 Pembertrin blk. 

'ANTED-^Motorcyele; exchange for good 
bicycle, difference. Box 4289, Colonist. 


/"AT her splendid homntitM Stt 
V Straits and Sookt River; aheep 
poultry ranche s. 

H 4>f ACRES in Sookt, 10 to 16 totally 

_LOJ cleared; balance good timber; 
toil: all clearings fenced; 40 fruit 
bearing and *mall fruits; 8-roomed 
house: excellent water supply; good barn; 
mile frontage on the main road; ch 
store, tchool, postofflce. church. 
Stock, etc., and Implements go with prop- 
erty; horses, cows, pigs and poultry; CrtJWa 
granted; all rights go with land. 
;';-..'': ijf ■ ' . i i'i.K ii i i i 'i' W i 1 — 

f\N)S acra. «wie8rtieAti>> nil olatwMi all 
v' fenced; good toll; new S-room furnlthed 
houso with pantry; good water; on main 
road; price $160. cash $400. 

SOOKE district. 18-roomed hotel; tm main 
road. 17 mllet from Vlotoria; with 121 
acres, more or lttt. ••■;■ ■■ 


ACRES, Metchosin district: 
land under cultivation; 

small lake; $10,000 cash; $12,000 on 

ONE and * half acret, half acre cleared. 
with new 6-roomed bungalow; thle 
property fronts on the beautiful Demanlei 
creek:, good fishing in creek; close to Sooke 
harbor; price $1750. 


1242 Government st. Telephone 1253. 

S AANICH— Near Union Bay, M aorta, cul- 
tivated an d subdivided. 

ft^ ^ Sl flflHr * 00 J *»f*k i0 cultivated, netr 
O tramway. «ood land, houae, ..UK only 
$300 per acre. 

gAANlCH-100 acres, only $80 Per kore. 

TJENDER Island — 366 acret, waterfront. 
* chiefly gno d land, only $26 par acre. 

flATTLE ranch— 600 headT 700 aorta bay 
VJ meadows. 2 60. acres irrig ated. 

T8LANDS— Several from $1000 M $20,800. 


IU Ssyw^rd Bid*. Phone 3074. 

ANOTHER Saanlch rd. lot. on corner of 
Calumet ave., site 60x201, city water, 
lot nicely treed, high with beautiful view; 
prlee $2100; terms quarter cash and balance 
over two years. 

TTARRIET rd.— Less than a block from 
-8-3. Burnslde car, t flnt high lota, each 
60x160: prtet e ach, on easy terma, $1250. 

GOOD 4-room cottage with basement, 
bath, pastry, electrlo lights, open f Ire- 
pJaee; Jtttt twd and .a hjpf blocks from 
Douglaa tt. car: tarma op thlt ooty Uttle 
house can be arranged to anlt your require- 
ments: a l^g auat ♦«>». 

LOOAN ave.— Two blocks from Burnslde 
oar. beautifully built and completely 
finished house of six rooms; full basement. 
bathroom, furnace installed, pantry, bullt-tn 
buffet, burlapped wallt. beamed ceilings, 
open fireplace, electric light fixtures; house 
Just ready to mova Into; prlpt ok •aty 
terms, $4500. 


-ess: tiiotui v gutpima V**im 1& 

si...« DMrlrl, Ui»' r I-Un,l. It (. 

Take notice that elxty tUya ' IW MOM* 
date. I, Charles Bailey, or Vancouver, B. C. 
occupation. Broker, intend to apply for per. 
mission to purchase the folio wine described 
lands: Commencing at a stake planted on 

-'l & J v< ^tfWIrlTTssT Tt 

?h h e-ncj f'olowln^ ^ntttuV #*■ Vhe 
shore line to place of commencement. Con- 
taming 640 acres, mbro or"ltWT 
Dated the lit day of July. 1912. 


:> J. W. Mct.eod. Agent. 






XavtgaMa Watam >reWrftt$. ^gg 


HARDT Bay— Registered townttta lot* 60 
xiio. «is oath and t« monthly will 
tMMm "■ u * «i tktt future oityvst— ' •* -* 

rJT-Wl 55ekre U 
lot is a sure money 


a. lot in thia future city; get 
and make 
Prince Rupert 
at once; every 

itiai dlttrlct from 

TTIOUL Bay— Beautiful hornet, facing sea. 

Zm:±_ . »ph[ i 1 . 1 . 1 »i»ii « hi. m . 

H ' i'HI^*8'^rff ' ,-4^^^a$T^^^^tt#^*^""agP^Ppt'tf6^$P. :. • ^dW. . ^^'.^,wt|4$a^ . t^. ."^ W.8w t i J 

V smart, fully modern and up-to-date 
bungalow in thlt lovely dlttrlct and quite 
close to car: th is Is a snap at $6100. 

HMIE Oorge — $700 cash and balance as rent 
J- will secure a nice, 5-roomed bungalow, 
close to oar; cement basement, three art* 
places, all mod ern: price $4 800. 


rooms? cement r °basemen W *beam ceillng,**pi 
ailed dining room; a genuine bargain at 
$4460; can be secured with $690 oath and 
balance amaga d- to suit yo u. 

T8BUBROKE at, — Two fine lott with 

OSkta^g*td. ^ tor ,MMi 

TTIERNWOOD rd.— Close in tot, nicely 
X 1 treed, full elted, 83026. easy terms. 

DON'T forget Hardy Bay, the great future 
shipping town \gC.]««KeMr$tr BOaad; 
get in at once before the approaching ad- 
la priota 

J*t'7gA--MltckelI, beautifully treed with 

S2000 - Mo "' ne * r D * t, * fc 


ft5Q0()~ FuU h * ,f ftcra *^ ttUf,,i| y tr ** a « 

Shoal Bay. 

ft* c in* f l» r 8— Double corner. 
tJIWUv Linden. 

Faithful and 

©OrtAA— Full acre. Skoal Bay, beautiful 
QOkJUXJ treat, m regular park. 



Chancery Chamber P 2318 Dangley St 

Dunedin at., good building lot. near 
Dougiat, Q IIOO. 

GRAHAM and Seavlew. corner lot; good 
buy at 01810. * 

Notlca is hereby given mat Norman 
Hardle and Marlon Whltworth Hardle of 
Columbia; are applying to 
the aovernor-Oeneral of 
. In council, for approval of the 
plana, atta A8td.\ < Q» a | U> tlon ot works 
to be constructed la Watt Bty, 
Hgrrrgfu VfjttAtta, B. c. and balng 

nds situate lylna and belns In the 
city of Victoria aforesaid and Itnown. num. 
bered and described as part ot one acre 
block of section thirty-two (32). Esqui- 
mau district as shown upon a plan an- 
nexed to Certificate of Title No. 2616 1C, and, 
have deposited the area and site plans and 
the proposed works and description there- 
of with the Minister ot 1'ubllo Works at 
Ottawa, and the duplicate thereof with the 
Registrar General ot Titles In the Land 
Registry offlct at the City ot Vlctrola, 
British Columbia, and that the matter of 
the fW;M»ltcatlon will be proceeded with 
at. the expiration of one month's notice 
from the time of the first publication of 
this aotlee in the Canada Gaxette. 
Dated this 6th day Ot^uly. A, D. 1812. 




"■at^PaW^poWfaH. Part 

two iota 18000. 

corner, for the 

212 Pemberton Bids. 

Phone 1681. 

BOUNDARY rd. — Large lot, slse 50x148, 

150 for quick isle. 

/^U'APPBLLE st. — 5-roomed up-to-date 

bungalow. $3000; $600 cash. 

PENDER Island. 3C6 acres, mile and a 
half waterfront. Phone on property, 
Including $4040 of saw logs and coal rights. 
(66 per acre. 


ISCOVERY st., 120x130. $600 per foot. 

\7"ATES St., 60x120, $700 per foot. 

YATES St., 60x126, revenue producing 

Bin DICK st., oak Bay. two lots. $1600 
each; quarter cash. 



Phone 37S3. 

709 Fort St. 

"DANCH-HOME— It I* lmpo*»lble at pres- 
- 1 -*' ent to estimate to what height the 
price of good fruit-land within close prox- 
imity to victoria will reach, but undoubted- 
ly It will be above the head of the profit 
grower, for with the beautiful climate and 
other*ad vantage*, It 1* bound to attract the 
plea*!re-*eeker who will not look too close- 
ly to the commercial side. We do know, 
therefore, that an Improved property In a 
OhOtOt situation that will »how a good re- 
turn on the capital outlay thereby combin- 
ing pleasure with profit I* a fine Investment 
today and we have such a ranch of nine 
acre*, only seven miles out, on a main road, 
Tor 110,000. There are 76 fully matured 
fruit tree* and 300 (chiefly plum and apple 
and cherry 1 that will beer next year. The 
Btrawberry patch netted 1600 this summer, 
and there are other kind* of amall fruit* 
and a large piece devoted to vegetables. 
Also on the property are several poultry 
luiu*e«. packing hou«e and other outbuild- 
ings, not overlooking a comfortable two- 
storey dwelltng-houae. There Is a plentiful 
supply of watm- for household and irrigation 
purpose* Thl* ranch at today'* price* la 
the cheapest In thl* district and la bound to 
be worth vary considerably more in the next 
your or so. As It will bear avary investiga- 
tion we shall be only too pleased to take 
prospective purchasers out to see It. 

WEST Bay — With the purchase of the 
Five 8Uter» site the C. N. R. are 
proving their Interest In Victoria. Railway 
plan* are rapidly maturing and great ac- 
tivity Is now being shown In West Bay dis- 
trict which affords the best speculation at the 
present time. We have the exclusive sale 
or several pieces of property there, both 
waterfront and otherwise; let us show you 


1833 Broad gt„ Victoria, B. C. 

TjITANTED— Modern well finished btfnga- 
V low In good toeatlty la exchange rer j 
loff. BOA 8461. Colonist. •▼ J 

LAKE District— For gale — 100 acres of 
land, suitable for subdivision, within 
easy reach of the city, midway between 
tha v and S. Railway end b, c Electrls 
Hall *t ay. 

QUADRA tt. — 4 acres in a block, tint 
building site, price $6,000; terms % 

FOUL Bay rd., — 2 acres, the choicest 
building site, price $15,000; terms H 

1 ten _____ ' 

Tj>OUL and Shoal Bays — -1 acre, overlook- 
•*- Ing both bays, good road to property, 

price $5,000; terms % cash. 

AVEBURY St.— Lot 6, block 2, price 
$1,200; terms 1-3 cash. 

VORTH Saanlch — 20 acre farm, with good 
i-i new 8-roomed he 

LAUREL st.. two corner Iota, $1200 each: 
cash quarte r, balance 6 . 12, 18. 

T TALL tt., Esquimau, good, level, grassy 
JLl Jot $1800. 


good land, $14,000. 

louse and buildings, all 

OSS at., two lots from Dallas rd., good 
buy at $2100. 

CHAMBERLAIN st., close to Oak Bay ave., 
splendid 7-roomed house, built by the 
owner, day labor; lot 66x135; If you are 
looking for a good home It will pay you to 
look at this; price only $6500, easy terms. 


Real Estate ant Insurance, Cowlchaa ant 
Cobble Hill 

1'JrZ ACRES, 6 cleared, balance light bush, 
&'* all good land, good water; price 
$2X00. C. terms. 

97 1/ ACRES one mile from station, 31 
OI / 2 cleared, all good land, barn*, stock 
and implement*, unlimited water laid on 
to barn and houae. which comprises 10 
rooms and every modern eonvenl ^iih!1 

orchard and garden n-Rr the house; very 
suitable for dairy farm; price $13,000. on 

prrt ACRES. 10 cleared, 10 slashed, good 
♦.)" land with plenty of water; price $7500, 

on term* 


Duncan. B. C 



ACRES bush land, under 3 mile* 
from Cowlchan atatlon; price $400. 

ACRES on good road, with 3 acre* old 
*la*hlng, gnoii siii,. ample watar; prlCa 

"I Q ACRES with «mall hou*» and barn. 4 
A.*/ acre* under plough, more »ln*hcil. good 
creek run* through property, price $4600. 

ACRES, partly logged off by aawmlli, 
soma good »wnm.» land; price 1750. 



Heal Estate and Financial Agent. 

Mabon Building. Government St.. Victoria, 

B. C, Telephone 1760, 

THREE good lots on Bhelbourne St., aloae 
to Edmonton road. Price $900 each; 


OOD lot clo*s to Douglas st. car., only 


grocceseors to ths Brain Realty Co. 
1305 Oovarnment Bt. Phone 184. 


UNNYVALE Heights, on the new Bum- 
side car tin"; trolley r>ol«a Bet and the 
steel being laid; thl* car line runs straight 
through this property; big lot*, small price*. 
no Interest We are selling these lot* from 
3300 up; $30 cash and up; $10 per month 
and up; no Interest. If you wish to j*ee 
this beautirul subdivision call at ourf aftice 
and wa will take you eut In oar atfto. 


Real Estate Agent* 

NOTICE le hereby given that appli- 
cation will be made at the next sittings 
or the Board of Licensing Commis- 
sioners, after the expiration or 30 days 
from the date hereof, "for a transfer or 
the licence to sell spirituous and fer- 
mented liquors on the premises known 
as the Prince of Wales saloon, situate 
at the corner of Johnson and ' Broad 
streets, Victo.-ia, B. C, from J6seph 
Henry Brown to Mary Jane Brown and 
George Andrews, and for permission to 
change the name to the "Tourist Bar." 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. this 9th day 
ot July, 1912. 


Executrix of the estate 
of Joseph Henry Brown, deceased. 



SEAFRONTAGE — 1)0 acres and small Isl- 
and. 6-roomed house, h. and c. water; 
orchard, asparagus beds, barn and sheds; 
30 acres cultivated, AI soil, and beautiful 
beach; price $i!6,000 and terms, or 
would subdivide. 

SEAFRONTAGE! — 23 acres, 8 Improved; 
large, now log bungalow, barn, chicken 
houses, all fenced; good water; price on 


123 Pemberton blk. 

Phone 3755. 

"VTORTH Park st.— 100x140; cash $5000, 
i-l balance 1, 2 and 3 years; price $21,000. 

•VJ-ORTH Park st.— 50x140; cash $2000, bal- 
i-N ance 1, 2 and 3 years; rent producing; 
price $10,000. 

TTTATBRFRONTAOa — Two lots, each 4<5x 
V» 110; quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 
months; price $2360 •• I 

KI.V'i'5 rd.— Two lots. 42x100 each: third 
cash, balance fi. 12 and 1R months, 
price $1000 »-fich. 

C CORNER Douglas and Chatham — 60x120; 
J third .-ivsli. balance In 1 and 2 ycurs; 

price J75,0(10. 

BURD1 I ave.— 80x120; third cash, 

balanct In 1, 2 nntl .1 year*; price 

Iiiil'l, Hb\ 8O1 16$ third ca*h, term* ar- 
rar,K. . pi lot $.11 r>o. 


Ovnr Northern Crown BArfk ' Phone 1650. 


OLLTWOOD Crescent— Waterfront, two 

beautiful lot* 50x1 fi" each; n li.\rgnln nt 

11 tor the 1 " ". '"■ easy terms. 

\ \ ill.nwi 11 >l) live. — ISO feel road frontage 
>> wiih n depth of from lit to 125 fi-. 1 
price $0160, mi terms 

-Fine grasay lot 50x110 for $12C0, 



ST Patrick st. — Lot 50x133; a snap at 

Q AANICH rrl. — Two large lot* In Victoria 
£» I'nrk. high, gra**y and no rock; a tnap 
ni $600 each, on esi»y terms. 

DISCOVERT tt.— Between Government and 
Douglas st*.. 60x120, at $400 per front 
font; thl* Is absolutely *200 per front 
btlOW mniket viilur; revenue producing- 

V\'E ar' esclBglVS ■•r.- n .*7 f"V t h ree ■ o unrter* 
' » -if an nrtr lusl outside the one and 
a hnlf n.lle circle and will deliver for this 
week only at $2000; property the same slae 
*■*" sold last week for $8600; see u" abrut 

Navigable Water* Protection Act 
Notlco Is hereby given that Hutchison 
Bros, and <'o.. Limited, Of Victoria, 
Hrltlah Columbia, are applying to His 
Excellency the Qovernov-Gimeral of Can- 
• ii In Council for approval of the area 
plana, site and description nt works pro- J 
posed to be constructed in Vlctbrla Inner ! 
Harbor, Victoria, British Columbia, being 
the land* situate, lying and being In the 
tnrln itfo i-sniil, and known num- 
bered and described na Lot thirteen il.l>. 
Block l, Harbor Estate, Victoria City, 

and ha* deposited the area and aito plan* 
of the proposed work* and a description 
thereof with the minister of public works 
at Ottawa, and a duplicate thrmf with 
the registrar sreners) nf title; In the 
Land Registry office; in the city of Vic- 
toria, British Columbia, and that ths 
matter of the said application will bo 
proceeded with at the expiration of one 
month from the tlmo of the flr»t publi- 
cation of thle notlca In The Canada 

Dated thl* 9th day of September, A. D., 


Take notice that at the next stttlnge ot 
the Board of 1. Irenes Commissioner* for the 
City of Victoria, the undersigned intend tokp-' 
ply for the transfer of 'he retail liquor II- 
| held by the unilcrslgned In reapect of 
the California Hotel, 52» Johnson .St . Vic- 
toria, British Calomhla, to the California 
Hotel, Limited, a Company duly Incorpor- 
tted under the laws of the Province of 
British Columbia 

Dated at Victoria. B. C this 2nd day 
of August, 111 12. 

Wltnesg; H p Robert»on, 

1. ■ . *-*. 


Notlco is hereby given that tho 
firm of Robertson and Rowley, 
I'TelKhtf-rs and Shippers, was dissolved 
on the twelfth day of Septomhor, njnc 
thousand nine hundred and twelve. Bus-. 
InosR hereafter will he carrlod on by 
Mr. H. E Rowley. 



No person Is permitted to shoot in 
this municipality tyiihoyt first having 
secured n permit ffom the Iteevp. 

No permit Issued to non- resident* be- 
fore October 1st. 

By orde, 
J. MflHQMWN. Reeve, 


ern Styles of Type, Materials and Machinery, 
combined- with Good Workmanship and 

abled to guarantee perfect satisfaction in' all- 
work we undertake to turn out. ri 


• • • *• -. ■ : 1 5 > • 
(■"<>■<■■*. '\ ...^-'^■■■■'V-A 5 

,. <ii(a* t*Jf.y,li ■'. I . 
r, »»-tT ■),* tintfl*' -iMfiMBi 

! A»>*>tVf' , .Iftn 

Lithographing Bookbinding 

■ ' ai . 1 . ' T a l i i n , * 1 i| -» - 111 \-\ 

il Photo Engraving 

pperplate Printing 
Embossing Label Printing 


and Varnishing 

Commercial and Office Stationery and 
Customs' Forms. Your Office Stationery, 
when neatly and handsomely executed, is the 
best silent canvasser for your business, and 
acts like a magnet in drawing the public to 
you. "Our work speaks it's worth," and can- 
not be excelled in Canada, nor duplicated in 
British Columbia. We can compete, both as 
to quality and price, with the best eastern 
houses in all classes of printing and office sup- 
plies, in stationery, etc., if given the same 
chance. Give us an opportunity and we will 
prove it to you. We are Sole Agents for the 
Tengwell Loose Leaf Files and Binders, also 
the celebrated Majestic Loose Leaf Ledger, 
the best on the market. Before going else- 
where call at our office, write, or telephone 
and get prices and figures. 






Broad Street 

Victoria, B.C. 


• 017 



Stock Markets amid 

Flmainenal N@ws 

U, S, S;eel and Amalgamated 
Copper Touch Top Marks — 
Further Gold Engagements in 

JsBW YORK. -8«pt. 2J.— Some new high 
records for tht y«ar. war* Mtabllih** io 4hA 
courip 0* t«*Wa ■• atock tnar«*V United 
State* Steel and Amalgamated Copper 
touching high marks with other, issues of 
leia prominence. Trading was again heavy. 
though, under laat Friday's total. 

■The market derived some encouragement 
from last Saturday's relatively, favorable 
bajalc statement and further gold engage- 
ments abroad. 42,600.000 being taken In 
London. Other news of the day contributed 
to: the movement. Including an announeo- 
BMht of ah advance In 'pig iron and advices 
ftffto the Kpttl which dealt with the traffic 
situation. Apparently the movement of 
freight for the next few . weeks,. will be 
United only .by the available surt^Of tall- 

1 ' equipment, and shippers' of general 
merchandise are complaining of the dla- 

nfriatlnn hit r the , rgflrnsds 1 In , ftvnr of 

ber oats, futures, were firmer, being un- 
Chgngi il and to Vk higher, while flax for 
October was stronger but closed unchanged. 
Receipt* were heavy today, there being i20 
cars In sight for Inspection 

The weather over t lie three provinces has 
been unsettled with frosts at many points 
■ind r.ilns turning to snow in Alberta. Frost 
in Saskatchewan ranged from 4 to IS 
dcg-ti e. 


(Furnished by F. 
Stock — 
B. C. Packers "A" 


Consumers Gas * '..*.-. 
pom. Steel Works . 
Dura. Telegraph . . . 

Maple Leaf ■ 

do pfd 

Hex. -I* and P. 
Montreal Power . . . 


Porto Rico -Railway 
R. and O. Nay, Co. 
Bio ' Janeiro Tram. 
St. U and C. Nav. 
Sao Paulo Tram. . . 
Shredded Wheat 
Toronto Railway . . . 
Winnipeg Railway 
Twin City 

Stevenson & Co.) 

Bid. Asked. 

..... «s 

■ ess •''">'**• 


104 H 




71 >» 


LONDON, s. pi. 13. ~- Money was quiet to- 
day. Discount rales were ste« *lng 
the purchase hy Americans of threi quar- 
ters or the two million dollars In but gold 
offered In the open market. The si 
marital a, «. quite stei chief busl< 

iitwss was In Home Rails, copper stocks and 
Hhodeaian mines at hardening prices. 
Peruvian stocks weakened sharply and Can- 
adian Ralls closed easy. 

American securities were quiet and 
advanced a fraction on covering Induced by 
the n k bank statement and the gold 

purchases. The closing was steady. 


Debenture Holders Trust Deed, dat-.i tht 
IVth day nf May, 1D09. between Nootka 
Marble. Quarries, Ltd.. of the first part and 
Frederick Bernard Pembertnn as Trustee of 
the second part, to secure an Issue of up to 
150,000 7 per cent Debentures. 

Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of 

Debenture Holders under the provisions of 

the above Trust Deed, will be held on the 

80th day of September next. at 11.10 

I o'clock In the' forenoon, at the 






109 Vi 


113 '4 

109 Vi 

l«g, Victoria. B. C, for the purpose of con- 
slderlng and, If thought tit; of passing any 
resolution concerning the Interests of the 
Debenture Holders. 
Dated the 18th September, 1912. 

r, B. PBMBBRTON. Trustee. 




In the <ioodh of Philip WooIIhcoM, I>e- 

'hut all persons having claims 
Sgalnsl the -state of the said Philip Woo] 
lacott, late of Alort May. in tht 
lliltlsh Columbia, are require.! full 

particulars ot the same 

nation to the undersigi to 

Everard II. Platoh'ar, No. 1000 Carberry 
Garden*, Vktoila, It. ■ executor of the 

sahl estate, on or before the ui day of 
Novemher< 1 1 1 

After the first day of November, 1912, 
said executor will proceed to distribute the 
catsle of said deci Med, having regard only 
i • tbe claims of which h« shall then have 
received notice. 

Dated this ISth day of Repternher, 1913, 
I h A.RLES B. «i I.--ON. 
solicitor for the Executor. 
Board of Trade Building. Victoria, B.C. 



In the 


torla Registry) • 

of the Winding t ;■ Act 


o'clock In the forenoon, at the offices ftf : '^'A,<^mnti, ,„«,!.., i.^JHRs ,J' 

Messrs Petnberton A Son, iPemberton Build- Is the Matter of the Island Creameries 


MONTREAL Que., Sept. 13.— Resumption 
of the- activity in Montreal Power wag 
evidenced this afternoon and there was 
generally . a better tone to the market. 


(In Liquidation.) 
Tenders ere Invited by the undersigned up 
to Tuesday, 1st October, 1912. for the pur- 
chase of tbe equipment of the island 
Creamery Association, or any portion there- 
of — consisting of 14 good team horses, har- 
ness, trucks, wagons, cans, coolers, freezers, 
cream . vat*, bottles, etc. 

Complete list and particulars, with forms 
of tender, can be obtained at my office. 

The highest or any tender not necessar- 
ily accepted. 


Official Liquidator. 
10 Board of Trade Building 
, Victoria, u, r 

As so cia t i on, Limited. 

The Honourable the : Chief Justice has, 
by an order dated the fifth day- of Septem- 
ber, isia, appointed William Thomas 
Stutehbury, of the City of Victoria, in tho 
Province of British Columbia, Public. Ac-' 
countant, to be official liquidator of the 
above-named company. 

Dated this »th day of September. 1912. 



Tenders for Track Ties. K. t. N. Rj. 

Tenders for supplying fifty thousand 
(50,000) Railway Track Ties, and distri- 
buting the same on tho grade of th<? l-'umox 
Extension of the Esquimau & Nanulmo 
Railway from Mcitrlde Junction to llig 
Quallcum river will be received, addressed 
tu the undersigned, up to October 10. 

Specifications can bo secured on appll- 
""?", '3 M'c H"u<T B )gTiyq. or (rum any 

Station Agent on the E. & N. Railway. 

The li«.west or any .tender not necessarily 

Dated at Victoria this 17th day of 
September. 1912. > 

U. E. BEASLfjY, Genera) Superintendent. 

Messrs Edwards & Fuller 


Have been Instructed l>> Hie owner who 

ib Leaving for Borland to sell 

by Auation, at 

i4 Aoodlawn Crescent" 
Oak Bay 

Off Monterey Avenue, near Oak Bay 

root ni 

Wednesday, Sept. 25th 

At 2 o'Clock 

All of the Superior Contents and Well 



Of the above private residence, com- 
prising.: Genuine Sheraton . O iiteboardgy 
Tables, Chain, Chests, of Drawers, etc, 
Chippendale Dining Table, Chairs, 
Screens, . Music Stool, etc., Adams Style 
Dining Chairs. Spode and Lowestoft' 
China, ' Crystals and Cut Glass, Etch- 
ings and Prints in color, together with 
the Silver and Plated Appointments. 

The auctioneers again beg to cull the 
attention of all Interested In "Beauti- 
ful Kurniture," to the above sale and 
believe it to be an opportunity which 
should not be overlooked. Further par- 
ticulars and catalogues may be obtain- 
ed of the Auctioneers at their office, 
11 OS Fort street. », 

Phone 2H9 Auctioneers 

Stewart Williams & Co. 



Cor. Manchester and Sumas — i_'8xiio. Price $4500 

Manchester Avenue — 50x1 10. I 'rice $2100 

Dublin Street— Two tots, 53x199. Price, each $1100 


Western Dominion Land and 
Investment Co., Ltd. 

With which is Incorporated BEVAN, GORE & ELIOT, Ltd. 




»f;. \iif% 
% 33 

1«»% 108?, 

_ shipments. 

it prices today .were scored lit. the last 
B#*». Amalgamated leading -the rise to the 
acoompantmeht ot report* f rfyn Boston, that 
copper was sslilnr there a fraetioh over 18. 
Equipment Issuis and the Jkfn atofflts also 

; In .demand but Reading arid Lehigh 

. w«» under, slight pressure; 
Jail money opened at 4% per. <ent, with 
a slight increase of the supply. Time 
money rates fell back slightly on the im- 
proved banking position.' Acceptances of 
commercial paper- were • larger,,'- western 
institutions absorbing a considerable volume. 
The bond market was broader and gen- 
erally higher, some of the speculative Issues 
being largely traded .' in. Total" sales, par 
value, $l,«60,00O. United States govern- 
ment bonds, threes, declined one-quarter 
p«r cent; fours, one-quarter, and PanaaUV 
ihrees, one-eighth. 

1 Furnished' 

Stock — 
Amal. Copper ...... 

Amn. Agr, Chemical. 
Amn. Beet Sugtjjjf^pv 

Amn. Can 

Amn. Car. and .Fdy. . 
Amn. Cotton Oil . 
Amn. Locomotive 
Aran. Smelting .. 
Amn. Sugar .."... 
Amn. Tel. and Tel. 
Amn. Tobacco . . . 
Amn. Woolen ...... 


Atchison ........ 

do pfd.' ;....' 

B. and O. ...... 

B. T. R. ......'.. 

C. P. R, 

Central Leather . 
Ches. and Ohio . . 
C. and G. W. ..... 

do -. pftt. ■ 

C. M. and , St. P. ... 

do "" "•''tffa:' 
Colo. Fuel and:. Iron.'.. 
Colo. and. Southern .. . 
Con. Gas .............. 

D. and H. G 

do * pfd: "... . 

Distillers Sec. -\. ..... 

Erie ;.,.^..... .':» 

do list pfd.' ..... .i 

do 2nd pfd. ...... 

Goldfleld Consi 

Gt. Npr. pfd. ........ 

Ot Xnr. Ore. ilf.«. . . 

Illlnoin rent, 

Inter-Metro .... 

do . .pfd. .... 

Inter. Harvester... 
Kas. City Southern 

I* and N. . ... 

Lehigh Valley .... 
Mackay Oo.'s .-."-... 
Uo .; pfd.. 

Guggenheim ... 
M. S. P. and S. 

M. K. and T 

Mo. Pacific . .. 

Nat. Lead . . » . 

Nev. Cons 

N. Y. Central 

N. Y. O. and W. ... 
Norfolk and West. . . . 

Nor. Pac 

Pacific Mall 


People'* Gas 

Pressed Steel Car .... 
Railway Steel Spg. . . . 


Rep. Iron and Steel . . 
do pffl. 

Rock Island 

do pfd 

Sou. Parlfir 1. . 

Sou. Railway 

do pfd 85% 

Te»n. Copper! 4SH 

Texas Pacific .... 

Twin City 

Union Pacific .... 

do pfd. 

U. S. Rubber .... 

V. S. Steel 

do pfd. 

Utah Copper 

Vs. Car Chemical 


do pfd 

Western Union 
Westinghouse .... 
Wisconsin Centra! 

Money on call 4 »« pet 0*1*1 

Total sales. R3C.S00 shares. 

the highest level since the break to around 
-•Ji about four weeks ago. The market has 
long been so bullish on Power that any 
purchasing movement Insure* a large fol- 
lowing with response In the price. Textiles 
was .firmer at "5»i to 76; Richelieu 115 to 
U7-..C. P. R. 37«.to 3T«U. Quebec Railway 
was fractionally easier at 21 H, and Canners 
71 Vs. - , • ■ ■• •- 



«"*' * * * * 







i«8H . 6B cent* per do*«a. 

it: -■'.-' ":■'■_*" 

I i S a, 

124 ft 

I I 7 '.a ■ 


si V4 

38 M 
• r " 1 *-. 

1 1 ! S 
ii \ 



1 IT 



■' 1 1% 
88 M 


31 Vt 

17.1% 172% 

R» i 5 
It \ 




86 i 4 
It ■ , 

4 '. 
8 J U 

• «»% 












7.1 % 




f. '. 

88 •« 

B4 '« 


It ■ ■ 

I '. 


s 5 % 

v Btoclt— • Bid. 

Amal. Dev. 

Amer.-Can._yOU . . . . . AVt 

'Cah:" r Nor'ap(fcat' 6il .Jkt'. 
Can. Pac. Oil, of B> ,C. MM" 
Alberta C, and C, ..TffZ.. 
British Pac: Coal 
Crow's Ne*t Coal '. ... 
international C. and C. 
McGllllvray ^Coal ..^.... 
•Nicola Valley C. arid C. 
Royal Collieries ........ 

B. C. Packers Com. .... 
Bsifour PaHnt* ' . ffi ..;,.. . 

C. J». P. Fisheries 

CHit; Puget Sound l*r." C*; 
Capital Furniture Co. ..... 

North '. SI. ore Ironwork* .... . . 

a. 8^ island 'Creamery 7.00 

Vietorla-Pho**!*, Brewery . .118.00 
Dominion Trust Co. ....... 128.00 

O. "W. PSirm. <•> .... ..185.00 

-• v*^*-» •'.••• . - . i 
. 8.00 

Ietahd • lmre*tm*nt ■. Co. .... ■ .. t 

Ii. C. .COiipiBir . . . V . . . . ; . ... 8.00 

Grftnby . . . . , . . ..-. .......... ; 5?. 00 

Coronation Gold ............ . .48 

Lucky Jim. Zinc .;.....,... .IT 

Nugget Gold .80 

I^l^rCarlMo .72 

Standard Le»d 1.J5 

OtecferCriek ...... ........ .ot 

Portland. <2ahat ......-«.*. 

tfea vcuff; .-....■:...;........." ' ..A 

Stewart . M. and D. . . . . . .... 

Snowstorm . .88 

American MarCoril ........ , 6.50 

Canadian Marconi .......... 8.00 

Can>"W'Tru»t '..,......,..',. :\\ 

■ftT.. v 
.0.8 ' 


.84 . 

60.00 ' 
. 6.00 

•" 4.00'?" 
B.iO ', 

: .30 ! 

r ' 


132.00 \ 


15.00 - 

42.00 " 


40.00 . 


' .W 


1.30 ' 


.40 < 


110 00 

I " ' ., ' I 'II ' »• I II I ■ . ■'" ." . ' ' ' ' ■ "" 


i I; 

Tenders for Construction, B. * N. Hy. 

Tender* for the- grading and bridging of 
the.Comox extehslon or the Esquimau & 
5l** a,n j° Railway, front Big Quallcum river. 
Mil* 15%. to Union Bay, Mile 34.79. will 

.^. r J c £! v, ^''* ,l<lte " ,ed to M - J- Cambie. 
t-nief Engineer, Vancouver, up to October 
10. Plans, profiles and specifications can 
52iS' pe J5J* d *' tb * ««le* of R. A; Baln- 
brldge, Divisional- Engineer or the E. & N 
Railway, Store *treet, Victoria. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 

Baled at Vancouver this 17th day of 
Beptember. 1612. Y 

R. irARPOLE, Vice-President. 

' ■ '' r" . '. ' i . | ' •' , i •■■■■ 


Duly Instructed by J. Douglas, Esq.. 
who la leaving for England, will sell by 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the 
20tb day of September next application 
wltl be mada to the Superintendent of 
provincial polled *«r trie grant oTr 4 
license for the sale .of Utjuor by ^staW 
in and upon the premises known as the 
Ban V-UaJft Hottl, sltusts at Port ften- 
t rsig-. . 5. C . ' 

" this 20th day of August. MIS. 




: His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has 

"william Holland heart, ot the 

Cltt »' swfc W*stmln*terj 


*m Ctty «t Victoria, and 
. ALFRED. EDWIN BULL, barrl*t*r-at. 
» law, of the City of Vancouver, ConunlJ- 

•lOiMiar to 4l»o. ulrir Into the prv.**at system of 

municipal government In the Province. 



» _JK**^f J*. >*»«sy jj «*»en that application 
will be made at the next sitting of the 
Board .of Licensing Commissioners ror a 
chang* of the licence to sell splrltous and 
fermented liquor* on tbe premises known 

northe«st corner of Johnson and Stor* 
stmt*, in the city of V&tortt. British Col- 

15?&of r0m „., U pV ,h tSirher^Ra. V ^^^ 
Miiasesi. ^n%o o BJ^«o. B t «- 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. tht* llth day of 
September. A. ' K., -1818, • 

No change has to be recorded In the food- 
stuff markets though the reports of the . 
wheat crop state that already a considerable f» 
quantity of that grain crop ha* been graded 
^KbA: hard. . Butter from the Comox and 
Northwestern Creameries' has dropped five 
cents, and Island egg* are- also easier at 


Alfalf* Hay, per ton........ 

Timothy Hay, per ton...... 

Barley,- per 100 lb*.... ...... 

Bran, per 100 ios. ...... ...,. -. 

Shorts. pisr^OO lbs. . . . .....J."."! .- 

Chop Feed, per 100 lb* 

Corn, per 100 lbs 

Cracked Corn, per 100 lbs... 
Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs.... 
Crusbed Barley, per 100 lbs.. 
Feed Cornmeal, per 100 lbs.. 
Feed Wheat, per 100 lbs. . .1.72 2.00 

Oats, per 100 lbs... 

Straw, per bale 


Beef, per lb 47 

Broilers, lb.. 


Mutton, per lb 

Mutton, Australian, per - .b.. 
Veal, dressed, per lb 


.nx ft -'i 



Wheat — 


Mfty ....... 

Corn — 

Sept. . 



Oats — 




P.jrlt — 


l.ard — 



Short Rlbs- 



by F. W. 


in ' < 


3 2'.;. 

34 K 

32 % 


I* ng 
tl 10 

I 1 .07 

. . I" 
. . 10.80 

Stevenson & 




64 % 





10 67 
in 61 




84 is 

l .; 60 
:- 08 

II .02 

10'. 4 5 


HI Ml 


91 '. 


i . 


16 .!'» 

11 .07 



WINNIPEG. Man.. Sept. 23. — On the 
wheat market today trading "was active in 
futures and prices generally stronger. Open 
Ing prices were unchanged to % higher, hut 
with firmer American markets, ami the 
.losing cablea from '. to' % 
higher and a good demand here, price* ad- 
vanced % to % but nearlng the clog,. 
weakened, closing unchanged to '4c lower. 

Minneapolis opened unchanged to >» 
higher and closed unchanged to % lower 
f'hlcago opened unchanged to % lower and 
• iosed % to % lower. The cash demand 
«U good for all grade* nf wheat, also oats 
Snd flaa,- and while receipts were much 
heavier, offerings were very light. Export 
Inquiry ; w as keert for No. 2 and t Northern 
for October delivery, October and Oececn- 


Blackberries, per box 

Cantaloupes, enjih 

California Crapes — 

Malaga, per basket 

Tokay, per basket ........ 

Concurd lirapos, per basket 

lirapa Fruit, i tor 

i. ennuis, per doz 

Oranges, per doz 

iiunm, local, per basket ... 
Tah> Peaches, per basket .. 

Crab Apples 

Bartlett I'eam, Cat, per bask. 

riums, per basket 

Watermelons, per ib 

Apples, per box 

Vvenatehl* Apples, box 

Bananas, per dozen 

Cassava Melons, eaoh 

Cr>wford Peaches, per crate 
Okanagan Peaches, per crate 

Ualry Produce and 


Alberta, per lb..... 

B. C. Butter 

Best Dairy, per lb 

Cowlchan Cr**l.T*ry, per lb.. 
Comox Creamery, per Ib. 

N'-.v Ze&iand Hutter".... 
Snlt Spring is. ireamery. 

Northwestern Creamery, lb., 
fheeie. Canadian, per lb. ., 

Fresh Island Eggs, per doz... 
cissiern. Eggs, per dos. ... 

fnlgary, per bkg 

Drifted Snow, per sack 

Lake of Woods, bag 

Moffat'a Best, per bag 

Kobln Hood, per sack 

Royal Houjfhold, bag 

Royal Standard, bag 

Snowflake, per bag 

Three star, per sack 

Wild ltose, per sack 


Beets, per Ib 

Cabbage, new, per lb 

Carrots, per lb 

(.sunflowers, each 

Celery, per stalk 

Curly Kale, per lb 

Oarllc, per lb 

Oreen Onions, .1 bunches.... 

Lettuce, par heed 

Local Hothouse Tomatoes, lb. 
Outdoor Tomatoes, per Ib 
Local Tomatoes, per basket.. 

Local Rhubarb. 4 lbs 

Potatoes, per sack 

Rweet Potatoes, 4 lbs 

Oregon Onions, 10 lot ... 

Carrots, S bunch«a 

Parsley, bunch , 

Spring Onlmii. I hunch**..., 
New String Beans, per Ib. .. 
New Was Been*, per lb. . , 

Bread Beans, per Ib 

Cgg Pi&nt. sttr lb 


is ii - i 



















.35 .45 




Coal mining rlgi,u oi tae dominion, la 
Manitoba, ba.katchewan and Albert*, the 
lUKon Territory, me Norm west Territories 
anu in "a portion ot the iriuvmua of i>riclsii 
Columbia, may b« leased tor a term vl 
twenty-one years at au aunuai . routal of »t 
ah acre. Not mora than *.••« ««(%« wi.l 
ua leased to one applicant,.' - 

Application* tor a i«aa* must be made by 
tbe applicant In person to tu* Agent Or Mu<> 
Agent of tile district in wnicu m* rignu 
applied »r are situated. 

in surveyed, tetrxbry the land, must be 
described by sections, or legs: suo-ulvislou* 
of sections, and in uusurvayeu terrl.ury the 
tract applied for sbnii u* .t..«a oat by in. 
applicant hlmseif. 

klach application must be accompaiiied 
by a tee of 14 which will be retundsd it 
tile rlglus appnea lor are not a.'atlaole, but 
not otherwise. A royalty snail be paid uu 
the merchantable output of IU« una* at tu." 
rate of Uvt cents per ton. 

U he person upuratlng the mine shsll fur. 
nisn the Agent wun *wurn returns account- 
ing for the full Quantity of meicnaii table 
coal mineO and pay me royalty mereou. it 
me cual iiiliiiiiH righis are not being oper- 
ated, such returns stiouiu o« furui.usu at 
least one* a year. 

Tbe lease will Include tho coal mining 
rights only, but the lessee may be perinitteu 
to purchase whatever available turface 
rights may be con.ldered uecessjtry tor tbe 
working of ths mine at the rat* of jlO.tlw 
an acre. 

For full Information application should 
be made to the Secretary of the Depart- 
ment of the Interior, Ottawa. or to any 
Agent or bub-Agent of Dominion Lands. 
W. W. CORY. 
Deputy Minister of the Interior. 

N. B. — Unauthorized publication of this 
advertisement will not be paid for. 






• SO 


1 00 

2 00 


2 00 
2. 00 
I 00 

.10« 26 


10001 16 

i^ »t h *T attch srttem irsathottsdtt "ByB pee. 
1*1 Act of the Legislature, or by any gen- 
eral law relating to municipalities, inolud- 
lng wlthlh tbe *cop* of tbelr Inquiries the 
constitution and power* of, municipal coun- 
eljs,. the qusliricatlon* of voters, and lh*y 
administration of Jumlce within the munl- 
SyKil 11 ^ and, gen*r»tly. y, inquire into all 
matter* m unlet pal. ' ~ . ■ 

«^f«** M 6<t i?^JI!t ( »5*f» will hold their 
meeUngs^on ths dates and at the place* 
mentioned- hereunder, namely: 

b„X Si2 r, . a " .^"f^* *» *•"« lf - Psrtlament 
Building*, io a.m. 

»!*«*»*** j;S ** lt WSSSS St the following 

Nanafmo. August 15. 10 *. m. 

s. ^ usottv *' r ' A ** ,wt "•» »»• « and Jf M 

. . New Westminster. August 80 and II. 10 

a. m. 

Kam loops. September 8. 10 am. 
Vernon. September ». 10 a.m. 
Keiowna. September 4. 8.80 p.m. 
Pentlcton, September «, 10 am. 
grand Forjk*. September 7. x p.m. 
gogsiand. September 10. 10 a.nt 

Cranbrook, September 11. io a.m. 
Tw>l; September 18th; 7 p!m7 
Bevelstolte. September 14, 10 am. 


Under and by virtue of a warrant of 
execution Issued out of the County Court 
against the goods and chattels erf Mur- 
ray & Aves, Limited; I have setsed and 
taken -possession »f • the, goods and chat- 
tels of the said defendants, contained In 
Boom 28», Peniber ton block, consisting 
of office chairs. Remington typewriters, 
safe, desks iettcr files, looking glass, «!•©., 
and will offer the same for sale at 
public auction on the premise^ on WoiJ. 
«esday next, September 25. 1912. at 10.30 
am. Terms of sale. cash. 

F. Q. HICHAJrtDS, < 

Sheriffs Office, Victoria, 
Sept. 21, 1012. 


At his residence, "Ktrby," near Lamp- 
son Street, Esquimau Road, on 

Tuesday and Wednesday 
Sept. 24th and 

'" . At 8 o'clock Each Day 
The whole of his beautiful and band. 
some Furniture and Effects, Including: 
Solid, mahogany Drawing Furniture, 
Baby Grand iMano, by Stein way; 'solid 
oak Dlnin groom Furniture. Mission oak 
Furniture In both smokeroom and lib- 
rary, . brass Bedsteads, mahogany and 
bird's-eye maple Bedroom Suites, silk 
brocade Portieres and Curtains, very, 
elegant Lace Curtains, Velvet Pile, Ax- 
minster and other Carpets. Monarch 
Range,: 3 Grandfather's Clocks, Pic- 
tures, brass Fenders and '/Fire Irons; 
Llmoge Dinner SerwteBs, and' other 
'goods too numerous to mention. , 

Qoods on view today and Monday, 

Catalogues. cab be obtained on Thurs- 
inysprtm ... v. , 


■ i i ' ii ii M ■ i - ■, i i | n i ; i. i 

Maynard & Sons 


. .. 4*aat^^ *^ ^ ^ ^^ .»^ ^** ^-* *«fc- • ... .-*-. 

Instructed by Messrs. Mitchell & Stur- : 
gess we will sell at the 'ranch, corner 

Finnerty & Sincla.r Road 

* OADBOBO bat 



Notice Is hershy glv«n that ihe reserve 
• listing on crown lands In 'he Peace River 
Land District. n<ule<? of which bearing date 
April Hrd. 1911. win ptiblUhcd In the Brit- 
ish Columbia Uasette of the 6th uf April, 
1*11, Is cancelled In so far as the same re- 
lates to Townships 111, 113 and MS Pesos 
River Land District. 

Deputy Minister of Lauds 

Lands Department, Victoria. 11. C. 82nd 
July. 1912. 


At 'HO Cormorant Street, on 

Wednesday Next 

At - p. m. 

Comprising double and single br-d- 
steads, springs and mattresses. Buck 
and Albion ranges, heaters, oak dining 
rhatrs, oak sideboard, kitchen cabinet, 
tab!' chair, writing desk, lady's 

Idi n;»U rocker, rifle and Bhot 

puns, pictures, child's buggy, [ace cur- 
tains, enamel and glassware, kitehen 
utensils, etc. 

X. B. — Further entries: Lot of furni- 
ture comprising beds! ads, matt'ri iHes, 
springs, tables, dressers and stands, 
k range, heetterg and sundry other 
articles too nureerdui to mention. 




The oldest Insurance Office In the world 


Home OrncEi London. England , 

Oaadlsn Branch, Sua Building. Toronto, H. M. Blackburn. Managtas. 


400 Chickens, &c* 

Including 6-year-old horse, 1 coW. ««* 
chickens, all pure bred, and consists of 
Hocks, Leghorns and Wyandottes, Single 
buggy, Gladstone buggy, express wagon, 
three Sets of almost new double har- 
ness, one single set of harness, 
two McCormick mon'ore, two Mc- 
cormick rakes, two plows, chaff cut- 
ter, three Incubators and brooders, stack 
of hay. drag harrow, lawn mower, root 
chopper, separator, churn, butter worker. 
8-gallon milk cans and other farm im- 
plements and etc. This ranch Is next 
to the Finnerty ranch on Finnerty road. 


726 View St. 



Secure an OLD AGE OF COM- 
FORT and HAPPINESS by pur- 

Apply to your Postmaster, or to the 
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa, for 
Information as to the cost 

Maynard & Sons 



FRIDAY, 27th 

11 o'clock 

At our salesyard, 726 View strr-et. 

■ Instructed by Mr. A. K. Spalding, of. 

■^"ttl! Pender Island, nre will sell on 

above date 

Din i" calve inxi.!.- of two months, nnd 
all under throe years of age; also Re. 
ti red Bull, a numbi-r of good horses. and 
h i Ine lot ni" chickens. 
maynard & SONS Auctioneers 




i'i 'in entries: 7 horses, I Jersey 
■ • and calves, K'>' ksi Leghorns, ^^ | 

undnt ti-s, nnd other poultry, WagBM, 
buggies, ImplCrtenta. 

Snlc at 2 p.m. 
JOSEPH H. X.I8T Auctioneer 

> t ■ 

:■:*■ ■ 

The Cahbrico! Corporations Ltd 

Tbreadneedle House. London, JE.C. .'/'.' 


J". EumiB, Esq. (Caairmcn.) 
mt Edward Paulet Stracey, 
«enry Pearce, Esq. % 

I^HB above Corporation, owning the 
• bulk of ANNACIS ISJUA^D, is pre- 
pared to assist with finance any sou-nd corii- 
• metcial industries requiring waterfrontage 
on the harbor or main channel of the Fraser 

at. i ■■ f 

..^Comnmnltsgte withV-- 

Pearce, Carl n & Co., 509 Sayward 



Members Chicago Board of Trade. Victoria Stock Exchange. 
103-106 Pemberton Building, cor. Fort and Broad Streets 

44 Island Investment, $1966.35 Paid, at $45 Net 

Private Wires to Chicago, New York, Boston and Montreal 

Important Notice 

Messrs. Stewart WliUaml * fa, duly In 
■tructed '" Qeorgt sancsir-i, l^sq , Sc-cre- 
niiy nl the British Columbia Agrlcult»r»l 
Bocietr, >>n tell by publl'- (motion, on 
RatUrda) m.u n In b . S«pt. 2 » I Ii . si in 6 ClOfk 
• harp, n uu»nii;,\ nf Itortaa. thurouKhbr^d 
stock., I'lits. sh. • \i. Poultry, stc. Particu- 
lars Irtl.-'. 

Kutrlis f... Itto sa> ran br >fl with Mr 
<;r..i«c Banister, at the ^ecralary'a olTIt;,!. 
or nilh 

TH* Airitto.ipsT. MTKWART « III I A MS. 
4.1.' Fort BU 


BOUTH i:\n 

SO .' ^ racing sea, clc.i i 6 
grood soil, woui/i in) up -a. n. 


i Cash, Balance i. z and 

3 Y • 

. LA. Harris & Co 

Phone 3631. 

1329 Donclaa St. 





To Puy or Uulld Mouse 
or Pay Ott Mortga»>>a 



! \ 

210-211 Central Hlila. 

l'bona 2M&. 


Tskr nntloo Ihnt »t tho no^f slttlnra of 
tho Board of Moenoa I'nmmlsslonpra for 
th« City of Vhrlorlit, the undersigned In- 
t,ici to apply for th* transfer of tha rr- 
tHii liquor licence h(>ld by the undersigned 
in r.-«,.. i I of tho Ornnd Ontrnl Hutel, 
Johnson Street, Victoria, Hrltlsh Columbia 
10 tba tlisiirt r^n-r.'! Hotel. Limited, a 

Conitmny dull I I .Hod under the lawi 

of th« PTovtne* •■: Hrltlsh Columbia 

Uatea at Victoria. B. ' C. this 2nd day 
of Auguit, 1412. 

Witness: H. U. Ri 



D. H. Bale 

l""or I'ort and 
Btadacona Ave. 

vwumwMOMn ii4» 

i r » oft 



Tuesday, September 24, 1912 

Smart Costumes, Serviceable and Stylish Coats, New and Handsome Silk 

Waists and a Special Showing of Men's Suits and Overcoats, at Easy Prices Should Make 

This Store a Very Busy Centre This Week 

A Perfect Fitting Costume Is Not 
An Expensive Luxury This 


MOST women, even those with a very limited income, can in- 
dulge in a costume that displays all the refined Ruches that 
skilful artists and tailors usually put into garments that have 
been considered expensive in the past. 

The display of models now to be seen in the View street window or 
in the department on the first floor, will confirm this statement. 

Either the plain tailored or the fancy styles are to be had. in all 
sizes, and as the assortment includes French, German, English and 
American models, there is a variety that should cover all tastes. 

Chinchilla cloths, serges with smooth surfaces, diagonal serges, 
t weeds and Bedf or d cords arc th e chief m a ter ia ls , — Some arp lined with 

Well Designed and Comfortable 
Coats for Women Are Marked 


at Popular Prices 

ii« y i ,n ii y" ii* »' l iw47»< i ii W i ' «»J*i 


the best of Skinner satin, and all are finished .in a manner that will de- 
light the particular woman. 

The styles are not only correct arid fight Up TO the latest dictation 
of fashion, but they are uncommonly smart and have all. the distinctive 
metropolitan touches that are so irresistibly attractive to women who 
desire above all things to be correctly and smartly attired. 


_; ; ■ - ■ ■ ■ - i .n ii ■ i ■■ i ■■!■ ■■ 

^NV of t&> new styles are now to beseeri-in the View street 
windows%nd yoSti® &&% *** *» l tfce designers have in- 
cluded in these garments all the little. details, ttjat contribute 
to the comfort of the wearer anl; to her personal appearance. 

Large, loose and "comfy" are the styles that Dame Fashion has 
prescribed that, women shall wear during the coming winter. 

Soft spongy cloths of chinchilla, zibeline" and ratin velours, to- 
gether with the ever popular tweeds and blanket cloths are the mater- 
ials that^are strong this season. Great loose sleeves/convertible collars 
that may be worn close fitting around the neck, or open if the weather 
justifies, and belted effects are the outstanding features. 

I « i n 

— ■ 

Big buttons atid the r eve r se sid e of the material are the only trim 
mings that most of these coats afford. , t , v v 

r All sizes are to be had, and from the fine assortment that is to be 
TeeTi In IHts r^pafTffleitt; most women wil l find it ^eaiy-to-piek- ot^a 
style that will give them great pleasure to wear, and come at a price that 
is well within their reach. 

The showing includes models that start as low as $15 and ranges 

up to -$45.00. 

■ - 1 i n Sntr, 



A Showing of High Grade 
"fife* Furs- ' 

: , 

HE women whorarXlookuig for furs that will meas- 

ure up to a very high standard for design and quality, 

will find this shdwing full of interest. 

We have nTade this selection with the greatest of care. 

Many models were rejected by our bnyer for very small 

and almost invisible defects that would pass unnoticed by 

many experienced women, and we feel that the models that 

are to be seen in the window display and in the department 

will meet the approval of even the most exacting woman h* 


The styles include the "Hampstead/' the /'Granville/' 
the "Winchester,^ the "Princess," and many other charm- 
ing styles., 

We invite yon to inspect these rich and serviceable furs. 
They are a Utile expensive, but are well worth every cent 
that they cost. Muffs are to be had in all cases. 
*':'■ Prices r^nge from $8500 up to $465.06. v 


Women's Feshionable Boots 


r^ANS were strong duriag. Ill* Wttimer, but the Indications arf lhat, the 
§ fall and winter wUl' see this popular leather in a>*rong«r position 

■"" than ever. 

In this showing 'the famous "Queen Quality" and "Boston Favorite" 
brands are well represented, and show such skill in design and finish that 
they at once appeal to most women as boots to be proud of. 

The "HusMar- style has an extra high top and is finished with a silk tas- 
sel at the top and In rront of the boot, while the buttons are small and very 
close together. 

Other ri re to bo had in both the medium and the ordinary tops, 

and there are all shades of tans and chocolate brown cair to choose from. 

All are provided with flexible welted soles, which add «0 much to wo- 
men's comfort, while the short vamps and the excellent finish marks them 
at ante a* the most .stylish and pleasing models ever offered at these prices. 

A vety strong value in the high-topped boots comes at $1.50, and it de- 
serves close attention by all who want the latest style at a modest pri :e. 
ter models are excellent values at $5.50 and 16.00, but we have them as 
low as $3.50. ^ . • 

in Stylish Suits for Men, 
and the Prices Are. Low 


OT the quality of tha Jarnents U such that few men would believe 
could be prodwa#- : «0»..the price unless actually seen for them r . 
selves. It was generally considered that the very best quality of 
tailoring wfta produced by the custom tailor, and that it was an impos- 
sibility to buy a really well-fitting suit with a touch of individuality about 
it unless youN had it made to your measure and paid at least $30 to $35. 
but this Jtao't the case today. 

Like all other trades, the tailoring of men's suits ha* now evolved 
to the Specialist stage. NO one man trie* to make a whole suit in the 
modern custom factory. Each little part is done by a man who concen- 
trate* oa that part only, and as a result he becomes a specialist who 
would be very hard to beat. 

Here are oulta that have bean miade under these conditions, and that 
is why we ar« able to offer you clothea that measure well up to the 
standard of the very highet* class of custom tailoring, at. a price that is 
weU within the reach of the Average man. 

Blue serges, either the unfinished rough surface style so popular 
with business men. or the twilled worsted serges, are to- be had. Then 
there are the fine tweed effects that com* in a variety of mixed colors 
to choose from, if you prefer them. The coata are in the three-buttoned 
sack style or the double-breasted models, while the trousers are the semi- 
pegtop style, fitted With '"belt straps, 2 hip pockets, 2 side pockets and 1 
watch pocket. 


PRICES $12.50, $20.00, $22.50 AND $25.00 

.- — 

Choice Styles and Well-Tailored 
Overcoats for Men 

season we have a larger and better assorted stock of over- 
coats in this department than ever before. 

As to the quality of the goods and the skill of the tailors who 
made them up, they are of such a high standard that you have to see 
them to be able to appreciate their value. 

Heavy and medium English and Scotch tweeds, cravenettes and silk 
and rubber coats are to be had in all the newest patterns and colors, 
and there is a else to fit men of all the ordinary builds. 

You can choose between coats fitted with the new and serviceable 
shawl collar, the popular military and the twoway styles, or the ordin- 
ary roll collar with graceful revers. 


Children's Muslin Dresses 



PRICE offer that should bring parents of girls from 
i to 14 years old to this departr nt in a great hurry 
'on Wednesday morning. - 

Some of the models are to be seen in the window dis- 
play, and one glance at the garments is sufficient to con- 
vince even the most skeptical woman that this is an ideal 
opportunity to get her girl a smart party dress. 

Not a single dress in this lot is worth much less than 
double the price that we are asking for them on Wednes- 
day, and as there arc many very attractive styles to choose 
from, they should, sell out very rapidly. 

Sailor styles are here with the collars finished with 
lace j^sertions and lace edging, the bodice finished with six 
clusters of tucks running across the 'front, a pleated skirt 
. finished' with a tucked flounce. Other styles have Dutch 
or round necks and' are beautifully finished with embroi- 
deries and tucking. 

H&few come in allover embroidery, but it is impossible 
uflrk' fur! description in the space at our disposal. 

Wednesday's News From Our 
Carpet and Drapery Section 


100 Pairs Kottlngfham Ltc« curtains, both white and cream, all finished 
with locks! edf ■". very lacy patterns to choose from, 50 inches wide. 
3 yards long-. On sale Wednesday, per pair S)?2.23 


300 Yards of Scrim, 36 Inch-- ■ Ida Boms tree and fancy bor- 
ufrs, all styles of coloring. Per yam Wednesday 25^ 


500 Yard* Heavy Quality American Cretonne, 18 inch h wide, beautiful fin- 
ish designs* beautifully colored, suitable foi leoo atton. 
r<n\ sale Wednesday ."JOc* 


1,000 Yard* Heavy Scotch Linoleums, J yards Wide, well finished ami well 

isoncd. The patl xns oooie In floral block and tile effects, both light 

ai\t dark shades, suitable for am style, of coowi pn sale Wednesday 

par ■•ill 45^ 


13 Only Heavy Quality AiraluiUr Carpet, :i x I yards, 
piece, deep, rich pile, beautiful, art is t !•■ designs, a i»t'K' 
ing!- Specially priced for Wednesday, eacl 


100 Only Axmlnittr Bugs, 2V x 51. made from deep, rich p!l« AJUnlnstei A 
large range of good <-olorlngs on ssle Wednesday, each ^2.25 


16 Only Heavy Quality Brussels Carps* Squares, Slse ) I II feet. A g^od 
wearing Quality, beautiful, rich coloring*. In green, hrmvn, blue and red. 
Designs suitable for any style of room. These carpets are marked "pe< ial 
for Wednesday $24.00 

New Ideas in Women's Silk Waists 



i u oven in one 
range of ooloi 

1ST the styles that most women will take a pride in wearing. 

Not too gaudy, but well designed and skilfully tailored waists 

that show really good taste in every detail. 

For Show Week, together with the visit of but GoveritOt General, 

there will be quite a gay showing of fashionable clothing, and the 

woman who chooses oue of these garments will find that it will be 

well in keeping with the occasion. 

The plain shirt style is well reprocntcl in this ahowingj Some 
are to be had in fine B triped silks with black or blue stripe- mii a white 

groundj have turndown, soft collars, mannish ties and soft link- cuffs. 
Thej arc well made garment s. are easy fitting, and are as good as 

thev h-uk. Shirt waists are to be had in a lew plain colors and come 

with high necks and the fronts finished with tucks and buttons. 

In the tanc\ si vie- there arc dozens <>f really handsome models 

htQOSe liMi-.i/some in plain colors and other- in fancy silk-. I hey 
variously trimmed with frills, dashes of material- of Contrasting 
[ors, pipings, small buttons dashes I f braid-, lace o, n«t collars ;,,1(1 
\. ike9, etc., and either high or low necked styles are to he had. 

It is impossible to describe them all ami do justice to the gar- 
ments, but we shall be pleased to show the models to you if you will 
visit the department, on the first floor. 

Prices start as low as $3.50 and range up to $£;gO, , Specially good 
lines are marked at $5.75 and S0.50. 

New Gloves on Which to Save 


THEIR small and saving prices do not interfere in any way 
with the fact that they are quite new and up to a very high 
standard of quality. The price is a temptation for such 
values as are represented by the following items : • 

Trefousse Dorothy Glace Kid 01ove«, 12-bytton length, are to be had in 

white only. Per pair ** $2.50 

TrefoiiM* Dorothy Whlt» O-lac* Kid CHove» arc to be harl in tlu lf,-button 

lenRtli, and the price l« only >p3.2."5 

Trefou«»e Dorothy Glace Kid Glove* come In the JJO-bttttOli length at, per 

pair M.OO 

Trefouaee San Ktmo Suede Glove* are to be U>"1 In either white or black, also 

grey and mode. They are 16-button length, ana rust only, per pair $3.00 
French Kid Glovea cdlhe in poTOTS white and mode. ;irr Hi-hutton length, ana 

are a bargain at, per pair 82.50 

The "Kayeer" Silk Glove* arc to ho had in all the newest, shades, atid these 

beautifully finished gftoyes .will appeal to nil wo'rtten of refined taste. This 

line Is a 20-button length ana is a remarkable value at 81.75 

■'■Mliyuar" Silk Glove* are to be bad in the lG-b\Uton length, in the following 

colors: Sky, pink, black, crenm ana whit-. Per, pair only 81.-5 

Dorothy Trefou»*e Glace Kid Glove*, with - clasps, are to he had in colors 

navy, tan, brown, grey, mode, peav'er, new green* mattv^, black ana white. 

Per vsalr only 81.SO 

Dorothy Trefou**e Suede Glove* are to 1> 

hna In polors black, grey and 
brown. They are a well-finished glove and are a remarkable value at. 

pir pair • 8*-«aO 

Ferrln'a Marchione** Glace Kid Glove* are to he had In colors black, white, 

nav\. tan. brown, green, mode, grey ami beaver. Tlu-y are a reliable glove 

and are a very special value at this iftico. Ter pair $1.00 

More New Coatings Waiting for 
Your Inspection 


David Spencer, Limited 

h'.W shipments of materials for fall garments arc pouring 
in izch day, anckthey are full of interest to all women 
who arc anxious to get the best and most serviceable 
materials at a reasonable pt'ioc. That they are a fine value at 
the prices quoted i s quite evident to the experienced shopper. 

meverslbl* Coating* are to be had '" Wwe*, brown b, greens and irreya. They 

ftre » serviceable M ualitv anil are .", i luetics wide. Per yard ...... 82. 50 

Keveralbl* Ooatlntfe. f, f Inches wide, arc tw be bad In tweed effects and 

plain colors. All the reason's newest colors are included in our showlilg-. 

and you'll be pleased with the quality at, per yard 83. 50 

meverslbl* Plaid Coatla»s, come in the M-lncb width and 

that we have seen at the price. Ter yard 

Grey Caracul Cloths arc here in the so-lnch width, 

are the best values 


and they are marked 

at, per' yard 88.T3 

Black Caracal Cloth, 50 inches wide. Is to be had at, per yard. $4.75. $t."S 

and 8«.T8 

Black 8«*l Blash, 64 Inches wide, is a value hard to equal at, par yard f T.SO 


— - • ■.,'■' • ■ 1 '.vntpytirttiH ■